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Whats with all the fan base hate for Guilliman and the space smurfs?

They’re the poster boys for 40k’s most popular faction, so they feature a lot in the artwork and background and get upheld as the “standard” others aspire to. Then, society being what it is, people feel the need to denigrate them and try to look edgy, in the same way some teens act to their friends like they don’t love their parents. I’m sure there are also people who are genuinely adverse either to the hidebound nature of the Ultramarines or the at-times questionable actions of Guilliman, but it seems the majority are just jumping on a bandwagon because they want to be cool and defy 40k lore authority. Personally, I don’t find the Ultramarines hugely appealing, but this is still an Ultramar safe space. 

new blog ooo

> Your name is BRINYA FEOREN. Your only goal in life is to have as much FUN as possible.Your favorite pastimes are PISSING OFF HIGHBLOODS, keeping SECRETS, and EXTREME PARKOUR. It’s like normal parkour, but EXTREME. You’re a bit of a DAREDEVIL and can never back down to a CHALLENGE. You were once dared to go outside in broad daylight and look at the blistering ALTERNIAN SUN. It went exactly as expected. But it’s okay, you can still SEE just fine (sometimes) through methods you keep PRIVATE. Secrets are HILARIOUS to you, because everyone wants to know and will do STUPID THINGS to try to get the truth. That’s also why you hide your LIME BLOOD. You don’t actually care if others know you’re a limeblood, but everyone hates a good HEMOANON and you FUCKING LOVE IT. And how old are you? WOW look at that! Another goddamn SECRET! You must be really COOL and EDGY.

ayo so I’m pan/loreley/whatever this is a new sideblog I was waiting to start using because i haven’t finished sprites yet BUT i hurt my wrist and cant draw and I’m hella bored so I’ma go ahead and start sharing this around. I made Brinya specifically to be way more social and not nearly as volatile at Maksim so I can like, actually RP her lmao 

if pans-rp-hub is following you, that’s me.

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what would effy wear to university?

Hmm.  I’ve been sitting on this question for a bit, because I wasn’t really sure what I thought.  Even though people do change a lot from the time they’re in high school/college to the time they’re adults, there’s still part of a person’s that stays the same, and I’ve been trying to figure out how drastically I think her look would have changed.  Also complicating matters is the fact that she burned all of her clothes in series 4.

In general, though, I think her “University Style” could be something a bit edgy with a love for leather and moto boots, but also a little bit more sophisticated.  I think some of her essentials would probably be leather leggings, disco pants, patterned/textured blouses, her leather jacket, and her combat boots.  So, fewer items of the short dress/fishnets variety, but still very much her style.

So umm looks like my new favorite hobby is gonna be music playlist making

well I mean, I always liked making playlists, but I just kinda have them sitting on my computer for my own convenience.

I finally sat down and browsed through 8tracks for the first time and I’m diggin’ it so much that I wanna try making some of my own to put on there (also because the majority of the playlists in the magi tag are super edgy hakuryuu ones and I just hhhh variety, people)

I made a Spartos one tonight and I’m just playing it through to make sure it’s good then I’ll probably post it there..

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What's your favorite nuzlocke c:? I would love a recommendation!

ok i cant provide direct links (because of the whole deviantart blocked on campus thing) but if you look em up on deviantart you’ll probably find em pretty easily

my favorite is called jet’s black nuzlocke and it’s…… so cute….. the art is consistently adorable and i just love it… highly recommended (also cheren is cute in it so ofc i love it)

the one i was trying to read earlier is called pitch black nuzlocke and uh… its purposely as edgy as humanly possible like with an evil protagonist who performs the whole nuzlocke twist by killing his pokemon himself if they faint in battle. but its like. self-aware of its edginess. its got a super dark kind of humor to it and im just gonna give you a trigger warning for just about everything there can be a trigger for violence-wise. i dont remember there being much explicit gore but a lotta the deaths are p gruesome nonetheless even if they dont explicitly show much.

BUT THE GOOD PART OF THAT ONE IS CHEREN he’s for all intents and purposes the main antagonist, but because the protag is evil thats a good thing lmao. he’s really cool and i love their portrayal of him haha,,,, that whole comic is very much a guilty pleasure lol…

It’s that time of the week again!

Since I seem to change my URL more than my clothes…
(Not really. That would be gross)

Stiria-Shiva –> Stiri-a
Because Stiria-shiva was long and it bothered me. Also, ‘Stiria’ was taken. Now I just look edgy with the hyphen, but I’m really just trying to make it work…

Also, I have rediscovered my roots as a fuckin’ weeb, so if you don’t want to see the inevitable influx of anime crap on this blog, unfollow me. No hard feelings! I just don’t want to annoy anyone with it.

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Hey I'm having a business education day tomorrow and we all have to come in business style clothes and I have seen ur outfit ideas post on this but I wanted to ask how I can incorporate Effy's jewlary into it? Like lots of bracelets is what I want but it's really not buisnessy. Thanks!! 💜 xx

Try larger statement pieces instead.  For example, cuff bracelets still have a bit of an edgy look, but since it’s just one item it looks a little cleaner.

