What the.....?

Night shift messes with my head I admit, and I’m just getting online and skimming so maybe I’m missing something.   But all I see is a fan pic with Sam that might be Montreal and an unrelated IG of MM in a hat that we’ve seen her wear before.  Am I missing something?

Seriously.  How can we go from the love fest over the GG picture,  ‘they would never act that way if they had SO’s’,  ‘Cait was at Islay’, cancelled flights and missed PCA’s,  bts goodness and the list goes on and on…

to this.

Two pictures and suddenly ‘we are being played’, Sam’s a womanizer, ‘this will be the death of the fandom’.  

You can substitute any number of things into this picture….a bowl of porridge, a day of skeet shooting,  a bottle of Jamaican rum,  a winery picture,  blah blah blah,  and the ending is always the same.  It always blows over and back on board we scramble to ship again another day.

Unless I’ve missed a big piece if this picture I’m just going to wait over here for the ending that always comes.

Again, again...

I know I have only been a part of this ship for a short time but I am so disappointed that my ship sisters are ready to heave ho. A few days ago, I wrote a message to Sam and Cait about the love they have for each other and how dreams do come true. I wasn’t alone. Seems that I was joined by a thousand other hopefuls. All of the messages were beautiful, full of love, and admiration for Sam and Cait and each other. Where did all of that hope go? Can it really be that we, ALL of us, on this ship were so wrong about that love and the hope of that love?
Things don’t work that way for me. I really feel this stuff, as most of you do who have been on this ship way longer than I. I don’t know anything about the business of stardom. I don’t know at what lengths people will go to see their star rise or their pockets lined. Yeah, my son is an actor, but he keeps me way out of this loop. But what I do know is that being an actor, in a very popular show, is BIG BUSINESS. As for Sam, he’s still waiting for his big movie break, and that’s important in the scheme of things. Cait has made that leap ahead of him. It’s a crazy business and I guess you have to jump hoops and do what you are told to make it all work.
So, what do I feel today after that picture and the pic with the hat? Can I be honest with you? NOTHING. Yes, I read all of the posts and heard all of the opinions, but I’m still breathing. Shit, I’m still exactly where I was yesterday and the day I spewed my heart out to them on Instagram. Still a believer.
Hearing from many who know Sam and Cait personally, I just can’t believe that they are and have been playing us for fools. Really? If they are that kind of people, it reflects on many more people than just us. They would have fooled thousands of people including those close to them.
To me and my heart, this crap means nothing. A smoke screen, some kind of divergence. From what? I have no idea. The one thing that can’t be tricked is my heart. You don’t have a relationship with someone else and show the love for another so publicly. Man, that would really suck for the SO. I don’t buy any of it. That behavior would be totally adverse to who they really are as people.
So, I’m gonna shut up now and prepare for the inevitable. My husband’s company picnic. God I’m glad it’s only once a year! I can tell you this dear women I am so fond of, this isn’t over by any means. Just another burr under our saddle blankets and it won’t be the last one. Have faith in what you said to Sam and Cait a few days ago and what is in your heart. It’s still called HOPE.

ILLUSIONS SHATTERED.     can i just say i’m not really interested in shipping,   unless it occurs naturally ;   i’m all about that slow burn kind of relationship   & this,   is very typical of natasha,   when she loves,   she loves with her whole heart but it takes some time to get there.   still,   shipping is NOT MY PRIORITY on this blog,   not just because of natasha’s general abstinence but also because i’m more interested in CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.   i want threads to challenge her,   make her feel something,   make her change her thinking,   put her into difficult situations   & etc.   i’m just getting tired of people not being interested in writing with me once i say i’m not interested in ships,   i am not here for that.   i want long term plots,   worlds   & universes.   i want something i can invest myself into. 

