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Jackbum is my OTP but you're turning me into a 2jae (actually youngjae x everyone) stan omg he's such a bright ray of sunshine :') Thank you for showing him (and the rest of dork7) so much love <3

Hi anony <3

Oops, sorry haha but really, Youngjae is so loveable, everyone is always showing him affection <33 and i love it! 

I mean, I’m all in for Jackbum, Jackson ships himself with everyone haha and Jaebutt is cheater~ haha i’m kidding, and I’m all in for JJP, but it’s hard when 2jae ships themselves[x x], and even Jinyoungie ships 2jae xD Look at that push :)

But honestly anony, I can ship everyone with Youngjae, because he gets so much love, just like Jackson, but every single pair, has this cute thing they have <3

[X and X]
But yeah, Youngbam, haha, so rare xD

But that is not all ^^

Wooyoung, it is so cute, and I love how Wooyoung compliments sunshine <3 [link]

And, Taehyung?:

Oooh, right behind Bummie’s back.. [Credit: Puyz9193]

And also Dowoon, from Day6 ^^ Country boys <33 (with Jinyoungie too) Imagine them speaking satoori/dialect, omg! And I think he was also a trainee for a short time <3 [Linky]

I even ship him and the plastic spoon, though it ended badly :( [Link]

My point: Love Youngjae, i ship it <3
(Romantic or not, brotp, etc..)

I love when people love/help/compliment Youngjae <3 it doesn’t have to be romantic or anything, just something to show him he is loved and appreciated, since i can’t show or hug him (////^////) why do i make myself cry */.\*

Sorry this is a long post /.\ but it’s my day off (_  _)

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Talk about aro Louis

can you give some aro louis headcanons?

  • when asked what his favourite colour is he just says, with a Monotone Voice, “every green in sight”

  • harry mocks him because “that’s my eye colour”. louis kicks him in the shin for destroying something so pure, so wholesome,

  • when people ask about his Love Life he’s always like. i’m dating myself right now!! have you ever tried it !! it’s great

  • being? the King Of Self Love? everyone is like. i feel awful bc all my friends have partners and i dont want any :( n louis’s like. treat yourself. write things about people being Aro n Proud. date yourself. nap if you want to and binge watch youtube vids without guilt. who’s gonna stop you?? no one

  • anyone: so what’s the dating scene look like for you right now ;)
  • louis: you know how space exists in a vacuum

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U say u dont have motivation to draw. so jusT DO IT. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. YOU'RE NOT GONNA STOP THERE. but seriously, ur awesome at art so I think if you channel all the dank into one stream, it'll turn out fine ;D

i always doodle–i never seem to be able to plan something and stick to it 

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aaaaaaaaaDHFAKSDJFHS THANK YOU!!! AND //PATS!!! you really really dont have to reblog oh my gosh hahah kjdshafsd i know i draw porn im always amazed when ppl reblog im like. even i have second thoughts about posting smtimes 👀💦 kajsfasdhgfsdhg PLEASE youre the biggest sweetheart dont,,,, say sorry oh my gosh,,,,, kdfjhsd

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Hug me! (If you wanna ;w;)

First of yes i want to, I love getting asks so dont ever be afraid to send an ask, because i will always want to. or something like the hug me! I promise you i will always want to do these because theyre fun! 

Anywho im gonna explain something really quick. I havent said anything about this because its really one of the least popular ships, but i ship oliver and rin and i have for years. SO WHY WOULDNT I TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE RIN FLUSTERED EH? So uh yea, dont mind me, and again this is like the least popular ship and most people ship len with oliver instead of rin. Im serious like ugh ive found like two photos of people shipping them on google images. But yea i just wanted to say that so when you see the photo your not gonna be like why is rin so red??? But yea here you go this is how rin would react

