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Hi! I would like to request EXO's reaction to watching Titanic for the first time!

Wahh thanks for requesting! ^-^ I really had loads of fun doing this reaction ( ˘ ³˘)❤ 


Xiumin: *His life will never be the same again*


Kris: Those drawings that Jack did got nothing on mine, cause I’m EXO’s Picasso

Suho: I CAN’T OMG THEIR LOVE IS SO BEAUTIFUL…SO MANY FEELS*cries throughout the whole movie* 

Lay: Huh? Why was the ship sinking again?


Chenchen: WHOAAA WHAT? *When he sees Rose’s naked scene*

Chanyeol: *cries copiously by the end of the movie*

D.O: What…was..this…movie…? 


Kai: *sobbing by the end of the movie* Nooo, don’t look at me, please

BratSehun: *rolls eyes*…I can’t believe I wasted my time with this movie. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it ( ^◡^)っ❤


SHIMOTSUKI WEEK Day Two Favourite Relationship + Yayoi Kunizuka

“It’s okay. Even Inspectors have the right to cry.”


I’ve never watched police brutality videos not fully anyways maybe a couple seconds. I always look at the pictures instead. This is my first time really watching one and honestly I almost cried. I’m not sure what’s worse the cops or the white adults. How can you stand and let some thing like this happen. I bet you my savings if these were whites he would NOT pull this! Specially towards a white girl. The end was actually the saddest part he literally put his knees on her. This girl does not look more than 110 pounds how threatening could you feel by her? And as usual the first thing they did was put him on leave, rather than addressing the issue at hand. Is this the idea of “protect and serve”? And he had the nerve to say they have him running around in these heavy equipment? Sir exactly who gives a crap? It is part of your job to wear it, part of your job is being active you knew this from day one! So heavy or not it is irrelevant. The other officers were trying to figure out what’s going but you on the other hand thought you were filming a cop show for fox. If the purpose is to serve and protect when it comes to brown folks seem like y'all to protect at lower rate but kill and abused at higher rate. 


Another fruit bat is born 💪🍌

Hi Freelee! First I wanted to say THANK YOU. You changed my life. I’ve been stuck in a depression for the past 4 years. I was only eating meat and some veggies and a LOT of fastfood to ‘comfort’ me.  And  about1 months ago I came across one of your video’s. At first i was skeptical but everything you said kinda made sense! So I watched Earthlings one night and after many tears of watching it, I instantly became VEGAN. Apart from doing something good for the planet and animals.  for the first time in months and months I did something good for ME too. I am now one month being high carb vegan, and it is not hard at all. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything because I’m MUCH more fulfilled in other ways. Before the day that I went vegan I had been inside my house for literally 2 months without going outside or even out of my bed. I cried everyday almost every waking hour and I stuffed myself with horrible food. But since the day i’ve became high carb vegan i’ve been outside for 10 - 15 times in one month!! Only to buy fruits at the market instead of ordering in. I know it doesn’t seem like much to you as you are always outside, but for me it’s like the world has changed and I smiled again when feeling the sun on my skin. I am still very overweight from my abuse and not having the will to get out of bed. And als of now I’m still to inactive to lose a lot of weight, but I have a hope that my feeling desperation will fade more with time and I will be able to go outside and move even more! I also got the courage to go talk to someone and I am now finally getting help. And it’s because of your video’s.  It’s feels good to have a purpose again, saving the planet and the animals! I know it sounds a bit much maybe, but now I’m crying tears of happiness because I’m not feeling so so desperate anymore. So again, thank you so much Freelee,  I still have a long way to go but you really already changed my life. 

it’s been almost 24 hours and i just can’t stop smiling. the country stopped to watch a football match. thousands of people skipped work today just to celebrate this. we could be the shittiest winners in the history of football it still wouldnt make up for the times we played pretty and lost. i witnessed portugal’s first title, it was something some of my relatives dreamed to see before dying, but it was destined for my generation to stop the country like we did yesterday. it’s so beautiful


Sorry for maybe being late but.. I’m still going to tell you my feelings about Jibcon6. Or should I say MishaCon? Because for me this year was totally just about Misha. So I went there with not caring feelings about show. I haven’t watched spn since 10x9. I wasn’t interested. But I went there just because of Misha. That was my one and the only reason. I thought that when I see him first time at con I’d be calm. More or less. But heeeeell noooo. I was standing in a first row when he was walking to photo op room before opening ceremony and he just looked at my eyes.. I got lost. I almost cried. I understood how much I missed him. It’s been a year! C'mon. I had 3 photos with him so I’ve decided to take first one on Friday. Btw he was wearing leather jacket. Yessss. And I was wearing minion tie. He noticed it and said Nice tie! I couldn’t even say what I wanted to do with photo so he just pulled my tie over his shoulder and looked at my eyes. Again. That was soooo hot. Then we made eye contact for about 3-4 seconds but it seemed like FOREVER and I went out of the photo op room on my shaking legs. I still can’t forget the colour of his eyes after my first photo last year (and thank God). This time his eyes were a little lighter. But still deep and very beautiful. That evening I also went to cocktail party which was veeeery short. We’ll it seemed so though it was  for like 2 hours. Misha looked tired. And I couldn’t take my eyes off him all evening. He was so hot though in his leather jacket. Please wear it always! 