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I know I shouldn't look for a sense of belonging or however you want to word it by kissing a boy, but I am 18 and have yet to kiss anyone or be intimate with anyone and everyone says it's ok but I just feel like something is wrong with me. Am I damaged goods? I can't help but feel not good enough as I watch all my friends growing in relationships and feel left behind. I'm sorry I just needed someone to say this to

if you think something is wrong with you, then you think something is wrong with me and i am personally offended by that. 

i didn’t kiss anyone until i was 18 years + 8 months old. 

it’s draining to see things that way. everyone is going at their own pace. just because your friends are in relationships and you aren’t, doesn’t mean you are somehow less than. it is completely unrelated. if you want to be with someone, you’ll find your person. either way, romantic love isn’t the highest love there is, in my opinion. don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful, exhilarating, magical feeling, but platonic love is sooo beautiful. love between friends is so special. do not neglect one form of love just because you’re wishing for another. love the people around you in any way possible, and cherish the ability to impact others’ lives with yours.

you will meet someone, and you will kiss him, and it will be everything you’ve ever wanted, or it’ll be anti-climatic, or it will be a moment you cringe and laugh about with your friends. it’s just another moment in your life FULL of moments.

you will meet someone, and you might fall for them, and you will experience this new feeling, this new love, this new way of being, but you will still be you. i think what’s most important to focus on is that–being yourself, and welcoming whatever moments come, knowing that they will come at the right time–the time that’s right for you. 

how exciting is that? your story is completely unique from anyone else’s. i kissed a boy for the first time when i was over eighteen and a half, nearly two years ago, and he’s the only boy i’ve ever kissed, and i kissed him today, and i’ll kiss him tomorrow, and i’ll kiss him every day until i die (fate-willing). i’ve felt what you’re feeling. i remember being jealous of my pretty friends who got attention from boys in school, the boys who thought i was annoying and didn’t care about me at all. i let it get to me, but i shouldn’t have, because it didn’t matter. it really didn’t. i have this story that is all mine, no one else’s, and i love it. because it’s mine.

i hope you learn to love yours.

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Aaa congratulations on 1000!!! You're super lovely I'm glad so many ppl think so too!! As for prompts: would you consider a single dad au for any of the cp boys? Or tater/jack friendship stuff?

Look, anon, I understand if this is more than you bargained for, but I had been talking to Rhysiana about doing a Zimbits single dads AU anyway, and so you get this 14k monstrosity, that has been unbetad because I am lazy. And yes, it links back to AO3 because I’m pretty sure Tumblr would break if I copy pasted that whole thing here. 

I hope you enjoy.

Bitty looks from his absolutely tiny son to the ice rink and back. The other kids are already in their pads and helmets and skates, sliding around on the ice with a confidence and conviction he is pretty sure his six year old does not share.

“You’re sure you want to play hockey?” Bitty asks.

Tommy nods, but doesn’t actually speak, preferring instead to press his face against Bitty’s thigh. Bitty sighs and pets his hair before they sit down on a bench together. Bitty helps him lace his skates and strap on his helmet properly before scooting him out towards the ice. Tommy can skate, he knows that much. Both his parents were figure skaters though, so Bitty’s not sure why Tommy decided that he wants to play hockey.

He watches as Tommy skates by himself in a patch of the rink. It seems like the rest of the kids are just warming up too, getting their ice legs. Two girls are racing each other on the far end of the rink, one with black hair, one with flame red, and they’re both twice Tommy’s size, easy.

“Which one’s yours?”

Bitty turns to see two frighteningly handsome men watching the kids skate. They’re both well dressed and holding hands, Starbucks cups in their disconnected hands. They’re both way too tall, and Bitty has to resist the urge to flinch. But he’s a grown ass adult with an honest to god child and he has to set a good example.

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For @dailypassione‘s Fusion Event!

A Giorno/Bruno fusion I named Alessandro (Italian for Alexander, which in turn means ‘to defend men’).
His personality is based mostly from when his ‘partners’ were children; he’s kindhearted and willing to help others whenever possible, but is quite meek and timid. Even in a state of fear, it won’t stop him from fighting to protect those he cares about, albeit a bit more violently than expected from someone like him.

