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I know someone that posts art with permission and you are posting those images too after they post it. Im not sending hate Im just saying please make sure no one has posted the art before you. Please dont send hate if you think you know who I'm talking about.

Hello Anon! First of all, I would like to clear that I do not aim to post only artwork that you say ‘people have posted before’. For me, this is not a race. I am 100% sure that not everything I post is generally ‘new’, ‘no one has even seen’ or ‘no one has ever posted’, because i) the ones I post are on queue, meaning there is some time before I have gained permission to reprint before they appear on the blog, and it can take days for an artist to give reply with their consent, ii) I am aware that there are tons of people posting artworks too, some with permission, some without, and even I can’t keep track of all of those who do, and iii) I usually only post artworks from Pixiv and not from Twitter, which are most often than not uploaded on Pixiv only after some time from the artists’ Twitter accounts. Generally I only retweet and like their artworks there, because… reprinting art from Twitter is kinda difficult, as in from how twitter does its ‘labeling’ and ‘archiving’. Pixiv is really good at that so it’s easy to determine which artwork is which, and it is also relatively easy to find the artists and such (definitely useful when I want to notify them about stolen artwork).

With the reasons stated above, I’ve also seen others who have ‘posted the art after me’, as you would say, but I do not mind as long as they have asked permission from the artists for it. It’s not as if posting the artwork ‘first’ means that ‘oh yes I reprinted it first, now only I am allowed to reprint it, the artist can only give me and no one else their permission’. To be honest, I’m more glad if they do, because that means that the artist is getting more messages, and I’m pretty sure they’re more happy about it than if you didn’t message them.

What I do aim, however, is to share artworks from artists with their consent, along as required links for them to track their own artwork, inspire and motivate the artists through communication, as well as try to encourage and tell others to not steal artwork (i.e. reposting without permission, editing artworks) and just try to ask permission instead.

And if you don’t believe all the good things that you can do just by talking with artists, here are some examples of replies that they could give you:

As for what you say is ‘sending hate’, I do not send hate. If you’re saying ‘hate’ like the one you just sent (though I do not take it as ‘hate’ so don’t worry about it), then I can assure you I have never sent anyone the same message you sent me because like I said, just because I have asked permission ‘first’ doesn’t entitle me to be the only one who can ask for it. However, I do message people who I’ve seen to have stolen some artwork (I can say that for sure because I’ve talked with the artists themselves of their reposted art, like so:) 

I probably know who you’re talking about because there is someone I have recently messaged about it. The thing is, they do post art with consent, and then there are others without consent. See the problem there? Those that are with consent and without are just… mixed together. I might have been lucky myself because I generally would not have known that they were posting art without consent, until a friend raised some concerns about it and I see them reprint from artists who I’ve already talked with and does not allow reprints of their artworks to avoid legal problems.

Plus, if you really do say hate, then do tell me where is the ‘hate’ in my messages? (Pretty sure I’ve sent a lot of messages before, but these are all pretty similar with any people I’ve talked about regarding stolen artworks)

(Blocked some part that may help identify whoever I talked to)

I know I can be really blunt, but if you really do think this is hate, then please tell me how or what I should say to get my point across without it sounding like ‘hate’? Any suggestions, I will be extremely grateful!

I generally dislike confrontations myself, even more so calling out to people. There are those who do not reply, ignore my messages, and even decide to just block me (I can’t message them afterwards lol). I am just thankful that there are those who do reply, or those who don’t but either stop stealing or start asking for permissions! ^^ 

Okay, so I’m back from the job-shadowing–

And they’re already talking like I’m going to be coming back?!

*softly screams into hands*

Go vote for Hilary Clinton

Please. There is really no other option.

Do it for no other reason than Bernie and Michelle want you to.

This is my opinion. Like countless artists in the past I am trying to get you to wake up and improve the world. But you have to do it.

There are over 5,000 of you following me. If even half of you are real, that’s 2,500 people who could be promoting a truly hopeful future for my country.

