Flicker - Ch. 1

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 2,905

“So when is your boyfriend coming back from his holiday?” Your friend nags as he tries to do anything but the work in front of him.

“He’s not my boyfriend, Sehun, shut up.”

“Well, what is he then?” He drawls as he stretches lazily. He has his laptop in front of him, but all he’s really doing is watching youtube videos pretending it’s research. And he was the one who asked you to go to the library with him to study.

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A highly important update

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HI HI HI YOUR ART IS BEAUTIFUL and also i just finished reading eos (yes i know a bit late but haven't been able to get my hands on it until now) AND I AM SCREAMING WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT ENDING

I probably don’t have to say this but empire of storms spoilers below!

Hoo boy. I wasn’t as heartbroken by the ending as others because everyone kept telling me my heart was going to break at the end and I would be blown by the plot twist, so when I got to it I already knew something big was going to happen so I was not heart broken or blown away by the plot twist :p 

And I think I’ve said this before, but Aelin’s got to tell people things!!!! She’s a queen she should talk to her court!!! They need to know what’s going on!!! You can’t just let them out of the loop then be like ‘tada that was my plan all along’!! She can withhold information from us, the readers, for that WOW effect, but she should tell the people around her because otherwise things will go wrong when nobody knows what she’s planning!! Now every time she revealed the result of one of her plans I wasn’t impressed or blown away by what she’d done, I was just annoyed with her not telling the others before. She can keep it from me, but not from them. Like how the end went wrong because nobody knew that there was a possibility that there might be a fleet waiting for them when they got out of the trees. If I as the reader was the only one who didn’t know and I would be like oh shit they’re going to die, that’s good. But now the characters thought that too and Lorcan was like distress signal!!! and got Maeve over there for help, which didn’t turn out well. She just frustrated me so much throughout the book. I thought she’d learned to confide in her friends in Queen of Shadows, but nope.

Nevertheless, what happened to her at the end was horrific of course o my god. In the next book we need to get her out asap, get Fenrys to our side and destroy maeve, and make up with Lorcan because he didn’t do anything wrong in my eyes. Like, he might not be an entirely good person, but what he did there was not one of his faults imo 

You and Me Got A Whole Lot of History

Hello lovely people, I am hoping you can help me out. Basically I have a planet sized soft spot for the following trope and I am looking for recs from any fandom so I can compile a list (which I will happily share when it’s done).  So far I am up to 12 fics :D   

Feel free to dm me here or on twitter or add a comment to this post.  A link will do, I can go and find it and get the rest of the info.  Obviously happy ending preferred.

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i know you sort of have given up on pll, but how do you feel about it actually ending? I thought I had given up and was so glad it was ending, but now that it's actually here it's got me so emotional, like I was watching everyone's snapchats and ig posts and just sobbing? am I the only one?

show wise, it was beyond time for it to end. fandom wise, it’s still tough for me. i can complain all i want about the show and the writers and blahblahblah but i still spent about 5 or 6 years of my life invested in this show, and a few of those years were spent on here with you guys, and most of those years were spent loving it. i actually wrote a rather sappy post about it. i haven’t decided if i’m going to post it or not.

and you’re not the only one, twitter was A MESS yesterday. still is haha.

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Okay so I'm trying to get everyone's route and all endings but I just keep. going. back. to. 707. like he owns my heart and I s2g i really am trying to get Jumin??? But it always is 707??

It hurts but you have to disregard him?? Like when I was trying for Jumin I just sorta- acted like 707 didn’t exist? Also every action I took was about the cat man

  • Joker:you know I pick only the best for you bb <3
  • Bruce:don't call me that
  • Joker:darling
  • Bruce:that's so much worse
  • Joker:honeyhunk
  • Bruce:you're only getting worse
  • Joker:babydoll
  • Joker:best ride on the planet
  • Joker:daddy
  • Joker:magnificently muscled man
  • Bruce:daddy I will accept.
  • --
  • (Me, not remotely IC):no but like can you imagine going to the joker because you're upset?
  • fake!bruce:joker i had a bad day and i am cry
  • fake!bruce:not helpful pls be srs
  • fake!joker:JOKER OUT
  • fake!joker:/poof
  • --
  • Actual Joker Again:to be, or not to be, that is the question. whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of listening to bruce's feelings, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by ignoring, end the conversation; to vanish, to be present no more, and by present, we mean helping bruce be emotionally stable because fuck that we don't care.
  • Bruce:.... Just get in the bedroom and shut the fuck up