Info about his stand is under the cut

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whenever someone says “omg, they are so brotp! So cute!!” I’m always like “you poor, little thing don’t understand the definition of love and flirting. You clearly are not looking at their eyes and body language. Oh, if you only knew… You would be such a trash as I am.”

Sometimes I think about you; certain things still remind me. It’s been almost a year now since we broke up. Now I’m with someone else and I still think about you sometimes. Only to remind myself of how grateful I should be to actually be with someone who loves me in all the ways you didn’t and couldn’t. I think about you and I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be with someone who feels lucky to be with me too, someone who doesn’t take me for granted. Sometimes I wish you would be able to see how happy I am to make you feel the pain of seeing me actually happy with someone who is happy to be with me too. I wish you could see what it’s like to treat some iron the way they should be treated, with respect and dignity. I think about you sometimes and I’m grateful that I’m no longer a stranger to myself. Now that I’m without you I’ve found myself again, and found someone else who would be glad to share my life with me. I hope you still think about me too but now feel the pain that you’ve made me feel all those years.
Favorite Creepypasta Characters

Hello again everyone,

CCC here, Long ago I made a post about my favorite creepypasta characters and why. Not to be confused with creepypasta stories, that would take years along to put together for there is a ton of creepypasta stories I enjoy.
Moving along….

THESE ARE IN NO ORDER. Just putting them in as I go.

I also should mention, I am not one for words. I find a way to simplify what I write, don’t know how. Just do.

1: The Puppeteer by BleedingHeartWorks.

This is a well- known character, I, personally got into his character after happening on his stories. Him and his stories both have a very dark, and gothic like tone to them. It would be a lie that I wasn’t first drawn into looking into his character but now that I have, I simply love everything about him and How he goes about things.

  Golden strings both unnerving, yet ominously comforting.

I feel mostly unsettled to the set up he seems to build for ones who are lonely, and can reach out to a reader who tends to feel isolated and alone.

2: Jason the Toy Maker by  Krisantyl , Jesterca, and Euphobea

I can hear the cries from the masses either screeching, and giggling or opposed against my personal opinion or thoughts. I GREATLY, love the S**t out of this character but that’s the thing with me. I love those characters that act humble and friendly, while hiding the true intentions and malicious thoughts.

The character has been set up to be good looking to lure his “friends” to him, making them toys, being their number one. or so it seems. Before I continue, I notice there being confusion to who his attacks or goes after. After some investigation, he goes for matured females only. No kids, no males. For both “are too much to fix.” I quote this loosely.

Once he is rejected or rather his true intentions are exposed and the doll refuses, his true form comes about. Decaying skin, white hair. I LOVE this, if faced with something you thought was cute and friendly and they pulled a 180, well not everyone would be freaked out but I would….

3: Papa Grande Di Magico by mysticalbloodymyth

His character is defiantly for those who enjoy gore and over all a character that is semi- realistic but over the top insane. Though I warn you if you go to read his story for its PAGES on PAGES long.

Overall, his decent into his current state flow naturally and his story does add a creepy feel. Maybe because he is an old man and no some teen-pop and his age gives him that already unsettling feeling. He has disadvantageous to his age that are accounted for, back spasms for example.

He is just a man who wanted to have a life doing what his passions were…

4: Candy Pop by Jesterca

Another awesome none human pasta, with (holy h*ll) one h*ll of a set up and levels to his character, which tend to be hinted with both his stories and don’t even scratch the level of unsettling facts about him and the Demon, Night Terrors.

To try to even uncover a faction of him and his set would take so long.
He is defiantly another character that looks to be friendly and nice but quite dangerous. To the soul filled balloons Candy Pop hands out, the hammer made from a female creature who didn’t listen to him and is forced to be his wield weapon.

Night terrors along is a force you wish to never to met, in his desire for power killed all his brother to gain their powers and strengths. All but a handful, Drolsior and Morivin, both forced to fall thanks to him.

I would highly recommend checking both characters out!

5: Nathan the Nobody by IvyDarkRose

An Adult Pasta that I have seen around, while his age isn’t said, its hinted at being around 22 to 25 range.

