So, I decided to include the Zelgan comic in my annually released art book because you guys made me think it might actually be a good idea. (aka: made me feel like I shouldn’t be ashamed of it TwT)

Thought you might like seeing the fixed up picture, the new book cover, and the original version of the drawing to compare it to. :)

Funny to think about it now, but this whole Zelgan project that I’ve got myself into was sparked by a massive migraine just a few months ago. I’m so happy with how it’s been going. The excitement I see from all of you when I post up the next comic and just everything. It’s made me so happy. Thanks again! TwT

OH, and since I’m talkin’ about art books and all that, I figure I’ll just give up on this secret identity thing. If you would like to see my serious freelance work, here’s my website. 


OH, and if you happen to be at GenCon this year and wanna stop by my art booth for a highfive, I’ll be there and ready. :D

(and just so it’s clear, the artbook won’t be entirely Zelgan stuff…. just like about half. The rest will be other side projects and small doodles and things that just aren’t really “big Fancy Art Print” material, but still hopefully interesting.)

The reason i specify ‘don’t tag as genderbend’ is not just to be flippant and tell you what to do, or to goad you into fighting with me; I don’t really want to fight with people. It’s for this reason; I specifically draw trans characters, sometimes trans characters with different presentation than in canon, and I’d like to defend that from interpretations of just ‘cis dude in a dress’ or ‘what if this character was a cis girl?’ if I possibly can.

I can’t actually fly into your house and use my wingspan to knock over your pots and pans, because life isn’t fair. But hopefully this is like, maybe giving you an idea of why I said I would. And if it wasn’t at all obvious why I felt that way bc I chose to make a joke out of it, I wanted it to be made clear.

VOICE Munday Meme
  • VOICE Munday Meme
  • Ryllen

( The recorder has longer (some are different) answers than what I typed down below. )

Name: Ryllen
Age: 20 to 21
Nationality: Asian
Sexuality: I like humans
Do you have any pets?: A pomerian dog, named Winter
Hobbies: Drawing, lazing around, doing nothing complicated that hurts my head
Favorite food and drink: Burger & cold water ((actually it’s hard to pick))
Are you currently in love with someone?: Naaah no no no
Rain, snow, or sunshine?: Rain
Morning or evening?: Morning
The perfect date?: LOL LOL Actually go places, sightseeing while walking leisurely
Do you want kids?: I really want to have girlxboy twins, but darn the rare chance!
What do you look forward to this year?: A place to do internship

Tag five people (remember to name their URLs if you record yourself talking):

Anyone, JUST DO IT!


My “art”

chiaroscuro-twilight replied to your post “can we see your art?”

oh yeah? we’d love to see it. post some and prove it to us. (note: the odds of us not liking it are about 0.00000000000014%)

Oh well… Don’t say I didn’t warn you. My drawings are really nothing special. At all. 

Most of these are from the drawing class I took in 2011, but one of them was a gift to my brother for Christmas in 2012.

Well, I guess these are okay. Nothing more, nothing less.

This one is a high-contrast painting of a picture of me and my brother. We don’t look much like ourselves. Actually, we both look much, much older than we were, as can be seen in the original picture to the right (from 2009).

So, no. I’m not a good artist. I’m okay at mimicking shapes with a pencil, but art? Ha.

anonymous asked:

You know... Gloomy's reference image states that her cutie mark represents finding faults in anything, but whenever fanart gets submitted to Ask Queen Moon, there's nothing but compliments on it from your end, even if there are some flaws in the work. Do you think you might be Discorded, or perhaps are you misinterpreting your special talent?

Actually I do see the faults in fanart. (I’m actually really cynical and point out a lot of mistakes that my friends and family make in real life, though I usually get on people’s nerves that way. I’m trying to change that now.) I just choose not to point them out. I’m grateful to get any art whatsoever because Ask Queen Moon is just a blog I’m doing for fun. I don’t expect to get famous or make money off of it. Heck, I was surprised I even got a single follower. To have people like my blog enough that they actually take time out of their day to draw something makes me really happy and just brightens up my day. No one is obligated to draw me anything, yet, they do, and they should know that I appreciate their efforts and their support.

