Sorry--Harry Styles

Harry gets home from a long day at the studio. You can see how tired he is by the way his eyes are dull and his shoulders slump forward, his voice is too worn out to even engage in a conversation. He’s quiet the whole time during dinner, his head lulling to the side ever so often to only jerk awake again.

“I’m gonna go change.” He mumbles as he walks past you, giving you a gentle kiss on the nose.

You plant a soft kiss on his neck in agreement and move towards the kitchen to wash up the plates from dinner. As you set the dishes inside the washer, you hear Harry’s voice calling for you from your bedroom.

You enter the room, spotting Harry on the bed. He has stripped down to his boxers and he’s laying flat on his back, his fingers tracing patterns in the soft fabric of the sheets.

Harry looks up at you and smiles, a glint of mischief twinkling in his eyes.

“It’s been a hell of a long day.” He speaks up, biting into his lip suggestively as his eyes flick down towards his boxers and then back at you, his eyebrows cocking upwards.

You nod, already aware of what he wants.

He knows that you understand and one of his hands slide down flat against his chest, down his abdomen, and his hand ghosts over his growing bulge.

His eyes lock you in place as he begins to palm himself, his head tilting back as his teeth dig deeper into his bottom lip.

A needy groan emits from his throat, and his head rolls to the side, his eyes half-lidded as watches you shift around uncomfortably. Heat is pulsing through your body, radiating from your core, and you are starting to become a bit desperate to find a way to tame it.

Mmmmm…“ He hums, releasing a breathy groan, his hand rubbing down harder. He squeezes himself, and his hips buck into his hand. “Come help me, baby. Show me how a good girl handles a cock.”

His thumbs hook onto the sides of his briefs and he slowly slides off his last piece of clothing, sighing in relief as his already hard erection is released from its restraints.

The gnawing in your stomach is becoming unbearable and you immediately make your way over to him.

He smiles seductively as he watches you crawl onto the queen-sized bed, reaching towards you and yanking you closer, making you straddle him.

Harry unbuttons your jeans, his eyes growing dark with lust, and he roughly pulls you forward so your chests are pressed together.

He gruffly pushes your jeans off of your legs, leaving you in your white panties, which are basically see-through now considering how wet you’ve become.

Harry gropes hand-fulls of your ass, digging his nails in as he begins to grind against you.

Ughhhh—fuck yeah. Mmmughh…“ He drags out the moan, and you jump slightly as you hear a tearing sound fill the air.

Harry pulls off your underwear in two pieces, and you realize he ripped them right down the middle.

Before you can speak, he presses himself against your clit, arching up to rub against you harder. He grips your hips, grinding you back and forth against his throbbing dick and his fingers find their way to your clit.

He rubs furious circles as he keeps rutting up against you, and you suddenly feel a hard slap against your right bum cheek.

You whine as pleasure and pain intermingle, making you squirm around. His breath tickles your ear.

“Your such a naughty girl. You love it when I’m rough like this, don’t you? My naughty, naughty little whore.”

You nod, desperately humping faster to find your release.

“Stop.” His voice rings clear and stern in your mind, but you don’t obey.

“I said stop.” Harry orders again, but you shake your head, gripping onto his hair as you feel bliss dipping into your blood.

“Y/N, STOP! I’m gonna—” before he can finish his sentence, you feel his release coat your heat, and he moans out a string of curses.

He shoves you off of him, anger flaring up in his dilated eyes.

“I told you to fucking stop.You know I don’t like to cum unless I’m inside you. Why did you disobey me?” He grits out, grabbing you by your arms and slamming you into the headboard.

You whimper as pain prickles down your spine, but he shows no mercy as to having hurt you.
Harry reaches over to the nightstand and opens the top drawer, pulling out a set of metal handcuffs.

Your eyes widen and you try to apologize, but he cuts you off with a low chuckle.

“You’re definitely going to be sorry.”

Please help.

I am a transgender man currently homeless, between jobs (although I have one interview and another job starting this weekend), and attempting to finish my degree.

My family disowned me for what they claim are reasons unrelated to my transition. I have been out for multiple years. I lost everything I had when I was disowned, including my binders. They have called the cops on me multiple times claiming I am mentally unstable, and that I am lying to police when they find that there is nothing wrong with me. My friends have been actively harassed, receiving calls late into the night. None of my friends know where I am at any given time, but regardless, my family continues to pursue me.

Because they know of my online presence and have actively been trying to find me, I cannot reveal much information. However, I have been an activist working with the transgender community for many years.

If you want to help me, please reblog this post or send me a message. I’m trying to find a way for people to wire money to me without revealing my birth name or location and am considering setting up an Amazon wishlist, if it is possible to do so without revealing my name.

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OKAY!!! AU where jd doesn't blow up and he tries to get away with parking in the handicapped parking spots bc of his one missing finger and one time it ends up with veronica having to bail him out of jail bc BBD said "fuck that." (sorry ur reblog inspired it)

hone stly

he would probably come up with dumb reasons even before the missing finger

“Officer I’m sorry but I am very mentally unstable does that not count?”

