*Seeing those theories that separate all Garnet’s minute actions into either being directly Ruby or directly Sapphire, as though she’s essentially just a mech piloted by two people with alternating levels of control rather than a unique autonomous entity unto herself*

The best part about cosplaying Rose Quartz:

For the first time while I am making a cosplay, I am not stressing about my weight! Usually I’m thinking about how I need to make my tummy flat again or just generally loose weight to look better in my cosplay, but now every time I catch myself thinking like that I say to myself: It’s ok, I don’t need to do anything about my weight, I am perfect the way I am right now. 

Because in the end, while I don’t have the same physical shape as Rose, body positivity and loving your self is what Rose Quartz is all about ^_^



they are very attentive to me, good dogs

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Bisexual bingo:

I have been…

  1. Assumed to be straight due to an other-sex relationship or experience.
  2. Assumed to be gay due to a same-sex relationship or experience.
  3. Interrogated on my past experience, or lack thereof, in an attempt to “disprove” my identity.
  4. Told I am just “questioning” or “experimenting” as an indecisive phase, and will choose one side and settle down.
  5. Told I am being immorally greedy, and pressured to “pick one”.
  6. Told I am just doing it for attention, or because I think it will make people like me more, and am secretly straight.
  7. Told I am just doing it to seem more acceptable, and am secretly a closeted gay.
  8. Assumed to be more promiscuous, or that I wouldn’t be content sticking with one partner.
  9. Offered other-sex intercourse when in a same-sex relationship, or vice versa, by somebody who assumes I must crave what I’m missing.
  10. Offered a threesome by a member of an other-sex couple who assumes you must be attracted to them both.
  11. Offered sex to “validate” my identity, if I have only had experience with one sex, assuming I need to experiment to prove it.
  12. Told I am undateable due to my sexuality and the stereotypes it brings.
  13. Victimised by straight people due to my same-sex attraction as an disgusting faggot or dyke etcetera.
  14. Victimised by gay people due to my other-sex attraction as a traitor or breeder or fake etcetera.
  15. Told I do not suffer from heterosexism due to my passing privilege.
  16. Told my sexuality erases trans people and non-binary genders.
  17. Assumed to be attracted to both/all genders equally, and not be allowed a preference without having my sexuality called into question.

anonymous asked:

Hey, sorry to bother you. But I am really confused. I found out some time ago I'm aromantic. But yesterday I found myself thinking: "why are people so obsessed with sex?" And that led to some questions about my orientation. I always thought I was bi, but in an asexual checklist I found I could check off a lot of points, except one: I do experience sexual attraction. Not a lot. I don't like talking about sex or reading smut. But I do think I want sex. What am I?

If you experience some, but not a lot of sexual attraction, than have you considered gray-asexuality? Gray-asexual has multiple definitions, including feeling sexual attraction only weakly, only rarely, or only under certain circumstances. Some people find a place in that gray area of the spectrum when they feel they are not completely lacking attraction, but identify with the ace community in many other ways.


Some pics for #NoShameDay… I thought it was kinda cool that it was organized. I have ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, BPD, DPD, APD, and some other mental illnesses. Personally, I’m okay with this. I am who I am, and my experiences have made me the person everyone knows! But I know not every person with these disorders feels this way. Lately, personality disorders are seen as demonizing, and make those who suffer from them appear to be horrible people. We talk about Depression and Anxiety in school, but we don’t talk about the people with the actual disorders. ‘Sad’ is the thought that comes up, and I know that I (and other people) don’t just feel ‘sad’ all the time. People with disorders are Human. We have personalities, we have lives. It seems that we’re seen as ‘broken’ or something, but we’re not. We just need support and to be able to talk about what we go through, who we are. We need to feel no shame.

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I have been searching for a name for my identity, and perhaps it doesn't exist. Maybe you can help? I don't identify with the concept of gender at all. It feels like a social construct outside of myself. Inside, I feel neither like a man nor a woman. I just am. However, I experience bodily dysphoria. In an ideal world, I could switch types of body. I do not mind when people use my afab pronouns, but hate the idea of someone calling me a "woman" or a "girl." The closest I have found is agender?



April 17 Week 6 of HRT
I was supposed to post this Wednesday, but I kinda forgot until today.

Also, I am experimenting with glasses. I wear contacts, but I’ve thought that maybe glasses might feminize my face a bit more. So
Top: Me without glasses
Second: Me with my old glasses I haven’t worn in like three years, which are technically men’s glasses
Bottom: some women’s glasses I bought from amazon for the hell of it

If anyone has any opinions let me know, I’d like feedback. Which glasses look more feminine, or do I look better without?

if you ever think you’re awkward when asking someone out, remember that there’s this guy

edit: how did our convo get 70k+ notes we don’t understand

in case you ship us please follow our joint blog

and if you don’t and just want to watch us break up or something, because you hate couples and jesus, you might want to follow it too for future references

edit 2: sorry to tell you guys, you’ve been super cute and supportive, but we broke up at the end of october, mainly because of the distance (we had an ocean separating us and that isn’t as romantic as it sounds) but thanks for all your support

So like a lot of people I installed the stylish script after tumblr changed the widths of images. But lately I’ve started to notice some people transitioning to using the new image widths. So while the majority of gifs/photosets on my dash are the old width and look fine, the stylish script is downsizing the new-width images.

As a gif/edit maker I dislike any scaling of images. (Blurry gifsets is a huge pet peeve of mine). So I edited the stylish script to fix things a little bit.

The new script displays all images at their real size. So you can have on your dash a mix of 540px width images and 500px images (the only thing that changes is the side margins). When you have 2 or 3 gifs across , there are the new 4px margins between images, but everything is still centered and there is no resizing (either up or down).

This is by no meansperfect, but it fixes the largest problem for me, which is image up/down sizing and lets you view both old and new images at their true size

If this fix sounds helpful, you can download the extension here. (full credit to user goodbyemidnight who made the original base script)