do you guys know how long it’s been since i came up with a dumb AU for my dumb crackship

too damn long, that’s how

so i’m here like, what if eridan was an actual vaguely-competent sailor/slightly pirate

and jade’s a witch who lives near the last port before a dangerous trade route

and nobody knows exactly what her power entails but there are men who swear you can sail your vessel through the eye of a needle if she likes you enough

so it’s something of a tradition to bring her a gift before you embark

lots of people go for money and she likes that well enough; but witching is a full time gig and she doesn’t get out as much as she’d like to

so those in the know bring her things she can learn from - sketches, ship’s logs, maps and so on

and if certain souls seem to be sailing that particular route more often than most, well. she doesn’t necessarily mind.

phantoms-lair replied to your post “phantoms-lair replied to your post: phantoms-lair…”

Tell me more Tell me more

I don’t have a lot of it ironed out lol;;;

Literally the whole thing started because I thought “Hala kind of reminds me of Lance”

Which of course meant the next logical step my brain took was “Kahuna Lance” and his nephew (not grandson) becoming a trainer very soon lol

Vivi became the new kid in town who also wants to become a trainer

and Lewis seemed to appear from nowhere with a strange Pokemon and stays with the Pepper professors

stick around;; westpalmer(s)

lilly had fallen asleep with all her reviewing materials scattered all over her bed, after being awake all night until noon just because she needed to study for med school. with her little brother being gone without a single word, her worry had lead to distraction, resulting to her flunking a few tests, and her dad pressured her that she needed to get back on track, and for her getting back on track meant spending so many sleepless nights trying to get all the information from all those thick textbooks and handouts. she awoke to the sound of a phone call, and that was when she realized that she had overslept; it was past seven in the evening. lilly fell off her bed while she desperately reached for her phone on the bedside table, cussing, too exhausted to stand. just as she was about to answer, the call had ended. she squinted her eyes, vision adjusting to the brightness of her phone. she scrolled through the list of missed calls, one each from her two best friends bren and ian and three from an unknown number.