the thing about working at a flower shop is that i needed to memorize a lot of plants and flowers and all their care regimens and origins when i was in training

so now im just so full of knowledge that no one cares about

the other day i commented on a girl’s nice instagram photo of her with a flowery tree that orchids are actually parasites that feed from the things they grow on

who does that

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Why does it even matter if someone was tracing poses from a photo? Like the actual features, color, detail, etc were obviously not copied from anywhere.

i would understand how it would be a problem if she traced for a commission or a contest or something involving some money, but i’ve been reading what several artists on my dash have had to say about it and they actually encourage tracing at least for practice and getting a feel for poses. here’s what @kurgy had to say about it and tbh he put it a lot better than me:

tracing, especially when it comes to studying anatomy, is a really good learning technique that even my art teacher encouraged when I was young. obviously you shouldnt trace everything you draw and claim it as your own, but using tracing as a practicing technique to better your own ability is nothing to be ashamed of, and something almost every artist I know has done at some point in time

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im really curious about your clockwork dolls (they are gorgeous) then i will ask 10 and 24. (i like specially the venus flytrap dress like one, that dress is AMAZING)

10. Their fashion sense
Well if you couldn’t already tell all of them are based off of flowers in someway!
Venus is based off of the Venus Fly trap! 
these are the exact photos I used actually (for palette and reference)
I don’t know if a lot of people know that Venus fly traps bloom but they do! They get these cute little star shaped flowers~ But they take so much energy to grow and bloom it can really hurt the plants so if you own one it’s best to trim them.

24.  what motivates them
She’s a demon doll so it’s probably just pure instinct
Luckily she’s a rare doll that you don’t see very often because she only eats every once in awhile~

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I trusted my friend not to tell anybody about the photo but this morning she asked me in front of my entire group of friends "who was the sexy photo for?" And then my other friend was like "yeah, they were hot!" I'm actually dying I'm dead

oh my lord I am so sorry that sucks a lot but it’ll blow over eventually don’t worry

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Okay so I've been seeing pictures and videos people have taken of the finale filming, and I'm convinced that you're right about it taking place inside ALIE's City of Light, and I've also noticed that a lot of the random guys walking around have grounder hair + business suits (and a couple have the grounder facial tattoos). Interesting thing.

It is definitely inside the City of Light!  (I CANNOT BELIEVE WE CALLED THAT SO ACCURATELY TBH)  People who were tweeting photos from the set said they heard extras saying lines like “welcome to the City of Light” or whatever.  It’s important to remember, though, that this can’t actually be a real spoiler.  This was a carefully-crafted social media marketing tactic.  Ian NEVER tweets, and suddenly he’s all “I’m on set with Alycia and Eliza in downtown Vancouver!”  And Jason was literally like “COME FIND US!”  So my guess is that Clarke’s “Alice in Wonderland” journey through the City of Light takes her to all kinds of crazy locations, of which the CGI-post-apocalypse-ified version of downtown Van is one tiny slice, and that the BIG reveal, the thing that will blow our minds, is being closely-guarded.  But the fact that there are Grounders in trenchcoats, and extras who look alarmingly like Paige and Ian, and that Clarke is wearing her Season 2 outfit in those shots with Lexa and her Season 1 outfit with Jasper, seems to indicate that we were watching one small part of a trippy A.I. dream sequence where Clarke goes inside the Matrix, and Jasper and Lexa (who I truly believe are dead by that point in the show) appear to her as like avatars of A.L.I.E. to try and get Clarke to stay in the City of Light, which they are both plugged into - Lexa because she’s the commander, and we have a whole theory about the way A.L.I.E. controls the Grounder commanders; and Jasper because he takes Murphy’s “little red pill” to get rid of his pain). 

I’m so excited to see this all play out and I’m really stoked for the fact that, on top of having solid characterization, emotionally moving drama, a compelling long-term story about the nature of humanity, and infinity jillion hot ladies, now this show has a twisty-turny mind-fuck sci-fi puzzle to solve.  I LOVE THIS SHIT.

