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Could you do a Thomas Shelby request of having grown up with the Shelbys and during the war was a nurse and being engaged to Tommy (since you were childhood best friends and sweethearts) and you two tell each other everything (business included) and the reader gets a threatening letter from a old solider who she got kicked out for trying to rape a fellow nurse and at first she doesn’t want to tell Tommy since she doesn’t want to further danger him but she gets scared and Tommy comforts her??

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The war had taken it’s toll on everyone. Mothers were now having to raise their children single handily due to having no husband. Young children no longer had no brothers, uncles or fathers. It made you realise how lucky you was to have Tommy still. At first, you didn’t want him going to war. The chances of him never coming back were high. After a while, you let him go. It was the hardest thing you had ever done and most nights, you laid awake thinking he was never going to come back. Tommy had to do his duty for the country, and you respected that. After Tommy left, you trained as a nurse. Two years into the war, you were stationed in Belgium. It wasn’t an easy task, but all you could think about was how your Tommy was out there.  

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