Ok so I loved Chasing the C/h/atwalk and Raoul was just such a great character. I dunno what he looks like at all, but this is my interpretation that I quickly sketched up. I dunno why I like the idea of him with wavy/curly hair, and it’s probably a bit long but meh. Anyway thanks for the awesome fic.

OMG THIS IS SO CUTE. RAOUL MY PRECIOUS BABE <3 Thank you so much for this art! I love it!

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10 Facts:

1. I love cooking.
2. I am deathly afraid of pop-up horror movies.
3. I hate strawberries.
4. I hate pickles.
5. I go to San Diego State University! Go Aztecs!
6. I am an older sister.
7. I loveeee dipping honey bbq chicken in blue cheese dip.
8. I despise americanized mexican restaurants like Taco Bell with a passion.
9. I have never had a Big Mac.
10. I have never attended an art class in my life.

Tagging anyone else who wants to do this!