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so I just got my blog and I'm having an extremely hard time gaining any followers or anything. i'm too shy to actually talk to people and i can't hold a conversation to make friends on here, so :/ how do you gain followers on here? i know life is not about followers but i have not had any actual activity from followers on here in days and it's so lonely

hey! I suggest posting some of your own content (for example: photos, text posts, poetry, writing, art, etc.) and tagging a few of your favourite bloggers in the post, so that they can see it and give it some exposure if they like it! This will help you gain a lot of followers. Tbh when I first started tumblr, it took a long time for me to gain followers, but once you get more followers, just try to keep your blog active and you will gain more. and also follow new blogs! Good luck! xx (ps don’t worry too much about the number of followers you have, just think about it this way, every one who follows you is a real human being who took the time to look at your blog and likes it, so appreciate every one of them, but try not think about it too much ok?)

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So in the sweater photos, the third one, GavMac has some sweet curves. Thoughts Jay? Do you wish you were a derivative so you could lie tangent to those curves?

this sounded like a lot of math jargon so i only understood like every other word, but anyways i go to art school iono what tf u talmbout 

RotK: "ANNOUNCEMENT: The Meetup On February 6 Is Cancelled"

…Blegh, mixed feelings. On one hand, I was reading their website (thanks to @cold-blooded-replicant and the one nonnie after I had thought ‘oh hey maybe i should go see what they’re actually about’, and realized “huh, they really do deserve the shit they get on a lot of levels.” So I’m glad this happened - was gonna make a post about not going this morning and then I saw this little gem.

On the flip side, the fact that they can’t hold a meetup without feeling threatened is kinda :/ A group like radical Feminism can walk shirtless down a street mostly uncontested, but a few men attempt to gather in a rather secretive fashion and people start snapping photos and going ‘LOOKING AT THE CRAZY’.

Granted, now I’m leaning towards ‘yeah, they’re crazy’. But double standard much?

Still, in the grand scheme of things…urgh, they’re some of those people where you’re really tempted to look the other way when we talk unjust events towards someone…sorta like the KKK and hoping that a septic tank gets dropped on one of their heads from the sky.

- Kuzco

Reblogging from Instagram: My Meal and Workout Plan available now http://ift.tt/1Rcf61j ~ Link in Bio 👉👉 @nini_bikini

As i mentioned earlier this week i have had a really bad week regarding my digestion, i have just been really bloated, holding a lot of excess water and just overall feeling yuck. I put it down to using some sauces that i have not really had before that have a lot of preservatives and additives in them. These are all ok in moderation but i have a very sensitive gut and i know i over did a few things this week (sauce Yolo😂) . But i wanted to post this because i was feeling so yuk i actually felt like i had gained weight this week, so i looked back at some older recent photos, the left is about September/October last year and the right is yesterday. Even though i was not feeling the “Selfies” yesterday i wanted to remind myself that i was indeed making progress.  Sometimes our mind can play tricks on us so its important to remind yourself just how far you have really come!

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Do you use different types of journals or just a daily diary?

I have like one actual journal that I’m using right now but the content varies a lot from just pages with words about my day or thoughts on things to pages solely devoted to sketches/doodles/ little paintings or photos✨

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Can I ask you something? I'm really new to kpop and there's something I'm really curious about... Do they really have super pale skin? Because I have seen photos of bts and it's crazy and I have nothing bad to say, I mean, I don't dare about how "color" they are. But I have seen photos of them (and kpop stars) where their faces doesn't match their skin tones at all and it's more like a light-medium. Is this really important in Corea? Idk but I find it really weird and this is kinda awkward :c

Hii ~

Yes, being pale is kind of a big deal in korea. A lot of idols (including bts) are naturally way more tanned and are whitewashed (you can see that on their vid to present their real life sized representations, they are actually a lot darker). Idols with darker skin are often teased about it and I personnaly hate that.

The industry uses a lot of photoshop to whiten idols skin because pale skind over there equals beauty and pureness’. And since idols are idealized in korea, they are expected to fill most/all beauty standards.

When it comes to performances and you think the face is a lot lighter than the rest, it’s make up. Bb or cc cream usually. So yeah… Sometimes you have a contrast with the skin on the neck and rest.

Idols should really just be able to have their picture taken without being whitewashed or teased. First of all, becausectanned skin is just as beautiful as pale skin. And secondly, for thzir self confidence. How are they supposed to feel confident and good about themselves when they are constantly teased or photoshopped…

Okay haha I hope I kind of answered your question ^^ i got a bit carried away hehe ~

I’m Not Stupid, I Know That’s Not An Arabian!

Alrighty, folks, listen up. 

I know that’s a Miniature, and not an Arabian. I’m not stupid. Here’s the story.

