my big spoon @actorboyfriends tagged me (Thank you love!), and i am procrastinating walking my dog so here. we. go.

rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 new ones, tag 11 people

1. do you put sugar in your coffee/tea? - i never drink coffee, and i rarely drink tea. but i always put honey in my tea. not sugar. because i have standards. fight me vic.

2. do you drink enough water every day?
- i think so? i don’t know… i mean i drink enough. probably. i definitely don’t drink 3L a day, but I also heard that that’s nonsense so yes. my pee looks healthy hahahhah so i guess that means i’m doing something right

3. is your desktop on your pc messy or organized nicely?
- definitely organised! i hate it when people have messy desktops! it makes me very nervous and i get itchy and no. there are these things called folder. please use them.p

4. do you like candles? - i do? i mean… i feel pretty indifferent about them, but i like them. i’m not always a fan of scented candles, but normal candles? i like them very much.

5. spaces or clouds? - i cannot believe you would make me choose. uhm…. clouds? *sobs* *runs away* i dont KNOW

6. fave matching tattoo of harry and louis?
- i think i will have to go with the rope and anchor simply because i still remember my reaction so vividly when the first pic of harry with the anchor surfaced (spoiler alert: i cried)

7. which fruit is your fave?
- vic you might think you are not asking good questions but let me tell you. these are HARD. uhm….. raspberries? probably?

8. what is your fave shower gel? - i don’t really have a specific one. just something… fresh. either something that’s advertised as ice or mint or extra fresh hahhahahah or if i’m feeling particularly wild: apple.

9. have you ever tasted a shower gel bc it just smelled tooooo good? - look at you, exposing yourself. uhm i have not. but. when i was really small. i was in the bathtub with my sister and i made her “a meal” out of shampoo and i made her eat it. i don’t know who was the dumber one in this scenario. me asking her to eat it, or her actually doing it? like, sister you are three years older than me. you should have known better.

10. do you like walnut? - i do not. no. not really. i can eat it. i have eaten it not so long ago because it was in a salad, but… truthfully i don’t actually like it.

11. if you could delete one song from every 1d album, which songs would they be? - why are you asking such hard questions???? let me live. okay. i know for sure that i would delete illusion from four. then…. and now don’t kill me vic, i would delete infinity from mitam. and i did NOT tAKE THIS CHOICE LIGHTLY. i literally cannot choose from mm?? that album made me who i am today. i cannot choose. (it’s a tie between bse and little white lies but ONLY BECAUSE I SKIP THOSE SONGS THE MOST! BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING I LOVE THOSE SONGS LEAVE ME ALONE), i cannot believe that you are making me do this…. take me home…. ugh fuck, probably summer love, but IT’S A BOP! I KNOW IT IS! I HATE THIS!, up all night: well that’s easy: gotta be you. delete this song. please.

okay now: 11 questions of my own.

1. would you rather, jump off a cliff into the ocean or go skydiving?
2. favourite animal?
3. have you ever thrown something in anger?
4. if you could only ever read one book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
5. weirdest family tradition?
6. if your last received text message was the title/summary of a book, what kinda genre would it be? hahaha
7. do you have any scars? if so, where and maybe even how you got them?
8. if you had to get a tattoo RIGHT NOW where would you get it and what would you get?
9. what’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?
10. top three worst songs to get stuck in your head?
11. most reckless thing you have ever done

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