“Thank you…Thank you…” Chat choked as tears started streaming down his cheeks.

I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to draw anything else until I drew for this fic, so I drew for the latest chapter…  beCAUSE BRUH, I WAS LEFT IN TEARS.


Go read You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae

“Oh! Another quest finished then, Sir Heavy? Well done! Erm, do spare me a moment for thine reward, complete with mine apologies - many more men desire to finish their own quests, lest they fail only days from this very night.”

Make sure to finish your Gun Mettle contracts by October 13th!

  • July 1st
  • Canada: It's Canada day! Let's come together in celebration!
  • America: Sorry, can't hear you over my FREEEDOOOOM!!!!
  • Canada: ...
  • Canada: Sorry for bothering you, eh?
  • July 4th
  • Canada: *quietly sips their Tim Hortons*
  • America: You jealous Canada? You jealous of us being free-er and shit? HUH?
  • Canada: Well, *calmly adjusts scarf and toque* actually, here we had racial equality much sooner, in fact, many slaves fled to Canada.
  • America: Yeah, but 'MURICA
  • Canada: *Gently shoos moose away* I see your point. We also have free healthcare.
  • Canada: Fair point. *bumps into wall and apologizes* We also have marriage equality here... We have for years...
  • America: Er....
  • America...
  • America: I came here to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now.

Random thoughts about a Random Extra where we learned nothing but I’m in deep

  • Dex is so skinny what the fuck. This is how Nursey can make him hit himself in the face he is powerless against those guns look at my noodle son
  • His stupid ears and nose give me life I love him
  • ALSO his perpetual scowl and look of anger even when he’s happy is very relatable thank you
  • He has Demon Eyes
  • I’m glad his backward cap and flannel are a constant staple in his look it is Iconic and I want to know how much he gets chirped for it
  • Dex…talks weird? I don’t know how to elaborate on that right now, but he just seems to have a different way of speaking then everyone else. Not just in these like, two lines, but in other panels too? Like he’s just more awkward with his phrasing? No one knows what I’m talking about and I’m sorry.
  • More things that don’t matter, but he is either lying about dibs because he’s trying to be Chill about it, or he genuinely just wants to help fix things for his friends and either way that’s adorable Poindexter
  • Of course Nursey was There
  • “Tuh,” said Nursey.
  • What did/is Nursey currently doing for dibs????
  • Why would you just grab pie and run that’s so rude Nursey get back here where are you going
  • Bitty interacts with Nursey and Dex the least out of any other characters and I want to know 500x more about his thoughts on both of them. Like, someone did a cloud of Bitty’s most commonly used words on his twitter and Dex wasn’t on there and Nursey was the smallest name and I just have a lot of questions about his interactions with the Other Two Frogs.
  • Why did Berger leave his things in the Haus and why has no one contacted him about it

I designed & illustrated this year's Best American Nonrequired Reading, edited by Daniel Handler with an introduction by Lemony Snicket, both great writers.

Reading as musicmaking as markmaking, through spines as keys plunk trunk… apologies to Aubrey Beardsley & Alvin Lustig. (a couple of photos)

Also TA-DA: I got into Young Guns 12, you can see me failing to look poignant in front of a wall.

Which means I’ll be in New York October 9-13, signing at Desert Island on Friday the 10th and doing something else the rest of the time (for drinks, detectives, dates, dances, dread, despair, discussions, decadence, depravity and dumplings (mainly dumplings): drop me a line, do!)

1/30 Boys

One of my earliest memories

begins with me trying to grab something off the coffee table.

By the time I knew it was out of my reach

I was already falling.

That day,

I realized when you hit the ground

it also hits you back.

My father watches me like a car accident he is not involved in.

Doesn’t bother to ask if I’m ok.

Instead he says “get up”

and leaves the room.

The first time I won a fight

I came home with bloody knuckles.

It was the first piece of artwork we hung on the fridge.

The last time

I cried in front of another human being

I apologized for making them feel uncomfortable. 

In America,

We raise boys

the same way we raise guns

and then we wonder why men act like rifles 

“Don’t go where I can’t follow”

What if Colonel Mustang totally lost control one day and Lieutenant Hawkeye would have to abide by her promise and end his life? This shows a nightmare Riza might have had: The very moment she makes the decision and raises her gun. A nightmare she probably has quite frequently. Or so I imagine.

Did this quick little thing to try out a photoshop sketching technique I learned last week in a podium at Fantasy Basel (Swiss comic con). Click to enlarge.


Okay…I decide to put the forth episode earlier for an apology because tons of people replied that the bear’s gun-holding position can’t be weird anymore.

I’m sorry about that.QwQ It was the first time I draw scenes like this…

So the new episode is here~Also, since my summer vacation is going to end the day after tomorrow, so I’ll decrease the frequency I post Nick&Judy comics. New works are going to be shown only on Saturday. I’m sorry about this too…

But I’m not gonna stop drawing new comics~^U^   

gaelfox‘s Caboose for the RvB Facecanon Swap!

