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May I get some sweet egobang self esteem boost/ body worship like arins having a bad image day and dans there to help telling him how beautiful he is and kissing problem areas ?! Bless thank you

goddamn how’d you know that i’m a sucker for some good ol body positivity? 

in all seriousness, i adore arin’s body,, i love the broad body type and i wanna give him hugs

honestly i hope anyone with his body type knows how beautiful they are, i could admire arin handsome all day.

this includes some first kisses and it’s cheesy as all hell BUT i wanted to give our favorite animator some lovin

thanks for the prompt! hope you like it x


Danny was feeling particularly touchy-feely today.

He surprised even himself when he walked into the Gru//mp Space that morning and the first thing he did was plant a smooch on Arin’s forehead. The artist hadn’t even had the chance to say good morning, blinking up at Danny in quiet shock.

The blush sprinkled over his cheeks made it even sweeter, and the musician smiled fondly down at his adorable boyfriend. “Morning, baby. Did you miss me?”

Arin was very rarely at a loss for words, but his blush deepened as he struggled to reply. “Well, that was unexpected,” he managed, giggling a little.

Danny knew his behavior wasn’t what Arin was expecting. When the pair had first begun dating, Danny had been extremely paranoid and nervous to even hold hands. Arin had respected Danny’s hesitance and told him they could move one step at a time, and only with Danny’s permission.

Danny loved him for that.

Perhaps that’s why Danny was so nervous heading into the relationship–he’d had such strong feelings right away, and it’d scared him. He felt more and more secure with each passing day, however. Danny was usually a very affectionate person anyway, so now that his initial hesitance had faded, he wouldn’t let Arin have a moment’s peace.

He stood with his arms draped around Arin’s shoulders, pressing his face into Arin’s neck as the artist finished his work so they could go record. Danny was also more relaxed because the office was empty. (Although he did enjoy planting one on Arin’s cheek in front of Ross every now and then, just to make Ross roll his eyes and make retching noises.)

Arin reached up absentmindedly to ruffle Danny’s hair affectionately. “You’re in a good mood today.”

“Guess I just missed my snuggle man,” Danny teased, running Arin’s own locks through his long fingers. 

“I’m glad you’re…more comfortable,” Arin hummed, not wanting to embarrass the older man but letting him know he enjoyed the attention.

Soon after, Arin finished his work and they moved to the recording room. Immediately after the artist sat, Danny snuggled himself against his side, throwing an arm around Arin’s shoulders and pecking his cheek.

That delightful blush was back, and Danny thought to himself that he’d never get tired of making Arin blush. He looked so pretty like that. 

Then he leaned his head against Arin’s broad shoulder, placing his free arm across Arin’s torso. He watched contentedly as his boyfriend selected the game and entered the title screen.

“Welcome back, motherfuckers!” he yelled as soon as Arin had switched on the recording.

As Arin laughed and introduced the game, Danny kept up conversation but let his mind wander a bit as he rubbed circles into Arin’s shoulder. God, he simply adored Arin’s shoulders. Strong and built, just like his arms. His soft but powerful arms that looked like they could split a tree in half, but Arin was so gentle with them.

Danny’s eyes trailed down Arin’s arms to his tummy. A smile tugged on his face as he leaned more into the artist’s side. Arin’s sturdy frame and cuddle-able posture was an added bonus. He could stare at him all day.


As the recording session ended, Arin switched off the recording equipment, jotting down the time as he yawned. “Geez, that was a long one. You tired, babe?”

Danny inched forward until he was sitting on Arin’s lap, brushing the hair out of his boyfriend’s eyes and smiling softly. “Yeah. But I always enjoy spending time with you.”

Arin laughed, reaching up to lightly rest his hands on Danny’s waist. “Glad to hear it. Wouldn’t be much fun recording by myself.”

Danny decided then and there. He wanted to kiss him.

Well, he’d never been one to hate kissing, so he leaned forward, silently letting Arin know what he had in mind, to let Arin pull back if he wanted. 