fufufu flustered rin


Ok guys im going to point this out and adress it cuz its getting on my nerves. 1. do not come to me and tell me i am not a metalhead or i am not punk or emo ok? The things i post on my account, the bands i post ARE NOT THE ONLY GODDAMN BANDS I LISTEN TO, Ok. I LISTEN TO MEEEETTAAAL AND PUUUNKKK AND EMMOOO BANDS AND FOLLOW THOSE LIFESTYLES THEREFORE MAKING ME A METALHEAD, EMO, AND PUNK. just because metal doesnt always agree with emo or punk doesnt mean i cant listen to them or be of those people. 2. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY ACCOUNT I HAVE A SIMPLE SOLUTION…..UN-FUCKING-FOLLOW ME. dont come to me telling me shit about my blog cuz i dont give a shit, it wont hurt me to lose one follower because everytime i lose one i gain one as well so fuck off i dont care. and 3. I would like to say thank you to those who like and reblog my posts and actually like my blog and keep up with what i post regularly, thank you very much please feel free to talk to me personally or ask me questions and such, i love you all :) that is all

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Hi! I'm sorry to bug you but I just got diagnosed with chronic pleurisy (my lungs are always inflamed) after several months. I'm kind of miserable and scared for what this means for my life in general. How do you handle your illness(es) if you dont mind me asking.

Oh gosh, honey, I’m so sorry, that sounds awful. :(

You’re not bugging me at all, but I have to be honest and say that when people ask me “how do you cope with you illnesses” my first thought is “I have no idea”. It’s not like we get a lot of choice in the matter, we are just forced to deal with the mess our bodies make and try to keep getting through each day. 

I’m not one of those inspirational sick people, the kind who say “I’m grateful for my illness teaching me what’s important in life” and “I don’t let me illness get me down or stop me”, because that’s just not fucking true. My illness stops me. My illness gets me down. I’m not grateful for it. I get angry, I get scared, I get depressed, I get hopeless, I get desperate. I hate living with constant pain and constant soul-crushing fatigue. I hate not being able to do what I want to do, I hate everything being a struggle, I hate people not understanding. Sometimes I feel helpless and useless and miserable, and I fucking hate it. 

But I’d rather acknowledge that those are my actual feelings about it than try to cover it up with ‘positive thinking’ and ridiculous cliches like “it’s always darkest before the dawn”. I will lose my shit on anybody who tries to sell me that crap. The truth is that life isn’t fair and you and I got dealt a bad hand with these busted meat suits, and that sucks. I don’t think it’s healthy to constantly force yourself to “look on the bright side”, but nonetheless, we just make the best of it that we can.

My faith is at the root of what gets me through, but honestly even that gets hard, because there are plenty in the Christian community who will look down on you for being sick, and they’ll either tell you that you’re sick because you’re “not walking with God”, or try to get you to come to their church so they can lay hands on you and heal you. Both are a ‘yikes’ in my book.

I don’t have any real answers. My health has been the worst it’s ever been in the past six months, and I’m struggling every day to cope both emotionally and physically. I wish that I could give you something to be more cheerful about, but the best that I can tell you is not to force yourself to be positive or confident or even okay. This is hard, it’s scary, and it sucks, and you have a right to the emotions this struggle causes. Becoming chronically ill, especially with an incurable illness, is a loss, it’s an absolutely devastating loss, because it steals away the life we could have had, the person we could have been, and the things we could have done. You have to grieve for that. 

As far as practical advice: Listen to your body. Treat your body gently. Pay attention to what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse, what helps and what doesn’t. Be insistent and adamant about what you need, and don’t compromise your well-being for the sake of others’, or even for yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard. Learn your limits and respect them, even if you hate them. Rest, and rest some more.

Take care, sweetie. <3

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Hi! i just wanted to talk to the anon that said that they were doing great their first year as a freshmen&then during their second year they were doing not so good. Anyways,dont worry ANON!the same exact thing happened to me!! i did amazing my freshmen year and during my 2nd year i barely passed algebra by one point.but i just focused on my studies and did great my junior year. WORK HARD.i just want to say youre not alone. dont give up. retake any tests and ask for extra credit. wish u luck🌿☁️

from another anon: “for the anon who was worrying about their grades because of something that happened or a bad time in their life. If your guidance councilor knows about that time you can always ask them to write your letter of recommendation and they can explain why your grades decreased.”

from another anon, too: “Hey, for the anon worried abt their sophmore grades, I really dropped some of my grades freshman and sophmore year, especially in my more challenging/homework heavy courses because i was having a hard time, and I got some help & a support system and brought my grades up my junior/senior year, and I got accepted to my reach school (tho i didn’t go)! Currently attending a state school with an academic partial scholarship, so don’t worry too much & focus on the future & what u can do from now on!”

you’re not alone, love. 

thank you guys for coming to talk to them!