Their Caboose is so cute, I drew him armorless so I could show off the tattoo designs for it but because I am a failure I drew him in a position where barely any of them are showing (I apologize for that I hope you like it anyway).

Also how does Caboose hold Freckles he can’t even wrap his hand around the trigger part Halo I demand an explanation (or maybe I am a Halo noob and just don’t know how to draw guns that is a very real possibility)

Anyway, this was fun! Thanks to texelations for putting it together!

Please do not edit/repost/take artist comments off my work!

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Gorgeous things about rewatching Star Trek (2009)

  • *passive agressively* “Live long and prosper.”
  • *looks at the cliff he just drove a car off* “Is there a problem officer?”
  • that big-nosed alien sitting uncomfortably between Jim and Uhura at the bar
  • “Is he not taking the simulation seriously?” *finger guns*
  • “Who was that pointy-eared bastard?” “I don’t know. But I like him.”
  • “I couldn’t just leave you there looking all pathetic.”
  • “As you were.”
  • Bones is just lovely
  • “Is the parking break on?”
  • “Numb tomg?!”
  • “Captain, I apologize, the complexities of human pranks escape me.”
  • “So, what kind of combat training do you have?” “Fencing.”
  • “Kork has landed, sir.”
  • Can I have Sulu’s sword?
  • wack-a-mole while Kirk hangs off the drill.
  • Chekov: “Aye. ay-yi-yi”
  • Also Chekov: “I can do that! Movemovemovemovemove! I can do that!”
  • “Out of the chair”
  • *nerve pinch*
  • continuous screaming on delta vega
  • “.I Am. Spock.” “Bullshit.”
  • echo of the mind meld
  • “If you’re gonna ride in the Kentucky derby, you don’t leave your prized stallion in the stable.”
  • “Green-blooded Hobgoblin.”
  • Scotty’s intro
  • “I do feel guilty about that dog.”
  • “Are you from the future?” “Yeah. Well, he is, I’m not.” “Oh. Do they still have sandwiches there?”
  • “How? Over your dead body?” “Preferably not.”
  • Scotty in the pipes
  • “Can I get a towel?”
  • *tug-a-war over Scotty’s answer* “I’d rather not take sides.”
  • Spock has gotten much better at beating up people who insult his mom
  • “I LIKE THIS SHIP! It’s exciting.”
  • “Wait, wait, wait, kid how old are you?” “Sewenteen, sir.” “Oh, great.”
  • “I would cite regulation, but I know you would simply ignore it.”
  • “So her first name’s Nyota?” “I have no comment on the matter.”
  • what is with this movie and  hanging off cliffs and other ledges?
  • “It’s logic, Spock. I thought you’d like that.” “Not really, sir. Not this time.”
  • “You got it!”
  • “I am not our father.”
  • “He inferred that universe-ending paradoxes should occur should he break his oath.”
  • “You lied.” “I implied.”
  • “My customary farewell would seem oddly self-serving…”
  • “Bones! Buckle up.”
  • “Should you desire, I can provide character references.” such as yourself?

I apologize to individual US citizens who might read this. I know there are really good people living in the US: 

The United States of America are scariest fucking nation in the world.
Full stop.

It may be possible to argue that some countries have a worse grasp of humanity, but none of those countries have that and also that much power.

You give me nightmares.

Your racism gives me nightmares.
Your capitalism gives me nightmares.
Your guns and bibles gives me nightmares.
Your torture gives me nightmares.
Your assassins and drones do.
…and that you are so delusional as to wrap your lack of humanity in pathos like freedom and liberty and patriotism.

You are fucking scary.

Your system is broken and it breaks people.

redblooded-disadvantage  asked:

mick/being respected #NICE #OTP. on the other hand, could you share some mick/cisco headcanons? i've never considered it before and i am Interested.


  • They started dating after Mick apologized for beating him up and complimented him on the guns and how clever they were
  • Cisco realized Mick was way smarter than he let on
  • It’s nice being in on the joke
  • Also the Snarts are being nice to him? Like what?
  • (Lisa is still teasing Mick about it and Len would like them all to stop talking about that thing his aro ass doesn’t get)
  • They sort of don’t tell anyone?
  • And then invasion happens and its like whoops yes i am dating this former super villain surprise
  • what the fuck did you just say about him
  • okay fuck right off
  • Barry and Oliver might come back to Mick holding Cisco by the collar of his shirt while Cisco yells at the Legends crew for disrespecting his boyfriend
  • Mick brings Cisco candy from alternate timelines and weird points in history
  • Cisco upgrades the Heat Gun and makes Mick cool exploding things and long lasting lighters
  • Mama Ramon actually likes Mick because the first thing he did was be obscenely polite and compliment her cooking
  • Mick has Ramon family recipes that Cisco hasn’t got yet 
  • Mick cooks for Cisco all the time because he’s convinced that Cisco doesn’t eat enough vegetables and is going to get scurvy or something
  • Mick can also pick Cisco up with one hand basically (Cisco totally absolutely does not find this hot as hell what are you talking about)
  • Cisco and Mick doing chemistry 

