Ok I never full realized the impact of that quote until we started getting green screen tweets and this bit of Bc drought, but I gotta say this reminder most def makes me feel absouletly HYPED even more so this movie. I know zero about comic books and I’ve only seen the first Iron Man movie and I liked it. I was more into the Chris Nolan Batman reboot franchise because i’m a big fan of Nolan’s films and loved the darkness of them. What really intrigues me about this movie is how weird they keep saying its going be and seeing all the characters that Bc is able to transform into and pull off effortlessly, I seriously am just so excited for him to be strange and for this movie to just blow everyone away, especially the naysayers who think he plays the same characters in all his movies..which I don’t quite get because the man just played a character called ALL in Zoolander2!

So yes this Bc drought is tough but I gotta keep thinking, bigger picture here is that he is working on the strangest, weirdest, most out there movie he’ll probably ever be involved in and he’s having the time of his life playing the Sorcerer Supreme! 

stegosauruses asked:

Do you have any cool tarot deck recommendations I have one and maaaayyyy want another haha

Yes! I just ordered the Ceccoli Tarot Deck (early birthday present to myself) and I am SO EXCITED to get it and start using it!

The Gay Tarot deck looks beautiful (although I haven’t seen all of the designs)

I almost bought the Thelma Tarot Deck before I decided to buy the Ceccoli instead

Heart of Stars is a newer one and its designs are all based on popular movies

Chrysalis Tarot is more traditional, super colorful, and beautiful but if you’re not into super colorful then Moon Tarot Selena Deck is kind of haunting and pretty at the same time.

So many to choose from, so little money to spend

Definitely check out @fuckyeahtarotdecks if you’re as into tarot designs as I am!

So Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was the greatest thing. It’s faithful to Jane Austen in the ways that really matter. While also being campy and genuinely hilarious at parts. The ladies kick ass and save the boys all the time, and not in some cheeze-d out sexualized way. Just in a super fun exciting way. I am obsessed with the idea of taking historical romance and subverting it in modern ways, and this achieves that perfectly. I feared it would be self referential and cynical, like those goofy horror spoof movies. Something that winks at the viewer and makes fun of people who like Austen. But thank the gods it is NOT that. Everyone in it is wonderful. Matt Smith is darling and so, so funny. And it’s nice to see Jack Huston again. I seriously loved this movie so much. Like they made it just to make me happy. :)

This cozy #SockSunday brought to you by my intense desire to stay inside all day and keep devouring Me Before You by @jojomoyesofficial alongside many delicious cups of coffee from @nomadcoffeeclub ☕️😌 alas, I am being dragged to a Super Bowl party and the only thing getting me through it is knowing the snackage will be prime 🙌🏻 .
I am LOVING Me Before You and I just know I’m going to start feeling the hurt soon but it’s a very lovely story so far. And Lou cracks me up. I’m even more excited to see the movie now! .
My #socksundayconfessions: I’m going to have to go heat up this cup of coffee because it took so long to get my picture 🙈😛 .

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THERE'S GONNA BE A SEQUEL??? OF AIN'T NO GRAVE???? OH MY GOD??? i love that fic so much i just finished it yesterday. It's so creative i want like, a movie made out of it i'm not even joking.


Yes, spitandvinegar posted yesterday that they are indeed going to write a sequel. It looks like it’s gonna be Sam focused which I am ALL ABOUT. I’m pretty fuckin excited!!! Me and Gabby were yelling a lot about it the second we saw that post!

weirdddivide asked:

Not sure if you've posted anything on it yet, but any opinions on the Cabin Fever remake yet? I'm still not sure how to feel about it, considering the movie is still fairly recent...

I’m just confused by it, the original isn’t foreign and it isn’t outdated so I’m not sure what the intention is. Am I supposed to be excited for a movie that already exists in the same capacity they’re remaking it in? I’m not condemning it, of course I’ll watch it but I just don’t get it yet.

For anyone that hasn’t heard anything about it here’s what Eli Roth says:

“I saw the cut and thought that what Travis Zariwny did was so smart – he kept the original script, but he changed the deaths so all the kills are different. You don’t know how they’re going to come. I was watching it and he didn’t tell me that he did that and I was so happy he did – because nobody wants to see a re-do that’s the same thing that they already know. So he leads you in one direction with the audience thinking that they know what’s coming, then puts a fantastic spin on it. And it looks awesome – it’s a really fun movie. I’m happily surprised at how it’s turned out.”

Originally posted by doyoueverjustfeel

I think I’ve become numb when it comes to MCU because there are soooo many movies. A few years ago I was so excited for every new one and slowly it’s gotten to the point I am now where I just don’t give a damn?? Sure I’ll go see Civil War sometime I guess but I don’t really care about it….

Basically the point of all of this is that I really hope this doesn’t happen with DC movies a few years down the line because right now that’s where all of my excitement is going. 

So, I’m wearing my Deadpool t-shirt today, and mom sees it. Now, she’s starting to realize that the character I’ve loved for all this time is finally getting a movie, and she’s trying to recognize and point him out when she sees him, knowing I get all excited.

Mom: Oh, isn’t that him?

Me: Who?

Mom: Isn’t that Dumphole?

Me: …Did you just call him–

Mom: Wait, no, I mean Deadpool. [Laughs] Oh, I am so sorry.

Me: No, no, no! That’s good. You don’t realize how fitting that is.

Hello February! Hello month of love! Time is flying so fast! It is already the second month of the year. I realized time when you are working is faster than time when you are a student. I am happy that my January became so colorful and busy. Though I am not expecting something super special this month, I want the same thing. I am hoping that I’ll experience a lot of activities this Feb.

