Icon Promblems
  • *realizes I haven't changed my icon in a VERY long time*
  • Me:huh. It's been a while, I should probably change that
  • *spends hours thinking over infinite possibilities of characters, otps, drawings, phrases, and selfies to use*
  • Me:this is a lot of work
  • *stares at icon for 5 minutes*
  • Me:.....I'll do it later
  • *never changes icon*
  • And so, the NEVER ENDING cycle continues.
♥ blogrates + icons ♥

i have a lot of things to do, but i decided there ain’t no better procrastinating than blograting. also, i need to sharpen up my icons so, please help! they’re a bit rusty, so there’s that.

mbf this lil procrastinator
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send me characters from either marvel movies or stranger things + a color (ex. peggy + green) or just a 💫 if you don’t want an icon! 
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blacklist hannah does blogrates if you don’t wanna see this

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