i don’t know if i’m being extra but i’ve noticed that every time my friends tell me they have an important appointment somewhere, i keep it in mind and ask them about it when that day comes. i make sure to ask them how their doctor’s appointment was, if they’ve applied for the thing they’ve wanted to, how their first day at uni was. but they never do the same with me. i told them so many things but they kind of just always change the topic to something else. i don’t know if i have the right to be upset about it or not but i’ve just thought about this and it made me a bit sad

dave and his aspect

the implications of dave’s time powers are sort of…very quiet, in the comic? like, he talks about how he has used them A LOT and come to the conclusion that the best thing you can do with them is NOT use them. he’s probably seen way more shit than he ever talks about or wants to remember.

but i’ve always wondered how tempting that must have been for an abused kid to suddenly have the power to go back and change the world, and how exactly he learned how bad shit can get when you mess with the timeline. 

his aspect just suits him in this very sad, subtle way that makes me want to stare morosely at a wall. time is a slippery, intricate, half made-up thing. manipulating it is inherently isolating. it takes a singular kind of person to have the strength and the cognitive dissonance to deal with it. 

     “When we were talking earlier, I was so sad that I was crying. We fight and cry, and yell at each other all the time. Then we forget about it, and we’re fine. I always yelled growing up. When people say, “there’s yelling in the house,” it means that there’s something terrible, but it was just us communicating really loudly.”
     “We fight and then things come to light, and we resolve them. If you don’t do that, things build up, and then one day you explode and the other person is looking at you and asking ‘What?…!’ They don’t even know you’re upset because things just went by. I used to do that, which is why I don’t mind when she yells. In my family, everyone always kept everything in, and that’s not good.”
     “So what changed you?”
     “Becoming a parent. I didn’t want my children to do what I’ve done. There are a lot of things in my life that I would not wish upon my children.”

     Rye, NH


Dear taylorswift​ ,

My name is Romina and I am a Switie since I heard Love Story for the first time back in 2009. I remember they played the Music video on a local TV channel - thinking about it now it was actually a miracle because after that day the didn´t aired any advert until July ´15 when there was a spot about the „1989 World Tour“! Anyways –the song was stuck in my head all day long and I kept humming the words I remembered. I searched for more of your songs and just fell in love with them. Sadly it wasnt possible for me to attend any of your concert before the 1989 Tour [ JUNE 19th and 20th aka THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE ] due to being too young to travel alone to another country or tests I had at school

I really want you to know that you changed my life to the better and I cant tell you how thankful I am actually are.You helped to get through days were I honestly didn´t know what to do with my life anymore. Those months when “Last kiss” , “All  too well “ and “Come back be here “ described my life were so painful and hard I couldnt imagine being okay again….but you helped to get over it.

Although I am trying to forget this awful time its pretty hard sometimes but I know when I sign in on tumblr there will be some advice you gave someone that´ll help me as well.

So THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so brave and telling us your stories, bad experiences and other things you had to deal with by writing those songs that helped so many of us -  including me.

Btw I recently started to paint my nails like you can see in the pictures above.




“I don’t think he’ll talk. I don’t know why he chose to go after Tony through me, though. Making me relive that night…” He sighed. “When they woke me, it was…like watching a movie of myself that I couldn’t control. And when I started showing signs that I could come back, leave and go back to the States…they would put me through that electroshock and it would all be gone with those words.” His eyes were sad. He didn’t do any of the things as winter soldier because he wanted to. No one understood that. No one but Steve; maybe those who had fought with them did. Bucky wasn’t sure. But he did know that Steve understood. It was why he loved Steve; Steve always knew him better than he knew himself. “What all did you lose helping me?” He asked softly, wanting to know.

This is a gentle reminder to the person I am tomorrow that you are special. That you do not need another person to wake up to, to validate you. What makes you happiest is when you achieve things all on your own… And what makes you sad is when people don’t love you the way you always love them. So don’t rely on people for the happiness you know you can create on your own.

You have come so far from where you were, when it all got bad. You are so smart, despite what people tell you. You are so beautiful, despite what you tell yourself. And even though tomorrow, none of this many seem true in your mind, read this and know it was true yesterday, and it will be true again, if only you are willing to remain strong and not let the weight of the world drag you back into the darkness.