it’s officially been a week since we moved in to the new house and it’s pretty much been absolute chaos with all the boxes. we’re starting to make some progress with all the shit downstairs (thank GOD for that, because all the clutter has been making me claustrophobic and anxious) but there’s still a lot of shit that has no place to go and it’s driving me nuts. 

my only solace so far has been my room, which i’m slowly starting to put together. some nights it feels exactly like my old room and i freak out a bit because i forgot where i really am lol woops. 

i’m really happy right now cause i FINALLY** HAVE MY BOOKSHELVES ALL DONE AND PUT TOGETHER. 


**i was really fuckin mad today because i thought i finished organizing my books two days ago, but i found ANOTHER WHOLE BOX OF MY BOOKS DOWNSTAIRS IN THE DAMN KITCHEN. HOW MUCH CLEARER THAN “CAROLINE - BOOKS” CAN YOU GET. OBVIOUSLY THOSE GO UPSTAIRS, AND NOT BURIED IN A PILE UNDER DISHES. 

this is my pride and joy, essentially. i’ve gotten rid of some of my books through the years, but for the most part, i’ve been collecting these since i was a baby (there’s a few picture books tucked in the bottom left corner) 

anyway, that’s it. just an update for any of you who are keeping up with the move and all that…….