You don’t really get to choose who you fall for.
It’s embarrassing after all the horrible things I’ve said about him!!!


I look the way I look. As you get older, you don’t care that much. I am who I am. The military had something to do with that, because you get torn down so much, you grow thick skin. I know I look odd. I never think I look cool! [Laughs].
Because of what I do, the way I look is on the forefront, but you can either let it limit you and go down the rabbit hole of, “Oh God, why don’t I look like that?” or use it to fuel you, like, “What’s wrong with being different?” 

- Adam Driver

lauren jauregui’s smiLE AND LAUGH: A GIF MASTER POST










luffy’s laugh is a pun

ok so ive laughed about this to a couple of my friends in the past but when i was talking to my friend sei we realized that we hadnt actually seen a post about it on tumblr before. so here i am!

as said in the title luffy’s laugh is actually a pun, or more specifically a meat pun. we all know how much luffy loves meat. he actually yells about it so much that if u watch the anime subs u probably noticed very early on that にく(niku) is japanese for meat.

as for luffys signature laugh he always goes “shi shi shi” which is often just translated as “hee hee hee” in the manga (at least in the translations i read). now heres where we get to the pun itself:

in japanese the kanji for meat is 肉 which has two different readings, an on-reading and a kun-reading (there is a difference between the uses of each but that isnt rlly important for this pun so im not going to explain it.) now, the on-reading for meat is にく (niku) but the kun-reading is しし (shi shi) so when luffys doing his signature laugh it is literally a meat pun! 


also lol at trying to draw dads sourins like making them look middle aged-ish is so hard I failed but OH WELL

The Signs Drunk Together
  • Capricorn:*is the designated driver* uh, Sagittarius, maybe you should stop...
  • Sagittarius:*on their like sixth beer* don't redlight me, cap *giggles*
  • Aquarius:*laughing and drinking too much too* HeY We sHOulD go gET KillEr TaTOos
  • Scorpio:*can actually handle alcohol* hey aries you should get virgo's name on your butt i'll give you $5
  • Aries:are you kidding me........ i'll do it for free
  • Leo:Oh this I have to see
  • -Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Scorpio walk out together. Capricorn wonders vaguely if they should have gone with... oh well-
  • Cancer:*crying a corner* I just don't *hic* see how *hic* they can be so smol and fluffily *hic*
  • Taurus:Uh, Cancer, are you okay there?
  • Pisces:*lip trembles*
  • Virgo:oh no don't start...
  • Pisces:*bursts into tears with cancer*
  • -Virgo and Taurus look at each other and awkwardly shuffle away while Cancer and Pisces hold each other-
  • Gemini:*steals another of Libra's drinks while they're not looking* what were you saying about your childhood rock collection? it was such an interesting story
  • Libra:*giggling* *goes to take a swig of her drink but it's all gone for some odd reason* so... *continues to flirt with Gemini*
  • Capricorn:*stands on a table* okAY EVERYONE GET IN THE VAN WE'RE GOING THE FUCK HOME
  • -Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, and Leo come back, Aries looks like they're in pain-
  • Aquarius:you have to see the tattoo Aries got *laughing maniacally*
  • Leo:*wide smirk* just wait
  • Scorpio:*evil grin*
  • Aries:*pulls their pants down so everyone can see their butt* *grins drunkenly*
  • Everyone:... *cricket noises*
  • Virgo:Is that my name?

so first was lauren and she was like hey whats ur name and im like hi im skye and then she was like how are u i was like im great i met u during hat and u got mad at me and she was like i got mad at u? and i was like yeah bc i asked u both to marry me and shes like YEAH SEE THATS MESSED UP MAN U CANT HAVE TWO WIVES then i hugged her and she said i love you and went to mani and kept saying she was so beautiful and she held my hand and then ally kept calling me gorgeous and pretty and i was like i love y so much and then dinah and i was like i am so in love w u and ur my favorite and she smjled and i gave her my note and shes like AWWW ILL READ IT and then i was like (ok at this point camila was staring intently at me my baby) and i was like JUST IN CASE U DONY KNOW WERE ACTUALLY MARRIED AND SHE AND CAMILA STARTED LAUGHING AND SHE WAS LIKE BYE WIFEY I LOVE YOU and then she kept calling me pretty then camila was like HII FLOWER PRINCESS!!! YOURE SO PRETTY WHATS UR NAME and im like IM SKYE and then shes like HI SKYE DONT CRY BABY U HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL ORA I LOVE YOU MY FLOWER PRINCESS and then i hugged her and big rob pushed me away and i started crying rip

Drew this tonight dedicated to my most fave MakoHaru fic: Losing Makoto by Tinni. If you haven’t read it, go read it now, son. (n˘v˘•)¬

I hardly get hook to fanfiction but this one really got to me. Made me smile and laugh. And what makes this great is that it’s greatly written and the author has done research. :) I was obviously rooting for MakoHaru, right? But then Rin (I adore Rin here so funny this lad), this precious boy his feelings for Makoto are genuine and I ended up cheering for him because MakoRin is also my OTP. And now I swear, I’m so torn I don’t know what to do?? (so I ended up drawing the boy they both want haha) Ok I am babbling too much but I just really wanna thank the author for writing this. :’D Truly, truly a beautiful story with no smut. <3 And I apologize for such a random fanart of your fanfiction OTL Please don’t kill me. Ah yes, this art btw kinda shows Makoto being a model, which in fact the whole story is all about! ( ´ ◡ ` )

