Since I consider myself a big sis to all of you, I have made a small list of academic and misc. tips to make college/university not suck as bad.


  1. If you get distracted in large lecture halls, sit in the front row. I discovered in large classes that I was sometimes more focused on the girl in front of me being on facebook, than I was on the actual lecture. Sitting in the front is always a good idea. It is honestly the easiest tip I have for you.
  2. RECORD YOUR LECTURES! How ever you decide to take notes, you can also record your lectures. I use notability to take notes and to record my lectures with. When reviewing before an exam, recordings are a lifesaver. Also just reviewing after class, it deff helps to clear up anything that was slightly unclear in your notes.
  3. Dress comfy for class. Literally no one care what you wear to class. Don’t feel like you haaaave to look cute, I understand wanting to look good to feel good for yourself but sometimes nike shorts are gonna be your best option.
  4. Book group study rooms in the library. If your libraries on campus are anything like mine, they’re always packed. BUUUUUT it is very likely that your library has a way to reserve library rooms, thus guaranteeing you a silent study place on campus. Book ahead for finals week!!
  5. GOOGLE DOCS. Once you make a good study group, condense all of your notes together on a google doc shared between you all. Google docs and slides  are also amazing for group projects and presentations. Become familiar with both, they are your new best friends.


  1. Starbucks has a loyalty program, get on it. I worked as a barista and literally the gold card program starbucks has will safe you a ton. There are literally 10 Starbucks on my campus, you will become familiar with yours. Download the app and start collecting points now! Also a pro-tip, skip the lattes and frappuccinos. Drip coffee is the best option for you, it is cheaper, better for you, and has the most caffeine besides the iced coffee. Also, once you’re a loyalty member at starbucks, refills on all coffee and tea is FREE
  2. Keep snacks in your bag, it’s not rocket science. You get hungry, eat. The more protein, the better. 
  3. Easy way to talk to someone in class. Pull out a pack of gum. Has not changed from high school. Having “class friends” is needed. They’re great for getting notes from if you miss class and for getting together to study with!

I hope this helps some people the way it helped me.

After giving this same advice about affirmations to a few people in the past few months, I thought I would put this together in comic form.

I actually recorded myself saying my affirmations and I repeat them as I listen on my drive to work. For a while, I got out of the habit of doing it and I realized I was feeling really down on myself. I’ve made it a priority lately and it’s made me feel more upbeat and capable. :)


So a year ago I got my heart shattered by a girl who made me promise to never leave her. A girl who loved dating a musician but couldn’t handle an artist. A girl who was threatened by my ambition and big dreams and who tried to make me give them up. One year later I am still here, rebuilt; getting ready to release my very first studio-recorded album, enjoying time with endlessly supportive friends and learning to love myself more every day (ok most days;). So I guess what I’m trying to say is: never let anyone limit you from what you know you are capable of. Follow your dreams right to the fuckin moon and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. I thought I would never love anything more than that girl but now I’m actively making my life something I can love just as much.

I promised myself I wouldn’t argue again but I felt compelled to do this.

So the arguments against Pharmercy mostly stem from this pic.

For the record, Blizzard, the company that made and owns Overwatch, confirmed at San Diego Comic Con how old the characters are in this particular image.

Most of the haters just flat out ignore this which says a lot on its own, but imagine that they actually go with these canon ages that Blizzard has provided. In which case, Jack knew Mercy when he was an adult and she was a kid.

“Oh, but we’re not shipping Mercy/76 when Mercy is only 17,” you argue. “We’re shipping it when Mercy is 37 and Jack is 55.”

Well buddy, pal, have I got a revelation for you. Pharmercy shippers aren’t shipping Pharmercy when Mercy is 17 and Pharah is 12, either. Pharmercy shippers are shipping them when Mercy is 37 and Pharah is 32. And your argument can be used by us, too.

Just a friendly reminder that Pharah is 32 aka a GROWN ASS WOMAN and can decide for herself if 5 years is too big of an age difference.

Honestly, install Tumblr Savior and blacklist Pharmercy if it really bothers you that much. Don’t look at the Pharmercy tag. If you have to mention Pharmercy for some reason or another, write it as Phar/mercy so it doesn’t show up in the tag or in searches. Stay in your lane and we’ll stay in ours.

Sad idea: Even if Takane made it to Haruka on time Haruka would’ve rejected her cause his body’s too weak and would probably die in a week or so and doesn’t want his death to be harsher for her

SAD IDEA: After Summertime Record Takane then rejects Haruka cause she knows she’s immortal cause of her eye power and Haruka will age without her and doesn’t want to get too attached to him


Y’all wanted me to post my reactions after the stream last night… here they are!

I’ve since done some more analysis of the video on my blog (squigglydigg.tumblr.com), but here it is, as promised: my first impressions about the new Mystery Skulls Animated: Freaking Out video (RIGHT OVER HERE, BTW, AND YOU NEED TO SEE IT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUYM5WNdNGc)



…I didn’t actually know JUST HOW animated I was while recording this on Twitch livestream, so going back through and editing this video… yikes, I made an utter fool of myself.  OH WELL.

(also that’s my roomie in the background; everyone say “hi”)

Whenever people get too close to me in public. I pull out my cell phone and have an intense conversation with myself about how the last supper was actually a gnostic feast of psychedelic mushrooms or how humans are obviously a by-product of aliens copulating with monkeys.

And because I’m desperately trying to stay alive creatively as boring 42 year old white man, I’ve started recording these performances with the same phone I’m shouting into. I then condense them into the little poems or stories you read here.

Of course I’m making this all up. Writing is the sacred art of telling the truth through seemingly pointless lies. Not really, I made that up too. See how easy it is?!

Plus, I’d actually like these silly ramblings to bring humans closer together. And not necessarily in a “gorilla alien drug sex” kinda way, but more like a soft knowing laugh at how how ridiculous and fragile we all are. And perhaps if we can all be honest for a sec we’ll realize we’re all dumb scared animals yelling nonsense in our heads and being kinda shitty to each other in public.

So next time you get cut off in traffic or in line for the Matterhorn, know that it’s just me and I love you. Also know that I’m listening to AC/DC and doing kegel exercises while drinking ultra light beer so light it doesn’t even exist.