When I say that I can’t stand people who don’t vote I mean the people who are able to vote but simply refuse to. The able bodied and able minded folks who stubbornly said, “it doesn’t matter,” or “it could be worse so I don’t care.” You are the people who are inherently selfish, only looking for what doesn’t screw you over and leaving millions of people to struggle and hurt and die.

Sometimes guilt is good to feel. Let it sink in that you did matter; enough to affect millions of people and drag them all down. And then go do something to help the people you ignored.

  • Dazai: I am a nice person! And a lot of people back up that statement!
  • Chuuya: You bombed my car
  • Kunikida: You skipped work for an entire week, because you ‘didn’t want to come and work is lame’
  • Fyodor: You threw my ushanka (even though I complimented you)
  • Ranpo: You ate my candy
  • Fukuzawa: You scared my cats
  • Dazai: Atsushi?
  • Atsushi:
  • Atsushi: Sorry Dazai
I am not a people’s person
I live on my own accord
I don’t really care about anybody else most of the time
But I get hurt when they don’t care about me
Half the time I don’t even realise that I hurt someone
And many times I do it on purpose
Expecting them to be okay with it
I expect them to come back to me
To be with me the way they have always been
Even after hurting them
I know it is selfish and I know I am selfish
But that is how I have always been
There is no changing me
—  What I mean when I say that I am not a nice person // JustScribbledWords

Don’t me wrong. I am a super nice person. But if you come at me mean, I’m gonna give what you gave me right back at you. I’m not letting people bully me anymore. It’s time I start sticking up for myself.

So tonight this woman comes in and says she locked herself out of her car. She needs a phone to call her husband.

I let her use mine but he doesn’t answer. She then asks “Is an employee getting off soon?” I don’t answer as I’m not going to offer up an employee to drive her home. Someone asks if she has the As that are triple. She says yes but she doesn’t want to wait. So she uses my phone again to call her friends, being snotty the whole time.

My co workers are asking me what’s going on so I explain and she shouts “I’M NOT CALLING THE A’S! I AM NOT WAITING 45 MINUTES!” to us. I’m just like “They were asking me what was going on…”

My manager gives me my phone back and takes over helping her (later telling me to never let a customer use my phone. A new rule, I’ve let them use it before to call cabs, but I am an overly nice person, so maybe I’m just too trusting.) Anyway, she argues with him, acting as though we should have a service for this. Finally, she relents and calls the A’s. They come in 10 minutes and she mutters a thank you my way.

I get she was panicked. I get she was upset. But there was no need to be so rude or expect us to just drive her home. With how rude she was…it’s no surprise her friends and husband didn’t answer their phones…..

You speak anger and hatred towards me when I’m the one who should be bitter. I will always be stronger than you because I will never give into your negativity. I will try my best to be happy and project love no matter how badly you make me seem. No matter what you say or how hard you try, you will never make me sad or angry. I am too nice of a person to waste my good energy feeding into negative things.

Ivar x Reader/OC “Possessive”

I honestly don’t ever know what to name my stories. Anywho please send me requests.

“Ivar!” you yelled as you made your way over to him. Your smile beaming with happiness.

“Y/n what are you doing here?” Ivar asked as he saw you walk into the forge.

“I came to bring you lunch,” you answered as you shook the basket of goodies you had packed.

He smiled as he made his way over crawling to the back where there was a table and three chairs.

You walked over and placed the food out as you hummed to yourself.

“Y/n,” Ivar called out as he stared at you.

“hm?” you asked as you smiled his way.

“You don’t have to do this. Why do you do this?” he suddenly asked as you sat down across from him.

“Because I want to,” you answered.

Ivar scoffed.

“Its true, you’re too focused on other matter to ever really notice that I actually enjoy spending time with you. As a matter of fact, I like you a lot. Wow, I guess I am confessing now. But anyways I am not going to wait for an answer because I don’t believe in that type of pride. I like you because I do. I am me and I won’t change that and if you don’t feel the same way that is completely fine,” You began to babble.

