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What was your:

Last Beverage: water 

Last phone call: Cpech hahaha 

Last text message: a girl who is going to sell me P-more CDs! ❤️

Last time you cried: yesterday watching Skins :’(

  • Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: nope 

Been cheated on: no 

Been drunk and threw up: noo

List your:

Favourite colours: orange for everything, black and white for clothes 

Last year have you:

Made a new friend: yes, so many

Fallen out of love: yes 

Laughed until you cried: yeah 

Found out who your true friends were: YES

Found out someone was talking about you: I don’t remember haha


How many people do you know IRL on your fb friends list: almost everyone

  • Firsts:

First surgery: when I had my lower two wisdom teeth removed:( ouch

First piercing: none haha

First best friend: el-dinostache-es-kawai

First sport you joined: what 

First vacation: I am not sure haha somewhere in the South of Chile

Right now:

Eating: mm 

Drinking: Nothing 

I am about to: kiss peras-y-perros yay❤️ (I wrote this a couple of hours ago :c)

Waiting for: Thursday, because I’m going to buy the paramore’s CDs haha

Your future:

Want kids: yes

Get married: probably, but just because I like wedding dresses

Career: what 

  • Which is better:

Lips or eyes: both please

Hugs or kisses: kisses 

Older or younger: :( 

Romantic or spontaneous: I think spontaneous people are romantic haha

Relationship or hook up: relationship

Trouble maker or hesitant: mmmm

  • Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: no 

Drunk hard liquor: nope 

Lost contacts or lenses: noo 

Sex on first date: no 

Broke someone’s heart: mmm 

Arrested?: NOO hands-and-words

Turned someone down: yes 

Cried when someone died: yes :(

Fallen for a friend: yeeees 

  • Do you believe in:

Yourself: most of the time 

Miracles: I haven’t thought about that yet 

Love at first sight: nooo NOOO jesus NO

Heaven: no 

Santa: haha I never believed in Santa:(

Kiss on first date: yesss 

Angels: nope 

mmmm I tag sugarcuack and morado-con-m-de-murria cause I like your blogs, fighting-just-to-survive and enamoradade-tusojos  ❤️, mrsdarcy (I really like your blog), catch-out (si sé que no lo vai a hacer) ineedurass  ❤️ and just-a-random-fanboy because you are so bacán haha 

Finally got to see the newest episode of Agents of SHIELD and now there’s just… feels everywhere. I mean.. Wow. there was always something rotten in the kingdom of Jiying, but I never expected things to be that bad. She tried to kill her own daughter, for God’s sake!!..  And that Cal and Phil-scene, where Cal finally gets to confront those demons of his.. And Phil losing his hand.. And don’t even get me started on Bobbi. God, I felt so sorry for her the entire time those sadists played around. And how she took that bullet.. Feels. Everywhere. The only time I almost cried for the first time since I’ve begun watching this series.

Kara and Ward got what they deserved though, but I’m kind of afraid that it made Ward even more dangerous now. And Jemma. WHAT THE HELL. Please tell me she’ll be alright, because that was just not okay. 

May and Andrew, on the other hand.. Totally okay.

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What was your:
Last drink: like. water
Last phone call: brother
Last text message: paperpaws
Last movie you watched: harry potter (casually watches harry potter for the first time in the year 2015)
Last time you cried: yesterday

Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: no                                             
Been cheated on:
Kissed someone and regretted it: no
Lost someone special: yea 
Been depressed: been to a therapist but dont think it was the clinical sort of depression
Been drunk and thrown up: almost

In the past year have you:
Made a new friend: about to find out
Fallen out of love: no
Laughed until you cried: no
Met someone who changed you: no
Found out who your true friends are: ??
Found out someone was talking about you: yep
Kissed anyone on your FB list: no

How many people on your FB friends do you know IRL: about all of them minus one or two
Do you have any pets: dog named after misha collins
Do you want to change your name: definitely
What did you do for your last birthday party: sleepover with boomfandoms​, hell-iswhere-i-belong​ & friends
What time did you wake up today: 8.40
What were you doing at midnight last night: snoozin
Name something you CANNOT wait for: TRAVELLSSSSSSS
Last time you saw your mother: liek 0.3 seconds ago
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: country of birth

What are you listening to rn: twenty one pilots - the judge
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: no
What’s getting on your nerves rn: sun wont fucking decide if it wants to be behind clouds or not
Blood type: A positive
Nickname(s): red / fred / jo
Relationship Status: single
Zodiac sign: pisces
Pronouns: her majesty
Favourite TV show: supernatural
High school: still stuck there
College: i’m not sure what you’re talking about
Hair colour: dark brown
Long or short: boob length
Height: 162cm
Do you have a crush on someone: idk
What do you like about yourself: from bored to uncontrollably excited in 0.3 seconds (also i can apparently be hella dedicated but nobody knows what the circumstances have to be yet)
Tattoos: i want OC related ones (r4gn4r0kkr​ i dare you)
Righty or lefty: write with my right, do almost everything else with my left
First surgery: they attempted one when i was 7 except the anesthetist was on strike lmfao
First piercing: no
First best friend: some idiot named mirto still run into her shudders
First sport you joined: j oi  n ed   i guess volleyball // participated in national-to-be contests for 100m and long jump // to-be cause if u suck u go home

First vacation: sea town liek 2 hours from here
First pair of trainers(sneakers): nike?????

