Manon and Abraxos (from Sarah J Maas’ Throne Of Glass series) are finished!!

I am aware that Abraxos is supposed to be a wyvern, which I believe only has two legs as the wings are in place of the front legs, whereas I have painted a dragon, which has four legs plus wings, but I found this pose in a how-to-draw-dragons book and thought it was really cute :) In the book, the dragon has its wing around a baby dragon which I replaced with Manon because nothing says “I am a baby in need of protecting” more than “immortal man-eating iron-nailed iron-toothed witch queen” XD


Nickie: I am umm.. I am a witch….

Eva: Is that all? Sweety, I fell in love with my step nephew and had a baby with him after falling in love with his father who used love potions on me to hurt said step nephew and who then died after getting the mummy curse that YOUR future husband lead him into….being a little, cute witch IS NOTHING!

Nickie: Oh my, well that is a relief!