The Frasers & Hands: 74

“I was crying for joy, my Sassenach,” he said softly. He reached out slowly and took my face between his hands. “And thanking God that I have two hands. That I have two hands to hold you with. To serve you with, to love you with. Thanking God that I am a whole man still, because of you.” ~ Outlander

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To be fair, if you ever threaten my life or the life of Bruce Wayne again, I will find a way to end you. 

Mr. Fox, we both know you’re not a man of violence. 

No, I am not.
If I was, I would’ve laced some piece of lab equipment, one which you were sure to touch, with a toxin. Ricin, maybe.

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It’s all got a bit fraught recently, but reading your posts has calmed, amused and entertained me, so I thank you all! I haven’t seen the new season yet, it’s not on here till next week, so I appreciate your updates/responses/posts! I don’t have the imagination to speculate on where the Olicity train is going, so you all doing it for me is great!! As I can’t write fic, have no idea how to make gifs and am generally Tumblr-illiterate, here is a wee joke to hopefully amuse you, as a thank you from me!
Thanks again, m'lovelies!

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I want to get into art but I'm having trouble deciding if I should make a whole new blog for art, or just post on my main blog (which already has several thousand followers). I ask because my main blog is graphics, gifs, and reblogs while an art blog would be just my art. Should I just start fresh on a new blog and build up a following again, or should I post to what I already have? Thanks so much ahead of time and I love your art!

it’s ultimately up to you!! This blog is actually my main, just as I got into art more, it became an art blog lmao. (in fact, if you look up certain series tags you’ll find husks of it)

I’d say ask yourself what situation you like more. Some people do side blogs because they aren’t confident out of the gate, which is completely understandable. If you think posting art on your main, something people don’t follow for your art, will make you more conscious and rattled because you know people are watching, then make a side blog!

people see art on their dashes regardless, and hey, if they like it they get your original slice of edits and reblogs with some cool art!! and if they don’t like it, they’ll just go find other things, and that’s ok, it happens. 

the most important thing to focus on when starting out is to lose your hesitancy. Not everything has to be popular, your master work, and the most effortless thing ever, you’d be lucky to get any one of those in years anyway (and chances are they happen without you realizing). You should make a decision that allows you to experiment more than exposure.

You will do a lot of practicing, and you’ll change a fair amount, so worrying about portfolios or presentable sites, I’d lay back. I’ve been working on this whole art thing for 3 years and I’ve still been told to hold off on doing a site just because, well, I haven’t taken the classes that will really change how I draw, so it’d be a bit of a waste atm. Just put a nice visible link on your theme where it says ART!! - or something. These things can change and be fluid, don’t worry about committing to something.

basically ask yourself how you’d feel about posting your art, and what would discourage you, or what makes you nervous. I emphasize this hesitancy thing because that’s what holds back a lot of people starting out, sometimes people watching you can be nerve wracking!! but do what you feel is best. 

People will find you if you commit for long enough, so make a decision not based on audience but on how comfortable it is. how comfortable it is really. Pick a format where you can plan, draw, and post, with as little of the “but what if this isn’t what people like?” as possible.

good luck!! I wish you the best!!

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Hi, my name is Peter. My personal tag is "peter sucks". I like warm days, slower-paced video games, talking with friends, and Miles Luna. I dislike loud noises, gender norms, writing reports, and Miles Luna when RWBY is going on. When I have the time, I enjoy making gifs in photoshop and learning audio editing. I love all of AH, main or not, equally and have no preference.

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Adam is funny, he’s sweet, and he’s build like a house. He would take time to get to know you, and gain your trust before he tried to woo you.

  • best friend in the office:

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Miles would always keep you laughing. He has a big personality and knows exactly how to hit your funny bone. He understands he can be a bit much at time, but he tries his best to not overwhelm you.

  • first date idea: Adam would want to keep it low key for your first day. He knows all the best little coffee shops in his corner of L.A. He’d test the waters and get to know you over a few cups of tea/coffee, then end the night with a even stroll so he can show you the city lights.
  • wedding theme:
  • fake tweet from ship:

So…Youtube didn’t like the video…and got me for copyright…so I am hoping that tumblr won’t do it either, but if it does, I will take this down with no fight. So, none of the gifs are mine, and the song isn’t either. The song is morphed by Nightcore, but it is called Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy. Anime is Yuri!! on Ice, and I really hope you guys like my attempt to make amv videos…I know it’s horrible but I love making them XD

This isn’t a gif, but just a edit. I love this black and white psd.  

Looking at this photo, Duarte obviously has catcher gear on, and Lawson does not, so IfI am right from my past expericances of playing softball, Lawson would go to first base. And this photo , I’m not sure if it’s confirming or not if Sanders get traded, to me I don’t think he get traded, but you never know, this might be his last game before he gets traded? I don’t know what do you guys think?

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ohh hello! can you maybe gif the beginning of the video with tae/minho and jimin pinching tae's neck?? pretty please? :D it's literally at the start :D

here you go!!

shinee… and bts… interacting ARE YOU DYING LIKE I AM


ah linh how are your subtitles on your gifs so clear minw are always so fuzzy :((((

idk :((( just make sure your gifs are of 268px width so everything should come out clear and not blurry?

Your life with Xiumin

I low-key love these types of scenarios since they are so simple and easy to make. These aren’t necessarily how they would act, but I do like some of these gifs. Also don’t be afraid to message me, if you want me to do any type of AU thing. 

When he first saw you.

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When you became friends.

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When he asked you on a first date.

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When you have an argument

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When you make up.

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*You’re Tao*

So I am now officially on half term (YAY!) so I can hopefully do these twice a day.

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Don’t Dis the Suit || evilspicer

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“Woah woah woah, I’m no one’s love child. This look is ORIGINAL. And yeah, it’s NOT a phase. It’s part of my evil getup. Now why don’tcha head off? Aren’t you late for gymnastics class or something?”

“You know what? I actually am! But instead of a gymnastics class, it’s more of an ass-kicking class. I’m in luck though because my teacher is super cool, and gives extra credit to all the good kids that kick bad guy butt in their spare time. Now what was that you were saying again? That’s an evil getup?”

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hello! you seem like the person to go to for this, so here i am! i love chikorita so so much and i can never find anything cool involving them on tumblr. ive searched your chikorita tag but theres not a lot. i know you post the cute transparent pixel gifs of pokemon, and im not sure if you make them or not, but if you have anything lying around involving chikorita, i'd love to see it!! sorry to bother 💜😅

I love Chikorita too. I know you said you searched my tag, but I think you missed something because I have 5 pages of great Chikorita posts! Enjoy.


The Cast of Hamilton for Time 

Hamilton is a story about America. And the most beautiful thing about it is because it’s told by such a diverse cast with such diverse styles of music, we have the opportunity to reclaim history that some of us don’t necessarily think is our own.