BTS reactions:You hitting them where the sun doesn’t shine.

A/N: This was so fun to make.I had to keep myself from laughing as I started imagining it.😆 Sorry for any mistakes made.

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Request: “  I came across your blog and I got excited 😏 Can I ask bangtan reaction of you accidentally hitting them where sun doesn’t shine* ( you are in relationship ) thank you so much 


  Jin will start sweating and try to not fall on the ground.”I am ok.I really am.”he will start taking deep breaths and try to keep smiling “I will need some ice though.” While you get it he will start eating and try to forget about the pain, of course the smile will turn into something different.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

 Yoongi will let out a sudden “YAH!”and start jumping all around the room.Cursing and swearing will be the main words coming out of his mouth, just saying.Yeah, he isn’t too happy about that.

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Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

  Hobi will start laughing louder and louder, trying to make it seem like nothing happened, but you all knew what was going on.He might faint, depends how hard you accidentally hit him.( you are Yoongi)

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

  I feel like he will have a poker face on and then start talking about something very deep.Trying to forget about the pain that way, but after awhile it won’t help and he will start breaking stuff around him.( Jimin and the others will be laughing)

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Park Jimin:

 This baby will act somewhat like Jin.He wouldn’t want to make you feel bad, but that wasn’t going to help his situation at all.Jimin will sit down somewhere and start taking deep breaths.He will be happy when you bring him ice.He won’t know what hit him. ( sorry this gif came out bigger than I expected

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Kim Taehyung/V:

 Tae will look at you like ‘what just happened’, before the pain kicks in and then things get funny.He will be running and jumping, trust me a sight to see.He might get hallucinations who knows.

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  He is a big boy now, so in his kookie mind, he thinks he can swear, but Jin doesn’t think so at all.When Jungkook opens his mouth ready to say something that Yoongi would, Jin will yell out from another room “DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT YOUNG MAN!”.Then he will start saying things like “Son of a panda!”, “It hurts like hell.”or “Duck this!”.

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The Signs Drunk Together
  • Capricorn: *is the designated driver* uh, Sagittarius, maybe you should stop...
  • Sagittarius: *on their like sixth beer* don't redlight me, cap *giggles*
  • Aquarius: *laughing and drinking too much too* HeY We sHOulD go gET KillEr TaTOos
  • Scorpio: *can actually handle alcohol* hey aries you should get virgo's name on your butt i'll give you $5
  • Aries: are you kidding me........ i'll do it for free
  • Leo: Oh this I have to see
  • -Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Scorpio walk out together. Capricorn wonders vaguely if they should have gone with... oh well-
  • Cancer: *crying a corner* I just don't *hic* see how *hic* they can be so smol and fluffily *hic*
  • Taurus: Uh, Cancer, are you okay there?
  • Pisces: *lip trembles*
  • Virgo: oh no don't start...
  • Pisces: *bursts into tears with cancer*
  • -Virgo and Taurus look at each other and awkwardly shuffle away while Cancer and Pisces hold each other-
  • Gemini: *steals another of Libra's drinks while they're not looking* what were you saying about your childhood rock collection? it was such an interesting story
  • Libra: *giggling* *goes to take a swig of her drink but it's all gone for some odd reason* so... *continues to flirt with Gemini*
  • Capricorn: *stands on a table* okAY EVERYONE GET IN THE VAN WE'RE GOING THE FUCK HOME
  • -Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, and Leo come back, Aries looks like they're in pain-
  • Aquarius: you have to see the tattoo Aries got *laughing maniacally*
  • Leo: *wide smirk* just wait
  • Scorpio: *evil grin*
  • Aries: *pulls their pants down so everyone can see their butt* *grins drunkenly*
  • Everyone: ... *cricket noises*
  • Virgo: Is that my name?
Ok, I know the whole fandom will probably hate me for this but what about villain!All Might…?

Just twist his catchphrase and you have a pretty creepy villain; “It’s over now….for I am here!

