Dear Sports anime, please consider the following for alternatives to the ‘female manager’ trope.

  • Female character who is star team member
  • Female character who is a team member at all
  • Female character who is the main character
  • Sports anime with more female characters in general
  • Female characters who actually play the sports

so an openly anti-LGBTQ+ politician is set to be the new president of my university, Kennesaw State University, if anyone could share this around that would be amazing. the community on campus is so strong and beautiful, and sadly at risk. i’m linking an article on the issue and petition that i am begging you to sign. i’m mot a huge blog, but this is really really important to me and all of the members of the community that i know and love at my school, so any help would mean the world. thank you 🏳️‍🌈✊🏼



so how many ‘hacks’ are we at now? we must be around 8 or 9 at least and yet somehow people are still miraculously falling for it.

please please i am begging of you use your brain actually think about this. what other band has ever been this plagued by this many leaks which, each and every time, conveniently help further the very same stories and narratives being pushed in the tabloids and by their team?

none. when other celebs get hacked it always results in the public learning something new and scandalous about them (or in nude pics but that’s a whole other story). 

there’s a reason that’s literally never the case with this band.

//If only you knew….// Okay, I hate long descriptions on insta-posts but I’ve gotta say something and this is the platform I’m choosing.

Don’t suck. Just don’t be a shitty person. Tonight– seriously, all on the same night– both of us have been blasted on multiple platforms because of our cosplays. I’m not Adrien Agreste. I don’t have his teeth or nose and I am not a man. Most importantly– I am not a fictional character! For some reason, fan artists are now (more than ever) expected to produce some magically-perfect content for all the world to judge. I understand that it’s easy to forget that these content creators are people (exactly like how YOU are people) but I am begging you not to forget! I am an actual person who chooses to wear a costume. If any part of my flesh suit doesn’t conform to the ideals of a fictional character, then so be it! Most of the time it’s something I am in no way able to fix and when you purposefully spew your hatred at me for it you are being cruel. It is CRUEL to hold someone with an actual living body to a standard achieved by animators with computers. I emplore EVERYBODY who sees ANYONE cosplaying to take a moment to understand how much work and goddamn COURAGE it took for them to bring your favorite characters to life. I am NOT ADRIEN AGRESTE. I am not a Parisian model with daddy issues and I have eaten more than my fair share of croissants. I am NOT CHAT NOIR. Puns are really difficult to come up with on the fly and I don’t have the muscle mass of someone who can vault himself over buildings. I will never be these things and neither will most of the entire human race. So next time you think “I’m going to tear these people apart because they aren’t my idea of perfection” you should first try to achieve that perfection yourself. Maybe then you’ll learn how fucking difficult this is for the rest of us.

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