But his eyes were warm and loving as he met Danny halfway, and they shared a very brief kiss where their lips touched curiously. Just enough so they could figure out each other, moving only slightly as they each pulled back.

Danny’s hands moved to Arin’s shoulders, and he squeezed. “Can we do that again?”

“I-Is that okay?” Arin asked, but his eyes were bright. Danny leaned forward again in response.

The second was longer than the first, still exploring and becoming attuned to the other’s taste. Arin tasted like cherry, probably from candy, and a little like toothpaste, but mostly just sweet.

Danny relaxed, pressing into the sturdy body beneath him. God, it was like he was floating. His hands roamed from Arin’s shoulders to his arms, and he squeezed slightly, loving the feel of the robust body under his hands.

Arin squeaked at the movement, and Danny’s heart beat a mile a minute at the sound. He really, really liked that noise.

They broke apart, both breathing slightly heavier than normal, and Danny admired the gorgeous sight of a flustered, red Arin. He rested his forehead against his boyfriend’s.

“I’m kinda relieved you actually wanted to kiss me,” Arin blurted, and his face grew hotter after the outburst. “I mean, um…”

Danny lifted his head, confused. “What do you mean?”

Arin wouldn’t meet his gaze, and Danny’s chest tightened with worry. “Arin? What’s wrong? Did I do something bad?”

“No, no! You didn’t do anything. I, uh…I just…it’s stupid, but…I thought maybe the reason you didn’t like touching me was…because I’m so fat. I, um, thought you didn’t like the way I looked.” This confession was stilted and came out quickly, as if Arin wanted to get it out of his system.

Danny felt his heart crack at Arin’s words. “Arin. Baby. Hey, look at me.”

“But I don’t want you to feel bad about it!” Arin yelped, still not meeting his eyes. “I, I want you to be comfortable with what we do. So, don’t blame yourself. I’m happy if you’re happy. I…just don’t…”


He finally looked at Danny, and the older man placed his hands firmly on Arin’s face. “I need to tell you something, and I want you to listen to me.”

Arin nodded.

Danny lightly smooched Arin’s forehead. “I adore your face. The way it turns pink when I kiss it, the silly expressions it makes during video games, the way your cheeks scrunch up when you’re smiling, the little lines next to your mouth that means you’re about to say something hilarious. I love it.”

Next, he kissed Arin’s left shoulder, trailing down his arm. “I’m obsessed with your arms. So strong and powerful, yet so soft and gentle. You could toss me over your shoulder without a second thought, but these arms have only ever hugged me with the affection of a lover.”

He picked up Arin’s hands and kissed his palms. “God, your hands. Look at them. Able to craft masterpieces on paper and still leave the feathery feeling of light touches on my face. Such talented hands, bigger than my own, and I cherish the way they feel tangled up with my own hand. I feel safe in these hands.”

Then he kissed Arin’s chest, running his fingers along Arin’s belly. “Your body. The perfect body to cuddle up to when it’s cold. It radiates warmth. I love the way it carries a powerful feeling, yet it’s like a teddy bear. I adore resting my head against it, feeling like I’m home. It’s all soft curves and pink sides, begging me to kiss it and love on it. Your body is perfect.”

Danny looked up at the sound of a sniffle, and Arin wiped his eyes. “Arin, I don’t want you to ever think I don’t adore every inch of your body. You’re so beautiful, baby. Trust me, it’s harder for me to keep my hands off of it.”

Arin giggled at that, reaching his arms out to envelope Danny in a hug. “Thank you, Dan. You always know what to say.”

“Only because it’s true,” Danny murmured, resting his head against Arin’s collarbone.

The pair sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, Danny tracing patterns into Arin’s arm and feeling his eyelids droop. It was rather late already, and they’d had a long day.

Arin tilted his head towards the clock. “Guess we should be getting back, huh?”

Danny’s grip tightened slightly as he moved his head to grin up at Arin. “Only if you give me another kiss before you go.”

Arin was all too happy to oblige.