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Nicknames: Mel, Melly, Small child 

Zodiac Sign: The one with the stars in it

Height: 5′3″ (help me I can’t reach anything)

Last thing you googled: “pick up lines”

Favorite music artist: Crywolf

Song Stuck in your head: Whatever the hell that meme song @thoughts-from-an-uncommon-mind kept singing at me in out skype call was 

Last movie you watched: Beauty and the Beast 

What are you wearing right now: A black t-shirt and jeans 

Why did you choose your url: For the memories my dude 

Do you have any other blogs: Can we not talk about this pls

What did your last relationship teach you: That I am very mentally unstable 

Religious or spiritual: Um neither I guess

Favorite color: Green

Average hours of sleep: There is no consistency 

Favorite Characters: Near (dn), Todoroki (bnha), Hide (tg)

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 in the winter 1 or none in the summer

Dream job: Research in genetics or something like that 

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Mother’s Day is this weekend! Be sure to thank your mom for raising you in a hostile and unstable environment and allowing an abuser to ruin your life for years and turn a blind eye to it for her own selfish benefit!! Write her a card!! Thanks mom I am mentally unstable and have permanent damage thanks to your actions!! Have some flowers!!

“why do you like xray and vav so much?” crotch touching is a legitimate way to disable electrical equipment and crush human skulls, there is a shirtless bear man who says things like ‘cheater cheater consumer of pumpkins’, teacups are the most destructive things in the universe, one of the villains is a pirate businessman with a monocle and an eyepatch and he has been falling off of a building for the past year, a small and cute robot turns into a fuckign iron man suit

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I confronted Kato about your blog post asking her when she would come clean to her fans and tell us the truth and apologize for her deception. She proceeded to tell me that everything you wrote was a lie and not one part of it was true. She said you were just some jealous mentally unstable person that she didn't even know. Guess she forgot about all those pics she posted of you two together. SMH. I guess now is the time you should release that proof you have.

Is it truth time? Sigh alright here it goes. 

For the record, it is her decision about whether or not to come clean about the truth. She doesn’t have to, because it’s not conducive to her business. She doesn’t care if you know about her real life, because she doesn’t care about *you*. Even acknowledging my post to her fans will only draw attention to it. I assure you I am not mentally unstable, and it sucks to know that a woman would gaslight another woman and write off an entire relationship as “crazy” or “jealous”… I in no way envy her life. 

But for those who still care about this ordeal, here are some fun snippets of our time together.

Here is the post this is in reference to, for those who are joining us just now: [Post was deleted by me months later, but here is someone’s repost: https://tariqk.tumblr.com/post/70269998617/life-after-kato] Not the ORIGINAL post of course, since she paid her lawyer to take it down, and she’ll likely have him try to take this one down too. Still waiting for Tumblr to get back to me about the DMCA put back claim.

EDIT: I have removed any photos that i didn’t take myself, to prevent another DMCA issue. Many of them can be found online in other sources if you google “ophylia and kato.” 

Here it goes:

Here is us together during the shoot for my music video. I also took the photo of her below. Neither have been photoshopped, just tons of makeup.

Here is a screenshot of her fetlife account last year when she was my “mistress”. On facebook we had our status as “in an open relationship” but it only showed up on my profile, she had it hidden on hers. 

Here is when I taught her how to knit. She made a little rectangle! This was in her living room right before I left the first time I visited. No photoshop.

Some photos I took of her husband and us walking in the woods in Oregon, and viewing Mt. Hood. That’s Rion, aka Max, aka Dr. Steel. 

Her husband Rion on the same chaise lounge we did our photoshoot, and that she’s used for many others. 

They took me to the snow the first time I went up there, so here is an unedited shot from that day. The next time I went up we saw even more snow.

This is some of her edited shots of our first and second time in the snow, and me opening presents for xmas at their home. (removed to prevent DMCA issue) 

Of course, here is the music video we shot… This 100% belongs to me, as I composed the song/wrote it, and hired a paid special effects artist to edit some of it. [music video removed from youtube, but if you google “reincarnation michion kato” there are some weird russian websites that have it up.]

Here is Kate’s blog post where she blatantly denies photoshopping. But you can see proof above of course. http://steamgirlofficial.tumblr.com/post/66795299655/if-i-may-take-a-break-from-our-promotion-of-our

What else do you want? Emails? Screenshots of text messages? Someone told me those are too easy to fake/photoshop, and while i assure you i know nothing about how to make stuff like that, I have hours of conversations worth reading about our relationship. 

I think anyone I am ever with believes that they can fix me, and this positively makes me want to fucking explode.

At first, I have this allure as a cute but mysterious girl. I am funny; I will make you laugh about things that people don’t usually laugh about. A lot of the time, I am quiet. This is because I am always thinking. I tell you I am depressed, and you are taken aback; you wonder how someone like me can say something like this. Depressed? What does that mean? It means I’m not happy, I say. I don’t enjoy anything and waking up in the morning is hard. I tell you I am mentally unstable; I tell you I go to therapy every week. I most likely tell you that I like to write things, too. I say that I’ll probably write something about you (don’t tell me you thought you were special?) Next, cue the “I want to make you happy” phase. You tell me that you are here; you tell me that you want to make me enjoy things, that you want to “take care of me.”

I did not ask you to take care of me, and I most definitely did not ask you to save me. I told you once and I will tell you again: you can’t fix me. I’m not sure what, or who, ever gave you the impression that you could. It most certainly wasn’t me. 

Some time passes and you are gone as quick as you blew in. What? What happened? You talked to me for a while and realized that this isn’t some facade I invented to be more appealing? Believe me, if I wanted to create myself I would not have chosen these attributes. I am not a character in a story, this is my real fucking life.

So what, you think you mean something because I wrote a poem about you? I could fill an ocean with soliloquies but this does not, by any means, add worth to you. All you are is an emotional crutch when I feel I can’t walk anymore.

—  “tell me about yourself.”

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SLEEPOVER FRIDAY! Send me literally anything you want, just whatever’s on your mind. Okay now it seems we’re just doing a shit ton of Matt Smith.