Lip Sync Battle: Tom Holland

Word Count: 964

Warning(s): None

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Request: Hey, I was wondering if you could write a tomxreader imagine where they compete in lip sync battle? I just haven’t seen any fics about lsb and was hoping you could write one? Thanks 😋

A/N: This is the first of the two Lip Sync Battle requests I’ve gotten. And for a second I thought of combining them, but decided not to because I was being greedy and wanted to write two lip sync battles.

Note: My lovely anon didn’t give me much to work off of. So basically, instead of Zendaya performing, it’s the reader, and Tom and the reader are already a thing. So it’s a boyfriend vs girlfriend kinda thing.

“All right, that raps up the final rehearsal. You’ve really got this down, Y/N.” The choreographer said as she gave Y/N a high five.

“I really want to kick Tom’s ass out there.” Y/N laughed as she walked over to Zendaya who was on the bench in the back of the studio. Zendaya and Y/N had met on set and just instantly clicked. They had so much in common, and sson after become very close friends. Y/N trusted Zendaya with her life, and Zendaya trusted Y/N with hers.

Y/N took a seat by Zendaya and drank some of her water. “Huh, look what lover boy sent you.” Zendaya handed Y/N her phone with a chuckle. Y/N opened the text and found a video waiting for her. She pressed the play button and payed close attention to what Tom was saying.

“Hey, love. Just thought I’d send you a good luck video, instead of a text… because you’re gonna need it. And even if I still kick your arse, just know, I’ll always love you.” He said as he put his hand over his heart dramatically. Y/N let out a hearty laugh and so did Zendaya.

“He’s too much.” Y/N laughed.

“Well, at least you know no matter what, ‘I’ll always love you.’“ Zendaya quoted before Y/N nudged her gently. “Your man is hella dramatic.” Zendaya added as she picked up her own phone.

“Believe me, I know.” Y/N jested.

Y/N felt very confident in her chances of winning the battle after round one. Y/N had given quite the show, and maybe sprinkled a little of her sass on the first round. Tom’s round one had been great, especially the stage dive, but Y/N felt like she’d won the first round, but now it was time for the second round.

She got into position and before she knew it the song was starting. The number went by a lot faster than she thought. Once she had gone over the pop and lock, she felt a little relief, but she felt the most relief when the number was truly over. She hadn’t missed a single beat, and she felt very proud of herself. She walked off the stage and back towards Zendaya.

“Yay, congrats, you didn’t fuck up.” Zendaya said as she hugged her best friend.

“Oh, shut up.” Y/N laughed as they pulled away.

“Okay, now let’s see what little Holland has up his sleeve.” Zendaya commented as they watched from their spot at the back of the stage. The familiar tune of singing in the rain began to play and Tom danced out. When he said she would need the luck, Y/N thought he had something grand planned, but Singing in the Rain? Really? And then he disappeared behind the wall of umbrellas.

The music changed, and Tom walked out from behind the wall of umbrellas dressed as Rihanna, and an umbrella in his hand. Y/N’s jaw dropped as she put her hand on her head.

“Oh my God.” Y/N laughed. Zendaya doubled over in laughter at the sight before them. And just when they thought it couldn’t possibly get any  better, the “rain” began to fall and Y/N knew, she’d lost the battle to her boyfriend. Y/N practically screamed as Tom ended his number on his back. For a moment she worried he’d injured himself, but soon after realized he probably hadn’t. 

“That was seriously the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Tom laughed as he intertwined his hands with Y/N’s as they walked to the car.

“Yeah, but you won. So the stress was well worth it. I gotta say, you really had me shook. I mean seriously. I was incredibly shocked at your moves. Hell, I had no idea you could even dance like that. What the hell? And that video you sent me this morning? Very nice touch.” Y/N mused as Tom unlocked the car and as they both climbed in.

“So you agree then, I won fair and square?” To. asked his girlfriend as he turned the car on. Y/N knew exactly what he was doing.

“I know what you’re doing, Holland. You’re not slick. But yes, I do agree, you did win fair and square. And for making admit that, I get to pick the songs all the way back to the apartment.” Y/N said slyly.

Tom let out a dramatic gasp. “Did you really just admit to my win? I’m-I’m honeslty shocked.”