He’s so confident in his own success that he doesn’t bother to be subtle, just smashes into view and laughs.
He could even use his ‘no might’ form against people, misleading people into helping him in before activating his quirk. As much as I love both of his forms, I’m pretty sure a skelletal villain cackling as he spits blood would be pretty damn terrifying.

Even worse he’d still have a likeable personality, all show buisness and flare that is both terrifying and entertaining. He’d have secret fans that watch any video he’s part of even if it made them sick to their stomache because he’s just too charming not to watch. Any fight with a hero would be heart stoppingly tense, everyone wanting to believe that good will triumph but every time things are looking good he’d just punch someone through a damn building and it would be chaos again. He could probably kill all of his opponents but leaves them alive to see them suffer for their defeat and for the thrill of a rematch that could possibly be hos last. Maybe Izuku uses All Mights tactics and brovado to become a hero that can combat the evil he brings, or maybe he is lured into villainy through his fanboy obsession? Idk.

Basically One for All and All Might kinda switch places with less careful planning on All Mights side (he doesn’t seem the type to be too crafty, he’d just want to make an impression). I’d call him All Spite….because I’m unimaginative.


One of my clubbing friends told me the other week that my nerdy attire makes me look like I’m a porn college student, jokingly obviously and we laughed about it, but all of you know how extra I am with deconstructing simple actions, so it got me thinking about how I can edit the way I can be perceived. I’m kinda insecure about a lot of things when it comes to my appearance as a result of being bullied and outcast in many levels through pretty much all of my teen years, obviously that has had a giant impact on how I have built my identity around arguably “nerdy” things. Becoming an adult has introduced me to other facets of my identity which I later developed more and more as I grew. And a lot of identities people seem to put on me from first impressions are false because the whole thing about being a nerd is you obsess about fandoms and fairly underground things. And most people in my adult life don’t really engage with those things so much, it’s a niche. This applies to how my body performs visually through fashion, as I do tend to dress in very “childish” ways for someone in their 20′s.

I’m not really insecure about the way I dress or how I come across to people, I find it to be a sort of badge of honour I give to someone for them to know me deeply and understand more about who I really am rather than making an assumption based on my appearance. However, I like to experiment with the many facets my body has to offer when subjected to different context, whether by posing, lighting, fashion etc. A lot of my selfies for me have become a study about this body I inhabit because I find it kind of weird that I never get to experience who I am physically while others do. It’s a way of very literal self-discovery, but it’s a self-discovery we share with people through the internet for multiple purposes in current culture. I literally don’t know who I am to others, I don’t know what it’s like to experience me, because perception will dictate what I become in a person’s mind, the way I “put myself out there” can only go so far.

I can’t help but wonder whether this is what Cyndi Sherman was trying to tell us with her self-portraiture, exposing this ability we all possess of becoming different identities simply through capturing a split second of an acted identity on film. Selfie culture itself allows us to perpetuate these identities coherently, giving us complete power to edit our image and chose how we want it to be perceived through performing certain identity nuances in photography.

I’m not saying any of this is a bad thing or a good thing. I’m simply trying to understand it.

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Out of curiosity, where are your sources for those bits of Scooby Doo canon? Like, I'm legit fascinated by how much you know, and I'm curious where you learned it. Also, what do you think of Mystery Inc?

Hello friend! Thanks so much for sending me a message! I love getting mail! SO almost all the info from that post comes from my Scooby Doo’s Greatest Mysteries VHS, specifically the fake Behind-The-Scenes with the Gang clips! A few, such as the Shaggy is a gymnast one, comes directly from something said, mentioned, or shown in specific episodes in the original Scooby Doo Where Are You? series, but a lot are from those clips! 

Regarding Mystery Inc, it was cute, I mean I’m a sucker for most animated shows, but my favourite part of the original Scooby Doo, what made it so fun to watch, was that the ends was always “the gang solves the mystery, the bad guy gets caught, and they all go out for milkshakes” and I didn’t get that from Mystery Inc. I love that there’s a lore to the show, and there was a real story going on, but it was a touch to deep and intensive for me, but if people are into that then power to them! Not that I’m a total traditionalist! I’m loving Be Cool, Scooby Doo because while the animation is strange, and some aspects are bizarre, there’s just an enjoyable lunacy to the series which is fun to watch. My sister and I do nothing but laugh the whole time and that’s really all I need!


