Tumblrgender - An umbrella term for all ‘genders’ coined on tumblr that makes 0 sense and has nothing to do with gender in the slightest. (see: gloomgender/frostgender/kingender/etc.)
aka “I have no fucking idea what a gender is so I’m just going to take this random description or personality trait and make it my 'gender’ because its so fluffy and cute lol look how trans I am!! lol if u disagree u r a TRANSPHOBE TRUSCUM!!!”

I AM  F U R I O U S -
- a mix to play with knifes and fire to. [listen]  

I. too far into / jesse mac cormack | II. good love / kram | III. garbage truck / sex bob-omb | IV. boys wanna be her / peaches | V. r u mine / arctic monkeys | VI. bad reputation / joan jett | VII. diamond hoo ha man / supergrass | VIII. should i stay or should i go / the clash | IX. lonely boy / the black keys | X. seven nation army / the white stripes | XI. come on home / franz ferdinand