I think it’s rude to point out the mistakes or issues I find in fanart that I get because they’re trying. Not everyone is comfortable with what they draw; I’m not even happy with my work most of the time. To point out the mistakes in the pictures that they probably spent a lot of time on would most likely discourage them from continuing because they would be made to feel bad about themselves. I would feel horrible if I ever did that to someone. (If I have done that to anyone by accident, I’m truly sorry as that wasn’t my intention. I was probably trying to make a joke or something and failed horribly.)

Fanart is, well, fanart.  They aren’t asking for critiques. If a person ever sent me something and asked for a critique, I would gladly type up a few paragraphs explaining everything I like and what I would suggest changing and keeping. However, that’s not the point of fanart. If I wasn’t the always-looking-for-criticism kind of person that I am, I probably wouldn’t be happy if I sent a piece to someone and they posted it with a long string of how the lines could have been done better and I should have used a different colour for highlights because the current one clashes too much with the coat or something like that. It wouldn’t matter to me that they said it looked okay other than all of that because I would feel bad for making all of those mistakes in the first place. I would feel embarrassed that someone called me out, especially if that someone was someone I really admired.

My compliments are supposed to get the person to keep going and encourage them to improve. I can’t be a giant grump all the time. If you want me to be negative or actually point out faults, I can do that. I just won’t do it to someone that didn’t ask for it.

As for my ponysona’s talent, eh. It’s a character meant to represent me. I could have gone with an art talent, but I didn’t want her to have the cliche artist pony OC cutie mark with a pencil or paintbrush or whatever. Being a critic of everything is one of my defining traits, so I went with that. Note to self: stop being so long winded.

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Gordon won't tell but I bet your doodle is really long and thin like the rest of you. I bet your actually the biggest of your bros, even Virgil. It's always the quiet ones.

“My what?” John’s brows crinkle in confusion, staring at the missive. “Is this a question about art? I’m not very good at drawing, uh… I mean, I’m definitely not better than Virgil. Have you seen his work? It’s fantastic.” John beams, proudly.

He’s got a Polaroid of one of his brothers paintings taped to a board in his bedroom, and John reaches across to very carefully peel the sticky tape back, holding up an image of a beautiful gouache sunset. The painted light is captured reflecting off the pool on Tracy Island, palm trees silhouetted against a just-starry golden sky and John grins, feeling warm and happy as he shows off his brother’s work.

“He said he gave it to me to remind me of home.” John laughs.

“I don’t know what thunderbirdgordon has been telling you but, uh, my own drawings are terrible, really.”

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favorite traits about the signs from your experience?

Aries- They make the best friends fr because they’ll talk about anything with you and they go hard af and they’ll share all their hair secrets

Taurus- They really love to explain things. They just want to share knowledge with people and want to make sure you get it and that’s super cool

Gemini- Their fashion choices are always A+ no lie

Cancer- The boys will actually admit that they like chick flicks 

Leo- The only leo I ever knew really genuinely enjoyed making people feel better. Like no fear of embarrassing themselves

Virgo- Tells you straight when your eyeliner is fucked

Libra- They’re just happy when someone wants to go to the store with them and they’ll talk about anything

Scorpio- They’ll always surprise you. 

Sagittarius- They have this weird energy about them that just draws people in like even if they’re trying too hard to sound deep, people still want to hear what they have to say

Capricorn- Their sense of humor is perfect. Period.

Aquarius- How strong they are. They really try to make a difference and want to help people out and they won’t complain, but they aren’t doormats either. They walk that fine line with grace and it’s awesome

Pisces- The way a pisces laughs is just so innocent and genuine and their cheeks look llike fucking shiny apples

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Random headcanon for tokka

Ok ok, this one is so cute it makes me sad sometimes because it’s so adorable and I can’t believe someone just asked me for it.  

You know how Toph always tells Sokka his art looks good even though she can’t see it and he’s so happy for a second and then he realizes she can’t see it and gets sad?  I think that he eventually starts drawing rather than painting, and pressing really hard into the page so that Toph can feel the lines.  

She looks at his drawings with the braille method and tells him he should get a new hobby.  

And they’re so cute and I’m going to die and why didn’t all of this actually happen and I’m so upset because Tokka is perfect.  

And yes, this is what it looks like when I go ship crazy and no, it’s not something y’all get to see normally, so feast your eyes on my crazy.  

