Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

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Hiddleston said: ‘We talked about Guinness for some reason because I told his assistant that I did give up alcohol once, and then I had a Guinness and realised it was a terrible mistake. She said that Steven loves Guinness, at which point he walked in and said, “You talking about Guinness?“

He soon bonded with Spielberg when he realised they were both Guinness fans.

Bonus :

do you guys know how long it’s been since i came up with a dumb AU for my dumb crackship

too damn long, that’s how

so i’m here like, what if eridan was an actual vaguely-competent sailor/slightly pirate

and jade’s a witch who lives near the last port before a dangerous trade route

and nobody knows exactly what her power entails but there are men who swear you can sail your vessel through the eye of a needle if she likes you enough

so it’s something of a tradition to bring her a gift before you embark

lots of people go for money and she likes that well enough; but witching is a full time gig and she doesn’t get out as much as she’d like to

so those in the know bring her things she can learn from - sketches, ship’s logs, maps and so on

and if certain souls seem to be sailing that particular route more often than most, well. she doesn’t necessarily mind.

kenhina headcanons (pt.1)

1. Kenma doesn’t have a problem with Tsukki but there was one incident where he overheard Tsukki shade Hinata for no particular reason and later that day he roasted the fuck out of Tsukki and Nekoma’s team was hype bc when does Kenma ever trash talk, but it’s mostly him being annoyed that someone said something negative about his friend. 

2. They are cuddlers… or at least Hinata is. At the training camp many pictures were taken of them all tangled up and sleeping together. At first they tried to get the others to delete the photos, but too many had been taken by too many people. 

3. After Kenma graduates he goes to more of Karasuno’s games than Nekoma’s just to watch Hinata play. Lev will not shut up about it. 

4. Kenma doesn’t laugh out loud very often. Hinata takes this as a challenge. He is constantly sending anything he thinks is funny to him with the follow up text: “did you laugh?” Hinata’s reaction to his answer is usually more likely to make him smile than anything he gets sent.

5. Hinata frequently asks Kuroo for pictures of Kenma before they met. Kuroo is always happy to oblige with cute and embarrassing photos. Hinata’s phone background is now a picture of Kenma from when he was a first year. He also has a folder of smol Kenma. 

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Michael Clifford as a South Park character.

Calum | Luke (Coming soon) | Ashton (Coming soon)

Spotted – literally! Hollywood’s favorite stylish couple Harry Styles and Selena Gomez were seen out for dinner in West Hollywood sporting funky patterns, black pants, and boots to match.