Thank you guys soooo much for waiting for me to post another photo! i am sorry its been long! i have been so busy lately! But heres a photo OF ME HUGGING JIN OH MY GOD HE WAS SO TALL AND CUTE IM SCREAMING . hehe It looks like hes pushing me away dont mind that its a bad candid! He was very nice to me! Hugging him was like a dreammm ~ He’s so tall and lean i didnt wanna let go! He was so sweet! and smelled sooo good bruh . i said jin can i hug you! and he kinda laughed a little bit said sure ok! afterwards i said thank you and he smiled and said thank you! and shook my hand and he said “see you!” and waved bye too me! AHHH I STILL CANT BELIEVED IT HAPPENED! I am anxiously waiting for them to come back to la! I MISS THEM SO MUCH! 

Thank you for being so nice to me Jin! ily more than you will ever know!<3

Thanks to the a.r.m.y’s that are being so nice and following me and giving me compliments i love you all!  Ill try to be on tumblr more often for u guys!! 

so i watched star wars for the first time today (better late than never) and i was so anticipating the “i am your father” scene

like i was legit so excited- ready for the goosebumps and everything

but now i can’t stop laughing at darth vader’s reaction to luke falling into the void like

lmao he looks soooo done 

the arm slowly going down like “ok then i’ll go fuck myself”

this is too much for me omg

anonymous asked:

why do you like baekhyun so much? hes kind of... :/

Ok prepare yourself i am going to protect this loser boy with everything in me 

Baekhyun is literally… wow for me his personality out of all the members is my favourite. All he wants is for people to laugh and smile, like that is legit the only reason he ever says any of the stupid stuff he says he just wants to make people happy and i know some of you think hes a “dickhead” for being so loud and obnoxious and “taking some jokes too far” but man every time he opens his mouth to speak all the other members look at him like :-DDD like they’re always expecting what he has to say and always laughing at his dumb jokes and even Minseok said he wishes to be able to speak like Baek and honestly if he DOES want to be malicious to the members would he say that stuff on camera ???? do you think that if he WAS actually a dickhead and he wanted to hurt the other members’ feelings he would purposely do it in front of thousands of people ???????  like come on this boy just wants to make people smile :-( he will actually do anything as well hes never afraid of looking like a dumbass, always willing to act like a complete idiot just to bring joy to peoples faces and that my friend is dedication

He is also extremely thoughtful and considerate of the members and their wellbeing like in Showtime ep 11 when he bought them little individual things that he thought each member would like when his job was to only buy one overall thing ;; and hes always helping the M members with their pronunciation and translating for them and hes just really good with people ok !!! dont even get me started on the hundreds of sources saying he was extremely popular at school not only with the “cool” people but he was nice and friendly to evERYONE and everyone basically loved him alright theres a good reason for that IM JUST SO CONFUSED AS TO HOW YOU CAN DISLIKE HIM ??? hes just so bright and lovable and makes you feel at ease i dont get it

ALSO ANOTHER THING IS how straightforward he is like he doesnt beat around the bush, he says and does the first things that come to mind and he is true to himself and what he believes in and hes the type of guy to stand up for his morals and there have been fanaccs saying hes always the one protecting the other members from sasaengs and hes the only one who has the guts to yell at them and tell them to get the fuck away and i find that really admirable, if you can stand up for yourself and for people you care about you will automatically become my favourite person ever

Ugh i hate writing to express myself because its always messy and all over the place but basically hes just an all round amazing guy and hes super hard working and talented and he always strives to be the best version of himself that he can be !!!!!! hes always up for criticism and looks at everything positively and works to improve himself for the fans AND HES JUST SO FUCKING CUTE MAN UGH

TL;DR; Byun Baekhyun is an angel boy who only wants to make people smile that is all he is flawless good bye

this is not a poem.
i lost my poetry,
lost it when i left my heart on your coffee table,
lost it on your lips,
in your skin.
i lost it in your eyes when you smiled
and goddammit
this is not a poem.

i will not write poetry about you
because you are too much stone
and not enough ink.
you do not bend and flow like words do
and you do not bleed like pens or hearts.
this isnt a poem, ok?
and this isn’t about you.

if i were writing about you,
i’d talk about how beautiful your laugh is
and how your words spill off your tongue like warm honey
and about how when i think about you,
my heart tries to beat a million times a minute
because you give me so much life.
but i am not writing about you,
i swear.

i am not writing about the way stone shatters
and i am definitely not writing about how great it is to be lost.

—  this isn’t a poem, and it’s not about you. // m.k.

Ok so yesterday night I went to see 12 years a slave in the cinema.

And there was this kind of dramatic scene with this dude yelling “Are you calling me a liar!?” followed by a long pause and the possibility of getting killed..

I almost screamed “I ain’t callin'you a truther!” trought the room..

I have yet to decide if this makes me a horrible person or if I just spend too much time on tumblr.