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Hey I have a question about the Gran Hotel soundtrack that I can't seem to find the answer to and thought you might know, do you know the name of the track that plays whenever something good happens, like the first time Julio and Alicia had sex or kissed or when he's thinking about her smoking whilst she's locked up by Diego? Thanks in advance, adore your blog ps.

Thank you so much! As far as I know, the Gran Hotel soundtrack songs haven’t actually been given any names (that have been released to the public, since there’s no official soundtrack). However, I managed to find some songs that others have ripped from the show itself - they’re from the first season, and I think there’s around six tracks, including the one you’ve mentioned (it’s labelled as ‘El beso’). You can download them here, it’s a mediafire link: (x). It’s a RAR file, so you’ll need a program like 7zip to open it. Hope this helps!

I thought that this morning couldn’t get better than yesterday. And I’ve been surprised in a good an amazing way.

When I came in the cloakroom to dress this morning Mathieu Faivre was here and said “you’re back” while smiling, he even got up to kiss me. One hour ago the same “cinnamon roll” liked the photo I did with him yesterday that I posted on instagram. That was just adorable. Couldn’t stop smiling and my mum was laughing ahah.

We came inside the track, it was less cold than yesterday, pretty good. Alexis recognized me, he smiled and said hi.

Yesterday my brother failed the photo I did with JB Grange so we did it again today. This man has a golden heart. Couldn’t see it but the television filmed us when I was taking the picture. Said to him “thank you so much for the photo” and he replied “oh thank YOU”.

Let’s talk again about Mathieu Faivre. Went to him to have an autograph. My mum said to him the fact he was that simple and very nice to everyone was incredible. That some sportsmen weren’t like that. He replied “I know, but you know there’s no reason for me (to get pretentious)”

They all are adorable as hell, but Victor wins the big prize. Yesterday he had to quit early and then promised me he’d do some autographs tomorrow (today). After the training he gave me a eye wink to make me understand he didn’t forget. He came to me himself and smiled. He started the autographs and everytime wrote something personnalised. While doing it he said to me that was really appreciable to see I came yesterday and today, the two times with a big smile during the whole training. That’s what he wrote on my personnalized autograph:

A fond et toujours avec le sourire ! - All the way and always with the smile !

He smiled and said “Wait, I have some cards in my bag”. He couldn’t find them at first and laughed when he took them away from his bag. He even signed them once again (because these kind of cards are already printed signed). He was always smiling, thanking us for following him and the team and for coming to support them. My mother said to him he was adorable, just like JB Grange and Victor added: “Yeah Jean-Baptiste is a golden boy !”

Everything that happened yesterday and today seems so unreal to me. This is like a dream coming true and I feel like the happiest supporter right now :-)


I was tagged by teawithmeredith to do the 6 albums I’ve been listening to recently (2 weeks ago…sorry for the delay)

Grand Romantic- Nate Ruess

Jukebox the Ghost- Jukebox the Ghost (particularly the solo piano version tracks)

Our Nature- Savoir Adore

The Sun As It Comes- The Lonely Wild

VHS- X Ambassadors

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness- Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Thank you so much for tagging me, Meredith!

I tag doriangrayshopsatforever21 zt2  justbxtweenus  mischeif-managed77 asupernaturalsnow   thatgirlfromtechcrew wethelittlethings lululovesbtrand1d  (and as always anyone who wants to do just say I tagged you!)

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// Opinion of me? :0 (Cause why not?)


I follow you mostly because I was intrigued by your art. I apologize for not really looking at any other aspects, it’s a little hard to keep track of everyone uvu;

But, that aside, you do have a very nice style. It’s very much like anime, but with its own little twist to it. I love how adorable and vicious Vladimir is, and the way you color everything is practically superb. I love how sketchy your sketches are, yet how refined they can be. It’s very nice.

I won’t lie, you also look so beautiful in person. I really can’t deny that aspect, and I thought I should be honest. Though it’s a little creepy that I’d point that out.

Ugh, my lesbian cells won’t stop killing me.

