I’m working on a couple more pieces for something I’m working on before I get to the requests for the winners of my raffle. Here’s Izzy! I actually liked drawing modern clothes for once 

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I saw Tootie before, but do you have a ref of Timmy? Or do we dare speak of Poof?

haha Aww no I actually like Poof! I draw him all the time actually! I think he would’ve been great if the writing of those later seasons were better… like, if they let him age. 

Anyway I already have rh designs for Timmy and Poof and you can find them in my blog @croxovergoddess but how about some new designs? 

Oh good… I think I’m starting to get over this awful art rut. I actually like this drawing. More Disney style Ardyn because I really missed having that fluidity in my drawings! :D

And there is context for this face he’s making…

“Izunia, dear brother, perhaps if you pulled the giant stick out of your arse, people would like you better, and you wouldn’t have to live in fear and paranoia of everyone plotting against you. Hm?”

Just some head canon shit pff :P

someone wanted to know how i draw braids so i made an attempt at illustrating that!! i saw a very simple tutorial some years ago that made it click for me, but since then my braid method has evolved into something else entirely and i still kinda just Wing It.

i actually really like drawing braids, which is good because of my braid hell oc sparrow spellcaster, and because of my time in ssss fandom with this kid:

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I'm not trying to start discourse, but I'm a Jewish guy myself and I personally love big nosed Taako. And the buck teethed part isn't even a Jewish stereotype trait, at least not one I've ever heard of, nor has my older brother or my friend (Who is also Jewish. I asked them both). I can't speak for all Jewish TAZ fans of course, but for me at least, I absolutely adore big nosed Taako, especially yours, so I think as long as you don't draw him like that for antisemitic reasons, I think youre fine

ooh okay, thats good to know!! and yeah im not jewish but im not white either and i figured that like. actually drawing a character with a big nose wouldnt be antisemitic, because people with big noses, well, exist?? and the world could always use more big-nosed characters

i figured the all the same i should tweak my design a lil so that the way i draw noses isnt so cartoonishly exaggerated, just in case, but im glad to hear people approve of big nose taako!! big noses need more love, honestly. ty for the ask

going up north ❄

hi guys! my best friend (@justlickthedrumstick), who is also an amazing writer, is writing a phanfic that i absolutely adored and i decided to draw this lil thing inspired by it 
here you can read the first chapter: We can start it all over again// What a feeling 
ღ ღ 


I decided to do a “my tools” section for all the technical questions. Will update this post with my current favourite tools changes.


COPIC Multiliner SP from 0.2 to 0.7 

I used these fineliners to do the lines on many pictures - especially these with thick lines or done on textured paper (pen and ink can’t be used then). I like the sturdy metal case, waterproof ink and replaceable tips. These multiliners draw a nice smooth, black line but can also give interesting textured line on rough, watercolour paper.


I usually use my COPIC multilines for line-work but if I want thinner more stable lines I use a rapidograph. I used to use a Faber Castell rapidograph but as they are not available in Japan, I’m currently using a Rotring Isograph 0.4mm and as for now the ink flow is very stable and I didn’t have any problems with clogging. I’m using the original Rotring black ink. One tip: The line thickness and flow can vary depending on how well the paper handles the ink.

TACHIKAWA Linemarker A.T.

Contrary to it’s name this is not a marker pen but a pen with a nib that produces nice thin and stable lines. Great for fast sketching and even more precise linework. It comes in 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 variations and I’m using the 0.5 one and I’m liking it a lot. The ink from the cartridges makes dark lines and plays well with the most popular Moleskine paper (which is rare for pens) but is not 100% waterproof. The cartridges go empty REALLY fast so it can be bothersome and get expensive but it’s easy to fill the cartridge up with good ink using a syringe. I’m filling mine with black Sailor ink that is meant for fountain pens and also works well with Moleskine’s paper.

ZIG MANGAKA Flexible Fine and Medium

I like to use the Japanese brush pens, unfortunately most of them have non-waterproof inks or marker-like nibs. This one combines good brush nib available in two thicknesses with waterproof ink. The nib provides good flexibility and control balance with really fine line finish if needed. Also small in size and relatively cheap.


Mitsu-Bishi Hi-Uni from grade F to 10B 

I tried a lot of Japanese brand pencils and like all of them but for me the Hi-unis are the best (closely followed by TOMBOW). Now my main pencils. I love the silky feel and dark line they give. Because of that they are widely used in Japanese animation for drawing the animation frames. Japanese pencils generally feel a lot softer than European pencils of same hardness.

STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph grades 6B, 7B and 8B 

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So guys, I made a playlist inspired by Killing Stalking, and sketched a quick cover art for the sake of the playlist :)

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hot dresses AU/spyAU inspired by that incredi-drawing by gabzy + Neji is too floored by how killer Tenten looks to properly touch her (for a while, anyways). based off of convo with gabzilla-z & matchaball and

this AU is gonna be the death of me my god