“If you don’t…” Y/N nudged Tom as she searched for a specific song to play. She let a coy smile onto her lips as the intro played.

“Aww, really, Y/N?” Tom practically whined. “Of all the songs?”

Y/N rolled down the window of the car and turned the music Tom had danced to about an hour ago up.

“Oh really, Tom.” Y/N teased before she began to shout the lyrics.

A/N: Hey hey y’all. I am literally so so sorry this sucked. Like I couldn’t be more sorry. I’ve been really busy and had to push the release dates a day back because of personal reasons. Please forgive me. <3 <3

True (plus size reader x Tom Holland)

Summary: You and Tom are too nervous to tell each other how you feel. But then Tom decides it’s time to tell you, hoping you’ll feel the same.

AN: I am literally so sorry to the anon who requested this, it took me so long to do, but I hope you enjoy! I will also be posting a Harrison Osterfield x plus size reader hopefully soon!

Requested: Hi! I was wondering if u take requests? And if u did could you do a Harrison Osterfield x plus size reader or a Tom Holland x plus size reader? Thank you!!

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It had been a very stressful week of interviews and traveling. Being apart of the spiderman homecoming cast was a dream come true. Traveling the world and being with your best friends was also a dream come true. But it was still very stressful.

It was another early morning to wake up for another interview. It’s not that you didn’t like it, but it did get annoying having the interviewers asking you the same questions over and over again. Another thing you hated about it was that you and Tom always got paired up together in interviews. It’s not like you hated him, it was actually the opposite. You, to say the least, had a crush on him.

You really couldn’t help yourself, his adorable British accent, his charming personality, his good looks, you weren’t really surprised when he had so many fans. Who wouldn’t love him?

But of course you would never tell him. You always had doubts in the back of your head, thinking he couldn’t like you, you were just a friend to him. But you were completely wrong.

Tom was completely in love with you. He loved everything about you. Your hair, your eyes, your figure, everything. Even if he seemed like he shouldn’t be was also nervous thinking you could never like him like that. He thought to you he was just another friend.

It was another interview day and of course you were paired with Tom. You both walked into the room and sat on the chairs. The interview went pretty well, I mean as well as a boring interview could go.

“Alright can I ask you guys one more question?” You both nodded at the interviewer “It involves the two of you.” You and Tom both looked at each other but nodded.

“Now I don’t know if you guys heard about this, but many fans like you two together. Like in a relationship, have either of you heard about it?” You and Tom both nervously laughed and looked at each other, both of your faces were bright red.

“Oh yea, I’ve heard about it.” Tom nervously answered and scratched the back of his head. You shook your head.

“Yea I have heard some things about it.” You answered your face growing even redder.

“Yea it’s huge in your group of fans.” You and Tom both nodded as you heard Harrison laugh. You both snapped your heads towards him and glared at him.

"Well thanks for letting me interview you guys.” Both of your attentions turned back to the interviewer.

“Of course it was a pleasure.” Tom answered you stayed quite but smiled at the interviewer.

You and Tom got out of your chairs. You walked quickly out of the room pushing past Harrison as he tried to contain his laughs. Tom stood next to Harrison, turning around to look at you exiting the room without them, then back to Harrison who was laughing.

“Tom and Y/n sitting in a tree…” Tom punched Harrison’s shoulder and glared at him.

“It’s not funny mate, I told you she would never like me.” Tom frowned.

“You are a bloody idiot.” Harrison said.

“What?” Tom asked confused “she was obviously embarrassed that people liked us together cause she doesn’t like me.” Harrison rolled his eyes.

“She was obviously embarrassed that people liked you together because she likes you, and thinks you don’t like her back.”

Tom looked over at him confused but then figured it out in his head. “Ohhhh.” He started to process it. “So does that mean she likes me?!?” Tom happily exclaimed.“

"I’m not a 100% sure but probably.” Harrison shrugged your shoulders.

“Oh thanks mate! I’m going to go tell her how I feel!” Tom happily exclaimed and ran out of the room to find you. Tom ran out the door and quickly down a hallway. You were standing in a room with paparazzi.

You looked over at Tom standing in the doorway but you then quickly looked away and back at the cameras. Before Tom would think about anything else he ran up to you. You turned to him confused but before you could question it, Tom smashed his lips into yours.