Pairing: Thayne Jasperson x reader

Words: 235

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: Ok so like Thayne x Reader where reader is super buff and has a bet with Gregory Haney that she can’t lift as much as he can so she just picks up Thayne and holds him above her head to prove him wrong and Thayne is swooning and just completely gone.


“Are you serious? I could totally lift heavier things than you!” Gregory laughed lightly.

You folded your arms, staring at him. “Oh come on, you don’t know how strong I even am!”

“Alright, I bet you can’t…” He paused, catching sight of Thayne, who’d been walking by. “I bet you can’t pick up Thayne.”

Thayne turned his head at the mention of his name, confused. Confidence flowed through you as you walked towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist and lifting him from the ground.

With effort, you manage to maneuver in a way where you were able to lift Thayne above your head. A blush spread across your face as Gregory gave you a knowing look when you heard Thayne’s ecstatic laughter.

After a moment, the room went silent. You stood there, carrying Thayne longer than you expected as he was in his own world.

Gregory noticed the blush that tinted Thayne’s cheek.

“I think we lost him.”

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(Holy shit, the absolute bantz)

It’s well mental, I’m proper buzzin’ over it ! 
 .. .. i’m so sorry 
erkxdrgt but yes ! so good! 

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( DBM has some of the best moments ok, such gold! )

Honestly though! It’s great c’: got strong characters, awesome tournament line up and I always end up laughing at the humor. And then crying because poor Pan…But KAIOKEN AND Z-SWORD WIELDING VIDEL OKAY THAT MY JAM 

luffy’s laugh is a pun

ok so ive laughed about this to a couple of my friends in the past but when i was talking to my friend sei we realized that we hadnt actually seen a post about it on tumblr before. so here i am!

as said in the title luffy’s laugh is actually a pun, or more specifically a meat pun. we all know how much luffy loves meat. he actually yells about it so much that if u watch the anime subs u probably noticed very early on that にく(niku) is japanese for meat.

as for luffys signature laugh he always goes “shi shi shi” which is often just translated as “hee hee hee” in the manga (at least in the translations i read). now heres where we get to the pun itself:

in japanese the kanji for meat is 肉 which has two different readings, an on-reading and a kun-reading (there is a difference between the uses of each but that isnt rlly important for this pun so im not going to explain it.) now, the on-reading for meat is にく (niku) but the kun-reading is しし (shi shi) so when luffys doing his signature laugh it is literally a meat pun! 

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The clip of kookie deepthroating Joonie's bday hat, what video is that from?

he l lo~ (´∀`*) ♡

ahah ah from this video right?? ahah this is from one of the old Bangtan Bombs when it was Namjoons birthday lol; still have no idea why he did it but it cracks me up ahaha. heres  a link~

[BANGTAN BOMB] Rap Monster Birthday Tweetヽ(*・ω・)ノ click me 

^OK BUT I WANT YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO NAMJOONS FACE WHEN JUNGKOOK DOES THIS AHAHA; feel free to ask anything else (o・ω・o) much luvs~ ♡

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SEVENTEEN as shits DUMBHOES (my squad) says

S.Coups : I workout a lot! But then… pizza… yeah…

Jeonghan : I’m too pretty for him so no

Joshua : you both really need Jesus like ASAP

Jun : guys, I’m hot *winks*

Hoshi : sometimes I really just wanna be a chicken nugget

Wonwoo : I hate that teacher so much…

Woozi : I’m so done with all of you

DK : *me laughing like a dying seal*

Mingyu : *in cooking class* ohmygod I cook so well I swear I’m ready to be a housewife

The8 : ok but that kick on his face could be counted as an accident! Though it’s not…

Seungkwan : you’re cool? You’re cool- alrite bitch but I’m hot tho

Vernon : why am I such a meme?