Go do everything you can. Help me sleep at night. Help protect my right to marry a man if I do choose.

So, this happened to me on Overwatch today


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not you too.




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(And thus, the anons learned not to ask Finn to take selfies, because he’s a whore for the camera.
Seriously, I need to get around to making that blog… One of these days. Once I dye my hair.)

Oswald thinks he’s so great with his stupid fucking ridiculously attractive selfies… Well, two can play at that game.

And I play better.

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I am finna need K-HipHop artists, fans and HipHop based K-Pop idols and groups to retire tf out of them tired ass pathetic excuse for 'dreadlocks' and 'micro-dreads'! I am also gonna need all those non-black fans to jump off these artists' dicks and stop calling them original and treating them as if they're doing something that has never been done before! I am tired y'all! I am also disassociating myself from all those black fans who consign and justify all this fool-a-fucking-niggetry! (Part 1)

[Part 2] to be influenced & be interested in different cultures is wonderful ‘cause globalisation is a thing but to blatantly steal aspects of another culture & try to pass it off as original or without paying homage to the originators is a hell naww! Do not pretend to respect the culture but still have the audacity to degrade & disrespect the people of whose culture you’re partaking in! This goes out to the Koreaboos as well! I am too grown & too woke for K-Pop & its fuckery. Peace y'all ✌🏿

[Part 3] I am tired of Koreaboos saying their oppas are the kings of HipHop, I am tired of them greasy ass, tired ass 'dreads’, I am tired of idols and K HipHop artists not doing none of these dances CORRECTLY! I am tired of the multiple Korean versions of Rae Sremmurd, I am tired of hearing Korean versions of dying US HipHop trends. I am tired of all this cringey behaviour & unoriginality, I am tired of the misappropriation of AAVE. Above all else tho, I am tired of all the coonery!✌🏿️

[Part 4] There is a Plethora of talented Korean artists out their who are original, creative and have a strong unique identity in their artistic craft. However, mainstream K-Pop & some of it’s Ifans are just bleh. 50% of the reason I am done is the fans & the other 50% is the idols & groups. Believe it or not, there’s a way out of K-Pop’s rabbit whole lol. For me, it has lost its charm, interest & the creativity I enjoyed when I first got into it. All I (just ME) see now is fuckery 😔


So my friend @little-red-83 had to deal with some asshat douche bag bitch waffle hate for her writing. HER WRITING IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! She’s feeling down. Can you all help me send her some love and encouragement?!?! SHe may not believe us right now, and she may want to take a break, AND THAT IS OKAY!!! Whatever she needs!!! I am not a writer or artist of any kind, so I don’t know how horrible this can feel. But I am a HUGE AVID reader and I know great stuff when I read it!!! So to @little-red-83 and ANY OTHER WRITERS, ARTISTS ON HERE I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE BRAVE AS FUCK FOR PUTTING YOUR WORK OUT THERE!!!! DON’T EVER STOP EVEN WHEN YOU RUN ACROSS FUCKTARDS WHO SPEW HATE!!!! i LOVE YOU AND AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! @little-red-83 THIS MEANS YOU!!!!! AND ALL YOU TALENTED AMAZING ARTISTS!!!!!

“I think as an artist you are also just doing your job like everyone else in a way, even if you don’t have proper funding for it, or the space, all these elements that would justify your intervention in a public space. Sometimes you just have yourself and your own breath. You just do something because you are driven to do it. And again, sometimes it is pointless. Most of the time it’s pointless, and that’s ok. In this case, the public aspect of the work was very important for me because it could engage with my questions regarding the role and position of the artist in society. There is a need to speak, to be shown, to scream, to be there. But that’s not my attitude. I don’t necessarily want to be public. I am interested in questioning how artists do what they do, and how they are shaped by different elements from institutional frameworks to their own personal backgrounds as part of their work.”

Blow by Alina Lupu.
Interview by Cristina Buta (2/4)