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Where are you? || Scott McCall Imagine

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A/n: i dont think this was requested, but i wrote this about 6-7 months ago when stranger things came out. So this is kind of Teen Wolf meets stranger things kind of thing. I don’t know if i already posted this but whatever haha. I hope you guys like it tho and oh it’s long. Enjoy x

 (Btw i found this on my Wattpad) ( if you want a part 2, let me know)

 You were pretty happy with how things were going. It’s been over a year since you guys fought the Dread Doctors and after that nothing has been chasing you and your friends. You want things to stay like this and you pray to whatever God that nothing evil is lurking around here and planning to do some shit. 

 It was another Saturday night and you were sitting on the sofa with your boyfriend, Scott, watching some movies. While Stiles was sitting on the floor, doing whatever on his laptop. You leaned your head on Scott shoulder, inhaling his cologne that you love dearly. Scott turned his head to look at you and gave you a smile before turning his attention to the movie again. 

 “Isn’t this great?” You asked after staring at Scott for a while. Both Stiles and Scott turned their heads towards you and Stiles gave you a confused look.

 “What’s so great about staying home on a Saturday night?” Stiles questioned and i rolled my eyes at him. 

 “That’s not what i meant!” I exclaimed as i leaned forward to grab the remote to pause the movie. “I mean, nothing bad has happened to us in a year.”

 “Maybe someone or something is making a year long plan before attacking us.” Stiles replied and i stared at him, wondering why can’t he accept the fact that for once we are at peace. 

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