Dino : I would skip school today if I could, but my mom… yeah… my mom… *cringe*

The big bad -Eric

OK So this is my first imagine on this account! It is very short because I didn’t have much time to write it but I hope you enjoy it! Ok it is so short I am so sorry but I will post longer imagines soon!…..


To others, he was some big bad with no feelings, no soul but to you, he was everything. You were the only person that ever got to see the real Eric. The Eric that constantly told you he loved you, the Eric that would always smile and laugh when you joked around, the Eric that would kiss you goodnight and hold you until you fell asleep. People couldn’t understand your love for eachother. They all thought you were insane for loving him but who are they to judge?

You opened your eyes, the sun shining through the windows in yours and Erics shared apartment. The bed felt cold and empty without your loving boyfriend lying next to you. He was currently out training initiates with Four. A smile crept up your face as you thought of those two. They couldn’t stand eachother and everyone knew that yet Max still forced them to work together, him claiming that it would “improve” each others personalities. 

You slipped out of bed getting dressed before heading down to the cafeteria to get some food. You picked up a piece of chocolate cake and went and sat on your own. You were never a really social person but when you were with Eric you felt different. You felt empty when he wasn’t around, even if it was for a couple of minutes. You felt alone. He was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. You had fallen for the big bad Eric, and he had fallen for you

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ok here is the dean forester insult prose poem

Sit down, bag boy. Shut up and listen. I will fight you if I have to. I cannot believe that you are a real person. How do you survive? Does your neck hurt from bending backwards to keep your head that far up your ass? Do you see yourself? Your face is shaped like an egg. You literally have an egg face. The only way you could not look like an egg is if someone boiled you and then dropped you from the top of a building. To be fair, you would still look like an egg, but at least then you would have some color in your life.

There is a way to treat people. A kind decent, respectful way. You chose the other option. Feelings are not negotiable. There are no terms and conditions when it comes to love. You cannot bribe someone for the emotions that you are looking for. I hope that car goes Christine on your ass and kills you like Keith Gordon. You are a pile of garbage for thinking a girl owes you anything just because you love her. You are week old garbage— the wet, grunge kind that seeps through a dumpster and leaves stains. You know when you are about to eat a sandwich and then realize at the last second that the bread is green and fuzzy? That the cheese smells worse than feet and the turkey is wet and sticky? That is what your affection feels like. I do not have the ability to see into your mind, to know what you think about this, but I hope you know that your feelings are the equivalent of milk that has been sitting in the sun for three days. I have not touched you, but I can imagine that your hands feel like sandpaper dipped in honey. You probably smell like ranch dressing. Watching you is like watching a dog chase its own tail even though it does not have one. Do you know what you look like to me? Who am I kidding? You are so stupid that you thought Jurassic Park used actual dinosaurs. How could I think you would know when someone does not like you?

You are a sniveling, snotty, piss baby.  I cannot believe that people look at you and see the perfect boyfriend. You know what you are, right? If fuck boy was in the dictionary, a picture of you would sit right next to it. Girls are glistening goddesses next to you— why any of them find you appealing is a mystery to me. If your giant toddler body could fit into a canoe, I would poke a hole in your boat and then push you off to sea. Let the sharks eat you. I bet they would spit you out, too. They would probably think that you are too fucking bitter. For a goddam sea creature. They could probably taste the hate that lives inside your organs and do not want to accidentally catch anything from you. Sharks would rather die from starvation than feed off of your crusty ass.

Your shrill whine is the kind that only dogs can hear. I am sorry, but no one understand you. Do you think that you are so tall that no one can hear you? Please, you do not have to yell. I cannot take you seriously when all that comes out of your mouth is “wah wah wah wah.” A quick question: what do you think that you are saying? I sure hope that you know the bullshit that comes out of your mouth is stinking up the room. You are a walking fart. Why don’t you crawl back inside the hemorrhoid on Satan’s asshole that you crawled out of? You are like a yellow marker that tried to write over something dark and has now become a distressing yellow-brown color that no one wants to use anymore. You are the Times New Roman of people. I cannot look at you without seeing one of those pressed pennies from the History Museum.

