Ramblings of an INTP

You make smile
I haven’t done that for a while
Every word you write
Takes my heart out for a flight
What is wrong with me
Aren’t you ordinary?
Does it matter anymore?
So what if you, I adore?
I can see it in your face
You are full of grace
You will never know
What I feel from every blow
It is you I’d like to know
My shaking tells me so
I think about you often
Even my bones soften
I admire how you think
Like skating in a rink
Swift and steady, dead on
I want to hear your favorite song
I may be very new at this
But not many put me in bliss
Is it so wrong to allow to feel
Even if in science it can’t be real?
I know I’m really weird
Should it all be simply feared?
I like feeling like this all day
No, I don’t think of you that way
I’m intimidated by your mind
Your inner beauty, your so kind
Don’t worry, I will never tell
Your not going to take this well
Forever nameless, a mystery
I will not reveal throughout history
This is not a fantasy
No intent at blasphemy
I find you an authority
Of life’s little things that avoided me

Things mommy says that make me squeal or gulp

• “Watch your mouth”
•"You shouldn’t say bad words, baby boy”
•"I got you something"
•(And afterwards) “I can’t wait to spoil you”
•(Also) “I can’t wait to see the look on your adorable face”
•Literally just call me baby I swear to god

I WAS keeping this doodle to myself cuz I felt self-conscious about it 😓 but…that would be selfish…ITS JUST SO DAMN FLUFFY!😊


It’s exciting that George Martin is still writing the books, you know. That we don’t know what’s gonna happen. That’s very exciting for the audience, for the people making it, for the actors. It does affect what you’re doing in that you can’t really play the endgame because you don’t really know what it is.

“I am Steven Universe, main thrower of the Crystal Humans! I will let my moms beat you up and then give you hugs and love!”

“I am Earl Universe! The greatest runner in all the land, you better not come into my game unless you know how to play, darling!”

“I’m Amy Universe, the bad boy and the unstoppable dynamo! I will beat you with my bat and then roll over your grave, punk.”


“I am Sophie Universe, the adorable mascot of the team! I will destroy both your faces and your hearts ;)”





Small drabble to bless your friday, I hope you have a great weekend!

Imagine fighting over the remote with Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 329 Words.

Warnings: Remote!

Originally posted by acklesjensen


“Dean, that isn´t funny anymore!”, you said and Dean thought that the fake pout on your face looked simply adorable.
“Oh, but I think it´s very funny. In fact, I think we should do that more often”, he teased, just to rile you up.
You raised your eyebrows: “We should fight over the remote more often? Is that like a new kink I haven´t heard about yet?”
He chuckled and dangled the black device right out of your reach: “No, but it could turn into one. For example you could use sexual favors to earn your right for the remote.”
“Oh is that so”, you said, and he saw the immediate change in your attitude, “well, then let´s see what I can do that will prove me worthy.”
You stepped forwards and he met you in the middle pulling you in for a kiss.
The kiss was passionate and as always you did exactly the things that made his brain turn to jelly.
By the time your lips parted for the first time and he felt your hand sliding down his belly, he was already breathing heavily and full of need.
“I never thought that this would work”, he said, meaning it and suddenly you made a quick move and snatched the remote out of his hand: “Well, it did for me”, you informed him.
Suddenly your touch was gone and he stood there like an idiot in the middle of the motel room, aching hard and a little dizzy, while you dropped down on the bed and turned on the tv.
“You men are so easy to manipulate”, you teased, your eyes never leaving the screen and despite his sexual frustration he had to grin.
He liked that you could play games and win them too.
Now you looked up: “Why are you still standing there? We´re watching a chick flick.”
Still grinning, he walked over and cuddled up next to you.
Man, did he love this woman.

Meeting Mr & Mrs Scamander

A short drabble about meeting Newt’s parents for the first time.


Originally posted by dailywizardingworld


“are you ready to go darling?’ Newt called through into your bedroom, where you stood fussing over your reflection in front of the mirror, your stomach in knots.

Newt popped his curly head around the door, a smile on his freckle sprinkled cheeks, ‘oh you look fantastic’ he complimented as he made his over to you. Wrapping his arms around your waist, stooping down so he could rest his slightly stubbley  chin on your shoulder. He looked lovingly at the reflection of the pair of you, “you’ll be fine love’ Newt reassured as he stroked his thumb over your cheek, seeing the worry on your face.

“I know that they will adore you, just as I do’ he placed a light kiss to your temple, the knot in your stomach had started to unwind slightly, the combination of Newt’s voice, words and touch soothing you. You gave Newt a shaky nod, and before you could change your mind, he disaperated.

You reappeared in front of an old stone farm house, you could see the forest that crept up behind it and hear the hippogriffs within.

With one last reassuring squeeze of your hand along with a peck on the cheek, Newt knocked on the hard wooden door. A tall woman with wild curly strawberry blonde hair swung the door open, and bundled her youngest son up into a hug upon seeing him. “oh sweetheart we’ve missed you. You feel thin, are you eating? How have your travels been? How are the creatures? Oh this must be y/n, she really is as pretty as your letters say.’ Mrs Scamander babbled, still grasping a blushing Newt by his upper arms, before passing him over to his father, who was stood behind her, a smirk on his face, at his wife’s actions, so she could greet you properly.

“y/n it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Come inside sweetheart, dinners just about ready.’ She ushered you inside, where Newt grabbed your hand and pressed a quick kiss to the back of it.

He lead you into the large kitchen, where pots and pans were stirring themselves, a scrubbed worn wooden table along with mismatched chairs sat in the middle  of the room, a barn owl sat on its perch hooting softly at Newt, who gave the bird a little wave.

Newt lead you to a seat, and pulled it out for you before sitting down himself. He placed his hand on your knee, trying to reassure you. “tuck in’ Mrs Scamander encouraged. It was mouth-watering, you chatted as you ate, Mrs Scamander asked about your family and how you got on with newt’s creatures while Mr Scamander inquired about your career.

“go through to the living room, we’ll bring the tea’ Mrs Scamander pushed as Newt lead you to the cosy sitting area. You were still a little nervous, so you decided to walk about the room, keeping your mind occupied. You came across a collection of old framed pictures of the Scamander’s, you found little Newt in the front, covered in even more freckles, one front tooth missing, as he beamed at the furry little creature he held delicately in his small hands.

You grind at the pictures, as the grown up Newt that you knew, wrapped his arm around your waist. “That can’t be you, you were never that little’ you joked gesturing to the picture, he only chuckled in response, giving you a slight squeeze.

“I knew they’d love you’


Have a great day and be safe


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)


“I swear, doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re babysitting?”

I fantasize about you and I a lot, and I don’t mean it’s about us having sex.

I fantasize about how it would feel to wake up next to you and see the rays of sunlight hitting your face through my window’s curtains.

I fantasize about us going on a date to a restaurant we’ve both never tried before and the food ends up tasting horrible, but we’ve both had a good time because we laughed a lot.

I fantasize about seeing you at your happiest, because I have always adored the smile lines that form on your face and I want to trace them with my fingertips.

I fantasize about us going on a long drive on an empty road with the windows rolled down and soft music playing on the radio at six in the morning, and not coming back home until six in the afternoon.

I fantasize about how it would feel to bare myself to you about the secrets and sorrows I have never told anyone, and listen to you talk about yours. 

I fantasize about us at a party and instead of being the couple who dances the night away among everyone, we’d sit alone at the corner table without a care in the world.

I fantasize about being the first person you think of when you wake up and the last person you see before you sleep.

 I  fantasize about you knowing that I am in love with you, and feeling the same way.

—  Am I ever in your dreams?