“You like me?” Ivar asked with a dark chuckle, “what can you find desirable in a cripple?” he asked with anger as he slammed his hand against the table.

“Don’t pull that excuse at me Ivar. You are better than that and you should expect more from ME!” you answered angrily.

“What difference does it make?!” he yelled slamming the food down to the ground.

“you’re so damn stubborn and so full of self-loathing that you miss the fact that someone can actually love you. Ivar wakeup, I am y/n, not Margarete, not Sigurd, I am none of those people. You Ivar are the most amazing man I have ever met. You know your only flaw in life is the fact that you can’t see how special you are. How great you are going to be. But I guess no matter what I say you are never going to believe me.” You sighed in defeat as you began to pick up the scattered plates and cups. Your eyes gathering tears, your mouth feeling full of lead.

“Y/n,” Ivar called from his spot. You ignored him and continued picking up the stuff. You couldn’t look at him. If you did you knew you would cry.

“Y/n!” Ivar yelled, “for the love of Odin! Look at me women!” he screamed as he pulled your arm up to look up at him. Your noses almost touching your eyes gazed into his beautiful blue orbs that could almost hypnotize you.

He stared at your crystal filled hazel eyes as a lone tear began to trickle down your face and down your lips. His thumb wiped your red lips back and forth.

“Don’t look at me like that,” you whispered.

“Like what?” he asked.

“You are not allowed to look at me like you actually see me. If you do I will fall and I will break,” you answered.

He breathed in deeply as if to suppress his hidden urges as he suddenly pulled you into a death grip hug. You froze arms loosely hanging as he held on to you as if you would disappear.

“I wish I could be better for you,” he whispered.

“If I had a thousand lives I would always choose you,” you answered as he pulled back and looked at you before pulling you into a searing kiss.

When you pulled apart you had found yourself on Ivar’s lap, his hands digging into your waist and hair. Your hand had snacked into his hair and one had gripped his shirt.

As you took a large gulp of air so your lungs could breathe you realized Ivar was staring at with such an intense stare you felt your breath caught in your throat.

“Why did you do that?” you asked quietly looking down.

“I’ve tried so hard to ignore the fact that there might be a small chance that you actually felt something towards me. I told myself you deserve better. But now that I have you I will warn you. You can try to run or hide but I will always find you. I’ll give you a chance to end it here, but if you choose this,” his hands made the motion of between the two of you, “then know that you will forever be mine. I am possessive and not a nice person. I will be harsh and nasty at times but I will always put you above all else.”

You smiled as you cupped his face, “You maybe harsh and jaded, and rough around the edges but you are the sweetest person I have ever met. You may be possessive but so am I. Hi! Can you see me? I’m right here in front of you. Doesn’t that mean something? The people who want to leave you will leave. But those that stay will always be by your side. I will always be by your side.”

You gave him a sweet kiss before breaking it off far too quickly for Ivar’s liking as he suddenly pinched your thigh.

“Hey!” you shouted.

He smiled, “Oh little dove, did that scare you.”

You glared.

“Run little dove before I catch you and when I do you aren’t getting away ever again,” Ivar said with a possessive smile.

You giggled as you jumped off his lap and began to ran out of the forge.

  • Barry: Okay, niceness lesson # 1.
  • Bruce: Excuse me, sir, but I do believe you've dropped your wallet.
  • Hal: Doesn't look familiar to me.
  • Bruce: What? I just saw you drop it. Here.
  • Hal: Nope, it's not mine.
  • Bruce: It is yours. I am trying to be a nice person and return it to you. Not like I need the money anyway.
  • Hal: Return what to who?
  • Bruce: *shows Hal his ID* Aren't you Harold Jordan?
  • Hal: Yup.
  • Man Ray: And this is your ID.
  • Hal: Yup.
  • Bruce: I found this ID in this wallet. And if that's the case, this must be your wallet.
  • Hal: That makes sense to me.
  • Bruce: Then take it.
  • Hal: It's not my wallet.
  • Bruce: You dim-bulb! Take back your wallet or I'll rip your arms off!
  • Barry: Nuh. Wrong. *spits Bruce with spray bottle filled with tap water*
  • Bruce *hisses*
  • Barry: Nice people don't rip each others arms off.
Craiglist (or whatever similar site) Masterpost

I finally found this really informative post, been searching this for weeks. This is from an awesome longtime SB with really great advice posts @itsnecolbitch, whom already deactivated her account few months ago. Enjoy!!

