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I always wondered, what do you think about Allen's and Lenalee's relationship? Plus I am in loveeee with your dgm comic it's so amazing. I hope you get many love on it! ❤️

I liked it way better at the start, to be honest…! albeit i do enjoy how natural and open Lenalee is around Allen and just how he doesn’t sexualize her at all (contrarily to Komui, who’s so overprotective of her femininity it gets sickening) showing a relationship founded on mutual trust and light-hearted friendship… I do think Hoshino has established some kind of chronology for the impact characters have on Allen, though? Lenalee teaches him he doesn’t have to walk alone, Lavi that fighting this war is his choice and not his duty, Kanda redemption (Allen did kill Mana, after all, as Kanda killed Alma), and Johnny the possibility of a future because he deserves it. Deserves to be his own person regardless of his mistakes or past choices. 

I like the acceptance Lenalee has of Allen most of anything else and how she’s there to kick his ass and remind him that they’re there for him in the same way he’d sacrifice himself for them. (Or that was until the last part of the manga in which I, honestly, can’t stand Lena’s self-pitying because she’s unable to do anything when that’s… not true. I don’t see anywhere that she’s gone nuts trying to find Lavi (I DON’T SEE ANYONE TRYING TO FIND LAVI..) or that she confronted the crows, Lvellier, her own brother, GO WITH JOHNNY OR KANDA, I don’t know, anything. I like fighting Lenalee, I liked her with her short hair because she wasn’t about to give up even if her legs weren’t functioning). Now she’s back to be this pretty girl everyone treasures because she’s cute and sweet instead of the admiration for her I could sense from Lavi during the ship arc… I hope at some point she reappears to kick ass and be a strong woman and save her boys because they are her boys ✨✨

(Whispers I really love how Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda, Johnny, brought back Allen’s humanity. Wasn’t he more of an akuma than a human being, after all? He was only existing with the purpose of freeing akumas (by killing them), in the same way akumas only exist to level up by killing people). 

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I really love the goth subculture and would like to emerge myself into it ( if that doesn't sound weird ) but I don't wanna come across as a tryhard or a nu-goth, what I'm about to ask next sounds really stupid but do goths only listen to one genre of music being gothic rock? Because I listen to a lot of metal, and metalcore and gothic rock too as well as alternative rock and grunge and I've heard a lot of people say goths only listen to one genre :///

Hey anon! (:

That’s absolutely not true. Sometimes you will find some *Extremists Goths* who will tell you. “You need to do this and that, to be a real goth” but that is just bullshit.
Gothic music has so many styles.
You have postpunk, EBM, Darkwave, Deathrock, Cyber… and the list goes on and on… You can listen to all of them and also to metal and stuff.
I am a big fan of postpunk (I love the old school) but I also like some other stuff like Steampunk music for example or rockabilly music.
I even listen to Lana del rey! XD she has nothing ro do with gothic music but that does not make me less goth.

Btw. Nu goth is also nothing bad. I know many people will disagree with me but I am a goth since i am 14. Now i am 25 and i loveeee to include some Nu goth in my goth style. Nu goth is great for the everyday goth cos is cheap, stylish and easier to do than looking like an everyday Robert smith. I love nu goth ❤

You go and listen and dress as you want. That doesn’t make you less goth and pleaseeee don’t listen to all those Extremists goths. ❤

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