so i really think dan is going to be okay and i feel like its just another existential crisis and he will be fine you know? we just have to give him a bunch of love like always.

but then again, of course im thinking, “well shouldnt i be worried and scared in case it isn’t just an existential crisis? what if its more?” and yeah idk overall i believe he will be okay. like isnt this kind of normal? we just need to give him tons of love and support. get his mind off things. to a certain extent we shall be worried, but nothing bad is going to happen to him, i truly believe that.

i also dont like how he says his life is a joke, that he is a joke. i hate that, i really do, because that is completely wrong. he is such an inspiration, he is incredibly important to SO many people. he has a really good life. i really hope someday he can 100% believe that with me and everyone else. i love danisnotonfire with all my heart. i want him to as well.

Ya know I always say if I ever meet 5sos I’m gonna fight them but in reality I’m too weak, you wanna know why? BECAUSE THESE FUCKERS DONT LET ME GET ANY GOD DAMN SLEEP

Life is so unbelievably pointless. Like I mean we go to school, go to college, get a job, and then we retire. Retirement is the only time where we are free. And how many of us can actually afford retirement? I’m so pissed over it. Like when I was like 10 or 11, I used to be so confused over why we weren’t doing what we wanted or why we needed money for clothes or food or fresh water. AND I STILL DONT FULLY UNDERSTAND WHY. I mean we could all just say “well there’s always heaven to look forwards to”, but is there? can we guarantee that our wasted lives would be worth it just for eternal paradise. We don’t know if there is one. I mean call this an existential crisis or whatever but seriously. Why am I procrastinating my homework by writing this post instead of travelling the world or at least hanging out with my friends….but they are all studying. Do you see my point?

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I really fuck w u and it sucks cuz I don't think you're interested in me in the same way. Whenever we talk u just seem bored.

ima keep it real. i b goin thru my shit n ion really tell nobody so dont take it personal. i juss really need time to refocus my self alot n i dont talk to no one. so dat means even if i do really fwu i still aint gon b really interested cuz i b focused on me type shit but yo ima say dis i always come back around

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I saw yesterday that an anon asked an Asian user why people wouldn't Asians because they're amazing! I'm not saying you're not because you're individuals. But to me, just wanting someone because they're Asian is gross

i didnt understand it fully but guys, dont date based on racial preferences
why, because thats cheap, be a queen be picky and find a nice person and dont be a racist idiot. (advise to ppl not personal now)
i always wish to people to find the right person and just be happy
but being shallow is like being blind in dating if u ask me

so i was talking to my mom about the dan tweets and she said “Honey, his life is a joke and he’s just now realizing it, He has no talent and his job is realing in a bunch of teenagers to profit off of. He probably just now realized what he’s actually doing, he’s taking advantage of all these ‘kids’ that watch him and now he feels guilty about it.” of course i then tried to defend him but she said “What is his talent? What does he make videos about?” I told her about reasons why dan’s a fail and she said “he’s making fun of himself to get people to feel bad for him using self hatred” this is when i shut down and walked away with out a word but she was still trying to talk to me “He’s just using you” she called

and she wonders why i dont leave my room, i try to talk to her about the things I like and she always finds a way to say that its wrong and I’m sick of it

reblog if similar things happen to you

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I found out my dad is black. He was adopted by a dark skinned Indian family which is why I grew up embracing Indian culture and had no idea until we found the adoption papers by accident. I'm not sure what to do... I'm not comfortable getting cornrows/locs/saying the n-word or stuff like that because I've always been incredibly conscious of appropriation (it's a concept my dad drummed into me as a kid) so I dont know how to go about trying to embrace it now. Sorry about my English :(

You don’t have to do that to embrace Black culture. Those are just things other people shouldn’t try to take from us.

It will take a while but if you look into it, you can embrace Black culture. Start with our makeup, our hairstyles, our fashion, etc.

Don’t feel obligated to throw yourself in, there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay within the culture you were raised in.

- mod z

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I'm single and tbh I'm happy?? I see all the other girls struggling with their bf and school and I don't envy them. I never had a bf before and I think it's alright. I'm not even looking for a relationship :/ people are always surprised when I say that I'm single because nowadays 'teenage girls only think about boys and its normal!!111!' ew no. I don't even know if I like boys o girls hahahahaha. But right now I think that education is way more important than being single or taken.

that’s like how i feel 👊🏼 i just feel that education is important. i dont know why ppl link having alot of relationships to being cool and ppl not having any to weird and anti-social. i dont get why that kind of stereotype has to be linked to that fact. (same with virginity) its perfectly fine to have never had a relationship. why do other ppl complain when youre perfectly fine with it. ur obviously not complaining 😒😒

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You seem so beautiful and confident about yourself, how did you get that way? I'm plus size and I don't feel that confident about my body

when i used to be plus sized i was so self conscious as well like i loved myself and how i looked but people around me -usually elders- always found a reason to criticize me or say something offensive for my “own good” then i lost 17 kgs then they were like ur legs r skinny for ur body :/// and i started working out now theyre like ur legs r too thick :// thats when i realized it’s impossible to please people and it’s so frustrating to try to please them. and my friends who r skinny they get criticized for having small boobs or no ass and it’s just so !!! so i think the best way is do things that makes u feel beautiful and confident and dont care about the rest because people always find something to criticize no matter how u look so u might as well do what u like/what makes u happy. it could be changing up ur hair or applying makeup or buying new clothes etc. just things that make u feel better. then start acting confident around people even though u dont feel like it (basically fake it till u make it). thats how i did and in time i started getting actually confident. remember being plus sized doesnt make u any less attractive or beautiful and u can be as sexy as everyone else. good luck i love u 💞💞