Are you ready to give craigslist a try? Here are some ads that I have used in the past that worked for me. Pick any of them to choose from.

1. Undeniable Moments- (Insert City Here)

Would you like for me to spice up your night? Lets go out to dinner and lets have a great time. I have went on a few dates but I felt not only something was missing but also my time being wasted. Have you ever felt that way before? Would you like to meet a woman who is exciting and that you hit it off with mutually?

I would like to be spoiled.

2. It’s Never Too Late For Happy Hour- (Insert City Here)

You’re in the middle of a hectic project and you would like to go out for an evening or two. You are in fear of going alone. You don’t have to be afraid anymore as this is when I come to the picture. Your personal social butterfly is here to rescue you. Do you accept this challenge?

3. 777, Jackpot- (Insert City Here)

I am an attractive young lady. My goal is to meet a gentleman and I just hope that chivalry still exists. He must be well traveled as i love to talk about different destinations. I am interested in art, golf, and trying the best restaurants that (insert city) has to offer.

What you’ll learn about me is that I am an elegant individual with a sense of style.

Please be at least 35-55, as I prefer my men older.

4. Lonely Lunches & Dull Dinners- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy to be your oasis, you can forget the issues of everyday life in. I will be happy to experience times of adventure with you, and discover new worlds with you. When we are together, I’ll make you the center of your universe. I will be devoted to satisfying your desires. Just let the rhythm flow through your mind, body and spirit.

I’m not opposed to refreshing yet exciting experiences that make me grow as a person and evolve my professional possibilities. My primary goal is to find a gentleman who is sincere, honest and charitable.

5. Fountain Of Youth- (Insert City Here)

My ideal gentleman is someone who is financially secure as well as intelligent, older and knows how to keep a woman happy. If you are interested in leading more about this exciting opportunity let’s go out for drinks.

6. Discrete Daddy Wanted- (Insert City Here)

A little bit about myself, I am nice, have a bubbly personality, not to mention, I am a spicy, sassy, sweet, sexy petite mixed creature. I would like to be taken care of. Does it sound like you? If so, please email me. Gracias!

7. Establish An Agreement- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy the company of ambitious, successful, gentlemen. I thrive when expectations are clear and well defined in the beginning letting the rest take care of itself as it all unfolds.

I am seeking a gentleman who desires the benefits of companionship, without the entanglements of a traditional relationship. I would like to be spoiled and pampered.

8. The Ambiance- (Insert City Here)

People tell me I have an exotic look. Natural beauty by day, and dressed to the nines at night. I love the finest things life has to offer and will not settle for less. I am ready for fun and ultimately looking for one person to share my life with. I am attracted to powerful men. Honesty and loyalty are very important to me. I love black tie events, the opera, movies, both domestic and international travel, exotic/luxury cars, golfing, skiing and shopping. I believe in chivalry, romance, and sensuality.

I know what I want and when I find it, I will be off the market.

I spend my free time searching for the man of my dreams. He is worldly, educated, classy, fun, and sexy. A man that enjoys taking care of himself and the woman he is crazy about. A man that loves to travel, both planned and spontaneous.

9. Intelligence Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac- (Insert City Here)

Don’t open the bottle of wine just yet. Just wait. Aren’t you missing something? No, I’m not talking about the appetizers or the main dish. You are missing, me.

My world is rich and diverse. My standards are high. I reserve the right to say no to invitations when appropriate.