The paparazzi went crazy flashing even more pictures than before. You were kissing for a few more seconds until you pulled back from the kiss. As your lips parted you looked down at the ground and smiled.

“Y/n! Tom! Look over here.” You heard many paparazzi yell at you to. Tom then faced the cameras and put his arm around your waist. You then looked up from the ground and at the cameras smiling.

“Tom what the hell was that.” You mumbled.

“I like you, love.” Tom mumbled back. You turned to him, shock written all over your face. Tom pulled you out of the room and into a empty hallway.

“Did-d you just say you liked me?

"Yes, and I’m guessing by your reaction, you don’t me like.” Tom frowned, but you quickly grabbed his hand.

“No, no that’s not it at all. It’s just you like me? Me?”

“Yes! Why are you so shocked?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Tom gave a confused expression “I’m not like Laura or Zendaya. I’m not like the girls you should be dating.” You let out a sod.

“Who the hell says you’re not a girl I should date.” You were about to answer but Tom cut you off “And don’t say the fans and the paparazzi, cause you know you don’t need impress them, they don’t control your life y/n.”

“Tom, I know but the backlash….”

“Who cares what they say, we can ignore it and get though it.” He grabbed your other hand. He then looked up at you. “Come on, love.” You nodded and leaned into him giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Now how about we give those paparazzi a real show.” You giggled and nodded leaving the room with Tom.

I Don’t Believe You  [ P.P ]

Hey guys! 

This is my first imagine and honestly I don’t even know how good it is but here it is!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You are Peter’s best friend but you don’t know that he’s Spider-Man. Peter is caught trying to sneak out during a sleepover and it’s just basically a whole lot of ‘what are you up to?’ and ‘stop bloody lying’ type of stuff. You and Peter also end up confessing to each other. 

Word Count: 1404

Warnings: None, I guess!

“Have you lost your damn mind?!” Peter yells exasperatedly, grabbing your shoulders lightly with his strong and calloused hands. You didn’t really know what you were doing, but following Peter after he attempted to sneak out during a sleepover between the two of you just seemed like a good idea at the time. Peter had been rather absent as of the past couple of months and it would be a lie if you said you weren’t worried about him. It’s not like him to be late for class nor is it like him to be so ignorant to the happenings around him. He’s even been blowing you off so that he can ‘run errands for Aunt May’. In fact, “What were you thinking? You could have–”

You stood opposite each other, clad in your pajamas. The crisp night air pricks at your bare arms like needles causing the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. Peter had decided to try and crawl out the window with his suit in his backpack once he thought you were asleep, seeing as he hadn’t been able to patrol the streets tonight. But you weren’t fully asleep and you had only been able to follow Peter to the balcony before he had noticed you were behind him.

“You snuck off Peter! What’d you expect me to do? You’ve been acting all weird lately, Peter. I’m your best friend, alright? I’ve been worried about you!” You glare at him, eyes harsh and accusing. If there was anything you hated, it was lies. And all Peter had been doing as of late is tell you lie after lie. It’s not like you didn’t notice, because you did. You had just decided to let it slide. There must have been a reason why he was lying and you knew that he would tell you when he’s ready but this time you just snapped.

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gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing

anonymous asked:

I have been unable to access your blog every time I have to sign in to a business/hospital/school Wi-Fi, it keeps saying you don't meet their guidelines because of "pornography". Its the same for a few other specifically "anti racism" blogs. Do you think someone flagged your page?

That’s weird because we don’t have any pornography on our blog. Most likely, it’s from people flagging our blog just trying to get it deleted.

I am literally so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused we don’t have our blog turned on not safe for work. Hopefully this mess sorted self out.


Title: Dibs

Pairing: I’ll let that be a surprise.

Based off of this request from @fangirl1029:

Could you write a x reader with Sweets and Aubrey? They both are crushing on the reader. Thanks love your writing

A/N: This came out wayyyyy more angst-y than I meant. I hope you still like it. XOXOXO Thanks for requesting!

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anonymous asked:

prompt: isabelle edging and spanking clary

AN: Wow, I am literally so sorry this took me so long. But here it is now? Can be read as a sort of sequel to this piece! I hope you enjoy it. 

