Dear artists and writers from Tumblr,

   I, in the name of the Fairy Tail Fandom, want to THANK YOU for literally everything you do for us, for all the fanarts that we receive and all the fanfictions that we read. We really appreciate all you work and hope you all have a woderful day and don’t forget to stay healthy, eat well and smile every day. We love you and I am really sorry for this… not-so-good drawing and hope you don’t mind my messy drawing style. We love you and wish you the best!

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   And I am sure thereare many more artists and writers [actually I tagged only one because it’t the only fanfiction blog I red on Tumblr Q^Q] that I missed and I am really sorry. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAG OTHER AMAZING PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT IN THE TAGS AND FEEL FREE TO ADD YOURSELF IF YOU ARE A FAIRY TAIL FANARTIST OR FANFICTION WRITER. Also cosplayers, GIF makers, editors, everyone is free to add because you work a lot for this fandom and deserve a big THANK YOU!


taking selfies in my moms vintage hokusai shirt bc i just finished all my art history homework !

I have so many new and older pieces I’ll be putting up at the shop tomorrow! I think there will be 10 mini originals? Ranging from $20-$80. It’s been a while but I’ve been busy, I promise! My YouTube has been suffering but I have many videos recorded it’s just a matter of uploading them. It will happen, fall is when I am most productive. ✨💕💖 #art #arte #artsy #artist #paint #painting #watercolor #watercolour #myart #jennaleeauclair #unicorn #unicorns #unicornhair #unicorngirl #unicornart #crystal #girl #sexy #kawaii


Translation: Me

Typeset: U.T.L.

I’ve got a real treat for you guys today. This is the latest in a series by 774, whose heart has turned to vanilla fluffy goodness since NaruHina became canon. The previous entry is seen here and now I bring you 40 pages of flufy NaruHina smut.

Here it is in its entirety. 

I couldn’t have done this without the talent and efforts of U.T.L., who has asked that I pass along a message to you all.

“It’s currently 5am where I am… I’ve been working furiously to get this doujin typesetted and out there before the any hentai sites get their hands on it.

The reason I am doing this is simple. I want to extend the artist a courtesy that most hentai sites won’t even do. I want to urge the people that are going to read this to go to the link below AND BUY AN ACTUAL COPY OF THIS DOUJIN!


This is a doujin that has been sold COMMERCIALLY. It cost the artist MONEY to get it published and distributed. And that’s not even counting the enormous amount of time and effort that it took to actually create it.


Sometimes I just feel like an ass because the fact that I am still drawing and that I have been drawing for the last 3 years I owe it to 6purplecats | anjelicae | immagonnagetya | gratsutrash | tatsuyuka | naviarules64 | clymacs | happystarfandoms | 0eka0 | yukipandalove and still I don’t thank them for it . I should thank you everyday and every minute of my life and it wouldn’t be enough.

Shiratorizawa Yoga

Okay so I was going to do a drawing for this but now I’m in a rut so just hear me out on this - 

Reon doing yoga.

Reon teaching Wakatoshi how to do yoga and Wakatoshi really takes a liking to it.

Wakatoshi doing yoga.

Wakatoshi doing yoga outdoors before an early morning run.

Woodland creatures bunnies scurrying over to see Wakatoshi flipped over doing Upward Bow and wondering what sort of mating ritual this semi-hairless bear is doing.

Woodland creatures realizing that Wakatoshi is definitely not a semi-hairless bear and in fact one of those human things - except he’s nicer than the others even though he looks scary.

Reon accidentally finding his friend with literally an entire enchanted forest watching him power through poses like Crow and Eight-Angle and Headstands and all the animals are just waiting patiently since they know Wakatoshi will give them seeds and millet afterwards.

Reon being so endeared and making a light joke about Wakatoshi’s, ‘audience.’

Wakatoshi not getting it, but just comments about how the bunnies and deers help him relax.

Wakatoshi doing yoga.

anonymous asked:

I am working on a fanfiction which Den and Sve are artists and they own a studio names Buttered Wife while Nor is a college student who lives with his little brother Ice and Fin is Nor's best friend, no deadmark or nordead will appear in this story, what is your opinion on it?


ever since i was little, my mother has parted her hair in such a way that it creates this bump in the middle of her head and she calls it ‘volume’ and ever since i was little i’ve drawn my mother like this

ive been sitting here fantasizing about being an artist for mtg, i mean, i am always doing that but this week especially i’ve been thinking about. not even being a famous established mtg artist who does cards in every set just like, painting 1 basic land, how great would that be

anonymous asked:

okay, so i am like an ultra super beginning artist and, tbh, i don't know where to start. i don't know what i need to be learning. i remember vague mentions of perspective and shading from my days in second grade art class, but i don't know anything concrete about it. please help me? i love you art and I want to be great like you one day, but i'm just so lost. even my stick people suck.

There’s no way around it, the secret to getting better is to practice. By that I mean, just literally draw. Look at something, draw it exactly as you see it, it’ll probably be crumby but hey, do that another 5000 times and there you go, you’ll be able to draw that thing.

Think of a thing you want to draw, and then draw it. If you don’t know what it looks like, find references, then draw it. Just keep drawing. Art is like anything, to get better you need to do it, as often as you can, and yes, it’ll probably be REALLY frustrating at first. It’ll actually keep being frustrating forever tbh, but if it’s your passion then the fire in your belly to draw will make up for the frustration. 

When I was starting off I would have a breakdown basically once a week where I felt like I was NEVER going to improve, That’d I’d never be as good as my idols. Then those breakdowns started coming less, I’d have one once a month, then once every few months, and now I might have one once a year but for the most part I can draw whatever I want and with the things I can’t I’ve improved enough to know I can and WILL get better.

You don’t need classes, they’re fun and can be very helpful and informative, but I can promise you 95% of my art skill came from practicing on my own time. The things I remember from 4 years of art highschool and a year of college could maybe fit a couple of pamphlets. All you need for drawing is a utensil and a passion for it.

So pick up a pencil, have fun, relax, keep going, you’ll get there. <333