I hate lighting, what even is lighting; I DON’T KNOW-

How do you even draw wheatley fu-


They’re from Sam Tull.


hello friends i have been overwhelmed and in awe of all this beauty on my dash by the following ever-so-lovely people: leeseokminbabe, lee-seokchan, dkokyum, badboyhansol, moontaeilsgf, and cantwithjeonwonwoo (for the pic w bias one). thank you cuties for tagging me in the 20 beautiful people/selfie challenge!!~ (◡‿◡✿)

so here’s me thinkin’ i’m so cute at the cottage in my fall sweater lmao bye. i tag the following aBSOLUTELY CUTE PEOPLE: saythenamesvntn, xmeganpenguyen, hansolcanunot, 1kon7, 95joshua, dongjinja, jeonghanii, jshuahong, livster4ever, seungkwanraps, ty-dk, ultimatekpoptrash, vnons, wcozi, wonwooziest, yoscoups, djseungkwan, the8ght, umseokmin, and hoon-seok…..is that 20 idk how to count……y’all don’t have to do this i just like seeing ur cute af faces…..ok bye