Isabelle leaned back on her heels to observe. Clary was desperately clutching at the pillow in order to keep her hands up, always so eager to be good for her. 

She would never understand how she was allowed this, Clary Fray, who listened to no one about anything- stubborn and loyal to a fault. Stronger than she knows. Clary Fray, following her orders, being such a good girl for her. Isabelle twisted her lips up. 

“You’re doing so well,” Isabelle commented. 

“Izzy,” Clary breathed out, “please. Please.” 

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insightfulinsomniac  asked:

Lydia I love you and I am literally so sorry I have been spamming you with prompts lately but “Guess who bought silly string!” just screamed Luztoye so there ya go

prompt me like a love song baby (ACCEPTING)

George bursts into the room with a wild grin on his face, shopping bags over his shoulder and a can clutched in each hand. “Guess who bought silly string!”

Joe rises from the couch. “No,” he announces, and very calmly makes his way to the bathroom. “No, no.”

“I’m just gonna spray the door,” George says, when his boyfriend begins to lock it. Joe pauses in his tracks, eyes narrowing as they take in George. His gaze settles on the bags he’s carrying, and the glare he sends could curdle milk.

“We are not doing this fuckin’ thing in the house.”

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Midnight Worries

A/n:wow new fic. I literally am so sorry for the lack of fics I’ve been very lazy.
Enjoy you fuckers (also I couldn’t help but add that last bit at the end)

Dan x reader

Warnings: Swearing?

3:21 a.m.

You wake up abruptly, breaking out into cold sweat. What a stereotypical awakening from a nightmare. But there’s something off. Something about this anxiety dream leaves you quaking in fear, quivering relentlessly even though the heater’s on.

There are flashes in the depths of your mind, like a monster ready to pounce. Your unease creeping up on you, about to swallow you whole.

You feel him stirring beside you, and you he’s about to worry himself over you in five seconds so you try to slip back under the covers subtly, and oppress your nerves. You fail however, and he murmurs before you can even gingerly lift the duvet.

His fatherly instincts are already kicking in - you make a mental note

“You still awake, love.” His speech is slurred but not to the point where it regularly would be when he gets up in the mornings.

“It’s nothing, go back to sleep.” Your voice is shaky but you can’t calm it and he definitely notices.

He lets out a small yawn as you try to sink into the bed. There’s a click and the room is illuminated. He sits up, wraps his arms around you and kisses the top of your head.

“What’s wrong, love?”

You feel a tear trickling down your cheek as you lean into his bare torso, letting out a deep sigh.

“You know how we just recently went to the doctors, right?”


“After the scan, she said that I was measuring small, remember?”

“Yea, but she said that everything else was fine. The heartbeat was nice and strong, your blood levels were perfect. It’s just a tiny detail that would probably go away the next time.” He tightens his hold around you, his skin warm and comforting against yours.

“But what if, what if… I mean there’s always a possibility that I might miscarry.”

“That’s what’s been worrying you? Aw, baby. I honestly thought that you were having second thoughts about Jellybean.”

“What, I would never…” You shake your head furiously at the thought.

“You’ve been very… lost in thought recently and you blank out every time I mention the little one so I was just thinking of scenarios and I guess I assumed that that was the most plausible one…” He pauses, swallowing.

“But I guess I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions because this whole thing wasn’t planned. If that’s what you’re so worried about you should’ve just told me.”

Your vision blurs as salty liquid pours out of your tear ducts and you bury your head in his chest.

“I’m just so scared that something might happen… I couldn’t tell you. I know how much you want Jelly and I’m sorry Bubba…I didn’t want to concern you.”

“You know you can always tell me these things, I’m here for a reason aren’t I?”

You nod your head slowly between sniffles, and Dan slides his hand over your bump. His touch is gentle and caution, like he’s trying really hard not to hurt you.

“Look whatever happens, is meant to happen. But right here and right now we’re supposed to make the most of it. Jellybean will be okay, I promise.”

“Stop being so mother effing intelligent, you piece of trash.” You groan, muffled against his chest.

He chuckles, running his fingers through your hair and twirling strands around them.

“I wish you’d stop worrying so much, it’s not good for you and for bean.” He voiced out, his nose nuzzling your scalp.(like he did to that koala. I’m still not recovered)

He rubs your back soothingly, every so often squeezing your shoulder comfortingly.