Did you think that Night at the Museum was a documentary? Those people do not actually come to life. If they did, we could find the section from the nineteen fifties and place you inside that glass box where you belong. Cavemen have better manners than you. Even fucking cavemen know that they do not own their significant others. You cannot tell your girlfriend to stop being friends with someone and then get mad when your wife tells you the same thing. Your infidelity makes you nothing more than a soggy floor coupon. Somewhere there is a tree creating oxygen so that you can live. I believe that you owe that tree an apology. You are a literal piece of shit, sitting atop an otherwise perfect piece of cake. If someone asks me what the one thing is that would ruin cake, it would be you. They say that ignorance is bliss, but you must know the kind of crap you leave behind. Tell me, how does it feel to be the human version of a pit stain? Do you like being the sweaty, smelly reminders of exercise and pain? Do you like that you remind people about the nastiest hobby? I bet you do. I bet that you like knowing people cringe when they see your face. I know that I do.

Do me a favor and staple all of your fingers together.  I hope you accidentally drink piss instead of apple juice. Please swallow your tongue whole and choke on it. I want you to feel a thousand tiny paper cuts in every finger crack that you have. I wish you to step on a Lego everyday of your life until you die.  I want you to feel what knowing you is like.


I look the way I look. As you get older, you don’t care that much. I am who I am. The military had something to do with that, because you get torn down so much, you grow thick skin. I know I look odd. I never think I look cool! [Laughs].
Because of what I do, the way I look is on the forefront, but you can either let it limit you and go down the rabbit hole of, “Oh God, why don’t I look like that?” or use it to fuel you, like, “What’s wrong with being different?” 

- Adam Driver

“Can you guys just fuck already?"

Request from anon: 31. “Can you guys just fuck already”? Something like, Sam and Y/N ‘hate’ each other but their friends try to set them up? I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!! ❤


“Are you BLIND MAN?! She is OBVIOUSLY a babe!” I yelled, pointing at the TV. “She has a nice body but her face, ehhhh, not so much…” Sam states. I turn my head to him, “Are you gay?” “NO!” He laughs, “Just cause I don’t think she’s a babe doesn’t make me gay!” He tries convincing me. I stare at him hard, crossing my arms, “You don’t have to lie. I love gay people. I don’t judge..” I said seriously. “I. Am. Not. Gay.” He demands. “Ok. But in the future, I won’t be surprised.” I stood up from the couch, walking to the kitchen. “I AM NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!” He yells out to me. The Jacks walk in, walking into the kitchen to greet me. “Hey Y/N, what’s up? You here alone?” J asked. “No, Sam got here early. He’s on the couch.” I poured a glass of water. 

“Oh god…” G groans out. “What?” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Huh? Nothing..” He looks at J with wide eyes. “No, tell me. What?” “Well………. You guys argue. A. lot.” “What? No we don’t.” I took a sip. “Yeah you do.” They said. “Every time we hang out, you guys always get under each other’s skin by arguing about something. Disagreeing about something. Every. Single. Time.” “Do we argue that much?” I started thinking back on all the times Sam and I hung out. “Yeah. At one point we all thought you guys just hated each other because you ALWAYS nipped at each other.” G rolled his eyes. 

“Dang, why didn’t you guys say anything?” “We just let you guys deal with it. We just start our own conversation till you guys are done.” J shrugs. “Oh….. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” “It’s fine. We’re used to it now.” We walk out and into the living room. “Now SHE,” Sam looks at me, pointing at the TV, “Is a babe!” I look who he was pointing at, “Eh, she’s alright.” I took a sip. “WHAT?!” Sam looks at me shocked. “You thought that other model was a babe but you don’t think she’s a babe?!” “Not really. She needs more meat on her. You can see her ribs and her cheek bones are showing! Uhm, hello! Put those away and add some meat to your diet!” I sat down next to him as the Jacks sat on the edge of Sam and I. For a good 15 minutes, we all argued who was a total babe or not on the runway. 