First of all, it was an audition process that is very sterile on the actor’s end. Because I am not privy to any of the, you know, intellectual conversations about the character – the arc, the concept, and all that.  I mean, I get a bunch of sides.  They aren’t going to send me much, because it’s Smallville. It’s super hush anyway.  The thing I did know is that I knew about J'onn J'onzz. I’m a comic book fan. I know who J'onn J'onzz is. I knew who Martian Manhunter is before I walked in the door.  Before they sent me the sides I knew who J'onn J'onzz is. So that’s all I had, Joe. And I knew the other actors didn’t have it, because I got the sides and it doesn’t talk about that there. You have to know that that’s the Martian Manhunter. When they talk about ‘John’ in this asylum talking to Clark, I’m like 'Brick!’ (because I don’t know what I can say on your show) 'That’s J'onn J'onzz. Oh man.’ So all these years of comic book fandom are now going to pay back, pay off.

I knew about J'onn J'onzz because I know J'onn J'onzz.  I know his compassion.  I know who he is.  So I brought that.  Right?  And I wait a month. And I go in again. And I wait a couple weeks.  And the producers from Vancouver come down and I go in again.  By that time I don’t even know what’s going on. And then they call me and they say, 'You got it.’  And I’m like, 'Wha? Whaaaa?  You crazy?’  So I was thrilled.  I was thrilled.

I knew he was going to be played as an African-American and I thought that was freaking inspired.  I thought that out of all the characters that J'onn J'onzz would have empathy for and understand and who would understand him, that he would feel the most comfortable and at home with would be African-Americans, because of their relationship within their own country. And that’s the character.

 - Phil Morris’s interview with Comic Book Central

Halloween Series || Jack (Pt 2)

I got requests to do part 2 for the Jack Halloween Series, so here it is! I hope you all enjoy it!


While Jack loved the scary movies that grazed the channels around Halloween time, you were the exact opposite. Needless to say, your boyfriend had quite the unfair advantage over you for the video he was planning to film. After you cleaned up from the video on your channel, you had both changed into black joggers and white t shirts. You threw your hair up in a pony tail and had applied minimal make up, knowing for sure that you were going to end up a mess on this channel as well.

“So what’s going on today everyone?” Jack smiled to to the camera once you were all set up. “As you can tell, today I am joined with the lovely (Y/N), and the Conor Maynard!”

“Thank you, thank you,” Conor cheered. He was sat out of shot, holding with his laptop, ready to help the two of you with your video.

“Shut up Conor you’re going to get bottom line in the description if you keep that up!” Jack shouted jokingly. “Anyway guys, so today, we are going to be testing our knowledge on iconic horror films.”

“Which, okay, I just have to say,” you interrupted, “is totally unfair, because Jack knows I can’t keep my eyes open during a horror film.”

“So this is karma for never staying on the couch to cuddle during with me when I get scared,” Jack teased back. “Basically, for this video, Conor is going to play us a famous horror film clip and whoever guesses the correct film first gets to pie the other person in the face with these handy dandy pie trays full of whipped cream.” Jack reached down and lifted up a pie tin and can of whipped cream that was waiting on the floor.

“This is so unfair,” you whined again. “You’re going to get them all!”

“Okay, you both need a buzzer noise,” Conor told you.

“Mine will be bleh!” Jack shouted to the camera. You rolled your eyes at him playfully.

“Mine is boo!” you shouted back.

Once you had your buzzer noises, Conor pressed play on the first clip. The video only had to be about three seconds in before Jack yelled “Bleh! An American Werewolf in London!”

“Correct!” Conor replied.

“No, Jack please!” you pouted as he piled up the first tray with whipped cream. “Gorg-”

Before you could even finish your sentence, Jack slapped you in the face with the whipped cream. You let out a shriek as the cream slipped off your face and onto your lap. “This is ridiculous!” you said with a huff as Jack and Conor laughed at you. “Just play the next clip already so I can lose.”

Conor had played nine out of the ten clips and you had only gotten one correct. At this point, you were covered head to toe in whipped cream, and Jack was practically spotless. But, as soon as the last clip played, you yelled out “Boo! Boo! Boo!” as quickly as you could, making sure you beat Jack.

“Ooh, (Y/N) has a guess?” Conor asked.

“It’s It! The clown movie! It!” you yelled, waving your hands in the air like a maniac.

“And she is,” Conor paused for dramatic effect. “Correct!”

