me, wibbling: they DID do shit for you, scanlan, the moment you were like “I’m outie, y’all, I have to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, how can we help??” and vax went with you in the sewers to try and find her, and the moment you were like “I’m going to Kymal to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, do you want us to come with??” and pike did. you can only ask someone “are you okay?” so many times before you know the answer is going to be “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” and all those kids are kids, not much older than your actual kid (except maybe Pike) and they LOVE you and you are TOO GOOD at lying and what happened the one time someone did saw through your bullshit?? It was Vex and she was kind and understanding and loving and she swore to never tell and she didn’t, scanlan, she never told. I’m not saying you have to be happy and hunky-dory but once you’ve leveled out and had a moment to breathe you’ll understand this and come back, right?


I am so fucking proud of my sister. Her first experience as director/coordinator for her theatre group - and lemme tell you, a sacred monster playwright like Jodorowski is not an easy beast to tackle - but she pulled it off, they pulled it off, and they were amazing and I screamed myself hoarse during the standing ovation at the end…

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Harry's voice singing "give to me your leather" part is the most beautiful sound I ever heard. I am crey.

And the lil hand motion 😍😍


“I’m determined to find the joy in our lives. In the small things. In everything.”
“It all makes sense now… the boat?”
“Yes, the boat. Will you come with me?”