“Hey baby, I’m sleepy already. Can I sleep now? Good night, I love you.” Those nights like this, I know that you weren’t asleep. You were actually talking to someone else. I can’t do anything about it so I just let myself fall asleep and wait till morning for you to talk to me again.

“Babe… Oh shit, sorry. I mean, baby. Hi!” I’m not her. How could you call me “babe” when you were the one who said that you’d call me “baby”? This happened so many times, but I chose to be deaf no matter how painful it was for me to hear.

“I’m stopping this.” There, you said it. You still love her. Perhaps you never did love me. It’s okay, I understand… Even though it hurts.

this is a dumb question but I’ve never understood napping anyway so : do you actually fall asleep during a nap or is it just like, you close your eyes and rest for a bit but you’re not Asleep. you’re daydreaming or meditating or smth
bc how the fuck do people “nap” for 20 minutes when it takes me hours to get to sleep




Imagine brushing Woozi’s hair away from his face when his head is rested on your lap so that they don’t bother him as he’s napping.

solangelo + 14: things you said when you thought i was asleep

look,,,, it’s an actual stand-alone ficlet ,,, and m/m as well wow
requested by @platonic.thalico on instagram


“Shit, Will. How much have you been drinking?”

“Eh, you know.” Will see-sawed his hand in front of his face. “Had a few -” He mimed taking a shot, and Nico shoved him lightly.

“God. For a doctor, you don’t seem to care much about your health,” Nico said, frowning.

“My health,” Will said, gesturing drunkenly, “doesn’t matter. It’s my patients’ that does. Or else I’d be a pretty crap doctor, wouldn’t I?”

“Mmhmm.” Nico tugged on Will’s elbow, trying to get him back into the apartment before he woke up the whole block. “Come on, Will.”

“You know, I don’t really feel like moving,” Will said decisively, slumping against the wall and closing his eyes.

“Oh, dear lord,” sighed Nico, casting his eyes to the heavens. “Don’t be a dickhead, Will, just get in the apartment before you crash.”

Will groaned and muttered something obscene. Then his face drained of colour: “Actually, Nico, I feel kinda-”

“If you throw up in here, I swear on every higher power, I’ll - ugh, let’s just get back inside.” Nico ushered Will into the apartment, slamming the door behind them. A cool breeze swept in through the half-open window, ruffling the curtains softly. Will tilted his head up to it, breathing deeply; a little bit of colour returned to his face.

“Have we got any corn nuts?” Will asked.

“What?” said Nico, taken aback, then, “Will, I think you need to get to bed.”

“Good idea.” Will staggered into the bedroom, swaying worryingly. By the time Nico hurried in after him, Will was sound asleep, still fully dressed, laid out on top of the bedclothes.

Nico laughed slightly, and sank down next to his boyfriend, pressing a hand into Will’s blond curls. “I love you, you know,” he said, sliding back into a lying position, stiff sheets crackling underneath him. “Everyday, every minute, every second, I fall more in love with you. It seems impossible, but I guess it’s not, because here I am. Here we are.”

Will made a mumbling noise. “I love you too, you know,” he said quietly, and reached around to grasp Nico’s hand.

Nico blushed scarlet, and then a small smile unfurled across his face. He closed his eyes and buried his face into Will’s shoulder, falling to sleep to the familiar warmth.

One of my favorite things about the Partners in Crime mv is the fact that her hair is two-toned like Neo’s

Had to redraw a scene from it with these two eventually~ 

Sleepover Week With LLC

In stellar news, on top of everything else I have, I seem to have “magically” torn something in the back of my knee and can’t get in to see a doctor until Monday. I’m pretty bummed (read: devastated). I’m stuck in bed for a while as I can’t walk and am in more pain than usual (10/10). Please cheer me up, friends. Send me book & movie recs, funny posts, leave me reviews/comments on my fics, send me a headcanon, ask me some questions, talk to me about Thorne (or others). Are you familiar with Sleepover Saturday? This is Sleepover Week. Help me make it to Monday. I look forward to hearing from you. ♡

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4, 15, 22, 45, & 49!!! with sehun 💖

bedsheets, kisses, cuddling, laughter, music

send me 3-5 words and an exo member.

“you’re so cute,” you say as sehun jumps to your bed and kisses your cheeks. he laughs and it sounds like music to your ears, or maybe it was because of the soft music that was playing at the background.

sehun moves closer to you, cuddling with you as he kept you warm. his eyes are closed, but he says an “i love you” before he falls asleep. 

“you’re not actually sleeping, are you? you and i both know we like it better to stay up at night and give kisses,” you joke. sehun laughs and opens his eyes, “of course, jagi.”

and if it was possible, he moves closes to you as you lay your head on his broad chest, hearing his heart beat against his fair skin, and for some reason, you tell him you’d rather sleep like this (with him surely with you) and he replies with a kiss on your forehead, “good night, babe.”

“good night, sehun,” you sleepily say as you kiss his cheek, wrapping yourself with a blanket and placing your hand on his chest.

a/n: idk what this mess is…

My mom and I were arguing about an object that had gone missing and I like to say things under my breath to piss her off yaknow. So she asked me where this object was so I said “I don’t know” under my breath. She’s mad now so she quickly responded “What did you say?!”. And I proceed to yell “I DON’T KNOW!!!”….I woke myself up yelling I don’t know. Everyone thought someone broke in the house because I actually screamed. But I fell back asleep before anyone got to my room.