  • Kid Fell!Sans: I hate you!
  • Kid Sci!Sans: I hate your sense of fashion!
  • Kid Fell!Sans: I hate your smartass attitude!
  • Kid Sci!Sans: I hate your clear lack of education!
  • Kid Sci!Sans: !!!!
  • Kid Tale!Alphys: Get a room you two.
  • Kid Swap!Sans: No way! Stay here! You guys are adorable!
  • Kid Sci & Fell: //flustered noises//

I want to bring a tiny bit of a smile and sunshine to your lives this week, and seeing as I can’t hug you all - the one sad thing about Internet palsss - I thought this might be better to do instead, also it was ‘Heads Together’ London Marathon on Sunday to do with mental health and raising awareness. It’s so important we discuss this and keep on doing so. However I feel I’ve forgotten some people so I might do another one later on this week as wellll.

1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems. If you ever feel incredibly down or stressed (even if it’s not depression or anxiety, though these are MASSIVE things) do not be afraid to tell someone, your friends, parents, other close relatives or a trusted teacher or counsellor. No one is going to judge you and if they do then they suck. ANYWAYS.

Let’s get this Monday and the rest of this week started off right!

I hope you all have a fantastic week, you have a lovely time at school/college/uni/jobs etc and are surrounded by family and friends. Remember you are loved, treasured and valued a whole bunch.

I was going to split this but…nahhhhhh. 😊💕.

@onyourstageleft Hello my very beautiful pal, I miss you, I hope your classes are going okay and you’re doing alright yourself. Remember to take a breather! You have GOT this! Very very proud of you always. Also I just adore Peggy so much 😭♥.

@earlwalrus MY SPIES AND POE PARTY TRASH FOREVER FRIEND. You already know how much I love and adore you and how much you make me giggle and scream through our messages but tough I’m telling you again. I’m blessed to know you. I’m also going to attempt to write some more fic for them after my chapter index stuff. Friends til one of us ultimately bites the grass!!! 💞.

@buttonedrose Ah yes Starkid buddies and oldest blog pals forever. I hope you enjoyed Firebringer as much as I did! You are such an utter sweetheart, it’s really comforting to see you on my dash and always a good giggle. I would illegally download you as a friend if I could 💓

@smile-even-in-the-rain I just am in love with the entire aesthetic of your blog and all the content. You’re a really kind being and I hope everything is being good to you right now because you deserve it.

@mistressemmedi MAY OMG I LOVE YOU. Fav salty wine aunt never fails. Always telling me to take no prisoners 👌. It’s so good to have you round on this platform with your insight and rounding up news items for people. I hope your exam went well (spoiler I bet it did) and things are getting to be on their way to okay again.

@danyababy YOU. ARE. A. CUTIE. I hope you had a lovely time in Florida and ready to tackle the rest of this week the way you can. Also all your pics are on point and I am hella envious. Spring is upon us and with it new things, with a bit of luck that’ll also come towards you if you want them!

@mchonda Your love for Fernando Alonso is both hilarious and beautifully relatable in all the best ways. It’s so, so sweet to see the support you give to your favourite team and drivers. Also if you aren’t one lovely person, no really! Hoping life is going well for you and if not then I hope it sorts itself out. 💕.

@mussolinguini Goodness what a sweet person you are!!! I literally love how much you root for Pascal and always look out for the funnies and sometimes create the funnies for us all to enjoy! Also everytime I look at your header, I laugh, it’s a beautiful thing. Good things are happening and all the good things to come.

@silwehrleining I think you’re hella rad and actually a pretty chill person?? I really enjoy hearing opinions from you and how life is going. All the best wishes for the new week coming, go on and style it out 💟

@hungaroring I don’t know man I just think you’re a blast and you managed to level up within the last few days (IT WAS YOUR BDAY YAAS) and I think you’re a very lovely person who deserves good things. ALL THE THINGS.

@hulkieswonderland Best music tastes. Here for the good music tastes. Also you seem to be a lot of fun, really strong and really cool! Things always have a weird way of working out! And it will!

