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“To bare someone your honest self and true emotions, that’s something I find really difficult to do. I always try to show that I love you all and am thankful, but it’s still extremely difficult… But now, I’ve managed to show a little bit of how I feel here, so.”

I am 3 away from 50 followers! (I actually never expected to get more than like, my three irl friends.) I know a good 50% of those are porn blogs, but I’m still feeling happy. Thank you!

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Chsabina-san! I am in love with your gifs and I can't wait to see more of your amazing work! I just wanted to ask, since you're into animation now, does this mean you won't be making fanart anymore?...

Hi! Thank you very much! 

No-no, of course not! But you have to consider that a simple animation is several images… Most of my gifs are 20-30 frames… That means I have to make 20-30 separate images… as you can imagine that’s quite time consuming..

But fear not, I’ll still be making arts! I’m actually working on something right now!:

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I love how everytime someone meets Louis for the first time theres pages and pages describing his beauty. its kind of hilarious but also makes it kind of impossible for me to imagine anyone who could be cast in the new adaption. do you have any ideas

YEP SAME HERE and that’s another reason why I am so attached to Brad’s Louis, I mean c’mon, he was in his long-haired sexy prime in the early-mid 90s. Men at the time were complaining that he was too feminine to be sexy but that’s part of what we frickin’ loved about him.

@lettersfromjericho​ put it so eloquently here:

I love how in all the books, regardless of whose talking Louis is described as ‘the pretty one’. Vampires in Anne Rice novels are all described as being beautiful in some way, death making them so. But in a supernatural world populated by Beauties, characters need to spend pages gushing about Louis looks. His utter bafflement at this and the other characters gushing make me laugh every time its brought up. [X]

Castng Louis is going to be SO hard bc everyone’s headcanon varies.I want an animated movie bc fanart always depicts him better than any casting idea, for me anyway *pouts bc we will never get an animated VC movie

Dig around in my #vc casting tag for Louis ideas, I’d rather not name picks here and open up that discussion bc I’m not really committed to the ones in my casting tag, and really, as long as he has strong chemistry with the actor cast as Lestat, we can all probably accept some physical deviations from canon. 

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Why is your blog so perfect? This must sounds so stupid, but I suffer from anxiety and scrolling to your blog I always feel better. It seems like you and the people who follow your blog are nice and accepting people and it's what I need right now in my life. Thank you.

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Ok ok ok! I wanted to go anonymous, BUUUUT I caaaan not, no I can't! I need you to know who I am because I'm seriously your FAN! (I was blessed with your Smuts *me sings* yoouuu aaare my destiny (Idk the Korean lyrics lol) and those LAYs gif idjsnshsahHhYgHu(I'm seriously feeling guilty because Chanyeol is my bias BUUUUT lay is so cute; an innocent bunny who needs protection from everyone. I'm sorry ChanyeolT.T)


2nd: Lay. Zhang Yixing is the best damn thing this world has. 

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I also struggle with my bias list, but… Chanyeol’s voice is.. That damned deep voice.

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8, 12, 32, 34, 37, 38, 42, 45

8. What gif trend do you hate?


12. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever giffed?

i gif’d ster/ek once that’s pretty embarrassing tbh 

32. What is your favorite tool/adjustment layer in Photoshop


34. A set that took you a long time/was really hard but you’re really proud of how it came out 

literally all of my video game edits tbh they all tOOK SO LONG but esp the most recent i’m very proud of that one

37. What sets if any do you have planned to make in the future

i have at least (4) gleggie sets planned but i am So Lazy

38. What are you really excited to gif that isn’t out yet

supergirl season 2 and izombie season 3 tbh i love giffing those shows

42. How is your gif folder organized? Is it organized at all?

lmao nah not @ all i literally only organize my screencaps before i gif

45. Ever gotten hate over a set

oh yeah i don’t remember which one it was but i have definitely been pissed on bc of my edits before