I have some pieces that need homes yet, I am a very hungry artist so I’m plugging them again. I’m saving up for some electroforming equipment, when I get it I hope to make charms for my Patreon rewards. But in the mean time I need milk and eggs and cheese and soap and other modern amenities.

Anubis and Ammit, 6x9- 30$

The Sacrificial Bull, 9x12, 70$

Fenrir, 6x9 30$

Sleepy vampire, 6x9 30$

Hit me up for commissions too yo, I’ll do anything from pet portraits to tattoos.


trying to figure out how to stylize people’s faces 🤔

most of these aren’t pushed far enough but I am a timid and cowardly artist (◞‸◟;) 

that’s ok one step at a time anna (◞‸◟;)

justbeinghonestbro  asked:

Ok I literally feel like everyone is too stupid to see this, so I am gonna say it myself. Why the hell do you ONLY EVER collab with Kitmast? I get you guys are close, but for fucks sake give other people a chance. There's tons of VERY talented artists who would love the chance to even SPEAK to you. It's so damn overused, and not even that original anymore. I am gonna name actual good artists you should give a chance. Reta Nolem, Teafloof, Ms. Trashcan, Fezak928, and A_Lost_Sheep. (all GTA).

I’m sorry what were you saying? 

I can’t hear you over the sound of all these multiple collabs I’ve done with different people

Also, I’ll collab with kitmast as many times as I desire, his style goes pretty well with mine and I really like to do so. Not all artist’s styles can blend perfectly with eachother

The songs are written in present tense you know so it’s as if it was then. So like you know at the start of the album it starts and there’s one song that’s kind of up tempo and it’s about going out one night after the other. Being able to go, “Do you know what I’m gunna go out again today” and then as a contrast right at the end of the album there’s a really like honest, sad track kind of reflecting about the whole time and how wrong it was. So hopefully, I mean it’s not gunna be too deep it’s not gunna be like an evening with Louis Tomlinson, get to know all his thoughts but you’ll definitely get something from it, hopefully, I mean from the fan’s perspective I just want them to be able to understand more of who I am as an artist as well as a person.
—  Louis on the chronological aspect of his album and what he wants the fans to take from his album. (@LouisT91Music)

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I feel like iros and lillium dont have very developed characters outside of iris is bratty and gay and lillium is older and gay.

Lil is bi but I can assure you development WILL come as we’re still just kicking off the beginning of ctc for now LOL

I will admit i am a better artist than i am a writer but i am trying :(