Second day began with m&g with Misha. I was a little bit nervous. I prepared a question for him about what he was talking about at Friday panel - Michael Jackson. Was he (or is he) his fan. It was important for me because Michael is the second light and sun in my life after Misha. So then he came in wearing his blue shirt and he was sooooo good-looking I can’t even tell you. Almost all the time I was just staring at him and trying to listen to him. And finally people were out of questions so I took my chance. I asked him if he were or maybe he is now a Michael Jackson fan because he was talking about him a little at his Friday panel. And that was important to me because I am huge MJ fan. And he was talking to me. Just me. That thought couldn’t get out of my head. Though he is not a fan or even not inspired by his charity (he actually wasn’t aware of it which was surprising for me). The whole meet thankfully wasn’t short. It was so great. I don’t regret about the money I spent on it. It totally paid off. And after meet I was crying in my hotel room because Misha is a beautiful and the greatest human being. He has to be illegal :D

The second photo. I was wearing beautiful dress and minion hat :D that was kinda funny to catch some strange stares! Hey, I’m Misha’s fan for god’s sake, that just must be normal. Actually I thought to make this photo differently.  I said (I could do it!) “let’s make two hot minions attracted to each other”. We supposed to stand apart and look to each other attractively. But he just grabbed braids of my hat and pulled to himself. I was “Oh gosh so we’re doing this okay how does it look actually I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS HAPPENING”. And that was actually hotter than the first one. I saw photo only next morning. And that’s actually my favorite one. It’s bright. And hot. And also sweet! I like it the best. 

Well… It’s time to talk about the third photo. It was the hardest one for me. I was standing in a queue and was saying to myself It’s the last photo with Misha. The. Last. You won’t  see him for like a year. Or maybe never. I tried to calm myself down at the same time but I couldn’t. I started crying. My tries not to cry were hopeless. And I had to went away from queue and let my emotions go outside. That was really sad. My eyes and nose were red. I was not looking good. But still I went to take photo. I stepped to him and say “Just give me the warmest hug”. And he did. He was so warm and calming. The photo was taken and I said to him “Thank you, Misha, for being in my life”. He squeezed my arm and looked at me with a look I can’t even explain what it means. But it was totally something meaningful. And I can’t forget it. So then I just walked out of the room and started crying again while going to my room but this time that was out loud. It’s like a big hole appeared in my soul, inside me. That was hard.

And recently I’ve decided not to go to Jib7 despite the fact that I got a sinner pass. It’s hard to realize that I’m not gonna see Misha anymore. I guess that I saw him at the airport at Monday (18th may) while standing for opening  check-in table that was kinda goodbye sign. A final goodbye. And I guess there’s no need to say that I started crying when Misha disappeared in a crowd (I’ve been seeing him for a while, gosh my heart was jumping out of my chest).

so yeah. that’s my story)


10 hours

That’s how long it took us to hike Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado. The Little athlete could have easily finished it in 5. She dropped this old lady and the girl who had been in Colorado less than 12 hours after she tired of all our breaks. But for us, we fought Elbert for TEN HOURS.

The hike had been up in the air in the morning. We had to make the decision before the sun was up. We could tell the clouds were low and there was fog. There was a 50/50 chance it would burn off. The LA didn’t want to hike at 5 am. @amft didn’t want to hike if the view wasn’t going to be there. We went for it. It stayed cloudy, misty, foggy the entire hike. When we reached the summit we took photos and watched the clouds clear out and I saw the mountains for the first time. I almost cried.

The hike got tough. We had moments of doubt and defeat. We stopped talking. And then in an instant it was all forgotten. The struggle, the tears, the doubt - all gone. I always forget how hard a mountain is. I’ve taken a shower and an aleve. And I feel better already. But tomorrow.. It’s gonna be tough.


When I finally made it home—my Maui home, my Ulupalakua home, my home in the middle of nowhere on the slopes of Haleakala—I completely collapsed. I stopped answering texts. And phone calls. And emails. I cooked for the first time in two weeks. I cooked without documenting, without a recipe, without a plan. I cooked because I wanted to. And then I slept. I slept long and hard and when I woke up I was almost more exhausted than the night before. I cancelled all my plans to see old friends and I laid on the couch and watched Fifty Shades of Gray and cried in my exhausted, jet-lagged, premenstrual state. It was glorious. I napped dreamlessly and I only woke up when Susan came home. Hours of sleep later, I began to feel something like human again.

I walked outside, barefoot, to the place we once said had the strongest concentration of plant spirits. I stood in this fluttering vortex of green leaves and sunlight and shadows and insects and spirits seen and unseen and I let everything fall away, slough off like dead skin cells in a fierce Korean spa scrub.

Read more and get the recipe from Kristan Raines’ new book On Toast here!


Ever gotten busted taking a selfie?

Enjoy these two selfies ‘caught in action’ by the nurse. Did I manage to cover up my embarrassment? Probably not as well as I thought.

Also, I’ve learned my lesson in trying to explain Tumblr, Tumblr friends and Tumblr husbands, especially to people over the age of 40 (no offense.) They just look at you with a blank stare like they can’t possibly comprehend the idea of meeting people online. I picture a bunch of middle aged Zoolanders trying to get the files out of the computer…

Also, tonight was the first night where I wanted to run from this place screaming. I legit almost cried. I can’t handle the stories coming out of this place. It’s ruining my desire to watch OITNB. My time here may come to a close soon…

I’m trying to tell myself that not everyone is cut out for every job. It’s not that I’m not strong enough or smart enough - it’s just that I can’t relate to the majority of the people who both work and rehab here. Save for my giant fishbowl margaritas, I’m clean as the day I was born & this is way outside my comfort zone.

Stay uncomfortable and learn/grow even though it exacerbates my anxiety?
Count my losses and move on?

Decisions. Decisions.

new york comic con 2016!!

so as you may know, teen wolf had their last panel at new york comic con this year. fortunately, i managed to buy tickets on the same day they were attending!! 

more about my time under the cut. 

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