ok but he literally just said that he likes being a hero because he gets to spend time with kara. every time he’s ever done anything good it’s because she made him. but now suddenly he’s a good person after they broke up? when there’s no indication that growth has been happening even though he takes up WAY MORE SCREENTIME THAN HE DESERVES? what? 

you wanna prove you’re a hero and daxam is shit? go back to your position of power and privilege and fix it. don’t just stand in kara’s eyeline and sulk because she told you she wouldn’t let you hurt her again, you fucking useless soggy tissue.

In all honesty, if YumiKuri is a side pairing and your story focuses on any other ship, PLEASE STOP TAGGING THEM ON AO3. It is so difficult for us to find YumiKuri fics on AO3 thanks to almost every single Eren/Levi fic having YumiKuri tagged as the 60th ship. Please. Only tag YumiKuri if it is actually YumiKuri. I am begging you on my knees. This needs to stop. 

so how many ‘hacks’ are we at now? we must be around 8 or 9 at least and yet somehow people are still miraculously falling for it.

please please i am begging of you use your brain actually think about this. what other band has ever been this plagued by this many leaks which, each and every time, conveniently help further the very same stories and narratives being pushed in the tabloids and by their team?

none. when other celebs get hacked it always results in the public learning something new and scandalous about them (or in nude pics but that’s a whole other story). 

there’s a reason that’s literally never the case with this band.