Wow the blog just got a ton of notes? Like 1000+ since the last time I logged in (which is a lot for this blog). I guess everyone’s freaking about the boys’ new hair colours? Me, I almost choked when I saw Kihyun, and actually literally screamed when I saw Changkyun– my sister thought something serious happened. She didn’t understand how serious.

Anyway, it makes me really happy, makes me feel like this is a great opportunity for Monsta X to get more fans. The more exposure we present fans give them, the more chances they have of attracting future ones.

On a final note, I’d like to say Eid Mubarak to Muslim Monbebes worldwide, whether it’s early or no (Eid is on Tuesday here). A special shoutout to American Muslims. I know it’s tough, Eid falling on September 11th, especially with Islamophobia on the rise almost everywhere. Stay safe and strength to you all 💗

That’s all the text I have for you now. I leave you with a pretty Hyungwon and lots of love 💖

(oh I just realized the Monsta X new hair colour post has the angel number of notes! How fitting ^^)