-disgusting ass fucking people-

ok so this is a small story time thing i dont fucking know. im ranting like always. so i was in algebra class in summer school earlier today. and the teacher called me babygirl… he.. excuse me what? hes like 35, has a wife and two kids. im like uh.. please dont call me that. like i dont let people call me that unless its my boyfriend” and he kinda ignored what i had said and then noticed i was drawing and the drawing said ¨daddy material¨ and.. and this piece of human trash, leans in and says ¨ maybe you can draw me and drool over my drawing¨ BITCH WHAT??? EXCUSE ME? im sorry but when the fuck is it ok to talk to a 17 year old student like that, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE A WIFE AND KIDS. i dont understand. i dont understand! im done. fuck algebra. i dont need it.

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hi so, i love you art ur superboy gives me life and is, officially, how i imagine him so i wanted to ask how u draw dudes. i dont know if you do tutorials but i thought i'd try. r there any tips, ratio angles that help against the stiffness? Thanks u

I did here a little thing on bodies and such, if that’s your question!!

Ratio angles… i don’t really use that much of a uh.. how to say, professional angle on my drawings (sorry;;;;;) what I can say though, to avoid rly straight lines? Curves are always good if you want to avoid stiffness. 

If this doesn’t really answer what you wanted, feel free to come again with more specifics! 

yall im not ready for stealth hero in overwatch, this game was so relaxing i didnt have to worry abt somebody stabbing me in the back (inb4 sb says ‘but coyote you could always get flanked by a reaper or genji, thats kinda like stabbing’ OKAY BUT I DONT FEEL BETRAYED WHEN THAT HAPPENS) but now im pretty sure sombra is going to be stealth-based and im not ready??? please no I DONT WANT TO BE BACKSTABBED I DONT WANNA RELIVE MY TF2 TRAUMA DAYS NO!!!!!

im sorry that im always making excuses like this and ignoring my blog and ignoring the stuff im tagged in adn ignoring my messages and comments on my posts and  im really sorry for that but sometimes i just dont want to live and i convince myself its better to ignore my life and pretend it doesnt exist until im either fine or im dead and its the stuidest fucking thing and im sorry for that and im sorry im not posting or replying or whatever and that i always seem to have to say this 

im sorry


Sooo whether anyone has noticed or not I have not been on as much as usual. Basically a year hiatus where i pop up, promise to stay, and break that promise to leave my blog empty for a month or two only to rise again (cycle continues). Honestly, because finding a job had taken over (lol before it was graduating and senior project). but now i am back??? naw i cant say that. i am here for a bit at least (or to stay? time will tell) before i move to become the pres’s next door neighbor! not literally, but basically. i will, however, post a new thing that will be cool/good before i leave my main computer with my cool video programs behind. so coming soon: something cool! and expect more recent updates from me, but dont take anything personally if i vanish into smoke again. my current move status is soo sketchy! but ill always come back for you guys <3

So my dad told me that there was going to be a heat wave in my area tomorrow and possibly the next day and the first damn thing I think is “Well of course, you gotta celebrate the hottest person’s birthday with the hottest day” and then I just imagined Oikawa saying that and Iwaizumi just throwing a chair or some shit at him like gdi why are you like this