A few weeks ago, I made the first of my “TBH” posts. I explained why I did not like a lot of Arabians, and I had a picture to go with it. At the time, I didn’t have as many followers as I have now, but the few that I had (have now) were very active. They all agreed with me, about how some look like they’re deformed and about how it causes breathing issues for them. However, they also informed me that the horse in the photo was actually a pony, and not an Arab. I was surprised, and felt quite stupid, actually. But I got over it. See, when I wanted a picture to go along with the post, I went to our most trusted of brethren, Google, and looked up “Dished face Arabian horse”. I chose the photo of the faux Arab, because the color of its coat was very pretty. I also chose it because it was the right resolution. From the way the picture was shot, and the way the horse was positioned, I couldn’t tell that it was a Mini. I also happen to have blurry eyesight from time to time. I explained it to my internet colleagues, and we all had a nice “lol” about it. We went on with our lives and so did the pony. I didn’t take the blog down. 

Recently, a lot of Tumblr-ers found my post and got pretty ruffed up about it. I have been called names and what have you. I don’t appreciate it. You might be saying, “I know I was involved in it but I didn’t call you a name…”, well I’m probably not talking about you. I’ve been messaged bad things. In fact, I’m most likely not going to tag the names of the name callers because when they read the story and realize they were being immature and slightly elitist, they’ll get defensive and troll-like instead of apologizing. 

I don’t hate Arabians. They’re just not my favorite breeds. I don’t hate all Arabians, and I’m very aware that not all Arabs look like the ones I’ve talked about. I find some Arabians to be very fabulous (see above picture). I was told that I have no experience with Arabians. That’s not true. When I took lessons as a child, I rode a light gray Arapaloosa gelding (ArabianXAppaloosa), who was half blind. That’s technically not a full-blooded Arabian, but you get the picture. *no pun intended* I also worked with one, a bay one, we just didn’t ride her because she was a broodmare. 

If you love Arabians, that’s fine. Your opinion. Just don’t get mad at me for having my own. I love tabby cats, I own an orange and white one called Cello. But if someone were to post about how they disliked tabbies I wouldn’t get mad at them. Or if someone made a post about Siamese cats and used a picture of a cat that only looked like one instead of being the actual thing, I wouldn’t call them down for it. 

And Chirpingrocket, I know what Arabians look like. 

So in short, I know that horse isn’t an Arabian. If this Public Service Announcement comes off as snarky or anything, it was not intentional. It’s just the way I type/speak sometimes. Even then, how would you react in my situation? 

@captainluly @toknow-thearabian @hoodoodyke @chirpingrocket 

*tags a bunch of other people* 

Update: Turns out I like Dessa’s music quite a lot. That’s good. And the actual Night Vale show was awesome as well. From the moment Meg walked onto the stage and started talking about photos… or horses (?) everything was just absolutely fantastic. Great script, great performances, great audience, great Weather. This was just so so so good.

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This probably sounds a bit weird but do you ever just want to see personal photos of Helena? Like family ones? Not even of the kids or anything but just pictures that Tim might've taken of her cooking or laying on the sofa or something?

Actually, to an extent, yeah I do!
There’s always something enthralling about a candid photograph in someone in their natural habitat & away from glamorous photo shoots & red carpets.

Plus I think there’ll just be a lot of cute photographs of HBC drinking tea & reading a book or doing research for a role next to a huge window or outside.

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the only thing I tweeted was a capslock what the fuck. i just. if this isn't real, what the actual fuck is he doing posting photos on his IG, Jay tweeting, idek. but the "thanks for the nice messages :)" was a bit of a tip off and made me take a step back.

It’s a lot to take in that’s for sure.

But one thing I’ve noticed about fandom is that we freak the fuck out over something. Like mega anxiety and stress. Then we go back to our core beliefs. What we know. What we’ve seen for five years. Then new articles generate. There’s new stuff to pick apart. We start moving into memes and laughing our asses off.

I swear this happened with Zayn leaving. The original babygate splash, and several subsequent major points in the babygate timeline. It’s like a cycle.

So everyone just needs to try to parcel through their feelings and maybe just get a good nights rest and wait for things to develop further.

We love to hyper-react tho :) I’m not saying this isn’t a bomb exploding to me too. But I’m weathering the tremors and holding on like hell to something steady and I’m going to wait this shit out.

I want to see where things go before I give this band anymore of myself with regards to this baby.