So what are you guys planning on Valentine’s Day? I guess some couples are so excited. Patrick and I haven’t planned anything yet but I am dreaming for just a peaceful day with him. Maybe a movie marathon at home while eating pizza. Or watching the stars at the rooftop while singing and still eating pizza. :) We’re also planning to buy flowers for our mothers. But other than that, it will be on Sunday so we will be at Victory Church by afternoon. That’s the best Valentine’s date ever!

Let’s give love to everyone. We can give our mothers flowers. Or treat our family. Laugh with our friends. Give a little gift for ourselves. Even share smiles to other people. The month of love doesn’t always have to be about couples. It’s about spending precious time with the people we love and showing them how much we treasure them.

And going back, I am actually here to share some stories from my January:

• I celebrated my first New Year with my Patrick. Something I can finally cross out from my bucket list.
• I finally finished my caricature gift for my highschool best friends.
• Shai, Reb, Patrick and I had our first paid SDE (same-day edit) project. It is on Louise Claire’s debut at Eurotel SM North Edsa. Video will be up soon!
• I have finished reading two books! Allegiant by Veronica Roth and Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult.
• I have signed up for a new registration for being part of the Communications ministry at Victory Church Caloocan.
• My boyfriend’s sister also had her debut this month at Patio Queen Sofia in Valenzuela City and the night was beautiful.
• Patrick’s 3d Fan art for Super Meat Boy was featured on Graphika Manila’s annual magazine! Hooray! I am so proud of him. They haven’t delivered the magazine to us yet and I am so excited to take a photo of him grinning at his artwork.

I am much more excited for my February because:

• Valentine’s day
• Our 40th month!
• I will create a craft project about Valentine and it is for the most beautiful woman I know.
• My promotional designs for a doughnut shop will be out in the market this Feb!

Blessed day everyone! xo

I generally don’t post pictures of myself, but I am today.
Last night I went to see Lazer Team and Gavin Freaking Free happened to be at my screening. I honestly did not expect it at all and I was so happy lol. I was so excited that I word vomited “holy crap you’re real!” And he just replies “I’m real!” In a childish voice. I’m so happy I got a chance to meet him. But yeah. Lazer Team was amazing and last night was probably a night I won’t forget for a long time. :D

Hola! Soy Alejandro, 26, soy de Costa Rica / Hi! I am Alejandro, 26, i’m from Costa Rica.

I have been penpaling for some years and i think it’s a kind of addiction haha… Well, through the time i have made some good friends, snailmailing and postcrossing is always exciting, the best of all is doing new friends but i now i am snailmailing too much for my economical possibilities, so now i am turning into e-penpals! (At least by the moment)…

I am looking for penpals to exchange emails, line messages, whatsapp chating, facebook things, etc. and maybe them start snailmailing. I prefer females below 26 but it’s not a must.

I am into:

  • To walk in forests or just around my town (I love nature, silent places)
  • Reading books (Lovecraft and Jorge Debravo are my favorites but i prefer science books)
  • To see movies (specially if it has some sociopolitical or envirionmental background)
  • Music (to make my music collection, to play drums, listen to music most around Rock/Metal/Electronic/Punk)
  • Postcrossing and penpaling
  • I am agriculture engineer so i used to talk about plants, animals, insects, things like that…

Please, if you’re homophobic, racist, fascist, closedmind or any s*it like that, please… avoid to reply :)

If you’re interested, please inbox me at
or my email old.white.goat @ hotmail.com
(yes, it is)

Zakopane Diary-Day 1


I’m on my way down south. Ahead of me are 5 hours of boring train ride. Good thing is that the train has free,unlimited wifi so I am browsing Tumblr and Facebook, while traveling. The only minus is that I am unable to access YouTube or Vimeo due to provider’s rules and blocking these two websites. 

But hey, that’s not the end of the world! I’ve got The Untouchable movie, where Ludovico Einaudi composed the music so I am really excited to watch it later. 

When I finally get to Zakopane, I need to pick up few things from different places and do some food shopping. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me-qualifications, coverage of them and then final preparations for Saturday’s interview. 

The more I think about the interview and whole press sector, the more nervous I am. I just can’t believe that I got so lucky. To do the interview with Team Norway, sitting in press sector during competition through the weekend and being able to use free wifi and hot drinks while working there makes me feel that my dreams are possible to achieve and they are not that far away. 

Note to self: Try not to get panic attack while interviewing the boys

Edit: 2:25pm. Only 20-30 mins away from Zakopane. I had such a lovely trip with two elderly people. The gentleman is such a lovely person, we had an amazing chat about 2015/16 season and we both decided that Prevc will win this season :)

Hey! my name is lily. she/her pronouns. i am 15 years old and quite frankly pretty boring. i love frank iero, mcr, fiatc, LeATHERMØUTH, slipknot, tfb, rob zombie, gerard way and so many more. my current goal in life is to cuddle and watch more movies. ALSO IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS NET!! ohmygod this is going to be great.

my triggers are just anything having to do with eating disorders. (binge eating, purging and starving yourself essentially)

So i’ve just finished marathoning Happy Potter books (first time ever I read all seven in one go and watched a movie each time I’ve finished a book). And it was a witch week sometime ago, right? Anyway I am still in a mood to create myself a witchsona, and here’s a rough sketch.

Saha is a chaser from the Griffindor Quidditch team. (I think I should draw her in a Quidditch outfit, not school robes). She’s also pretty good at Herbology and very excited about Potions. 

Will post a clean version tomorrow I think.

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rapunzel bc tangled was 10/10 :))))


RAPUNZEL: 5 things from your bucket list. 

  1. Get my pilots license 
  2. Become published  
  3. Make a short animated film 
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Go to a drive in movie theater and midnight premier (YES GET HYPE FOR SUICIDE SQUAAAAAAD) 

You can actually see my whole bucket list here

Thanks for asking :) Send me a Disney ask