You let out a proud cheer and grabbed the final pie tray. You filled it up with whipped cream until the last can you had left was empty. Before Jack could make any snide comment, you shoved the pie in his face, smearing it all over his hair and face. When a glob fell onto his lap, you picked it up and wiped it down the back of his neck. “No more!” Jack yelled, stifling laughter. “We’re done!” He was grabbing you by your waist, trying to hold you down as he shoved whipped cream in your face and down the front of your shirt.

“You guys are disgusting!” Conor said, faking annoyance in his voice. He stepped in front of the camera long enough to say, “Subscribe to me, top line in the description,” before leaving the room for you two to finish the video.

You tried to stand up to get away from Jack but slipped on a pile of whipped cream and landed on the ground with a thud. Jack laughed but went to help you up. As soon as he reached out his hand, you pulled him down on top of you. The two of you kept laughing as you continued throwing sloppy globs of whipped cream at each other. “We haven’t even ended the video!” you finally yelled, standing up and trying your best to smooth out your hair. “Well guys, if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs down because I hate Jack.”

“Hey!” Jack whined, standing up beside you. He wrapped his arms around you from behind and laid his head on your shoulder. “If you liked to see me get messy with (Y/N), head over on her channel because things got a little chaotic over there too. Please give this video a like and leave a comment as to what you want to see me do with gorgeous next. Subscribe to me if you’re new here and please go subscribe to (Y/N) because her videos are way better than mine.” You laughed and gave Jack a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you guys next week. Bye!”

As soon as you shut the camera off, you went to the kitchen to get a towel and wipe the cream from your eyes. Jack startled you by sneaking up behind you and placing a sloppy kiss on your cheek. “Shower?” he asked in your ear.

“Conor is still here,” you said back, folding your arms across your chest.

“I guess we’ll just have to be quiet then,” he teased. You laughed and ran ahead of him to the bathroom, trying your best not to slip on the mess you two made as you went.

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Hello! I am writing a fanfic and I'm going to kill the character in the end, and I need advice. So, if you were shot somewhere in chest area (but in a place where one shot wouldn't kill you instantly), how long would you stay alive?

Ugh, spoiler alert!!! :-P

I would decide how long you want the character to live, then tailor the wound for that timeframe. For example, a bullet to the left ventricle or the aorta would kill you in 1-2 minutes. A bullet to the clavicle that severs the subclavian artery and vein may take 4-5 minutes. And a bullet to the right side of the chest, right in the lung, may take as long as an hour to collapse the lung (if it ever does at all), and for that lung to start to squish the heart and other lung enough to be fatal. So the real question is, what suits your story?

Good luck killing your character! (Have fun storming the castle!)

Trippifications are coming...

Big thanks everyone who submitted photos for me to trippify! I’ve gotten a bunch of great submissions and I have been making GIFs full throttle for the last several days so that I can get to everybody’s.

Now I’ve reached a point where I can announce that starting on Nov 1, I will be posting 4 submissions a week, every week, through the end of 2016! I am going to post them roughly in the order I got them, so if you don’t see yours, please be patient and keep checking back! I’ll probably keep posting a few of my own as well. Lots of great stuff on the way! If you submitted multiple photos, I might remix more than one of them, but I will post it a week or two after the first one to be fair to everyone else.

You can see all the remixes by checking out the #submission or #remix tag on my blog

So... I finished all 3 volumes of RWBY

Like, literally just now.
Spammed @eerna for pretty much 80% of it…




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Is this dead?

OOC: No it is not, sorry for the long hiatus but things have not been going well on my end. Yet I am trying my hardest to manage my time and strive to give you all the adventure that I had already planned out. Yet due to some technical difficulties that has set me back, I am working on getting something out before halloween. I am using my friends tablet and pc to work on commissions to get myself a replacement one. So please bare with me. My deepest apologies. Thank you all who have stuck around even though I haven’t posted in a long while. 

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Loony…quit dicking around on Tumblr and go to bed, please. I understand you are having fun, but you have to get up early tomorrow to finish homework. If you do not log out soon, you are going to be wery tired when 5 AM arrives, and therefore less likely to get all your work done, which will then make ME wery angry. And we don’t want that, now, do we, Süße?

*gulp* I-I suppose not, Tiktok…I’ll log out soon, I promise! *nervously pats his arm*

Good girl. I am sorry for being so brusque with you, my little loon. I know it has been a difficult week for you. I just want to end it on a good note. *gently kisses top of mun’s head and takes laptop from her*

B-but Tiktok, I–

Hush. It’s nearly midnight. *logs mun out of Tumblr, puts laptop away, plugs in her phone to let it charge, and climbs into bed next to his mun* Gute nacht, mein kleiner Seetaucher. Ich liebe dich. *tucks blanket more securely around disappointed loon*

Oh, alright, fine. *sigh* G’night, Tiktok. G’night, Tumblr. *snuggles up to tol clock, resting her head on his chest*

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Ahhhh I love this blog so much!!! Do you have any hcs about Luffy introducing his bf Law to Ace and Sabo?