So, I was challenged to the, “Power Of MAKEUP Challenge” and these are my results! Not saying I don’t feel better with the make up side, because I do, but seeing both sides at once actually helps me find that I like both of sides! Normally I feel Raggedy Ann and awful about looking natural, but to me in these photos I find (in my own personal opinion!***) that I could possibly rock the natural look just as much as I rock the make up look. In which I have NEVER thought of doing before! I recommend this challenge to anyone who feels they have to have makeup to leave the house! I have never felt this sort of confidence in the natural way I look before this challenge!! Tag the women in your life with this challenge and see how much it helps!! I hope to see hundreds of women feeling the same way about how they look naturally from this!

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hi!! I love your blog and I check it daily (heh), but I've noticed that whenever I go to your blog on computer the theme makes all the pictures reeeally huge so it's hard to see posts properly! I don't know if it's just my computer that does this though?

I use a theme for my blog that shows large photos - since I try post a lot of large/high-quality scans and photos, I’d like people to be able to see them that way without having to open them in another tab if they don’t want to. I’m sorry it’s causing you trouble! Sometimes it makes small images look really bad, & I’m not crazy about that.

Does anyone else have similar problems if you look at my actual blog page & not just on the dashboard?

Anyway, I’m glad you love the blog & keep coming here anyway, even if it’s a pain in the butt! ❤️❤️❤️

I want this Android-powered mirror that a Google engineer invented in his spare time

This year at CES we got to see wacky ideas about the Internet of Things, like Samsung’s new refrigerator with a gigantic touchscreen, so there’s a lot to be desired in the wild new era of smart-objects. That’s why this elegant mirror from Google software engineer Max Braun is so exciting — it looks like something you’d actually want in your home right now.

Braun posted the results of his project on Medium, and the photos look almost unreal. It shares the same information you can glance at on an Android phone — the weather, the time, and a glance at the top headlines — but somehow it makes even more sense on a bathroom mirror. It’s the kind of sleek near-future sci-fi of Ex Machina and Gorilla Glass concept videos, where every translucent surface in your world seamlessly springs to life with information from the cloud.

Braun says it took a bit of experimentation to get such a slick result, and that he’s not done tweaking the concept. Right now the mirror’s UI updates automatically thanks to Android APIs for news and weather, and it can even listen for questions with the voice search feature in Google’s mobile app. Hopefully next CES we’ll see more ideas like this, and fewer fridges with giant touchscreens.

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About the Muse

Name of Muse: Beras Valean

One picture you like best of your character’s reference:

For an actual photo! Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

For a lovely artistic rendition!: Drawn by @syliune!

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

Honestly, this section is quite difficult. I’m fairly open about my characters, and can spend a lot of time rambling ridiculously if given the chance. So, let’s see if there is anything I haven’t really disclosed about my headcanons for Beras…

1.  Beras often donates hefty sums of gold and other supplies to the various orphanages and shelters throughout Stormwind; furthermore, most Sundays, he can be found teaching the virtues of the light to the children who are willing to learn, listen and believe. 

2.  Beras has an extreme love of music, and is fairly decent ability at playing the guitar. He tends to keep this from most people due to how nervous he is to play in front of other people. 

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

1. Spending time with Leisel Brooks and his daughter, Alicia. It does not overly matter what he is doing with them, as long as he is with his newfound family. Typical dad things, I suppose. Reading his daughter to sleep with Leisel, cuddling on the couch in front of the fireplace with his beloved doctor, going for horseback rides with the pair of them, teaching Alicia how to properly wield a sword… that sorta’ thing!

2. Beras can often be found blacksmithing in his spare time. It helps him to relieve stress, and he enjoys being able to create something from nothing. 

3. His exercise routine and training regimen fill just about every other moment of his spare time; however, he finds these things to be quite relaxing and enjoyable. In his growing age, he needs to put forth extra-effort in order to remain capable in combat, and as a protector to the ones he loves.

Two things your muse regrets:
1. Beras regrets being unable to save more of his comrades during the various campaigns he fought in around the world. He is haunted to this day by the memories of the fallen.

2. Beras regrets never being able to protect his mother and father in their time of need, and consistently blames himself for their deaths. 

Two phobias/fears your muse has:
1. Failing to protect or provide for Leisel and Alicia.

2. Silithid and Qi’raji. 

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And.. whoever hasn’t already done this! I don’t keep up to date with that shit.