so with tallahassee, we had emma handcuffing hook and leaving him behind and them not trusting each other because of it

tonight in new york city serenade, we had emma handcuffing hook and then coming back for him and trusting him and the two of them going off together

aka, they’re finally getting where they were going at the very start (being quite the team and fighting together)

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What I love about Emma and Killian is how alike they are, not because they got shitty childhood, but because of how alike they are in the end, they are the same kind of fire.

They arent just orphans who are alike, it’s not just about how life treated them, it’s about how they have the same reaction to things, how they are alike with their loved ones, their kids,and danger.

Because soulmate should be more than just going through the same, it’s about being the same in front of a certain situation.

And on that matter, Killian and Emma are the same


“Yeah, I mean. It’s always a tough thing because you really don’t know how they’re going to react. But to be honest with ya, it’s such a tough thing to meet someone who’s going through a tough time like that. But to see the smiles on their faces - it’s amazing. It really puts things in perspective for you, you know? Your problems are so little and they’re able to smile and be happy through everything that they’re going through. It’s a pretty amazing thing.” - Jonathan Toews