Before I met you,
I thought I knew
What happiness meant.
I thought I would never achieve it
It seemed so far out of my grasp
Like trying to catch smoke
With your bare hands.
But you came
Like a hurricane
And shook my world completely
My heart began to beat
So hard it hurt
A thunderstorm raging
In my very soul.
The train tracks
Across my skin
Slowly fading away
To a dull ache
Of what used to be
And how far I had come
And when the clouds descended
Once more
My personal sunshine drove them away.
It is now looking back I realise
Just how much you did for me
And how much my heart
Has latched on
My soul connecting
To yours desperately
How much I need you
In every way
How much I adore every little thing
The sound of your laugher when you cannot stop
It plays through my mind
Whenever the world gets too much
I hear it
Ringing through every ounce of my being
Coursing through my viens
And the feel of your hand in mine
Like it was always meant to be there.
You will never know
How much I love you
Every atom of my being
Pulls me towards you
I am so in love with you
It hurts me
To imagine a future
Where you’re not with me.

I’d like to think it was so fair...

I’d like to say

She stood before Him, her eyes lost in the darkness that had taken her over long before he had come to find her. The desire to keep her city safe from Townsville was diminished. The drive to be the outgoing girl she was, was gone. The love in her heart that kept her with her family and friends had dissipated. The girl that loved her sisters and her father so very much had stopped dead in her tracks and realized just how bad she had it.

The Buttercup that everyone loved and adored so very much, had long since disappeared and replaced with a being whose soul seemed to have been lost in the darkness. Lost to a being that is the very meaning of hell.

I didn’t care; I’d like to think it was all fair

The soulless eyes stared off into the nothingness as his presence took her into his arms. He guided her into his blackness and grinned down at her. He knew. She was too far gone for the others to bring her back; the void of darkness shielding them from the outside world. His aura thickened when he realized how successful and easy this capture was. The toughest of the three girls had fallen victim of depression. Yes.. This girl is mine now; there is no escaping my void now.

He looked down at her as she finally acknowledged his presence, lifeless eyes shifting around the void, looking for what had her. “Ah, Buttercup. I am so sorry to hear that you have no one to love you anymore. Yes… I know about it. I know that they all abandoned you and you have no one to take care of you anymore. Mmm?” His arms brought her closer, closer to the heart of the devil himself; his aura growing darker. “It pains me to see that you are so miserable. But do not worry, child. There is plenty of room in my humble home. All you have to do is commit your life to me. There is no going back.

The waves are gliding over me

Her eyes glimmered of some hope that her sisters would see this void in the city and come to her rescue, but as time passed, there was no more hope. The glimmer of hope that she had faded after a while, causing her to look up into the void. She was growing darker by the minute, her eyes showing the presence just how far gone she was. It was to the point that everything she loved… everyone she loved, was just a memory now. A memory she didn’t want anymore.

Where was the music?
Where were all the people?

My search for the Dreamweb
Had brought me here
But I still had to find the Sleepwalkers

And then I could hear it
The music. that singular music
In the dead silence, in this dark alley
It was still in my head

And then I knew what I had to do

The darkness grew in her heart.

Everything passing away

“No one cares. Your sisters, your father, the people of Townsville…. Junior?”

The mere mention of his name made her heart run cold. Buttercup’s fists clenched at the thought; Him only smiled wider, a claw coming up to her face, caressing it softly. “Ah.. I have hit a nerve, I see. Do not worry, child. I will make sure that he can no longer find you. He will not hurt you again.”

Whatever mattered

The ice barrier around her heart grew as his words sunk in. The Buttercup that was known for her stubbornness and loyalty, dissipated. She was caught up in her own darkness, and now she was caught up in his darkness.

Soulless, cold, darkened eyes came up to look at her captor. “I want to go with you.”

He grinned and pulled her closer, whispering in her ear. “Are you afraid?”
“I’m not afraid.”
She responded.

And then she was gone.

♦   C • R • E • D • I • T   ♦

Lyrics used:

Whatever Mattered - R.E.T.R.O
Transition - Revelations
Not Afraid - Revelations

All by Mind.In.A.Box

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ohohohoh i have a tumblr crush on one of my mutuals, they're literally the cutest thing and so nice and like half the time im too much of a wimp to talk to them, but holy crap nate, they're adorable. they're older than me and we both have really similar interests and im just ;u;

awwww kara, anybody would be lucky to be your friend <3 they probably aren’t as cool or cute as me, but as long as they send you shark memes, they’re a keeper ;)

[tell me about your tumblr crush on anon?]

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[Talk about me Katie! -puppy eyes-]


I’ll gladly talk about this dork right here!