I am most definitely not opposed to seeking an arrangement with a gentleman who is diplomatic, refined, exceptional and a philanthropic. You be will be impressed with my confidence along with my presence. I can’t wait to meet you.

10. Dinner With A Beautiful Woman- (Insert City Here)

I am a woman who enjoys having a man truly be a man and a provider. I like spending my time with a mature individual who knows how to treat a woman, and he knows how to make the most of each moment we spend together.

I am seeking a successful man who is interested in exploring a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I want to meet an individual who is open to new things and enjoying quality time.

After you have posted your ad, it’s time to play the waiting game.

You’ve got a response! What’s next? If it sounds intriguing, you can either do two things:

1. Send a personalized email about yourself and what you are looking for OR you can use my example spam message but of course you would have to reword it and it goes like this:

“Thank you so much for responding to my ad. I would love to get to know you better and hopefully you’ll give me the opportunity to do so. I hope you don’t mind my age as I am _____ years old, however I do consider myself as a young face with an old soul, therefore, I am comfortable in any setting. If you don’t mind me asking what exactly is your occupation because I do consider myself as an entrepreneur. I can’t wait to hear back from you.”

After you send that and he replies again, that means you are in there for scheduling a date. Remember to agree to meet at a public place.

Bonus tips: You are allowed to post at least 5 ads a day, so please post, never feel discouraged when they flag it.

1. Be very firm when they ask you what exactly you are looking for. When they ask, do not be shy. Tell him exactly this: At this time, I am looking for a gentleman who isn’t opposed to exploring a relationship that is rather mutually beneficial to as I have done something like this before and the experience was great to where I would like to try again. If he doesn’t know what that means, do not delete his email. Explain to him that in other words you are seeking a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement.

Good luck ladies!

Saving Lives pt. 9 (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: series, doctor!baekhyun au, fluff, angst, smut (in this chapter)

Word Count: 4,895

Summary: You’re about to start your internship in Seoul’s most prestigious hospital but before you devote your whole life to medicine, you decide to have one more night of freedom and meet someone you didn’t expect to meet again. (inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

A/N: omg I’m finally updating. I’ve been so excited to release this chapter but I’ve had trouble writing the smut part, oh btw there’s finally a smut part again! I feel like I’m not good at writing smut so please beware of some cringy shit. But anyways I hope ya’ll like it. Also, there’s a lot of medical terms so don’t worry if you don’t understand them, I don’t either and they’re not that important to the storyline. Oh and thank you so much to those of you who send me messages, I absolutely love receiving them. Shout out to that one anon that said he/she reads all my author’s notes, love ya! (photo credit to the owner)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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Doing homework
  • Gryffindor : hey Ravenclaw, can you help me with my homework ?
  • Ravenclaw : there was... homework ?
  • Gryffindor : well yeah, a whole page.
  • Ravenclaw : ... shit.
  • Gryffindor : I guess you didn't do it then. Nevermind, I'll ask Slytherin.
  • Gryffindor : hey Slytherin ! *puppy eyes* help me with my homework please ?
  • Slytherin : *glares*
  • Gryffindor : I have candy.
  • Slytherin : what exactly do you need help with ?
  • A while later
  • Hufflepuff : hey guys ! What - are you doing your homework ?? Why didn't you do it at home ? And Slytherin, you're helping them ?
  • Slytherin : your bewilderment wounds me. I am a very nice and helpful person !
  • Hufflepuff :
  • Gryffindor : I had candy.
Lovesick Blues (Part 2)

Originally posted by ohhseby

A/N: I have decided there will not be drama on this fic because I am a nice and happy person who loves her followers.

You got a package, the package that Sebastian told you about. You also got the new phone and the tablet. You thought he would give you work essentials, maybe a calendar for your desk or something. Instead, in the box, you found: an apple watch with all the applications you would need, a digital pen for your tablet, a pair of Google glasses and a pair of keys. One key for your new SUV, one for your new apartment on the highest end building in New York.

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