Listen I love this ship and if you want to join me in this trash heap i am literally always down


—♡┊under the cut, you will find over #100+ small/medium, textless gifs of the bae BRETT DALTON. none of these gifs belong to me nor do i claim them to be so all credit goes to their awesome owners. if you want me to take down a gif, feel free to message me !  there shouldn’t be any repeats but i apologize in advance if there are. please like or reblog if you find this useful ! thanks ! ( also, this gif hunt will be updated every now & then. )


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I did some Black Widow test shots but I couldn’t find my tripod so they are crappy sorry. Also I apologize for my face it’s Friday and I pretty much just put on way too much eyeliner over yesterday’s eyeliner smudges so no that is not my Widow makeup it will be much more subtle. I was going for MCU Avengers with a comic book twist (IE the much more obvious belt buckle and gold stingers).

I made the stingers with real 7.62 bullets I had lying around the house (they go with the AK), the belt buckle is cardboard, vinyl, puffy paint & Wonderflex and I added the trim onto the bodysuit myself. The gun in the holster is fake but the one I’m holding is real since my pair of airsofts hasn’t come in the mail yet whoops. Everything else linked below.

Bodysuit | Belt/Holsters: L, R | Wig | SHIELD Patches | Boots | Gloves

The Great General Washington (Gwash x reader)

Request: 185 with George Washington! I think it would be pretty funny!! ( @hamiltoncouples )

TW: No actual violence but it does involve guns btw

A/N: This one took me some time because a) this is the first thing I have written that isn’t a modern AU and b) this is my first time writing Washington! So I spent hours getting a plot together before finally sitting down and typing it. Also I apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes I might have missed when proofreading. Its late here and I’m not in my right mind but i wanted to get this up. Hope you like it!!


“Sir, not that I mind spending time with you but, why, exactly, is this necessary?” you asked, with a rifle pressed against your arm and chest, raised not quite high enough to take proper aim.

“Miss Y/N, you should be able to defend yourself. I know that you are typically seen as inferior because you are a woman, but I believe that if they come for you one day, you should be able to attempt to save yourself from death” the General said, observing your stance as he spoke. “You still aren’t holding it properly. Here let me help.” George wrapped his arms around you and adjusted the height of your arms and the angle of your shoulders. You had to laugh at the cliche position you were in.

George pulled back from you and told you to aim for the tree and take the shot. When the gun went off you felt it kick back and send you falling into the grass, a laughing mess. George laughed along with you when you both realized you had hit a bush about seven feet to the left of your target tree.

“Let’s try this once more,” George said, composing himself.

You pulled up into your stance once again, but it still wasn’t quite right. (Whether or not you did that on purpose so he would put his arms around you again, the world may never know). He came back around you and placed his hands over yours, sliding them into the proper positions and adjusting the height once more.

He whispered into your ear in a soft, gentle voice that almost sounded as if he was trying to flirt with you, “Now just focus and aim at the tree.” His voice sounded so strained and ridiculous saying such a mundane thing that you couldn’t help but begin to giggle again. You leaned forward from laughing and the gun swung back out of your left hand and straight into the General’s stomach causing him to double over and clutch his middle tightly. He let out a small groan and you began laughing harder. Seeing the great General Washington taken down by a slight hit to the gut was almost too much.

The two of you, both bent over and laughing like maniacs, were quite a sight. The gun you had been using laid in the grass off to the side and the bush you had shot a moment earlier was now misshapen.

Once you both recovered, you turned to George and sighed, “If my parents knew what I was doing they’d kill me.” Your parents were quite traditional and hated the idea of women doing anything that was normally considered “a man’s job”.

“Well Y/N, we’ll just have to make sure you don’t tell them then. Because losing a woman as charismatic, helpful, and beautiful as you is something I could not bear to see,” George smiled and kissed you hand.

“You are too much, George. Too much,” you laughed and pressed your lips to his cheek, before dashing off to your tent.

He thinks I’m beautiful! 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Nygmobblepot is actually gonna happen? Or is it only one-sided as we've seen so far? GOD I HOPE ED COMES BACK TO HIS SENSES

I really do think it will happen. There could and probably will be all manner of angst, feels and general heartbreak before that, but it’s gonna happen. Gotham found their cojones and are now squeezing them à la Jesse Pinkman at all the naysayers. God bless ‘em. :’)

I did actually read a theory on fucking youtube of all places (amidst the latent homophobia) because it stood out like a delicately frosted donut on a tray of stale croissants. Essentially this theory suggested that Isabella was sent by Jervis, and perhaps Ed will end up having to make the same choice Jim did - so either Isabella or Ozzie. (And this also explains Jervis pointing a gun at the birb in the promo.) Apologies if this theory has been discussed here already - if it has I haven’t seen it. Regardless, it sounds interesting!