On ferry tickets they always have words that identify which sailing you’re on, so they can tell at a glance if you’ve bought the wrong ticket or you’re trying to sneak on. Usually the word is something like urchin, or otter.

I’m waiting for the word to be kraken.

this is my slowly dying while trying to figure out why you’d let a cold go completely unmedicated while you have a steady well paying customer service job at a high end department store with holiday overtime, friend who I don’t really care for much now

also i hurt and my spare glasses are stupid and painful where are my real ones??

Uggghhhhhh. I know this picture isn’t great quality—and I pulled it from the website because of technical difficulties.

ANYWAY, I am really excited to try this coffee tomorrow! I have a small batch cold-brewing overnight (because in my opinion coffee flavors are much more present if you cold-brew and it’s so smooth and I don’t get heartburn the way l do with hot coffee). I snagged a small sample from the bulk section of this very tiny (but maybe a little charming) co-op a town over which is really groovy because there’s nothing worse than being saddled with a whole bag of something you’re not crazy about…

I desperately want this coffee to be the subtle brine and smoked coffee of my dreams. I’ll let y'all know tomorrow how it goes!


True Facts About The CuttleFish (by zefrank1)