Honestly stan twt is annoying with their constant tweeting about voting and saying that “you shouldn’t celebrate if you didn’t vote” and “jimin has 500k viewers they should be voting insteas of watching vlives” and calling fans who don’t vote lazy.

Like, shut up. Bts is not my lifestyle. Bts is a medium I turn to when I need to destress. Voting for bts shouldn’t be my priority and never will be how much I love the guys.

Calm the heck down with the accusations. Lazy? Unloyal? Not worthy of celebrating possible wins?? Since when does stanning bts have a law? “Must make at least 500 accounts to vote with”??? What kind if bullshit are you guys on?? Seriously take a break, go outside, socialise a bit. This has gotten worse ever since the bbmas. Calm the heck down. Y'all are making the activity voting such a turn off with all the nagging and stuff. Seriously, tone it down.


I just bit the bullet, and posted it to Youtube. 

The Hiccup in frames is gone in this one. Still silent tho.

i’m kinda annoyed with this fandom. 

am i sad alec didn’t realize it was magnus? a duhhhhhh!!!!!! but its not totally alec’s fault. 

valentine had spent the end of s1 and all of 2a alternating jace’s perception of reality. he lied, and showed him things that were actually someone else, and make him believe that that he was a morgenstern. valentine spent over 20 years lying and manipulating people. of course anything that’s coming from that mouth would be taken with caution. if it were reversed and magnus couldn’t use his magic to confirm, he’d have his doubts 

yes alec should have believed him, but at the same time he isn’t the bad guy for not?! magnus was acting off and he thought it was because of azazel, and rightly so since he saw azazel in magnus’s apartment. he probably hadn’t seen magnus since then.

as a shipper i am sadden but as a logical person (which i believe magnus is) its easy to see HOW he would doubt the words coming from Valentine’s mouth even if it was magnus. once magnus starts to heal from everything, i don’t think he’ll blame alec. he’s hurting over all, but deep down he’s not gonna hate/break up with, or loose alec over something like this. 

“One day I have to come back to Prague, with Rafa maybe, and his family and my family. We’ll walk around and we’ll go to all the bars and playgrounds with our kids in the future, and we’ll have a good time one day here in Prague again. This time it’s more about tennis.”

- Roger Federer, undoing all the good work Rafa had done in denying that they are a couple. | X

Your words hurt more than your hits.
“Useless, worthless, stupid.”
I am done. Done living my life in fear.
Beat me up for what I have to say.
I can take it.
Because mother dearest, soon I will be gone.
And you will have no one.

So come and beat me till I am numb.
Remind me of how much of a regret I am.
Tell me how you hate me, with every inch of your being.
Tear me apart right at the seams.
But mommy, I will pull myself up. Piece by piece.

—  Words of a daughter, that finally had enough -Klaudia Isky
I am tired that the one person who should take care of me does nothing but destroy me. I am tired of all the drama, tired of all the pain, tired of not being able to sleep, tired of being accused of stuff I didn’t even do. I have tried to help you, made excuses for you, tried bending over backwards to please you,but I am done. It’s is never enough and at this point it is my sanity or you so what do you think I am going to chose?
—  e.v.e.

“what’s with women taking over? star wars, ghost busters, doctor who, what is this feminist bullshit?”

it’s almost like women haven’t been represented in these roles for decades and we’re slowly playing catch up??? and if you think that is overwhelming, we have yet to even give women of colour these kind of roles?????? like we are still so far behind from where we should be and you still find it shocking????????

this has been burning on the back of my mind for days (more like months, thanks ocd tendencies) and i just need to take it out of my chest now that i really need something to distract me.

this is mostly about cursed child and rowling’s author bias.
it’s such a shitty and if you ask me super misogynistic move that she bloody kills astoria for giving draco some kind of humanity and depth and deserving redemption to draco’s character, but it’s even more shitty that draco only seems to find solace and closure and support in fucking gryffindor characters.

i refuse, and i repeat, refuse, to admit that after astoria dies there’s no one there to help him not only to his grief but also to help with with the raise of scorpious.

i am going to try to analyse this in the most rational way but keep in mind i live for the slytherin gang and my mission in my life is (that y'all ship thlaise) that these guys get their own redemption arch.

first of all: theodore nott.
we know literally nothing of him, but canonically-ish we know two things: he’s one of the few people draco sees as a mutual and he probably lost his mother when he was a child, even if we are not sure of the circumstances (nott senior killed her, pass it on)
are you telling me one of draco’s oldest friends, someone he considers a mutual, knows that his friend has lost his wife who also happens to be a housemate and gives no support to him? or to scorpius?? when he could be maybe one of the very few people that can understand him for a living experience? because seriously, give me a break.
(but no of course not, rowling, it’s better to make harry potter and his friends to save the day and send theodore nott to jail, thanks for that.)

secondly: daphne greengrass.
we know virtually nothing about her, but… hello she’s astoria’s sister.
astoria is known canonically as being against pure-blood bullshit and racist tendencies (and god bless her for that) but once again, slytherin is a house that is all about traditions and values, probably family bonds despite the differences are important (hello, the malfoy family), so i refuse to believe that her sister dies and she’s not going to show support to her sister’s husband and to HER FUCKING NEPHEW.

thirdly: pansy parkinson.
there are several, several, situations where it shows not only that draco and pansy are close, but that pansy and draco actually care for each other (when draco breaks his arm for example)
pansy is another character that received no depth and no redemption canonically (thanks for that rowling), so we know literally nothing about her but that she’s racist and she was so ready to throw harry potter under the bus (because the conflict of interests of the slytherin lads facing a war with their parents and families fighting in, is of course something we all should avoid mentioning, kudos again rowling)
but what we know about pansy is that she’s outspoken and direct (and that draco is melodramatic and intense) i once again refuse to believe she’s going to leave her friend and classmate alone after the death of a former housemate, as well.

fourthly: blaise zabini.
zabini is another character with no real depth in the books but very wide descriptions of his character: vain, arrogant, racist, high standards, did i say racist (we get the memo rowling, thanks)
but in the end, during the seventh year of hogwarts, he’s there with draco (and pansy). he’s valuable enough as a friend to be a member of draco’s gang and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be there for draco when astoria dies.

or why they wouldn’t be there for each other at any kind of circumstances, which of course we know nothing about.
i understand perfectly books have main protagonists and antagonists and minor characters, but it’s absolutely rubbish the way rowling managed the development of the story and the way she shaped slytherin into the evil house. the way a song of ice and fire developed during the years is not my cup of tea, but george martin managed to develop all the characters more or less equally no matter which house they were from. so: it’s not impossible.

and honestly, in general, i am just so fucking done. and this is not throwing any shade to harry and his friends as this group of support and mutual care, it’s not, it’s the fact rowling is unable to develop characters from other houses in the same way (what she did to cho? don’t get me started, and how she blatantly ignores other houses) it’s stripping slytherin entirely as a house of the capacity of developing care and love to each other, and the only way she manages to find it it’s adding a potter to the slytherin house. like, thanks.

and really, this is fucking slytherin, can we please move on from the mindset that slytherin are snakes to each other and cold bitches????? slytherin is, among several things, about fraternity and friendship, hello in slytherin you make your real friends, but let’s keep portraying them as cold hearted and unable to develop networks of care and affection and love.

thanks rowling.
i am so fucking mad and i am not even a slytherin myself.

idek i am rambling and it’s 1am but i am so tired of slytherin not having what they deserve which is at least the same treatment as everyone else.
have a lovely night.

(edit: i read-proof this and fixed some typos. sorry english is not my first language and such and this was written out of spite and rage)