Awkward pt3

Summary: The squad is heading out for some well deserved fun after the past few weeks. Karaoke at Mordin’s and some drinks? Sounds like a good time.       Part 1, Part 2

Characters: Legion, Kal, Ashley, Thane, Anderson, Mordin. ( Talibration babies, Shenko babies, Wrex babies)

Character POV: Legion

Side note: We won’t be posting for the next week because both Alicia and I will be at animazement! If any of you will be there message us and we can meet up!

Anderson’s running late, as usual.

Kal and I had already made it to Mordin’s apartment with Ashley and it’s been beyond awkward. Kal had told me earlier he wanted to ask Ashley out tonight because he was somewhat sure she liked him back. But of course my brother is tongue tied and instead of just talking to her.

Then again I have no room to talk.

I looked over to Thane who has been sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for Mordin to get back with Anderson, we’ve all been waiting almost an hour. She looked so bored, her face lacking her usual smile. Yeah here I am judging my brother for not talking to spit fire Ashley when I can’t even talk to my best friend. I dont know why she seems so down, I want to ask her but-


Before I could stop myself again I got up and sat myself down beside her, leaving my brother alone with Ashley. He’ll forgive me later.

Thane popped up the moment I sat up and gave me a smile which was just what made me smile in return. She had her hair back in a ponytail and her bangs framed her face perfectly. I don’t know how she feels at being at this party considering Mordin and I had brought alcohol and she was only seventeen going on eighteen.

“Hey, you doing ok?” I asked her.

“Hmm, yeah im fine. Just not used to being here without Mordin ya’ know?” She gave me another smile but started playing with her hands.

“I’m not very used to being at these kinds of parties either, or any parties at all actually. I mean i’ve hung out with you and Anders when you drink but this is like a full on party with other people and drinks and-” She stopped abruptly and laughed.

“Im babbling, im sorry Legion.”

I laughed with her and gave her a nudge with my shoulder. She pushed me back with a little hiccup of laughter. Again her smile had me smiling even though she couldn’t see it behind my body suit, I was smiling like an idiot.

“Your babbling is cute, Thane its fine.” I replied. At that she looked away and looked towards where Ashley and Kal were sitting. I turned my gaze to them as well to see them gradually starting a conversation. Finally.

“I almost invited this asari girl i’ve been talking too… I met her at one of the galleries, shes really sweet and is into my style aparently. But I don’t really know her well enough to introduce her to the crew just yet….”

I blinked a little in surprise. But what didn’t shock me was the little pang I felt in my chest. Ever since I started feeling a little something for Thane we’ve been distant. Yeah shes dated in the past but it hurts a little more every time someone new comes along. Just a little.

I wish I could talk to her, like really talk to her. Not these idle conversations, it used to be so easy but now were grown up and it’s just gotten more difficult over time. I miss her, even though she’s sitting right beside me.

“Thane, I-”

The door to the small apartment slammed opened and someone obnoxious was trying to make a dramatic entrance. As usual.

“Heloooooo my friends! Aswell as fellow siblings of course, who is ready to get wasted?!” Anderson cheered as he and Mordin entered the room. Mordin just shook his head with a laugh and hit Anders upside the head.

“What is up with you guys and hitting? Like seriously I just got out of coma i’m not in the mood for another.”

We all turned our heads to look at him and I was surprised to see Ashley trying to hold back her laughter. I smiled, it was nice to see that Ashley’s brother could make her seem more human. When he was in the hospital, she cried for hours mainly because she blamed herself. In the eighteen years i’ve known Ashley I have never seen her cry at all until then. Though she wasn’t the only one who blamed herself.

I was in there too, hell I was the one with her brother when the C-Sec locker room was crumbling down and I didn’t even stop to see if he was behind me the entire time. She says she wished she had stopped him, I wish I had kept a closer eye on him. If it hadn’t been for Kal, Anderson wouldn’t be here.

Someone practically throwing themselves on top of me brought me back to the present. I attempted to look up but all I could see was Anderson laying on top of me as if he was already drunk as hell.

“Anderson you Bosh’tet! Get off of me!” I was practically suffocating underneath this big idiot. I could hear the rest of the room laughing at my misery and could feel Anderson’s giant bouts of laughter.

“Awww but Legion I missed you so much, your parents were at my house and all I could think about was hugging my little quarian best friend.” He was rubbing his face against my helmet and all I could manage out now was a groan.

I lifted my hands to his face to push him away but Thane beat me to it by using her biotics to lift him in the air and above the rest of us.