@human-ity-almost Loads and loads of people love you. Whenever you feel like you need to, don’t be afraid to just ask for a hug from someone or cry it out. Also don’t listen to that voice in your head telling you that you aren’t loved, that voice doesn’t have a clue.

@jabbubabbu DUDE EUROVISON SOON. SOON. Anyways I think you’re cool and a lot of the stuff I reblog has managed to make me chuckle! Shoutout to the meme maker that is youu. Also again don’t listen to the voice in your head telling you things that aren’t true. Tell it off. You’re worth giving it the telling off.

@rararaenbow Oh hey Rae! I mean you already know you’re cute but do you know you’re extra cute? I THINK NOT. You are one of the sweetest lil beans I’ve come across on the website and I really appreciate you!

@harryswilsons An ultimate sass bean but also one of the loveliest. It’s really cool to see your support for all the sports and love for your favs! Also your hair is goals??? It’s so nice to have you on this site 💕💕💕.

@welcometoourmachine Always reblogging some content of mine in the early hours, it’s so nice to wake up and see that! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog and I haven’t forgotten your sweet message 💞.

@sestrachilds Haha oh hiyaaa!!! Secretly lurking on each others blogs. A classic. It’s alright we’ll wait til Eurovison and then scream at each other about what the hell is happening instead. Absolutely am stunned by the cuteness always and pics are 👌. 😊

@bavarianqueen Listen I think you’re adorable and your face is lovely!!!! I enjoy taking a look at your blog and seeing you have fun with it and make it your own! Also I fully believe you’ll get those strong builder arms, go for it, just remember to be careful!! 😘

Do you mind
the scent of hospital,
on my arms and legs?
will you still kiss them,
though they’ve
been punctured,
and prodded?
and do you mind,
the lack of words 
I formulate?
I’ve lost my mind
in the hallways
of that place,
remind me of
my former ways.
do you mind,
that I will some days
forget your name?
I love you so,
but I’ve lost my memory,
though I do adore your face.
—  t. edana talbott // do you mind?

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To the cosplayer: you're so adorable, I love your face!!!

((Hng thank you! As far as I know not many people like my face lmao Also I lowkey want to throw out there that I’m single if anyone wants to hmu))

imsg → Priyanka
  • Frank: Well Well Well...look who is kicking ass and becoming a big time TV star? Been a minute since I seen your adorable face. How have you been, sweetheart?

Lazy Date Night: You and Seth are too lazy to go out and have an actual date, so you two decide to stay home and have a date there. *Not Requested*

“Y/N, I’m home,” Seth called into the house that you both share. But he didn’t get a response.

Closing the front door and walking further into the house, Seth called your name again. Still, no response. He was getting ready to try one last time before he freaked out, when he saw you come out of the bathroom.

“There you are, babe,” Seth beamed, “I was wondering where you were.”

“Sorry, Seth. I was just getting out of the shower,” you replied, hugging your boyfriend.

“Yeah? You smell great.” Seth then began to kiss up your neck, hitting your sweet spot and making you moan. He carried you to the living room and sat you down on the couch, when he began to undo your jeans.

“Seth,” you stopped him, “I just took a shower.”

“So? We can take one together later,” he smirked and went back to undoing your jeans. He almost had them off when someone opened the front door and walked into the house.

“Hey people,” Dean Ambrose shouted. “Oh, were you two about to do it?”

“Yes, Dean,” Seth sighed, “we were.”

“Well, not anymore.”

“Sorry ‘bout that, guys,” Roman Reigns said, apologizing for Dean while closing the door. “Hey, Y/N.”

“Hey, Roman,” you said pulling up your pants back up in front of the guys since you weren’t shy around them. “Man, you guys have bad timing.”

“Tell me about it,” Seth agreed, “what the hell are you guys doing here anyways?”

“Don’t you two remember,” Ambrose said, “we always go out to the bar on our first day back together.”

“Can’t we just skip tonight and go tomorrow?”

“Nope. That would just ruin the tradition.”

“Come on, Dean," Roman said, "I think one night of breaking the tradition won’t hurt.”

“I think it will,” Dean retorted.