Necklaces that come layered can also give the look of stacking without being unprofessional,looking messy, or making a clinking noise.  

You know, as goofy a hottopic aesthetic as we’ve seen from the Suicide Squad trailer it also looks like DC is finally trying to make a movie that’s fun. I’ll take edgy on purpose scene kid stuff if it’s fun over pretentious growly batman any day.

Okay so I’m on the verge of freaking the fuck out and doing harmful things to myself so I’m gonna try to distract myself by telling you (whoever reads this) what my new style goals I would like to achieve:

1. Medium length acrylic almond nails
2. Different hairstyles ranging from my normal curly hair when it’s down look, to half up half down with a cool scrunchy or something, and I also wanna straighten more and even fuck with a braid crown thing.
3. I wanna keep my bohemian vibes alive as far as clothing goes but I also want to go for a rough/edgy chic style with baggy clothing, lot of layers, lots of clothes I could find at a thrift store (cuz honestly I only find clothes I like at thrift stores)
4. I really need to start wearing make up again because when I do I feel more confident about myself throughout the day. Different looks ranging from only mascara, eyeshadow and mascara, to full eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and contouring.
5. I really want to get a couple more pairs of funky shoes
6. Get a couple more large chic and simple purses/bags
7. Try to wear more jewelry, preferably minimalistic.

And I think that’s it. Honestly after writing this I feel a lot more calm even though it had nothing to do with my feelings. I really want to achieve this. I’ve been doing really well with my diet and once I hit my goal I am going ham and buying new clothes and everything. I’m looking forward to it.

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Have you heard of a game called Pony Island? It's about the devil trying to steal the player's soul with a poorly made endless runner, and the player having to hack their way out of it.

I’ve seen it pop up on a few LP channels but haven’t seen any gameplay.  I’ma go ahead and play it, because for bad reasons I need to stay awake for the next…oh, 24-odd hours.  That also means that for any of y’all who have something dumb to get off your chests, this is a perfect time to send me asks.

The trailer makes it look kinda edgy.  “This is not a game about ponies” is a shitty strapline for a game that calls itself Pony Island.  It had better secretly be about ponies or I’ma be disappointed

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all of them

first of all thank u @chuchoteramour​ and other anon for asking but this anon won lmao

1. selfie

here i am trying to look Edgy and Cool

2. what would you name your future kids?

i think about this a lot lmao i rlly like the name ashlyn cuz then i can use ash as a nickname

3. do you miss anyone?

skylar definitely

4. what are you looking forward to?

college for sure!!! also soccer this spring with a coach i actually like

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?

i am #blessed to have a lot of people come to mind - lexi, sydney, tara, zaynab

6. is it hard for you to get over someone?

idk if i’ve ever actually liked anyone so its hard to answer this

7. what was your life like last year?

stressful and insecure and painful and sometimes happy

8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?

yesss i get in arguments with my parents about social justicey stuff

9. who did you last see in person?

umm like outside my family?? my cute coworkers on friday night

10. are you good at hiding your feelings?

i’d like to think so but i have a feeling i’m not

11. are you listening to music right now?

nope cuz i can’t find my earbuds ;(

12. what is something you want right now?

right now i want to put on socks i think

13. how do you feel right now?

my neck is kinda sore and my feet are cold but other than that i’m good!!

14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?

does my dad count?? if not then i don’t know

15. personality description

if uncomfortable i’m kinda bland but if i’m comfortable i’m energetic and i think i’m pretty damn hilarious

16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t?

all the time whether it be in a comeback way or giving someone a compliment way

17. opinion on insecurities.

at least for me, they suck and also kinda empower me?? like some days i look at my tummy and i get sad or whatever but then others i’m like HELL YEAH MY TUMMY LOOKS GREAT AND UNIQUE and slowly the latter days are happening more

18. do you miss how thing were a year ago?

i miss skylar but i don’t miss my math class or soccer team or bf

19. have you ever been to New York?


20. what is your favourite song at the moment?

this q is always so tough for me.. but rn i really like paris by magic man, love me like you by little mix, and all time fave is probably next year by two door cinema club

21. age and birthday?

seventeen and august 13th!!

22. description of crush.

