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Hey! This is probably a bit random, but the song Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammer came on, and I realized that it makes me think of Jonathan Queen. Specifically, of the time travel AU where he's in S1 of Arrow and probably hanging out with Tommy at Verdant and seeing all the ladies, getting flirted with, but thinking, "Nope, I got Tish back home, I'm gonna get back, so honey I'm good." Just wanted to share as Legacy verse has made me so happy.

Thank you so much for this.
For one thing, I am completely and utterly charmed by it.
For another, it makes me beyond happy that Jon lives in your head now too, not just mine. I am just pleased as punch, and any little headcanon like this that you want to share, I am HERE FOR IT.

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Aye if u in boston an u one of dem nerds go to museum of fine arts!! and then go to newbury street. its at copley or kenmore square on the green line or u can take the 39, dead ass everything is there and tons of books and shit you'd love it.

this message is…..so charming???


LFC’s Pre-season Tour

aka the reasons i am ded before the season has even begun


Finally… Beach Day! 

I enjoy imagining these two quietly watching waving crabs pass by ~ so peaceful  (。◝ ◡ ◜。) ♡ 
There’s just something so charming about Odagiri and Fukumoto together ~

Raleigh and Yancy planted the Jaeger’s feet and stood up, exploding through the surface of the ocean in a two-hundred-foot geyser lit by spotlights and booming with rescue horns. Raleigh loved the horns. He privately had a theory that they scared the kaiju, but he didn’t really care. They just sounded badass, was all.
—  Raleigh ‘actual 12-year-old’ Becket in the official movie novelisation of Pacific Rim

LIBRA // Air // Cardinal

Sun in Libra: I am charming.

Moon in Libra: I feel easygoing.

Mercury in Libra: I think in an indecisive way.

Venus in Libra: I love in a pleasing way.

Mars in Libra: I express energy in a passive way.

Saturn in Libra: I achieve in a just way.

Jupiter in Libra: I grow in a idealistic way.

Uranus in Libra: I evolve in a tolerant way.

Neptune in Libra: I dream in a diplomatic way.

Pluto in Libra: I empower in a harmonious way.


“Tony… I love you.”

1/? bangtan crack otps: chimony (Park Jimin aka Chimchim+ Tony Jones)


Honestly if you’d told me a little while ago I would describe a character named after, out of the entire greek pantheon, Zeus, as ‘adorable’ I might have given you a very odd look, and yet here we are. 

Colours are obviously just a guess, so I included the greyscale. Which still fits, because hey! Marble!