“Actually, Dean is right: we shouldn’t break tradition,” you said. “Lets go guys.”

“But, Y/N,” Seth pleaded.

“Seth, now. I don’t wanna wait another day to see a shitfaced Dean.” You then walked out the front door and got in the back of Roman’s car to wait for the boys.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your girlfriend,” Dean said to Seth.

“Yes, a thousand times,” he replied, rolling his eyes. Seth and Dean then got into the other passenger seats, while Roman got into the driver’s and drove to the nearest bar.

You and the boys have been in the bar for only one hour, but Dean and Seth were already drunk. Roman decided not to drink since he had to drive, and you decided not to drink either because you knew that you would have to take care of your boyfriend when you got home.

“Y/N, why don’t you dump Seth and get with me,” Dean whispered in your ear.

“Hey…you, Dean,” Seth slurred while glaring at his friend, “you get away from girlfriend!!”

“Every time,” you muttered to your Samoan friend. He nodded his head while drinking the rest of his soda.

“Alright guys,” he said standing up and throwing some money on the table, “I think it’s time to leave.” He got Dean’s attention, pushed out the door of the bar and into the door of his car. You grabbed Seth’s hand and sat him down in the back of the car.

Once Roman drove you and Seth, he drove to the nearest hotel to deal with a babbling Ambrose. You thought that you and Rollins could finish where you two left off earlier that day, but you were both too tired to do anything. (Though you did make up for it the next evening.)

“What time is it,” you breathed out after you two were done.

Seth looked at the clock. “Six-thirty,” he replied.

“Shit, I had reservations for us at a restaurant earlier.”

“That’s okay. I don’t feel like going anywhere right now anyways.”

“Are you sure?”


"What about our date?”

“We can have one here at home. Just,” Seth stretched, “a lazy one.”

 "Okay,“ you replied, kissing him on his cheek, "what do you want to do then?”

“Hmm…oh, I know! How 'bout we play some Rock Band?”

“sure, I’m in the mood for whooping your butt!” You turned on the T.V. and game console, put Rock Band 2 in and got yours and Seth’s wireless guitar controllers.

“Can’t we just do a co-op mode instead,” Seth asked while making a pouty face.

“No,” you replied, plucking him on the nose. “Now stop looking at me like that before I die from your adorable face.”

“Best way to go.” He picked up his guitar after he winked at you and chose versus mode from the main menu.

Two hours went by when you and Seth finally decided to stop due yours and his numb finger tips. Seth turned off the guitars and turned on a regular controller so he could go to the dashboard on the game console.

“So, what now,” the Superstar asked you.

“Lets watch some horror movies,” you answered enthusiastically.

“I love it when you say things like that.”

“I know. Now go make us a snack while I pick out a movie.”

“Okay, sexy lady,” Seth said, while walking into the kitchen. You went to Netflix to look for a scary movie that you thought that would scare the pants off you. You searched and you searched when you finally found a series of a horror movie that you love. Seth came back in the room a few minutes later with two plates full of chicken wings.

“Nice pick of a snack,” you said taking your plate from Seth.

“I thought that you’d like it,” he replied getting on the bed. “So, what movie did you pick?”


“Ooh, I love Hellraiser!”

“Me too!! Netflix has all  nine of them. We won’t be able to watch all of them in one night, but we can still watch the rest tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a plan, babe.” Seth played the first movie and you tow watched while you dug into your wings.

Four Hellraisers later and you were finally starting to get sleepy. You pulled your blanket up to your chin and layed down.

“Getting sleepy, babe,” Seth jokingly asked you while he turned off the game console and T.V..

“Yeah,” you laughed, “but you don’t have to stop the movie marathon because of me.”

“That’s alright, I’m a little tired myself. Besides , who am I supposed to laugh at when a jump scare pops up?”

“Hahaha, very funny, Seth,” you replied, pressing your face into Seth’s chest and yawning. “Good night.”

“Good night, Y/N.” A few minutes later, you were fast asleep and Seth held you tight to keep you warn and sighed happily. “Best date ever,” he said as he kissed the top of your head.