“I’ll be here for you no matter what, you know that right? Even if we lose them. If anything were to happen I’ll be by your side. You know?” He assures.

“Yea, I know.”

There’s a silence but it’s a comfortable one. After 2 years of being together even absolute silence didn’t faze you.

“Do you want to have sex?” He suggests, with an excited undertone.

“Well, that’s a spontaneous suggestion, baby boy.”

“I didn’t think we’d be going back to sleep so- I-I” He begins to stutter, suddenly intimidated by the persona you put on.

“So you’re just horny and needy. I see…”

102 // yoongi pt.3

based on the song 102 by matty healy

part 1 part 2

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6 months. it had been 6 months since yoongi had chosen his girlfriend over you, and you hadn’t seen him since. you’d like to say that you were fine with it, that you’d moved on with your life and that you were happy but if you did you’d be totally lying. you hadn’t quite realised how much of an impact he’d actually had on your life and how much even the simplest things reminded you of him in some way or another. it was pretty much hell, and you’d become a terrible person to be around so not only had you lost yoongi but all the other friends you had. you were just scraping through each and every day, waking up, going to work and then going back home all just so you could repeat the same routine the next day. you absolutely hated the fact that he had this much of an effect on your life, you’d always been so sure that you weren’t one of those people who needed another to complete themselves, but you honestly felt like a massive part of you was missing and it felt terrible.

one saturday night though, you’d had enough of yourself. you were sick of constantly moping around over someone who clearly didn’t care for you as much as they’d always claimed to. you deserved to be happy again, and you thought going out and getting totally out of your face would be a good start.

at first you had no idea who to ask to go with you because pretty much all of your friends hated the idea of spending time with you right now, but you knew one person you somehow hadn’t managed to totally alienate. namjoon.

i’m coming up your street now, make sure you’re ready.

you gave yourself one last look in the mirror and you had to admit you looked hot as hell. you’d made an effort with your appearance for the first time in forever, and it had totally paid off. who knew, maybe tonight you’d meet someone new. you were giving yourself one last lookover when a knock interrupted you. you grabbed your bag off of your bed and went to the front door and you were greeted by the smiling face of namjoon. you saw his eyes scanning your body, and it made you feel good. “you ready?”

the two of you walked through the streets trying to find a club that appealed to you, and you came across one that was very familiar to you. “y/n-ah, remember this place? we all came here for yoongi’s birthday a few years ago,” namjoon said. you winced a little at the mention of yoongi, but you quickly brushed it off. “yeah, that was a good night, i just remember hobi getting wayyyy too drunk and us all having to pretty much drag him out of the club,” you laughed at the fond memory. “so do you wanna go here?” he asked you. you nodded. “why not.”

it had been a few hours since you’d both arrived and you were both a little bit drunk to say the least. you’d lost count of how many vodka and cokes you’d downed, but all you knew is you hadn’t felt this good in a long time. it was probably just the alcohol, but over the course of the night you’d found yourself becoming more and more attracted than you already were to namjoon. you dragged him outside with you so you could have a cigarette, and he was a giggling mess. “oh namjoon, are you drunk?” you teased him as you lit one up. “me? drunk? never,” he laughed. he took the cigarette from your mouth and took a drag of it himself, staring at you intensely the entire time. there was definitely some sexual tension between the both of you and you could tell that he was just about to kiss you when you were both interrupted by a familiar voice. “namjoon?”

you refused to turn around, not wanting to see his face, or hers. because of course he’d be with her. “hey yoongi, glad you could make it,” namjoon said. wait, what the fuck?! he’d asked him to come?! “who’s that you’re with?” yoongi asked. fuck. you turned around and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw it was you. “y/n?” he asked. you just nodded, avoiding eye contact with him. he looked a little sad. “well we’re gonna go inside now, see you later,” he said, taking hold of his girlfriend’s hand and heading into the club.