UMM good q idk if i like her or if its just platonic but shes reeeally cute and i wanna snuggle with her

23. fear(s)

the fnaf animatronics, chara from undertale kinda, being in dark water and seeing a shark or squid or something swim up to me

24. height

i stand at a proud 5′2″

25. role model

ingrid nilsen probably !! i cried when i watched her interview obama

26. idol(s)

once again ingrid, alycia debnam carey, hannah hart

27. things i hate

when ppl are pretentious, exploit other people, are racist, homophobic, etc

28. i’ll love you if…

idk about romantic love cuz idk if ive felt it, but in general i’d say good sense of humor (ie gets sarcasm), kindness is huge, easy to talk to, gets that i dont always wanna talk, gets excited about dogs

29. favourite film(s)

2006 pride and prejudice is so cute and unexpectedly dorky, howl’s moving castle (also my fave book)

30. favourite tv show(s)

jane the virgin, jessica jones,sense8, broadchurch, parks and rec

31. 3 random facts

when i was like five i went to the bathroom in a strip club, i’ve never had gum, once i almost burned my house down cuz of a pair of pants

32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?

girls and also neither

33. something you want to learn

how to fluently speak french and probably spanish also ukulele and making my handwriting better

34. most embarrassing moment

my whole relationship last year

35. favourite subject

french and english and social issues

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?

getting really good at french, owning a jet ski, having a cute apartment with a bunch of natural light and flowers

37. favourite actor/actress

gina rodriguez or alycia debnam carey

38. favourite comedian(s)

aziz ansari and donald glover

39. favourite sport(s)

i like playing soccer & volleyball and like watching basketball

40. favourite memory

i can’t think of any off the top of my head and i think thats a good thing

41. relationship status

single and ready 2 mingle (kinda)

42. favourite book(s)

howl’s moving castle and the book thief

43. favourite song ever

umm next year by two door cinema club, tomorrow will be kinder by the secret sisters, in my life by the beatles (sue me)

44. age you get mistaken for

most of the time ppl think i’m younger cuz im short and have a baby face

45. how you found out about your idol

i first saw ingrids coming out video and saw alycia in the 100

46. what my last text message says

“sounds great!” @my trainer confirming times

47. turn ons

UHH good smell, pretty eyes, confidence, cute smile/smirk

48. turn offs

bad smell, rudeness, for girls if they’re str8

49. where i want to be right now

in my bed, and i am here so life is good

50. favourite picture of your idol

<3 <3 <3 gay

51. starsign


52. something i’m talented at

if im determined to im good at making friends, im also stubborn and dont give up easy

53. 5 things that make me happy

dogs, makeup tutorial videos, manatees arent endangered!!, my skin is clear rn, thinking of college

54. something thats worrying me at the moment


55. tumblr friends

lets see we got tara and zaynab and matt and lexi and sydney and julia and maria and the list goes on

56. favourite food(s)

ragu garlic alfredo sauce is heaven, GARLIC BREAD, boursin cheese, and chocolate

57. favourite animal(s)

ligers, dogs

58. description of my best friend

i dont rlly have a best friend i got a lotta friends but there is no Supreme Friend

59. why i joined tumblr

that happened freshman year and i dont wanna think about it

60. ask me anything you want

well i cant rlly answer this right now


Dear Tumblr Fam,
So, I reported this post dudes blog after reporting him for body shaming a girl for no reason. The staff at Tumblr is ignoring me for some reason and saying to block him when his blog should be removed… As far as the body shaming goes he’s saying he’s expressing an opinion. I found this post after the dude got black out drunk and said nigger five times after I bought him drinks one night(he claims to this day he was “Brown out drunk and it probably didn’t happen”. He’s now saying he digs the negativity and is feeding off of it rather than apolgizing for the body shaming. When asked about this post he said he was trying to be edgy and I shouldn’t look into someones past as a way of seeing PATTERNS. But, again, staff is ignoring the fact this dude is a 24 year old who seeks validation through this stuff so, feel free to also report him since they may not listen to me! Theres really a slew of shit you could choose from have fun!
Link at top!

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Hey you! Please Help me! I need a very important tip, i'm thinking about cut my hair like Yolandi Visser but my face haves an Oval Form. Do you think that is a good idea? Help me pleaseee 😭😭😭

I’m definitely the wrong person to ask because I absolutely hate her hairstyle and think she’d be way cuter (I mean, she’s pretty hot, I could watch Die Antwoord videos all day) with something a little less “edgy.” 

Anyway I’ll try to put my hatred of that haircut aside for this. lol..

An alternative would be to not go quite so dramatic in the front like she has (like doing short Bettie Page bangs), but then you’d risk it looking an awful lot like a mullet (I mean, that’s essentially what hers is, but it’s, like I said, edgy.) 

I think it also has a lot to do with how someone carries themselves and their personalities. I know I personally could never pull off an extremely edgy haircut, I know very few people can, but if you think it’ll work for you then by all means, don’t let anyone stop you or talk you out of it. 
But you’ll have to understand that there will be people won’t think it looks good on you. You’ll have to learn (if you haven’t already) not to care what other people think. 

If you decide on this (and no judgment from me if you do. I don’t even know what you look like or if it would actually look bad on you) my biggest piece of advice is to go to someone you trust to do it that has experience with out of the ordinary haircuts, someone who understands and/or maybe has that “edgy” kind of style (but not necessarily Yolandi’s style lol) 

Good luck, anon! 
I hope I was helpful. <3