( imma do this in modern au! Hope this is alright! :D  )

  • So i am convinced by the idea of Ace’s first meeting with Law was when he had walked in on something intimate.
  • Ace losing his shit
  • Ace Punching Law
  • Law punching Ace
  • Luffy punching them both
  • It’s going to take A LOT of persuading Law to meet Ace again.
  • He’s not quite sure he can take this right now
  • ‘’Luffy, do you even remember what happened?’’
  • ‘’But i have two brothers and you have only met Ace!’’
  • Que another few weeks of Luffy persuading Law to meet his two brothers.
  • They end up meeting at the hospital
  • Where Law works
  • It’s the only way Luffy is going to get Law to meet his brothers yo!
  • ‘’Toaro, Meet my older brothers!’’
  • Law is supposed to be on his way to meet a patient
  • Luffy is going to wrap his arms around Law’s shoulders, he is going to be so happy that all three of the most important people in his life are in the same room together. Completely forgotten that they are in the middle of a busy hospital ward. 
  • Only Sabo is able to calm Ace down a little.
  • Sabo can’t quite believe what is happening, he got pulled out of work for this?
  • All he knows is that he doesn’t want this guy to hurt his little brother in any way possible. 
  • Ace still hasn’t forgiven Law yet. 
  • Law makes sure that Penguin and Shachi are on watch out to avoid anything like this happening ever again.

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I’m not really into detective shows or anything like that, so this here was heavily borrowed from a show called ‘The Blacklist’ of which I have stopped watching bc the plot has gone off the deep end and will never again recapture my attention

The beginning part was good though, so that’s where this is coming from. Thank you for the ask!

“There is no way in hell,” Leorio said through clenched teeth. “That I am going to approve for this! Who in their right mind would ever listen to the word of a serial killer?!”

“Hey!” said serial killer snapped, blue eyes blazing. “Get your facts straight, I’m not a serial killer!”

“Yeah, Leorio, Killua’s just on FBI’s Top Wanted list!” said Gon and Leorio glowered at him. He liked Gon. He was a good officer, an excellent detective and agent with superb senses. But this-

Bringing in an old ‘friend’ to Leorio’s office who just happened to be one of the most elusive criminals in the world, who claimed that he wanted to help their department catch other criminals- this was a little too much.

Leorio rubbed his forehead, fighting off a headache. “I can’t trust a criminal, Gon. He should be going to jail, not getting a job.”

Killua- that was the kid’s name, he was so young that it initially surprised Leorio- stood up from his chair with a annoyed huff. He leaned on Leorio’s desk, and said:

“Let’s get a few things straight. One, I literally just helped you catch Johness who you’ve been searching for since I was born, so give me a little credit here. Second, I am offering my services because I want to help you. The more I can do to damage my family’s illegal dynasty the better. Third, I don’t need you to trust me. I only need him.”

And with that, Killua jerked his thumb over his shoulder at Gon.

Killua continued, keeping his gaze locked on Leorio’s face, “You don’t want to work with me. That’s fine. I don’t want to work with you, either. If you choose to accept my intellect, which would be very smart of you, I’ll speak only to Gon. I’ll work only with Gon. I don’t need anyone else. They’d only get in the way.”

He smiled at Leorio, its edges sharp and cutting. “Got it, old man? Now tell me: what’s your answer. I haven’t got all day.”

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Ven is writes a small note with sciencey stickers on it and throws it in the whole, "I know this might be a weird question but how far away from the hole are you? Can you reach it? How far away from the floor is it? Is it on the floor?"Ven needs info

Jeff sighs. It’s weird to see so much color. He answers immediately.

“Ah. I don’t know. I am by it. Maybe if you turn the machine on wherever you are. Commander Wander says that’s ok for me to go home. I don’t know why but his daughter is saying I am making a mess by staying. I don’t want to make messes, I owe this guy my life.”

There is some forced emoticon by the end of the page. 


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So what do you think the concept is going to be?

well, i am sort of hoping for anything but a bad boy concept. it’s my personal opinion. i think the song will end up being as groovy as the other ones…  i don’t think they will waver too much from their original ideas. i sort of hope for a pop/ballad type of song. you know, something warm, maybe close to ‘fireworks’. and they will definitely be schoolboys.