I’m starting university in a couple of weeks so I’m hoping to save up some money by finally opening up commissions!

Examples of things you might want me to draw for you:

  • birthday cards
  • personalised gifts on my redbubble
  • your ocs
  • characters from your favourite tv show
  • and anything else you can think of!

You can contact me by tumblr messenger or email me at whydocowsfall@gmail.com

If you can’t commission me but would like to support me, please share this! It would really help and would be much appreciated. :)

More information can be found here!

and still coding the same game….

These things are SO fun to draw.


⭐ More Art Examples Through Link! ⭐

Hey Guys! So as you all may or may not know, a friend and I are planning on participating in Anime LA Artists Alley and I am also starting school next month!

Both of these require money, the most important things being the table fee (200$), transportation/food, and school books!

Our car recently had to go in for repairs as well so I am pretty low on funds at the moment. ( T-T)

-So I am officially opening up commissions!-

Please refer to –>THIS LINK<– for more information and art examples, and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions!

I’d also appreciate the boosts if you can! 

Thank you guys, hope yall are having a great week ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪
(*Vanilla NSFW OK)


I decided to change my blog a little bit, because i am not only artist, i am also animator, but this was difficult to looking for only animations or only art in my blog, so, i want to change this!

Since now, you will be able to find art posts in My art page. You will not see my older posts there, because i didnt use special tag before, but i am working on new content ;)

Hello! Opening commissions because I’m kinda broke rn ; w;

If interested, please fill out the form below, and send it to x_takeshi@hotmail.co.uk (please title the email ‘commission’ so I can see it!)


- Name: (self-explanatory)
- Type: (sketch, cellshade, chibi style A or B?)
- Subject: (what you want drawn! please include references; at least 2)
- Additional info: (background colour of choice if ordering a sketch, any specific pose/facial expression/etc?)
- Paypal email: (I will only be accepting Paypal)


- Once I accept, send the payment* to x_takeshi@hotmail.co.uk as a gift (if possible)
- Once I receive the payment, I’ll start on the commission. Please give me time to finish it, as I am not the fastest artist. If you want it done by a certain deadline, please let me know in the ‘additional info’ section of the form.

Please note:

- I have the right to decline any commission I feel I am unable to do to the best of my abilities
- I will not accept orders with no reference, or descriptions as reference. If the references aren’t detailed enough, I have the right to decline

If you want to see more samples, please check out my art tags here or check out my deviantart

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Jimin Park 19 to 20 Review. TRYing to survive.

Jimin’s album has finally dropped. It was a long wait.

I think we can all agree it was totally worth it. I was so disappointed when ‘Hopeless Love’ was just a single. I wanted more. She has so much talent I just wish she was more recognized.

Some people don’t even know she is a singer. They think she is just an MC on ASC.

People are sleeping on her.

To be honest people are just sleeping on 15& as a whole. They are probably some of the most talented vocalists that are under JYP. I am glad Yerin got to showcase her voice with her debut as a solo artist and her comeback. I am going to be frank though; I was on edge waiting for my girl Jaime.

I am so Jimin biased it isn’t even funny. She is just such an amazing person. It just shines through her. Plus she is freakin’ gorgeous and talented. I literally can’t with her.

I woke up just to watch the V live stream. I am so glad that for once V didn’t have any connection issues and they actually had subtitles. I almost cried from joy.

The showcase(?) was phenomenal. It was so lively but we also got to see Jimin as an artist. I was so proud when she talked about her music. She looked so happy and proud. She deserves so much attention. Her performance of ‘Answer’ live is EVERYTHING.

Ugh, she killed me.

Then the performance of ‘Young” with Brian( YoungK hahaha) was amazing as well. It was so hype. Bambam and Yugyeom jamming to it.

It was nice to see a more serious side of her when she spoke about her music. We are so used to seeing her joke around and being playful. It was great to see a different aspect of her but she was still the bubbly Jimin we all love. It made me kind of sad when they told her the amount of hearts she had and she was like it’s the power of Got7 and Day6. Jimin don’t think like that! BabyJ’s were all waiting for your album. We needed it. The fact that she called Yerin during the live stream had me like “yaaaasss” because I was thinking something had gone down between the 2. They haven’t really had much interaction so we were all kind of like “what is going on?”. I am glad they worked out whatever was going on between them and that post that Yerin wrote. *tears*

Okay, now a breakdown of my thoughts on the album.

It’s great. One of the best things I have ever heard. K, bye.

No, but seriously here is an honest breakdown of each song.

‘Try’ this song is so touching. The song’s melody is joyful(?) despite some of the lyrics being kind of sad. The fact that she wanted to put a song out there to cheer up people when they are down is touching. The song does a great job at doing that. I’m not sure about everyone else but it definitely cheered me up.  It is just a really uplifting song.

‘Young’ straight up I just want to break out in dance when this song comes on. I couldn’t find English translations for a lot of the songs. By the feel of it I am assuming it is about being young, 20 to be specific and just having fun. Brian’s rap in this though. He killed it. This collab was amazing. He suited this song so well. This would be an awesome song to just jam to in the car.

‘Walkin’ one of my favorite songs off the album. Aahhhh it is just so good I need English translations asap. The song itself though has a more R&B feeling. It suits Jimin’s voice so well. The fact that she had Hash Swan feature on this song. The collab was kind of unexpected but it worked. Especially with his flow. It just really gave the song that was already everything a little more. It is my fucking jam.

Answer’ the fact that this was the first song she performed made me just instantly fall for this track. Once again this has more of an R&B feel to it that literally suits her voice so well. The track itself is so good. Just all the body rolls. The lyrics of not really knowing where you stand in a relationship and that the person changes around you which only confuses you more. Something I am sure a lot of us can relate to. The ‘Demo ver.’ which is just the English version. Thank you Jimin, for including an English version to one of my favorite tracks. I can actually sing along. I am not worthy.

