Like John can drive.

We’ve seen him behind the wheel of that blue pickup that was probably Jasper’s.

He has a driver’s license; he looks like a serial killer in it.

So like the only reason he makes Chas & Zed drive is because he wants to be able to nap in the passenger seat, right?

he closes his eyes and goes to sleep

zed is like THANK GOD enough of this punk music bullshit

and switches it to hipster indie crap

and john blinks awake literally just to turn flip the radio station back

whatta piece of shit

dundle  asked:

I expected Life is Strange to be hipster bullshit but after finishing the first episode I am overwhelmed. 😥 I figure you can relate as a Hella gay hipster.

DUDE i just finished the first episode two nights ago and same, i nearly cried