“Having fun little Anders? Thane asked. She was standing now, her biotics were flaring all around her body especially near her eyes…

She was beautiful. She was also my savior for lifting her brother off me before he broke the glass to my suit. Her dad taught her well, but of course the esteemed Major Alenko would only strive for the best with his only biotic daughter.

“Uhm yeah as much as this is awesome, I would prefer to be on the ground. With some booze. Also maybe some karaoke. Please?” He lifted his hands to his face and batted his eyelashes at his little sister.

Thane rolled her eyes and let him down. A little less then gently..

Anderson Barely kept his stance when he hit the ground but jumped back up with a grin and turned to Mordin.

“I think its time to bust out the drinks and sing a little. What do you think my ginormous intimidating krogan friend who so graciously bought us these sums of bad decisions and let us crash at his surprisingly tiny partment for such a big guy.” Anderson grabbed a bottle of some krogan liquor and raised it.

“Thank you, my Krogan friend for ensuring my future arrest. I’m feeling crashing a C-Sec police cruiser into the presidium and claiming to lead some decrepit scattered Cerberus rogue groups and be contained for terrorism.”

We all just sat there so silent I swear I could hear crickets. Anderson just looked around hoping for some feedback but in the end just shrugged and started drinking.

“Tough crowd” Anderson took another swig and turned on the t.v to start the karaoke.

“Lets do this!” Anderson cheered.

I looked across the room to my brother who seemed to be still talking to Ashley. He must’ve seen me in the corner of his eye because he turned to me and gave me a smile. I rolled my eyes and smiled back, even though he couldn’t see man I should really consider taking this mask off. Us quarians can’t really get as sick anymore if we take off our suit but most of us, like my mom and I, keep it on for traditions sake.

“Alright lets do it” I clapped my hands and stood up to face this crazy night.


“Im too hot! Hot damn. Call that po-po… and was it a fireman. I’m still too hot!”

It was three hours in and all i’ve done is sip a few drinks and successfully remain sober. Anderson and Kal on the other hand, were plastered drunk.

“Should we replace that with C-Sec, how old is this song… holy shit Anderson there’s like three of you.” Kal was touching Anders face and I really couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

Ashley was tipsy and was dancing like she as drunk as her brother. Obviously Shepard must’ve passed along her dancing skills to her kids. Ashley and Thane were dancing while Mordin and I just sat on the sidelines, sipping and watching as the chaos folded open before us.

“Hey, Mordin I have a question..” I asked him.

“Whats up, Legion.”

“What do you do when you like a girl, but they probably don’t like you back and are actually talking to someone else? Wait you like girls right?” I was playing with my hands, mostly out of being nervous. Mordins a good friend of mine but he’s also Thanes best friend. If anyone would have answers I hope its him.

“Well first of all, I like anyone. Doesnt matter if you’re Krogan, asari, human, hell even batarian. I dont really care about gender either, its what’s inside that counts for me. But back to your dilemma, i’ve never been in that situation before… But I get the feeling I know who you’re talking about.” He took a sip of his drink and my eyes opened in shock. If he knew who I was talking about.. would he tell her?

“Listen, just be there for her like you’ve always been. You’ll only know with time.” He continued. But he was right, you can’t just be straightforward with her. If only this was as simple as quantum mechanics. What sounded like cats screeching in the distance drew my mind away from Thane and basic engine platforms. I looked over to see Anderson and Kal hugging and yelling. Kal really cannot hold his liquor.

“Hey man why don’t you sing with Ashley… Because you think my sister is soooo cute.” Anderson laughed and nudged Kal.

“Dude! Dont say that out loud, she…. doesn’t..know.” Kal was starting to slur and now that I think about it I should have probably stopped him from drinking that Batarian hard 22. What Bosh’tets, I love em.

The door opened and I blinked a little, I didn’t think anyone else was invited let alone show up. A girl popped her head and looked around with a smile and I’ve never seen her before in my life; she was tall, more lean and muscular, she looked of asian descent and her hair was in a pixie cut.

I can’t lie, she’s pretty cute.

“Im too hot! Hot da-” Anderson stopped himself short as soon as she walked through the door.

The girl blinked at Anderson and waved for him to continue but he remained silent. I knew that look he had though, he had the same one years ago. I smiled smugly and felt Mordin look at me funny.

“Looks like our friend just found his “Hot damn”.” Mordin said to me.

“Yeah…” I smiled again. “Guess so.”

Anderson still wouldn’t sing but it didn’t stop Kal from continuing. My turian brother sounded like a bird screeching into the mic and it made me laugh.

“Oh! Hey, Kaori!” Ashley called from across the room.

“Hey Ashley!” Kaori walked across the room and hugged our typically reclusive friend.

This should be interesting.