You know I think you were actually the first person to interact with me on Sche? So I have to thank you for that, for making me feel welcome in this fandom. <3

Your Alibaba is just so perfect and adorable and dorky and I can very clearly hear his voice coming out when I read your posts. Because you know, even when we’re not interacting I read pretty much everything you write! I like keeping track of all my children, I try to read as much as I can from each of you~ 

I love seeing you develop your writing style and your muse. And even if we don’t talk a ton ooc I know you’re always there if I need you. 

I love you a lot <3 <3

5 Silly Facts About Me!

Thank you so much to the beautiful gutilicious for tagging me.

1. I pretend to die in front of my dog every day, you would think I would get tired of his reaction but nope!

2. I refuse to sleep in my own room if I see a bug and lose track of it, I’ll force my roommate to move over in her bed for me.

3. I screech whenever I see my favorite athletes looking adorable, this happens a lot with Coentrão!

4. Sometimes I dance to the songs from children cartoons with no shame.

5. I’ve always wanted to publish a book, for now I stick to writing cute fics and poems, hopefully one day my dream will come true.

I tag: palikstylinson, mariana2115 & anyone else interested! ^_^

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My drafts filled up again! Picking away at them as the words come to me, but just to keep track, here’s who I still owe!

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If you aren’t on this list and I owe you a reply PLEASE LET ME KNOW it slipped past my radar! Or I possibly ninja-replied while you weren’t looking! ;)


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HEY RENATA! You are so adorable - I love your hair and your freckles :) I wish you all the best and hope you know that you have lots of people rooting for your success and happiness! This message is part of the Anon Love Project - I'm trying to send kind anon messages to as many Swifties as possible! Everyone in this fandom is so lovely and you all brighten my day, so I'm just hoping I can return the favour! If you reply to this message, please tag #anonloveproject so I can track the replies :)

Oh my god this made my night! Thank you so so much and good luck with the amazing idea <3

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(Continuation) (I judge people by their smiles and oh deer his was absolutely adorable) so of course I have to develope my weird version of a crush (I want to be their friend except I want more cuddles) but he's the fastest long distance runner, could i be any more cliché and then the track season ended, all I got was his name and I now live in perpetual fear that i will run into someone i know from track. Let it be remembered that middle school is the 7th circle of hell Have a nice evening-anon

Wow it is hell when you’re home schooled and don’t really have much social experience. I’m so sorry about that. It’ll get better though. I know how it feels to feel that way about wishing to not see anyone you might know from school or something. I’m pretty awkward. I also suck at running. I run so weirdly xD
You said this in past tense so I’m hoping things are better now :) middle school can be hell but high school is most of the time so much better

I spontaneously decided to visit Banana Island for 3 days, so I started today with 4 plain bananas. Since this is a bit too boring for me, I had plain jasmin rice for lunch and after a good yoga workout this afternoon I made nice cream out of 4 frozen bananas and a few frozen blue- and raspberries.
I know, this is not real Banana Island but only monomealing makes me grumpy and bored. Nobody wants me grumpy or bored 😉
Anyway, the next 3 days there will probably only be banana pictures but I know you guys adore nanas just as much as I do 🍌💛🍌
I hope this kind of cleanse helps my digestion back on track and also makes me settle down a bit. My body is too busy getting along with my crazy life right now, so I want to give it a rest.
Happy weekend everyone!

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HI MICHELLE! You are wonderful and adorable and I hope you have an amazing time at the concert tomorrow!!! I hope it's everything you've wished for AND MORE! This message is part of the Anon Love Project - I'm trying to send kind, encouraging anon messages to as many Swifties as possible! Everyone in this fandom is so lovely and you all brighten my day, so I'm just hoping I can return the favour! If you reply to this message, please tag #anonloveproject so I can track the replies :) xo

thank you so much this is such a cute idea!!!!!!!! and im really looking forward to the show im so so so excited words can not describe 

Day 93

I really want to talk about Jamie Lawson. He is the very first artist signed to Ed Sheeran’s brand new record label, Gingerbread (I love that name so much). He is a singer-songwriter from the UK and his hit single, which is also the first track from his upcoming self-titled album (even though he has released two albums previously, one in 2010 and one in 2006), is soooo good. It is called “Wasn’t Expecting That”. I love the lyrics, they are just so darn adorable. It seriously just gets cuter and cuter. And I love this perfect blend of guitar and piano. A+. Album comes out on October 9th, look out for it!

Watching Kimi Wa Petto for the first time.
So cute!!!!! I love this! It’s the most adorable and sweet representation of role play. I love this show so much already and I’m not even done with the first episode. I’m definitely going to have to track down the manga.