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I really want to explore my character more by joining a social media site like DeviantART and pose as that character, but I don't necessarily want it to be mentioned that it's a fictional character's account *until* my book comes out, where the character is described to be actually uploading these drawings etc.; I also want to publish the book under the character's name, because it's told from his POV. The closest example to this I can think of is Lemony Snicket, but is this a bad idea?

I think it sounds interesting. The only snag I can think of is that some social media sites have rules about fictional personas, but you can read the site rules/guidelines before creating an account to make sure it’s okay. There are some ethical considerations to keep in mind, but as long as you’re not interacting with people on a personal level, still pretending to be the character, I think you should be okay. :)

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ACTUALLY NO I HAVE MORE TO SAY honestly I just really like the idea of people being in love with Aymeric’s ideals and what he stands for? like that to me is much more beautiful that ye olde rabu rabu romance fiction

UM YES because he’s basically an equivalent to Merlwyb/Kan-E/Raubahn and him just being a really powerfully inspiring person whose strength of will and ideals naturally draw people to him and make them admire him without it ever being a romantic thing. Like even when it is horribly disadvantageous and stubborn of him to stick to it, he does, and I figure that’s what got Lucia to basically choose him over Garlemald and her original mission- he’s just that inspiring. Which is a lot more beautiful than just “I wanna kiss his face”. Though I would not deny her wanting to kiss his face independent of that, because it is a damn good face.

SO NOT REALLY A SHIP FOR ME but also a v. interesting relationship in a non-romantic direction and I would probably hand over a choice handful of gil for fic about Lucia’s choice to side with him if it was handled in a nonromantic/shippy way.

So I noticed one person/people were submiting their hand drawn VS base edit so I was gonna too if that’s okay!
Human base edit VS Human hand drawn

And pony base edit VS pony hand drawn

Idk.. seeing this blog actually made me really nervous because editing bases has gotten me far with clothing/hair/placement of things and all that + I do base edits because I currently have no tablet, and drawing something by hand then spending countless hours on drawing something once over to make it digital, then to post it with only 2-3 favourites compared to thr 10+ my base edits get pisses me off. I feel like if I stoped using based like I want to, people would unwatch me. :/

yaoipaws asked:

on fanart, would you be okay with people drawing ocs like they were under gecko's control and tagging you? i think adding a lil hint of gecko to everyone would be really cute

yeah go ahead !! i think thatd be a cool thing actually just dip ur ocs in gecko aesthetic lmao

so I see everyone contributing fanart to Jack, so here it is therealjacksepticeye hope u like it xoxo

i am so sorry i regret this before even posting it i swear

in reality i have no talents whatsoever except apparently running a confessions blog about Jack, so props to all y’all who can actually draw, animate, sing, or really do anything productive 👍

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that's disappointing to hear re: white-gon age. I saw so much fanart, I thought it was gonna be different, but alas. the really obvious roma/jewish diaspora influences that they draw on for the dalish made the whole thing really weird lol. I went out of my way to find a dark skinned elf in the city and she was actually like the only dark person aside from my warden :'\ Fantasy games... At least it's a generally fun game to play with some gay options I guess. I'm preaching to the choir tho so

Bioware pulls the same shit with the Quarians in Mass Effect, but at leas the Quarians don’t have visible skin - it’s really uncomfortable that they make the elves kinda remind you of romani ppl in Dragon Age and yet they’re all pretty white. My inquisitor in dragon age was like the darkest out of almost all the elves you find in game

(✿◠‿◠) *hardcore ships my friends and is left all alone to be a potato*

Idk what happened to Emily’s face and I drew you kinda emo but yeah I love drawing your haircut it brings me joy

Also you better like this I spent like 20 minutes on it you meme

oh my god you actually did it this is so

also tbh i’m kind of emo on the inside so that’s cool (i actually really want that necklace/choker thing wow)

and yes, dw, i love it lmao. still don’t know where all of this came from but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


okay so if i try hard, like really really hard, i should be able to catch up and do big serious art for all of ffix week instead of those silly doodles

that would be two drawings today and two tomorrow i think + the rest on schedule, and possibly some origins art if i can

??? ? ? ? would anybody actually want me to do it??