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As a child, Luke hated the dark; that’s where the monsters lived, along with the rest of nights underlings. But as he grew older, the dark held such a deeper meaning; to him, darkness meant he no longer had the ability to see those whom he loved, and that thought was much more terrifying than a child’s imagination.

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glad to see this blog is up and running again! take your time admins, we'll be waiting for all the other cool content :^)- sock anon

honestly how are u guys so nice are u not sick of me pls 

It’s been hectic and all of us admins are busy but we will try our hardest to come back!! I’m going to try really hard from now on to make more room for the blog bc god i havent written in so long and i miss all of u pls

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WO MY GOD I JUST HIT 1k WHAT THE ACTUAK FUCK 😱😱 , thank u guys so much for following my awful page if you ever need to talk to someone just slide in my inbox hahaha 😂 and don’t be afraid to ask stuff no but for real tho i love you and you are beautiful ❤️ #bromieomies

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That was a huge hetero mess and I am so mad and feel robbed

I know.

Me too, honey.

Queerbaiting hurts so much. I am so sorry you’re feeling this way: if it helps, I think we all are.

But we’ve got each other, and we’ve got the thirty-five seconds of Sanvers that you know by morning will be giffed to pieces, and that will be so pleasant and will restore life and love to our veins.

And let’s just remember: we ship two women who have a healthy, loving, caring, beautiful relationship. And that is canon.

So. There’s that.

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I need a fic rec. Could you possibly do that? I love the Granada series, I don't ship JohnLock, don't want anything gender-swapped. Very much a purist here. Any ideas? I'm very active as an author on FFN for another fandom, but am just starting to dip my toes in the Sherlock offerings. Thanks!

Yeah, sure! I have some fics that fit into those requirements:

A Case of Immortality by KCS, 2k, General: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson meet for the first time since the close of World War I, finding that though the world has changed certain important things have not. 

The Relevance of Goodness by maynecoon76, 1k, General, Hiatus:  One friend offers him safety, the other believes him dead. At the end of the day Victor Trevor begins to understand Sherlock Holmes’ decision. POV Victor Trevor.

Sixfold in Scarlet by methylviolet10b, 3k, General, domestic, angst and humor: Five times Holmes should have called for Watson, and one time he did. Inspired by the initial conversation between Holmes and Watson in “A Study in Scarlet.”

Observations in Endurance by Maimat, 5k, General, H/C: During a chase, Watson falls and is left behind just to find himself face to face with the gang they where chasing: “Now thoroughly soaked and cold, I reminded myself several times that I was the one who instigated my confinement down here as an alternative to being murdered.”

The First Irregular by aristofranes, 5k, General: Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective to … nobody in particular, actually, is struggling to make his mark on the world of criminal investigation. But, when his pocket is picked, Holmes spots a business opportunity that might just help to revitalise his flagging fortunes.

Here you have, I highly recommend you check the other works by this authors, surely you’ll find many more fics to read :)


Keep It Simple - A Series Of Malec One-Shots || Works - Archive Of Our Own

[ I’ve recently started this series on AO3 where I take Magnus and Alec scenes from the Shadowhunters TV show and I write extended or alternate versions of them. I’d really appreciate it if you checked them out and showed them some loving. Also, go and watch my Malec videos here - because I am proud of them too - Side Note: I do not own the gifs that are in this post so credit to the original owners ]

So I was low-key shipping these two since season 1, I loved how Laurel and him were the ons that got shit done and Laurel was the only one who gave shit about Wes in the group. Then they finally get together during season 3 and Wes finally might get something good for once! Laurel is dating a dude her own age and who she trusts! Thennn…… -sigh- insert “stop putting holes in my ship” gif here…I am so done.

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Saw you reblogged a "send me an unpopular opinion" post so here we go....I loathe GD and T.O.P's adlibs with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. I am literally that gif of the turtle reclusing back into its shell whenever I hear their live performances adjakskjdl


Whenever I hear Tabi’s “whoop”, “uh huh uh huh” it makes me laugh but i’m also like SHUT UP YOU NERD.

And I love gd’s skrrt goat/bird squawk