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i cant believe that people dont see them provoking phan rumors, are you guys serious? just go on their gaming channel. in every and yes i mean EVERY video there are always two things: 1. touching face/hair, 2. say something couply/domestic. they KNOW what they do, they are not stupid.

u kno i want a plot where our muses r in a relationship but they only rly do things like fuck n hang out when one of them is high on some shit n the other muse is so ;/// about it but they dont wanna do anythin bc theyre convinced they love eachother but they never say it 2 eachother n the muse thats always high goes 2 far one day n does something rly ;//// that kind of crosses the line oR they convince the other muse 2 do it with them n it just spirals out of control but i jst want it 2 be rly toxic n angsty n rly fluffy when theyre up at 3am talkin bout how its hard to be just live without being high n comforting eachother or rly fuckin sad where theyr e arguing bc theyre just exhAUStED over the relationship n theyre so over it but also they love eachother and just :)))))))

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hey where did u learn that jungkook overworks himself ? I'm a stan but I'm not openly awaren

in his vlogs hes always saying that he’ll work harder at improving his voice and performing abilities.. and once he posted on the fancafe “should i sleep or work out” and everyone told him to go to sleep but he worked out instead… i dont have the source bc its not smth i wanted to see again :( and i try to forget abt it bc it makes me sad. but im sure if u ask around you could find the translation!!!

I also just wanna say, if anyone has problems with LGBTQ+ our ask, and my ask is ALWAYS ALWAYS open, because we care alot. No-one has to go through this alone. My personal is livsworldxox if you want any other admins, be sure to ask them. But dont be afraid to ask us, even if it is scary, we care i promise xxx -livv

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Im a libra and i dont have a clue why most of these blogs like yours say we are flirty and vain etc because i am very self conscious and no self esteem in the slightest so i doubt i can flirt properly. If anyone says they like me or compliment me or anything (hardly) i feel like they are joking or have a hidden agenda. I dont know why the stereotype for libra is always happy etc because im not

well okay I believe that there are pretty much three main types of sun signs - the stereotypical type, the extroverted type and the introverted type.

everyone only ever talks about the stereotypical one but that’s just because of the sun signs alone. when you look at a whole chart, if you have more fire or air you’re quite likely to be more extroverted than if you have a lot of water or earth
usually, the introverted version of your sun sign will have more earth and water than fire or air but they could also have fire or air and still be introverted, it also depends on the houses that their planets are in as well as the signs.

but pretty much don’t always just look at the stereotypical sign and expect to 100% identify with it, because you need to have a look at the whole of your chart to fully understand everything. the sun signs are like one puzzle piece in a 60 piece puzzle. (but way more than 60 because aspects count a lot for this too)

@ that post about tips for being an adult that says “never buy generic peanut butter, nyquil, ketchup, chocolate chip cookies, pasta sauce”

uhm, they all taste the same 99% of the time. I buy generic all the time. I’m not dropping $4 on a small thing of peanut butter when I can get the same size (or sometimes larger) generic for less

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Heyy Chesh, just wanna say I totally feel you on that one, it's always a daily struggle for me not to feel bad for my body and it's frustrating too that nobody's giving any encouragement or haardly any appreciation for dudes like us, we're not any less just because we dont have more meat on us. Don't give a damn bout them jocks dude, i bet they can't even wash their back with their swollen arm muscles


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honest question: do u really not like rapmon or was it a joke? its ur opinion so idc but just wondering

he creeps me out… hes that guy tht says “if i were there what would you be doing? ;)” “haha and then what? ;)”
also the way he talks abt girls in some of his predebut stuff just makes me so uncomfy
and hes colorist… n he had dreads predebut… hes always trying 2 b deep and thinks hes SO important tht evry1 wants 2 see his face every day… hes like gd 2.0 but he doesnt shriek when he raps
so yeah i dont like him

and so it happened. naiinis ako sayo, at naiinis ako sa sarili ko. i dont get it. anong nangyari sa friendship na dati, ang tatag, ang saya. ano? dahil ba sa nakahanap kana ng iba? lol its not a big deal. okay lang kung may other circle of friends ko kasi ako meron din naman ako. the things is, whenever I notice your mistakes or anything I will tell to you, you will always get mad on me. i dont really fucking get it. you’ll say, you were judged and blamed for everything. what am I to you? who am I? i am your fucking BESTFRIEND! sinasabi ko yung pagkakamali mo para next time, di mo na uulitin. bakit kapag yung iba na nanggaganon sayo, okay lang? just learn to accept your mistakes and our opinions. kami yung nakakakita ng mga ginagawa mo. oo nga, buhay mo yan at wala kaming magagawa. pero for pete sake. may pake ako sa mga ginagawa mo kasi bestfriend mo ako. nakakatampo dahil simula nung unang pagaaway natin, nagbago na lahat. di kana nagkkwento sakin. magkkwento ka lang kapag dalawa na lang tayo, no choice no? tapos pilit pa. puta puta na lang ba ako sabuhay mo? nakakainis. hindi ko alam kung nag-iba ka na o sadyang outdated na ako. putangina. nakakasawa rin minsan. pero naiinis ako sa sarili ko, di kita kayang labanan kapag nagsalita ka na. bakit? natatakot ako na mawala pa yung katiting na bond natin. kaya minsan, mas gusto ko na lang manahimik. mas pipiliin kong ikaw yung manalo.