[TRANS/MISC] Chen’s Interpretation of his Self-Written Song “She’s Dreaming”

“I am the moon, the moon that can help to dream. Even though we always dream, the possibility of us remembering about those dreams are very low. I used that to show the love between a man and woman. I am the moon, and I have a woman I love; therefore, this moon approaches the woman through her dreams. Even though she sees the moon through her dreams, she always forgets about the moon because it was all a dream. She knows she dreamed, but she would never remember what it was about. It’s sad to say, but because the moon loves the woman, he would keep approaching the woman through her dreams, hoping that one day, she would remember him.”

source: x
translator: sunny
please take out our translations with full credit only!


1.The most calming face u’ve ever seen
2. Awkward level 999 but really funny
3. Master of impersonate owl voice and gorilla
4. Apado gwenchana
5. 2tae,johnil,winil
6. Cold pizza and chicken
7. Sexy but never admit
8. Flirty with winwin
9. Admit that he was a romantic person
10. A genius bae
11. His vocal was superb and never fight with me at this
12. Cheerleading at its best
13. Adore by all the juniors especially markhyuck and dojae
14. His smile can lighten up the world for thousand years
15. His teeth
16. Bbq pro
17. Loving all the juniors
18. Pat master and all your problems had gone
19. Being evil for doyoung *nct life in osaka*
20. Willing to sacrifice himself for winko’s food wish
21. His bare back for firetruck photoshoot👅
22. Serving visual at all photoshoots
23. Taeil,taeru,tail,taelu

it just moon taeil was a lovable boy and really kind,i was a soft stan for him, :’))


A little cómic for a fanfiction contest and a day without ships activities, from the latino fandom. This is what It says:
Diligi: Princess Moon, ¿Do you like to read?
Moon: What are you doing in my bedroom?
Diligi: And do you like that the fandom only fight for ships?
Moon: EHH…
*I show The Day Without Ships and The fanfic contest and its rules to participate, the winner win a cómic made by me and my colleagues in the latino fandom*
Lena: Let’s leave the ship fight for one day, without dying in the attempt.
Moon: I am Moon Butterfly and I approve this message
Moon: Okay, done. Can you let me go now? Please
*Pinch her face with the edges of the poster that have more information*

Diligi: Could you promote my Instagram? It’s Diligi_trash. Please? Please? Please?

wuzzle2  asked:

You know if you're asexual that means your an ace Pokemon trainer!

I think it’s appropriate to post this one considering it’s pride month and all! Though since I’m ace as an ace trainer am i an Ace Ace Trainer? Am I moon moon of trainer classes?

Also I know the class had an update in SuMo but i loved the omega ruby alpha sapphire version’s outfit!


This is What I Wore #52: First Outfit of 2017

I’m skipping 11 outfits (wow I just realized that’s a lot) just to have continuity with my previous post. 

Last year, I wore a black & white outfit and well, here I go again. If you’ve noticed… my tshirt has holes in it already haha! That’s because it’s a very old shirt. This is a shirt THAT I’ve been dying to wear ever since I bought it and it was stuck in my closet for about 3 years. It is only now that it got to see the light (and also a rainbow.)

And these shoes, OH MY, are divine. A leather sandal is something that’s been on my Ukay Hunt List for the longest time and I finally found it! And of course… it was on sale and it was my size. Just my luck! I can’t wait to pair this with other bohemian looks I have in mind, because lately I find myself transitioning into that style. 

And lastly, this look is so simple so I added another thing which completed the look! A black fedora that I got on sale from Cotton On, that also haven’t worn in more than a year! I’m really just a dust collector.

Top: I am the sun, I am the Moon Tee (Tiangge Find, P230)
Bottom: Plainn Black Shorts (Gift)
Shoes: White Leather Sandals!!! (Ukay Ukay, P80)
Hat: Black Felt Fedora Hat (Sale from Cotton On, P200)