It was one of those nights with all the boys where we all just chilled and hung out, eating, drinking, smoking, them making music. All of a sudden, we started getting into real talks, the future, families, friends, the industry, and last but not least, relationships. We talked about girls and guys for a COOOOL minute. Talking about all the hook ups they were in, all the ones they were about to get with, the girls they would settle down for, what their kids would be like, all that jazz. While we were talking, I got a text from someone. I looked at my phone and half smiled a little as it was a good night text from this guy who I have been seeing for a couple weeks now. “What’s that smile of yours Y/N?” Nate calls me out. “What?” I dropped my smile. “That, that smile you just had on! Who texting you?!” He looks at me seriously. “No one. One of my best friends.” “You’re lying.” “And how would you know that?” “Because all of your best friends are in this room. So who you textin?” All the guys look at me suspicious. 

“Don’t worry about it.” “Oh no. We finding out who this boy is!” J says, going on his phone and I see through his glasses that he is on my instagram and twitter. When I opened my phone to reply to the message, Sam grabbed it, leaning his body on the empty side of the couch, looking through the messages. “OOOOOO, this some juicy stuff!” I tried leaning and reaching my arm to grab my phone, “Saaaaaaammmmm!!!! Stooooooppppp!! Give me my phone baaaaacckkkkkk!” I whined out, all the guys laughing, telling Sam to read a part of my texts. “OH OH OH HOLD ON!” Sam yells, putting his hand on my face, and pushing it, reading the text, “I’m not too sure you are ready to meet my best friends. They don’t just accept any guy easily especially for me to date. So you might have to wait awhile if we ever go serious…. Why wait? I can take them. They don’t scare me. Trust me. They will scare you once they meet you. If they don’t like you, they are quick to dismiss you. Like I said, I can take them. Yeah, no. We’ll wait.” Sam repeated the conversation. “You smart Y/N, not bringing him around so early.” Swazz said. 

“SAAAMMM!!” I huffed out, getting up just a little, and jumping on top of him, reaching for my phone since he has long ass arms. We started wrestling on the couch, laughing and grabbing and tickling. “Give it back boy!” I was yelling, trying to grab my phone as we started waving it around. Once I finally grabbed my phone, we were in a spooning position. We both paused to catch our breaths, “Oh my god, can you guys just fuck already?” I looked up at Rupp. I sat up, as Sam was still lying on his side, as I leaned back on his hips, “Okay, ready to watch?” I smirked, Rupp grabbing his chest, “Oh my heart!!! The lord ready to take her innocence away!!!” He said in a high pitch voice. He then looked at me and Sam, “Ok, I’m ready. Let’s go.” He clapped his hands together, making Sam and I laugh, as he grabs his phone and starts taking pictures and recording. I started turning red, “No. Sam and I would never. He’s like my brother. We argue all the time.” “Oh, WE KNOW!” They all said. “Yeah, get this, she said *model name* was a babe but not *another model name*” Some guys agreeing with me the others against me. “Oh OH OH OH OH! SEE! SEEEEEEE! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!” We all started getting in an argument about it. 

this is not a poem.
i lost my poetry,
lost it when i left my heart on your coffee table,
lost it on your lips,
in your skin.
i lost it in your eyes when you smiled
and goddammit
this is not a poem.

i will not write poetry about you
because you are too much stone
and not enough ink.
you do not bend and flow like words do
and you do not bleed like pens or hearts.
this isnt a poem, ok?
and this isn’t about you.

if i were writing about you,
i’d talk about how beautiful your laugh is
and how your words spill off your tongue like warm honey
and about how when i think about you,
my heart tries to beat a million times a minute
because you give me so much life.
but i am not writing about you,
i swear.

i am not writing about the way stone shatters
and i am definitely not writing about how great it is to be lost.

—  this isn’t a poem, and it’s not about you. // m.k.

Valentines Day Card #9 A cute one, ones in a while <3 Ok I’m soooo sorry that I hadn’t post yesterday’s card but here it is I’ll be giving you a spam today ;) It’s just that I am with my Germany exchange and school is wild hope you laugh with the valentines card :)