This is kind of where it all started, init?
                                    Well, look who’s getting sentimental about our first time.
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Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

How do you cope with that feeling of loss when you finish a good written game

even tho the ending goes my way, i wanna cryyyyyyyyyy

my heart has been set free from the cage it was previously locked in and my god, let me tell you, walking away from what destroyed you, feels so good. see, it took so long. so much valiant effort. so much pain. the cage was stained red with my blood. i tried to shrink myself down, fit through the lock, squeeze my way out. i tried everything possible and it never worked. i would rattle the bars until my hands were numb, id scream and beg for help and gave up when my voice left me along with my happiness. until one day i sang the song my heart had been dying to sing for so long. the truth. and it set me free. i expressed how i felt, i screamed about my heartbreak, i felt the pain, i cried it all out. and the cage is no longer restraining, but merely a fading image of what i once was confined in. i am free to fly now. and i have flown so far away that happiness comes far easier to me now and it feel so good. letting go feels so damn good.

Aaron taking charge and just being like come on, let’s do this. I loved that, that he was the one pulling Robert along, and wanting to go and do it in the garage. 

Aaron stepping in and changing the subject when Diane mentioned Jack

Robert drinking from the welly. 

Aaron: ‘I’m gonna go find my husband’

Robert: ‘Have you seen my husband’

But you know. I know

Robert drinking from the welly

I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want you to go. 

This episode was just full of perfection and I am sure there are things that I have missed because there was just so much. I have too many emotions to process what I just watched right now.

Jim, sprawled bare and glowing on Spock’s bed, sweating in the Vulcan-warmth, smiling his adoring smile at Spock, who is planting kisses over every inch of him.

Starting at his forehead, to between his brows, down his nose and one, lightly, on his mouth, to his chin, murmuring, “A to B, as B is to C…”

And then down his neck, over his chest to his belly button, between his thighs and all the way to his knees, down to his ankles, repeating the ratio as he goes, for no other reason than that he loves Jim and that love is right, and okay to feel, and Jim is beautiful in every way, his to love and kiss and adore. And Jim glows brighter with every kiss, his adoration flowing over and into Spock in waves, returned completely and entirely.

Their love envelops them, and everything else is far away, from the two of them and their love and the ratio that’s now forgotten because Spock doesn’t need a reason or excuse to display his love for Jim.

one of my favorite scenes in Moana is when Moana like gives up hope and tells the ocean to take the heart back and she’s crying then Moana’s Grandmother appears to support her and Moana starts singing about who she is and her ancestor’s spirits appear and that entire scene is so beautiful oh my fuck 


I’ll give you a hint…..


ITS ME! Febuary 24th is right around the corner! I’m excited even though we aren’t doing a single thing for my birthday XD Can’t afford it this year……oh well I guess.

I was going to add a picture of my puppies but it wouldn’t send TT^TT Stupid school computers.

Okay but can everyone shut up about the voice actors?
I’m pretty sure that they were chosen for their voices okay? I get it, people are mad but honestly does it truly matter to the point where you have to get pissy about it? I understand people’s anger yes, but they did an amazing job and without them the characters wouldn’t be themselves so please calm down about it. No one hate on me, I just want the movie to be accepted for what it is and what it is is an amazing masterpiece that I’m obviously obsessed with