If you are looking for a realistic creepypasta! THIS is HIM!

While he has had many stories written, one that’s always been around is his origin, or rather the set up to the F*cked scenario his sister and him had before both getting to their current states.

Much like Grande, his decent flowed naturally and made scene, that if you are paying close attention to his story. I LOVE gothic like characters, on top the that his eyes adding the only colors to his appearance, and have been described as having a intense and at times intimating leer to them.

He somehow has managed to keep some sanity… but as the same time has lost it all in a delusion that he has kept his sister safe, that she is fine. She is alive, so on. He has created a world where he doesn’t accept the reality of his failed actions and that if he keeps attacking and killing those who harmed them, he is keeping her alive, avoiding the truth.

When confronted with this reality, his mind shuts off and he goes berserk or leaves, if he can. He also is haunted by the dripping pipes of his nightmare, that he has turned into his own obsession….

6: Hoaxton by dav-ink

Another proxy character that is absolutely built to a solid T. Before I go on for the creator’s sake I must add his note and I quote. “ NOTES ‘bout tis oc: He’s a Slenderverse / Horror Character and absolutely NOT a Creepypasta character. But eh sure he can be part of that fandom, but in character, he’s not.” Which is the case for a good about of proxy characters.

Its clear his creator has so far, put a lot of effort and time into him as a proxy. Including giving him his own set look rather then the standard hoodie and jeans.

While he doesn’t have a story as of yet, I can say that I am greatly impressed about who he is. Its been so long since I have seen a proxy with so much research done.

This is all then energy I have to write about, there are FEW more characters I wish to speak on (again as my personal opinion) that requires more looking into so I can better understand them. Look out for Part 2. for now More confessions!


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30. What is your biggest goal right now?

i love hearing that people who are no longer in my life are doing well and succeeding and overall a lot happier. because we once thought we needed each other and we thought we couldn’t even breathe without each other. but look at us! we are okay. we are living without each other. and even though things between us left a lot of hurt, now things are soft and we are growing and becoming who we want to be. so i guess what i am trying to say is i am so glad epilogues exist. i am so glad ours didn’t end together but instead ended with us growing like flowers in different directions toward our own sunlight. i am so glad you are okay and that i am okay too 

I feel so stuck. So lost in this world. I don’t feel hated, yet I don’t feel loved.
I just… feel so irrelevant. I want to have purpose. I want to have meaning. I want to live life knowing that I’m helping the world. That I am loving people. But, I feel like I can’t do it because of…
well, me. I’m doubting myself. My own self is holding me back from amazing opportunities.
You know what? At least I’m recognizing and acknowledging it. The next step is to accept myself. The only question is can I? Can I overcome my self doubt?
I know I can with God. God, help me. Give me the strength to believe in myself.
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
I don’t want to live like this anymore. I don’t wan’t live a life of regret. I want to learn, grow, experience, etc. Please, help me.

someone: hey hows it go-

me: i can’t believe that i exist as the same time as calvin vail and even though he brings me such happiness and joy and laughter he also pisses me the fuck off. he’s also really good looking which confuses with me so much because i am usually only attracted to females and rarely find men attractive. He also has really nice hands and a cute little tooth gap as well as caterpillar like eyebrows that are just fucking adorable as hell. he also has a laugh that could cure fucking cancer. I don’t know maybe this is one of my momentary phases and i’ll move on to my next big thing in a while but for the moment i just love calvin a lot and i want him to be happy and healthy.


hello pals!! i am Tzarina u can have some fun tryin to pronounce that and im from england!! hype !! i love animals and i play a lot of tennis - trying to make it as a pro but I am injured a lot 😞 idk what else to say tbh you can always hit me up i do loads of things in my spare time if you get me 😉 always looking for new people to talk to hmu on tumblr @generation-extinction or snapchat: thejokereatspie or Instagram: tzarinyan


so I got tagged by @sebaekkk & someone else BUT I CANT RRMEMBER IM SORRE IM RLLY BAD AT REMEMBERING URLS DD:

anyways this is actually the bias selfie tag thing but I wanted t do this with my son cause I love him and im so proud cause hes doing the most 💚 also dis probably th last one f a while,,,these pics are old anyway n I dont feel like taking pics cause I got a new phone wit a better camera and the better the quality the uglier i am bye

