you have to fall in love with the things around you because when its 3am and you’re up crying alone, giving up all hope. sometimes the only thing that’s gonna keep you here is the stars. and that is enough.
—  you don’t always need a grand reason to stay, let the small things be enough.

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All Or Nothing - Chapter 20 - OfEndlessWonder - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Hey,” she murmurs as she catches sight of Cat, curled up on one couch and Lois sprawled on the other, and the bottle of wine open on the coffee table between them, half-empty along with the glasses clutched in their hands, goes a little way towards explaining their jolly attitudes.

“Hey, Kara.” Lois rises from the couch to pull her into a hug, but Cat doesn’t move until Kara throws herself down beside her, leaning back into her arms and turning her head to press a brief kiss to her lips. “You’re just in time to hear me tell Cat about how I won that Pulitzer that she hates me for so much.”

“Oh, please.” Cat rolls her eyes, leaning further back into Kara and she’s relieved to find that there is little tension in the set of Cat’s shoulders, that she’s relaxed as anything despite Lois’ teasing. “That’s not the only reason I hate you. There’s a whole list.” Lois laughs, delighted, her eyes sparkling with glee, and Kara shakes her head and wonders if maybe insults is just how the two of them communicate – if they’ve really been secret friends all these years, beneath that seething exterior.

“Yeah, but it’s a sore point.”

“I have a media empire. You have one prize and a dingy office.”

“It is not dingy.”

@ the people in the captive prince tag shitting on the series despite not having read it: [takes a deep breath] ok i respect ur opinion but if the only thing you’re going on is the description not having read any of the books or talked to anyone who has actually read the novels then why do you think you’re in a position to judge it just asking

Gentle Love of Mine

Dean swears too much. He laughs too loud and he eats enough for two grown men. His hands are calloused and rough, and the smile he gives women are charming yet practiced. He has been in too many fights, too many brawls - and he treats his sleek black car better than he treats some people. He is strong enough to crawl out of his own grave. He is strong enough to speak his own mind. He is not strong enough to let his brother go. But he is gentle and kind, and he is great with children. He may not be the fastest reader but he has read Vonnegut and the Bible. He may not be good at talking about feelings, but he listens.

And Castiel loves him.

Dean drinks too much. He drowns his sorrows in liquor like his impala guzzles gasoline. He listens to classic rock and he sings along with a smile. A real smile. One that reaches his eyes and makes the corners crinkle. He is also tone deaf. He pretends he hates hugs and he pretends he hates shorts. He does hate running, though he is faster than his brother who jogs every morning. He likes his coffee black and he will mock anyone who doesn’t, but he will still make everyone a mug just how they like it without being asked. He likes killing monsters. He loves the feeling of slicing a vampires head off - it gives him an adrenaline rush. But sometimes he will lay alone at night wondering what that makes him.

And Castiel loves him.

Dean hurts too much. There’s a constant ache in his chest, and sometimes Dean can’t breathe. He doesn’t talk about it, but Castiel knows. He yells at Castiel, says he doesn’t know anything. He threatens to kick him out again with hard lines set to his jaw, but there’s a sadness that softens the glare in his eyes. He stays up late with Sam researching for the new case in Utah or Ontario or Sioux Falls or where ever it may be. And sometimes in the early hours of the morning, well after he has bid Sam goodnight, he ends up in Castiel’s room. He tells Castiel he doesn’t know why he is in there, and he lowers his eyes in shame because he knows he can’t keep doing this. But Castiel takes his hands and welcomes him into the bed with what Dean refuses to call cuddling.

Dean kisses gently. Out in the hunting world Dean Winchester is a man to be feared. In the safety and comfort of Castiel’s bed, Dean is free to be himself. Castiel makes love to him, like he does most nights when Dean crawls into bed with him. He touches Dean the way he likes and smiles against Dean’s neck when he quietly moans. Dean tucks his tongue into the corner of his mouth and lets out soft breathy noises when he comes. Sometimes, after sex, he cries. He tries not to let Castiel see by pressing his face into the pillow. Castiel wraps himself around Dean and whispers it’s okay you’re okay and they tangle their legs together and Dean kisses Castiel’s throat before they fall asleep.

Dean tries to tell Castiel how he feels. When he thinks Castiel is asleep he will stroke his hair away from his face and kiss his forehead. He will say you know, right? You gotta know by now, Cas. How I - how I feel about this, about you. You gotta know. And maybe Dean will never say those three words out loud, but he says it in the morning with his eyes when he watches Castiel wake up. He says it with his quiet smile. He says it with his hands. With his touch.

And Castiel knows.

And Castiel loves him.

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I’m not sure if I can find the words to really thank all of you amazing shipmates for being so awesome with your response to my fics. I am beyond humbled and don’t take any of response for granted. I am just…so incredibly thankful. I might not always be super great at connecting, and I’m gonna work on that, but I wanted to pop in and say this at least. 

honestly i’m not even sorry that i am so into mr. robot because it’s based on fight club and fight club is my fav. movie ever because it helped me cope with life so much and now there’s a show that (in my opinion) better explains what i go through and it’s so validating and comforting to finally see something like that

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hoLY BAGUETTE HAVE YOU SEEN THIS earlessonmybreath(.)deviantart(.)com/art/robe-628227347

Yesssss and she has more!  She did the dressing room scene (!!) and Steve and Bucky on the bike (!!!!!!!).  Go look it’s on AO3 and it’s amazing: Not Without You artwork by SarahBrumbles.