Overwatch according to my dash

So….. my dash has had so much Overwatch stuff on it for so long…. but I was unaware that there were actually male characters in the game until the Dad Memes started. I am still only aware of maybe… two? The dad guy and… Reaper? And I think there’s a black guy who may or may not have a beard and dreds. Three? 

But I can tell you there’s a buff Egyptian looking chick named Pharah/Fareeha who kinda looks like Korra in some fanart. Her gf is the blonde angel girl Mercy, and while people call them Rocket Angel, PharMercy is the A+ pun. There’s also Zarya, the body builder chick and Tracer, the main chick who has a harness to keep her from time-traveling accidentally (and apparently has a shitty accent but her actress actually HAS said accent?), and then D.Va who is both younger than everyone and a pro gamer? And fanon says she really likes Doritos and Mountain Dew. I’m p sure @sniperct ships Tracer with the sniper chick Widowmaker…. who might have robotic arms and legs? I am totally spacing on the ship name. Also everyone girl is shippable with every girl except D.Va bc she is Young.