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literally baby spock's fucking disgruntled expression when he looks at bones in the first part of the new comic left me dead I am so in love with you rip

When even being turned into a baby can’t stop you from being salty


Popular girl band MAMAMOO is back for the summer in “Yes I Am” MV!

Are you loving this fun and powerful track?


I still can’t believe I hit 100 followers (I mean I shouldn’t be that surprise cuz I hit 200 followers in my previous account but WHO CARES I AM STILL HAPPY). I love you guys so much and I love this Fandom and and thank you for everything. Stay safe and stay cool guys. Love you 💟💟💟

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hi this is minty i cant handle the harassment anymore im not racist im not a pedophile but you guys can think what you want i am ending it tonight if my parents watch this im so sorry i really am i love you guys im sorry to do this to you and to my brother youre like my best friend im sorry i love you i cant do this anymore though cant live with myself anymore its too much mental illness too much harassment and theyre never gonna leave me alone im sorry


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I just dreamed about you and i am in love. I think you don't love me. Someone is terryble wrong here.

oh that’s odd

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I follow you because you have the best tag commentaries on cryptid posts, because you draw amazing art and aren't jealous of sharing art tips, because your Animal Welfare and Eldritch Effect boys are the water to my parched days and because Modern Emperors are hot af. Also because you're kind and open and witty and I am in love with the spirit of you. And your hair colour.

Oh my gods nonny you’re going to make me cry :o

(170619) Wonho’s Fancafe update

(1) It’s starting now but why do I have tears
(2) A concert that didn’t mean nothing. Also, again, happiness comes from my fans, who no one can bother. I’ll protect you. You’ll only love me, really. My fans cannot get hurt but I can get hurt. Don’t get hurt. I really do love you so much. So, so much.. I love you.. Our sleeping hours have cut shorter so we can have cooler concerts in bigger arenas, and we’ll show more people. If tired, you can rest later but instead.. Thank you so much for letting me receive so much love from people like me.. Sigh, really why am I so happy? I love you and thank you, really.

(1) Yes, alright. I love you too, go to sleep now?
(2) My Monbebes, I love you and thank you so much. I treasure you, sleep well. I love you too, yes. Now…

(3) I’m reading the letters and I am so happy, am I a person worthy of this much love? I really live with so much bloom. I am so happy.
(4) Really, I will make many good songs. I will be the greatest person to my fans. I love you so much.

Wow… I thought you were sleeping. But the ones who are not sleeping, hurry up and sleep before we throw you out.

(1) Stop.

(3) If you do it again

translated by fymonsta-x ϟ take out with full credit.