Okay listen. I still believe Louis and Harry are together, even after this. Also, I’ve been saying this is a real baby so I’m not shaken that much by this pic.

I am incredibly happy for Briana (I keep thinking about her pic where she captioned it ‘Almost ready for you my love’ and I honestly wanna die my heart is melting)

Also. If I see. Any of you. Coming for that baby. Please know you’ve earned a one way ticket straight to hell :))) you disgusting people :)))

Lastly babies are my weakness I am crying so hard like how fucking adorable was that pic…Freddie’s little hand by Louis’ thumb…his tiny sleeping face…I’m crying so hard I’ve never seen such a pure wholesome little human in my life I love him I love him with my whole heart

Ok so. Larry is real and I would die for Freddie goodnight

“Tyga cheated on star Kylie Jenner, 18, with model Molly O'Malia, 14″

Wtf is wrong with Tyga? Ok, I know Kylie is star only because her familly but this girl model at 14?! 

*(only because she participated in some photo sessions that no make her a model, a model is busy every sigle day with her job and travel a lot, so let’s don’t call model to these “Instagram Models”, I also can talk with a photographer, take some pics, post them on social media and lie people)

I’m agree with Kylie mature look but this girl looks like one of my friends and she’s 23 so wtf?! Where’s yo childhood B?

A mature man is easy to attract in a trap because he want adventures with young girls, and young girls want popularity & money (luxury lifestyle) 

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I'm so glad someone finally agrees about how it's wrong how Kylie is treated on Instagram! She obviously has it extremely rough and people do not realize that she is pretty young! She may be famous but she can see these things, especially when so many people are doing it, and she, like everyone else, has a self esteem that can be damaged by other's words.

thank you!!! just because she’s a kardashian doesn’t mean that she has no sense of self esteem. no matter how much money you have if people tryn make you feel worthless, you’ll start to feel worthless

So, during the first chapter of “Cool Rules”, I came across this sentence … “‘Who will decide what is cool?’ For whoever decides wields great economic power.” I just wanted to touch on that because I could not agree more. A perfect example here is Kylie Jenner. I don’t personally have anything against her, but let’s be real.. There’s no reason for her to be famous. But thanks to her sister you know, creating a special type of tape, she has the opportunity to be in the spotlight. Not going to lie, she has made a great image of herself and transformed into someone that mostly every girl looks up to. Now, she’s 18 years old and owns about ¾ cars (that we know about) all well over 100K. Not to mention the rest of the things in her closet, but that’s beside the point. What I’m getting at here is that her money and fame give her the power to decide and show what is cool. For example, as Kylie and her sister Kimberly decided to wear these long fitted skirts, girls think it’s the coolest thing around and now that style is considered to be cool. You see these types of outfits in the most chic boutiques you could find. Furthermore, her noticeable lip injections have caused the world to believe that big lips are now cool. I cannot even tell you how many girls I’ve seen in the past month that have gotten lip injections because they feel self conscious about their lips. Now five months ago, they wouldn’t have given a hoot, but now, they actually feel bad about themselves for not having what Kylie Jenner made to be cool. Not only did she create the image of big lips to be something “cool”, she also created her own lip stick line thus bringing more people into the “lip game”. Not going to lie, her tactics are pretty sick. As an 18 year old with the power to sit back, relax and not move a muscle, she still dedicates herself to doing new things and making the media sink into her image so that people could be cool like her. My point was that, not only Kylie, but other famous and rich people have a huge impact on society with deciding what is cool and what is not and as I saw the text in the first chapter, I couldn’t help but agree more.

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How do you feel about blac Chyna and rob ? I feel like it's pay back for what Kylie did in a way.

I agree. I think it’s kinda dumb though, considering they’re both grown adults. I’m okay with it though.

The Cap is coming Back

From Twitter, Instagram, to the streets of Milton Keynes, Nottingham and London - the cap is making a come back. I seem to remember being forced to wear a cap by my Mum at the age of 8 to ‘protect my head from sunburn’. For years I couldn’t imagine anything worse than wearing a cap, maybe because of it not being ‘stylish’ enough - or maybe because it just reminded me of my Mum’s endless nagging. 

Most recently on FCP’s trip to New York, I spotted a couple of them on the plane during our journey to the city. On the way back, I lost count. One of the girls I was with for the week was insistent on buying a Yankees cap, but I’m happy to say I agree in thinking they look effortlessly cool.

Kylie Jenner is someone who has potentially encouraged the new cap obsession. She has nearly 50 million followers on Instagram, most being young females who are always eager to see what she’s wearing in her next post (me being one of them).  

I’ve also come across numerous images on Pinterest, showing how they can be styled in an edgy, feminine way. Whether a cap is paired casually with a bomber jacket and leggings, or with a dressy overcoat and tailored trousers - for some reason, it works. 

Perhaps it could be argued that such a trend has been supported by the androgynous style. The combination and overlap of gender has had a major effect on fashion - creating an aesthetic for many brands. The cap seems to act as a subtle representation of this, being adopted by many girls - turning it from a ‘typical boyish accessory’ to a statement female piece. 

The influence of athleticism may also have a part to play. More and more consumers including bloggers and celebrities have been seen wearing ‘traditional sports’ pieces such as trainers or joggers to create an everyday outfit. Even Atelier Versace recently debuted its Athleticism Couture collection for Spring 2016. 

Theres been an obvious excitement over new trainer releases, such as the Adidas Superstar Collection or even the high-end Yeezy trainers for Adidas. Many people, including myself, have happily adopted the ‘smart jogger’ along with other key athletic style pieces, perhaps making the cap the next obvious obsession. 

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Actually when amandla tried to educate her on cultural appropriation she was very rude and said it wasn't that big of a deal, then everyone claimed amandla was bullying her when she was younger and just trying to help out. I don't like how people talk about her sexually because she is barely 18. The only problem I have is that she is capitalizing off of black, Latin culture and it's not ok.

kylie definitely reacted horribly there and i agree she and her family capitalize on black/latin culture when they have no right, but kylie herself probably has very limited control over her family and their publicists, and what they choose to market/exploit about her. so if kylie does a photoshoot where they darken her skin or have her wear appropriative jewelry, it’s not her idea. it is something she could speak against, but there are a lot of hidden issues when you’re the youngest person and have no control or say and don’t want to go against your fam or business. i’m not saying kylie is without blame, i’m just saying that people should be turning a discretional eye towards the family business instead of going after kylie specifically.