“are you serious namjoon? you invited them?” you asked him, your face turning red from anger. “yeah, i thought you and yoongi would want to see eachother, he said that you hadn’t seen eachother in ages,” he said. the earnest look on his face showed you that there was a lot he didn’t know. “wait, has he not told you why we haven’t seen eachother for 6 months?” you asked him, throwing the cigarette butt onto the ground and stomping it out. “i didn’t know that there was a reason for it,” he said. you sighed. “namjoon, he chose her over me. after 2 months of them being together he chose her over me,” you told him, the tears threatening to well over. this was the first time you’d actually vocalised what had happened between the two of you, and hearing the words out in the open made you realise just how much it still hurt. “oh y/n what the fuck, come here,” he said, pulling you in for a hug. the affection and the first real human contact you’d had in quite a while all just got to you and your tears started to wet namjoon’s shirt. you both stayed like that for a while until he gently pushed you away and looked you straight in the eyes. “come on y/n,” he said, wiping the tears away from your eyes. “you look amazing tonight, we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. let’s go and have fun.”

you had definitely consumed way too much alcohol. any inhibitions you’d had were long gone, and you and namjoon were dancing a little too close to eachother. a vaguely familiar rap song began playing and you started dancing on him, not really caring who saw. whenever you turned around to see his face you could see that he was enjoying it just as much as you were. he suddenly turned you around, grabbed your face with both hands and kissed you, hard. you immediately responded, finally giving into the sexual tension that had been plaguing the both of you all night. neither of you had good intentions. namjoon was simply doing it because he knew he could and you knew you most likely wouldn’t be doing this if yoongi hadn’t arrived, but it was working for both of you. the kiss deepened and you felt namjoon’s hands trailing down from your waist, and the prospect of what might transpire excited you. however, namjoon was suddenly pulled away from you by a pissed off looking yoongi. “outside. now,” he yelled over the music, walking away. namjoon just shook his head at him and went to kiss you again, but you turned your cheek. “i’m going to see what the fuck that was all about, i’ll see you in a second, you said into his ear, kissing his cheek and going to find yoongi. 

you found him outside, and to your surprise he was smoking. he’d always been vocal on how much he disliked the fact that you smoked so much, so seeing him doing it was especially weird. “smoking?” you asked him. “shit happens,” he shrugged. “yeah, it does, like that in there. what the fuck are you playing at?!” you asked him. “you were all over namjoon! i saw how you were dancing on him y/n so i could ask you the same question,” he said. “is it really any of your concern what i do anymore? you haven’t cared these past 6 months so why start now,” you said, anger beginning to well up. “i don’t want to see stuff like that! it makes me uncomfortable,” he said. “well now you know exactly how i felt seeing you and _____ all over eachother,” you spat. his face softened. “about that y/n. i made a mistake that night, a really fucking huge mistake and i’ve regretted it so much ever since. i wasn’t thinking straight and at the time i couldn’t understand why you were like that but i do now and although you may not understand it i just thought it would be better to just leave you be, for your own sake,” he said. “yoongi, no. you saying that is not going to make up for what you did. i was your bestfriend for years and you chose HER over me yoongi, someone you’d been with for two months. TWO MONTHS. you didn’t try and get in touch with me once, you didn’t try and make sure i was okay or anything,” you said. “that’s not true. i was constantly asking people about you, i even spoke to your mom a few times just to make sure things were okay. and i know they haven’t been, you’ve lost weight,” he said, looking over your body. you didn’t know if it was the alcohol in your system or the dim lighting but you could have sworn you saw a flicker of lust in his eyes, but you were too mad to care right now. “i’ve been fine yoongi, my life wasn’t put on hold just because you decided i wasn’t important to you anymore,” you said. you were obviously lying through your teeth. “i just need you to understand that i did it for you. i know that you most likely don’t anymore but i soon realised how you felt back then and i didn’t want to put you through any more hurt,” he said. you just shook your head. “no yoongi, i don’t want your excuses. i miss you but i deserve friends that won’t drop me at the sight of some skirt. i hope things are well between you and _____, i’ll see you around,” you said, quickly turning around and leaving so he couldn’t see the tears that were now streaming down your face. your phone buzzed with a text from namjoon asking if you were okay but all you saw was the time. 1:02am. again. 

finally!!! i am so sorry for taking so long to get this up but literally this weekend was so super busy but i finally pulled through :-) i intend on starting a new part tomorrow and it’s gonna be good so once again keep ur eyes peeled this is not the end x