00:00 thoughts

its almost midnight.

i have finally snapped out of the denial that my friend that died last sunday, was in fact, not dead.

i had been continuously messaging him since his death was announced.

hoping for a response.


i kept telling myself that this was a joke, a prank that he was pulling; because im not gonna lie, this wouldve been type of thing he wouldve done.

it wasnt a prank.

jake is actually dead.

as in, he is not alive;

as in, he cannot think;

as in, he is not breathing;

as in, after his service next thursday, i will never see him again;

as in, i am going to live in constant regret that i didnt meet up with him last friday;

as in;

jake watson is gone; for real.

even though like 2-3 days ago i was reading notes about his funeral service next week, i was still in denial.

i still felt like he was kidding.

he was cheeky and absolutely motherfucking hilarious.

he went to my primary school, and we “dated” for a week.

he was always so upbeat and enthusistic about everything.

its midnight now.

and ive realized;

never, take anything or anyone in your life for granted.