— I tag @sehunslay @chensmonsternut @suavesehun @jonginence @mlnseoks @sleepingsoo @chanyoelpark @exogothline 

She’s the kind of girl you never see coming.
It starts off simple and weeks later you’re saying,
you are my everything.
When she told me ‘I want to hear your voice’
I knew I was in trouble.
I want to spend every night tucked up in the mystery that is her mind.
What is she thinking?
What does she want?
Is this enough for her?
Am I enough for her?
Some people you can read;
She’s a novel written in another language.
Things like this are never easily
It was unexpected.
It gives me hope that the world is a good place.
She gives me hope that I am all she desires.
I look into her eyes and I’m in her soul, completely transfixed.
She wraps her arms around me and I swear no one has ever felt safer in this world.
Fingers intertwined with mine and I’m sure we can take on the world.
Lying next to her I feel her magic,
the kind you can only find in a girl who finds my love in everything.
She kisses me and I sprout wings that take me to a place where we’re together in the heavens.
Sometimes she laughs and I swear it’s the cure for any disease.
It healed me.
She feels like home.
No better than that;
She feels like where I belong,
where I was always supposed to be.
I wasn’t looking for anyone; she’s it.
She’s the kind of girl that can do that,
change your life.

Mardy Bryant

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I'm sure this is way too late for the Jefferson Fic Party and if I am maybe you can write this prompt later? Jamilton (Romantic?? or platonic) 15. “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.” With the two of them actually getting along maybe? Or at least not actively trying to kill each other? It's super hard to find fics where everything is happy and everyone gets along ;n; (I know its because they didn't actually but I really love it when characters like each other)

You are in luck, kiddo! I had one Jamilton slot open for tonight and got yours just as I was about to search through my asks! Plus I really think this prompt works well for them! We’re gonna go romantic bc I like to make Jefferson squirm in his grave a lil bit ;) 

“SIT DOWN JOHN, YOU FAT MOTHER––” Jefferson’s hand clamped down over Alex’s mouth just as he was about to complete his sentence.

Their classmate, John Adams, stood, face burning red, at the front of the room, looking both mortified and furious. 

Jefferson had hoped that they could get through one student council meeting without someone screaming and swearing. He’d at least stopped the swearing.

“We’ll just be going now,” Jefferson said with a sigh as he tugged Alexander out of the room, keeping his hand over his boyfriend’s mouth. 

Once the door slammed behind them, Alex fought his way out of Jefferson’s grasp. “What the hell, Thomas?” he spat at his boyfriend.

“Um, what the hell, Alexander?” Jefferson mimicked, crossing his arms and glaring at the smaller boy. “That,” he jabbed a finger toward the classroom, “was a perfect example of how not to do things.” 

“And what was I supposed to do, huh?” Alex asked indignantly. “Just let him ruin our junior prom with his boring theme choices?”

“Yes,” Jefferson replied flatly. “Because what’s most important about prom isn’t the theme.” He stepped closer to Alex and brushed a stray hair away from the boy’s face. “It’s about who you go with.”

Alex’s tan face quickly turned red. Jefferson loved these moments. He loved seeing Alexander, who was always so full of words and wit, flustered and speechless. It was so adorable, so endearing. 

He cupped the smaller boy’s face and leaned down, locking his lips over Alexander’s. Alex pushed back against him, sighing into the kiss.

When they pulled apart, Alexander was dreamily looking up at Jefferson, a dopey smile on his face.

“Come here, you,” Thomas said, pulling the boy close. He wove his fingers through Alex’s as they walked down the hallway toward the exit. 

“I don’t care what generic theme Adams chooses,” Jefferson said, giving his boyfriend’s hand a squeeze. “Because as long as I’m with you, everything else is just background noise.”