Trying to sing all of the parts to Hamilton at the same time
  • Alexander Hamilton:ALEXANDER HAMILalexander hamilton WHEN AMERICA SINGS FOR yoAmerica sings for youuu never back down you never learn to take your TIIIHIIME OHHH
  • <br/>Shot: I AM NOT THROWIN AWAY MY SHmy SHOT shot
  • You The Schuyler Sisters:cause i'LOOK AROUND LOOKcommon sense by THE REVOsome men say thatNEW YORKyou want a revolutionLOOK AROUND revelation
  • Farmer Refuted:CHAIOS AND BLOODSHEDalready haunt A SOLUTION DONT LET THEM LEADand what about boston look at the ASTRAY and you talk about CONGRESS DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME
  • Helpless:OOOOOOO hey hey I DO I DO I DO I DOOOO HEYYYYY hey hey OOOOOOOO hey hey I DO I DO I DO I DOOOOO
  • Satisfied:A TOAST TO THE GROOMto the groom to the groom to groom TO THE BRIDE to the bride to the briaiaiiadebriaiiaiade FROM YOUR SISTEEEEEEangelicaahaangelicaaaa WHO'S ALWAYS BY YOUR SIIIIIby your side
  • The Battle of Yorktown:the world turned upside down down down download n downFREEDOM FOR AMERICA FREEDOM FOR FRANdown down down doGOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET MY SOdown down down WE WON WE WON WE WON the world turn upsiiiiiiiiide down!!!
  • Non Stop:I INTEND TO PROVE BEYOND THE SHADOW OF THE DOUBT WITH MY ASSISTANT COUNCIco-council hamilton sit down our client levi weeks is innocent call your first witness in thats all you had to saOKAY ONE MORE THING
  • Cabinet Battle #1:no we need this plan we need blod stroNO YOU NEED TO CONVINCE MORE FOLKSjames madison wont talk to me thats a non starAHHH WINNING WAS EASY YOUNG MAN GOVERNING IS HARDER
  • Take a Break:TAKE A BREAKhey our kid is pretty greRUN AWAY WITH US FOR THE SUMMER LETS GO UPSTeliza i've got so much on my plaWE CAN ALL GO STAY WITH MY FATHER
  • Election of 1800:OOOOOHthe people are asking to hear my voicOOOOOOOH the country is facing a difficult choicOOOH but if you were to ask me who i promoteOOOOOH jefferson has my vote
just an @ to all the non-black got7 fans rn...

just to start off, i want to say first and foremost that i am not black, and therefore this post and opinion is coming from the privilege and experiences of a white person. i don’t want this opinion and post to be taken above the views of a black person (who are obviously being directly affected by this, while i am not), this is just something i want to put out there. 

i hope all you non-black fans defending bambam rn realize how much privilege you have to do so… like you have the privilege to get on here and talk about “oh he’s so young give him a break!” and “he didn’t know what he was saying he’s not from america!” or “he made a mistake don’t get mad at him!” when in reality YOU’RE not the one who has had that word used against you for hundreds of years, YOU’RE not the one who’s had to listen to white people use it and then try to dictate who should and should not be able to use it, YOU’RE not the one who has to deal w/ idols in general appropriating black culture and using the n-word and hearing fandoms tell you not to get upset over it. 

regardless of whether or not bambam knew it was not an okay word to say, and regardless of whether or not mark said anything later on that we didn’t hear, it was not okay for bambam to say that. at all. and i think it’s really ignorant that a good number of you are trying to pass it off like it’s nothing. i don’t think he’s a horrible person, i don’t think he deserves to be bashed and berated online and sending death threats is NEVER ok no matter what imo, but i don’t think he should be defended bc people wanna put these idols up on a pedestal so much that they can’t accept when one does something wrong. 

again, i don’t want this post to be taken as the absolute correct opinion on this, and i absolutely do not want to tell black igot7s how to feel. if you are a black person and are not bothered by this incident, your opinion is completely valid and this post is not directed at you in any way. but i’m just really pissed off rn that non-black igot7s think they have the right to tell black igot7s how to feel about this situation and tell them not to be upset bc bambam is so cute and perfect how could he do anything wrong!! bc that is NOT for you to decide. if black igot7s, or any igot7s for that matter, are bothered by this incident and want to take a break from bambam and the fandom that is completely 100% okay. and you don’t get to tell them it’s not just bc you want bambam to have the image of a smol son who likes to dab. idols do problematic shit. a lot. don’t sweep it under the rug and betray your fellow fandom members in the process. we have to defend them too. 

(to black igot7s: if anything about this post bothers you or you’d like to clear something up for me and add your opinion, feel free do let me know / do so if you feel comfortable. i want my blog to be a safe space for you, and i want this fandom to be a safe space for you. your opinion on this is valid above all others)