Eating: chocolate that came in the mail today from paperpaws​ u fattenin me up u pLAN TO EAT ME DONT YOU
Drinking: still water
I’m about to: play digimon masters online apparently well that’s gonna be an eXPERIENCE!
Listening to: you already fucking asked that
Waiting for: finals to fuck off
Want kids: what the fuck are those
Get married: why the fuck would youl do that i mean idk

Which is better
Lips or eyes: blue eyes (especially ones that creep out paperpaws​)
Hugs or kisses: idk
Shorter or taller: who even cares
Older or younger: whO eVeN cAReS
Romantic or spontaneous: find me one person who doesn’t want both
Nose, stomach or nice arms: *honesttrailers voice* aaaaAAAABS i mean who cares
Sensitive or loud: loud
Hook up or relationship: relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: no
Drank hard liquor: r4gn4r0kkr​ was it hard ((get it.. was it hard ;)) SHOT))
Lost glasses/contacts: no
Sex on first date: no
Broke someone’s heart: no
Been arrested: no
Turn someone down: no
Cried when someone died: is it more dramatic if i still do like 6 years later
Fallen for a friend: no

Do you believe:
 yourself: idk who you’re talking about
Miracles: yes
Love at first sight: no
Heaven: yes
Santa Claus: YEAH
Kiss at first date: WIP

lit 99% of this is ‘no’ im sorry // little25one​, night-ray​, lawlietisawesome​, rainbow-belts​, blumenktze​, boomfandoms​, r4gn4r0kkr​, jim—moriarty​, namelesswhitefairy​, thedemonlifestyle​, gasple​, epicellis​ (psst thanks for the answer on that text post though lit nothing to say crie), tiazara​, lovedfearless​, lisa-tea​, minakino​, zacoronet​, desertwolf51, levis-short-ass (hi i’m your biggest fan), envy-and-pride, shingeki-no-levi-squad, k-aruma, weeaboo-trash686, viva-la-heichou, erens-jaeger-bombs

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I just rewatched Sherlock for like the 10th time and I'm only now realising Luke is in an episode, what the /fuck/


He’s in it for like .5 seconds but he’s so small and sweet and cute and I literally watched Sherlock for the first time in like an entire year when I read that he was in that ep I almost cried what a sweetheart

The first time I cried reading Outlander was when Claire told Jenny that she should plant potatoes… I know it’s not a tough moment but I cried so much and so hard that I almost quit. Actually I stopped reading for 3 days. My emotions when I saw the scene in ep.14… I cried again but I kept watching even knowing what is coming…

Today we did practical adult stuff. Got groceries, Cory got new boots for work, etc. my hips are so fucking sore I could barely make it through shopping and we were there maybe an hour? Ugh. Cory felt Finn kick for the first time while we were driving home and i almost cried ☺️ it was so sweet. I’m waiting for him to get done fixing his computer so we can watch Game of Thrones ☺️

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a youtuber more than I love danisnotonfire. He was the first youtuber I ever really watched and he’s been in my heart for almost 2 years now. He literally saved my life. I found myself many time watching his videos instead of selfharming. Whenever I cried myself to sleep I would watch his videos to feel a bit happier. Maybe that’s why I love him so much and it would mean the world to me if I could thank him for that.


Every time I watch this I get the same chills that I got on my first watch.. Nils Frahm playing Toilet Brushes – More live in 2013. What an insanely talented human being. I would have almost certainly cried out of sheer ecstasy if I was there when that final note rings out as the audience leaps into hysterical cheering..

This track can be found on his album Spaces [Spotify Link]

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have you ever cried during a movie?

I almost cried during The Butler today (my third time watching it). It’s so emotional omg. I cried during a lot of Disney movies (especially the first time I watched Frozen oops), that one dog movie Hachi, The Help… The list goes on.

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its called Tired Violence. it just came out on the 1st. its about them disbanding and it follows their whole farewell tour. it took them 2 years to finish cause the production company that was making it went under. so they finished it on their own with some help from a crowd funding campaign. there's also a podcast where some of the band is talking bout it after a screening plus Q&A. its on their merchline store plus getting the doc itself. i almost cried multiple times. its amazing

OMG I gotta see that. I have the first DVD they ever made I bought back in 2006 and i’ve watched it so many times and it made me cry as well </3 I wish they were getting back together because they were seriously the best band EVER.