‘To him’ This song is so soulful. More upbeat than ‘Hopeless Love’ but follows the same topic of one sided love. The fact that she wrote these songs based off personal experiences so she can truly convey the feeling. Jimin please, I can only take so much. The thing about her voice is that it is so emotional. You can just feel it even when you don’t have translations yet *cough* (the struggle of international fans.)

I am just so thankful for being able to listen to such an amazing album. I am blessed. Thank you Jimin for all your hard work. The fact that you still sang live on today’s live stream despite your throat hurting was very touching. She is just such a beautiful person.

Did I mention how biased I am?

I don’t own any of the gifs.


I decided to change my blog a little bit, because i am not only artist, i am also animator, but this was difficult to looking for only animations or only art in my blog, so, i want to change this!

Since now, you will be able to find animation posts in My animation page. You will not see my older posts there, because i didnt use special tag before, but i am working on new content ;)

alright u guys want an artists au????? i’ll give you an artists au.

(i am literally an art major i have seen some THINGS. no hate on other posts i just need u guys to know what its like REALISTICALLY)

lardo- does a little research after getting into her money, and decides to make an artist residency on her campus, samwell. anyone can apply if they have kind of sort of an art degree. they need to submit a portfolio and lardo just kinda picks the coolest ones out and actually talks to advisors and art profs to see who could benefit the most.

the residency gets called bauhaus at first (cuz that was like, the one Art Thing lardo remembers ever learning about and it sounds cool!) shortened to ‘haus’ eventually.

bitty- is still a baker. but not just. sculptural desserts are his Thing. he actually hate fondant, so he tried to make all of his creations beautiful and still edible!! 

jack- art history major. he was pursuing a photography career like his dad, but yknow, things happen and honestly, as passionate as jack is about his work, art history is just so much more fulfilling and photography slowly just becomes a good hobby of his. plus he really likes working with kids as a teacher and sharing is love of art and art history with them :’)

shitty- 2 words. performance. art. he usually tries to make grand statements and really does his research and yes, it does often involve him being nude a lot of the time. but he can b really pretentious and it still a privileged white dude so basically everyone is ‘stfu bansky’ every time shitty gets Started. he takes it in stride and listen to critique. most of the time…

cutting here for length

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Paul James


Tell us about yourself and your art practice.
I am Paul James, an artist from the England, based in Singapore.
My speciality is large scale non-representative abstract paintings, and some abstract photography. I also do interactive sound and video installations.

How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?

I started painting 20 years ago. I was studying at university  and needed something else to amuse me, so I started painting.  When I finished university, I moved to Singapore. All of my adult working life has been spent here. About 13 months ago I gave up my full time work to commit fully to being an artist. It is a tough art scene here.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

With the abstract works it is primarily a mood I am communicating,  and I want the viewer to share the mood, or find his own space or meaning in it.
The interesting thing is that viewers see figures or shapes in the paintings that I never saw, or they relate to the painting in  their own personal way based on their own experience  and story, which is really all I want.  If it moves someone then I am happy.
With the figurative or surreal works they generally have a stronger concept that’s usually very personal to my experiences, but again the viewer may see something or relate to it in a personal way.

Are you working on any art projects right now? What should we expect next from you?

I recently finished an interactive Video/Sound installation, called “Ebb and Flow”.  It used a video camera to detect peoples faces as they came down an escalator. This invoked changes in the musical soundtrack,  and in the stanza’s of the poem displayed a video screen.  
I am looking forward to getting back to painting abstracts in the next few weeks. Probably a few more abstracts on my Metamorphosis theme, in which wet paint is removed from the canvas, using solvent in a very controlled way, which leaves a very cool looking abstract.  I am also considering a series of black/dark paintings which are purely about the application of paint and the way in which it is applied.

What/who inspires you to create your artwork?

For me, inspiration comes from asking a question, “how can I express…?” or “how can I use this medium in different way ?”. Inspiration can simply come from experimentation.

My abstract works are generally an expression of my thoughts and feelings, they capture my mood at that instance. Some abstracts take a while to finish, because I have to revisit the same mood in order to complete them. Sometimes its just about having fun.
Some of my other more surreal works are a gentle poke at social situations that I have experienced.

What’s your favorite accessory or tool you use in your art making process?

Paintbrushes are necessary. I quite like old brushes and over sized brushes that hold a lot of paint. I also use palette knives, kitchen knives, to spread paint around, and wire mesh, sponge and whatever is laying around in the studio to create texture. I’ve just started using syringes create certain effects.

Do you use Photoshop or anything like that in your workflow? How does it help?

Yes, for preparing images for portraits, cropping and contrast adjustment mostly. With abstracts, I have occasionally, taken photos of the work and  digitally painted on the image to try things out before committing in paint.

 What advice do you have for somebody who wants to get started in the arts?

To daydream to sit in a quiet place and chill. To reflect on your own experiences, and listen to others experiences and stories. To experiment and not be afraid of messing it up, you can always paint over the canvas again.

What is your dream project if you could have any resource that you need?

Look at all the great artworks that have been done with very simple materials. I am not really sure that having all the physical resources in the world help in making great art. I think time and space do. I would really like to work on some very large abstracts.
I really would want to develop a brainwave translator. You know that internal voice in your head?  Something that records all your thoughts, dreams and images in your head, and produces a nicely formatted blog post complete with images everyday. That’s a bit far fetched, so I would settle on device to produce artworks based on your brainwaves – that would be cool.

Where can we find your work? Any websites or social media we can check out?

My main website is www.pauljamesdesign.com
My Instagram and Tumblr feeds: