Okay this is some good meta, I just don’t wanna reblog it and start babbling about the shit I don’t agree with, that blogger doesn’t need my crap. Go give that a read, reblog it if you want to, its great

sPECIFICALLY that last bit about Steve taking a shine to the Ironettes. 

I need that fic

I may write that fic

I’m gonna sit on this because yEs. Yes, Steve’s chorus days are so fucking important yes yes yes. 

Steve showing up in civvies and no one recognizes him–he has a backstage pass and thats all they give a shit about–and he dicks around and is kinda lost in the sense of deja vu until he runs into one of the girls who’s like oooh great I do not have time to deal with someone who wants into my little booty shorts so she’s like really fake polite until she realizes he’s. Actually genuinely just interested in if she’s getting paid enough and if she and the rest of the girls like their job. And she’s like uh. Are you. From the union or something. And he’s like no, just curious cuz he used to work in a production a lot like this, but it was a while ago and the industry changes. 

And the conversation comes to an end and she goes back and tells all the girls wtf and they’re like HE IS SO FROM THE UNION or HE’S A TALENT SCOUT or HE’S A SPY FROM THE HIGHER UPS DON’T TELL HIM ANYTHING HE’LL GET US IN TROUBLE

but he keeps coming around because no seriously, good jolts of nostalgia are one of the few things keeping him going, so one by one the girls start talking him up trying to figure him out 

and he remembers each of their faces and their names and everything they tell him and he’s nice and invested and one of them finally tells him some things she wishes were different

and lo and behold they change

and the girls are like fUCK WHO  IS HE he’s an angel he’s hot he needs to be single and also keep coming around and buying me snacks from the snack machine 

and then one day they catch him having an argument with Tony which is mostly just cute blond guy ranting while Tony staring at him in mild disbelief honestly wondering how much longer he thinks he needs to keep going until he’s finally like Steve. Steve. Yes, I’ll fire the guy, he’s gone, no more creeping on the dancers, you really could’ve stopped there I do believe you oh my god 

I don’t know where this is going anymore I just want Steve to become a little cheerleader team mom to the Ironettes lemme alone

the worst thing about libra is that most of the ones who consider themselves funny rely on others to be fuel for their jokes and then they say it’s okay because they can handle being made fun of too but they literally cannot handle it?? at all! for example if you have a libra that’s into astrology and you say something like “yeah libra’s are kinda indecisive” and they’re like “oooh dragged me! I’ve been clocked! lol” but if you point out an actual flaw and make a joke about it they’re already plotting revenge on how to get you back times 10

Me and falling for characters
  • Supernatural
  • Sam Winchester: oh okay. This is normal..he's great...
  • Dean Winchester: wait.. He's not supposed to be the one I like...shit.. He's actually really amazing.
  • Castiel: oh he's adorable. Aw what a baby angel..
  • Gabriel: what? Wait a minute..he's...he's actually funny and kinda cute..
  • Lucifer: WHAT THE FUCK? Oh great I'm going to hell for sure...
  • Crowley: WHATEVER bring it on! This is nothing.. Such sass and grace packed into a rather small thing. Wow.. He's perfect
  • Doctor Who
  • Ninth Doctor: um..he's kinda.. Not bad looking. Wow, he's awesome as fuck
  • Tenth Doctor: he's great! Wow, this guys amazing.. A little conceited but okay. David Tennant though,,.oooh he's hot.
  • Jack Harkness: OMG he's so flirty and cute!! Haha I'd ship him with anyone and anything anyday!! Barrowman for president
  • The Master: what the fuck? Um no... No no no no no NO NO NO NO!!! Wait... Maybe....
  • Eleventh Doctor: there's no way I'm gonna like hi- OMG HES so adorable and clumsy and cute and holy hell look at him. He's so compassionate and sweet. He's like a bundle of flowers with ice cream and chocolate. Defiantly my doctor...
  • Rory: what? He's a dork...and a nerd... No way...And cute..and super cool.
  • Clara: wait a second... She's... She's... TOO FUCKING ADORABLE!! What a baby mouse. So cute.
  • Twelfth Doctor: he's Peter Capaldi of fucking course I'm gonna have a massive crush on him!
  • Missy: why the hell not?

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heh, sorry Tam. There actually happens to be an alernatuve universe where you're all guys, and yours and Matilda's counterparts are sorta kinda a "thing" now (according to the fans) so everybody's probably assuming that you like Matilda or vice versa.

Tamara: Alternate universe? Besides that, Mattie and I were an item?

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Peppermint, chai, and herbal!

tysm !!

peppermint ~ what’s your favourite holiday and why ? 

oooh idk probably christmas tbh ?? i don’t actually celebrate it massively but just bc no one expects anyone to do anything particularly productive & it’s kinda like we all just sleep & watch movies for 2 weeks which ?? is great ?? alsO cold !! weather !! which is ,,, always a plus

chai ~ what do you order at starbucks ?

aa i don’t go to starbucks that much but my normal coffee shop order is a chai latte or a hot chocolate ! anything spice related nd festive tbh i ,, love 

herbal ~ post a selfie

ehhh this was taken a while back & i never posted it so ?? hi hello

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Why do you like pandas

Oooh good question! Well truth be told there’s a few reasons actually. I like them because they’re very cute and if you look at their behavior they’re loners kinda like me. I prefer being alone sometimes and I like my friends and my followers a lot but there’s nothing like some quality quiet time alone. Another thing is they’re black and white which is a metaphor for my life. My life is very black and white a lot of times. I’m either having it good or absolutely horrible and barely there’s any in between. Lastly is cause they’re SO STINKIN CUTE obviously! I mean look at em! How can you think they’re not cute! 😍

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12, 14, and 17. :>

Thank you for the ask! :DD 

I already answered 12 in my last response, actually… right here.

14: Are you psychic in any way?
Oooh, this is an interesting question! I don’t necessarily consider this psychic, but sometimes the name of one of my friends will stick on my mind and I feel like I’ll need to reach out to them and see how they’re doing and/or pray for them. I kinda consider that more of a matter of closeness than anything, though.

17: Who would be your ideal partner?
My ideal partner (be it a platonic relationship or romantic- still don’t know what I aspire towards) would be someone who truly takes the time to listen and understand… someone who feels comfortable enough to nerd out with me about their passions… a cuddler, a pun-slinger, and just generally a loving, compassionate person.

asgardian–angels replied to your post: OKAY but odd question…do you guys like the…

i don’t dislike the gray interpretation, i actually kinda like it, but for whatever reason in my head he defaults to normal skin tone lmao. ideally for me he’d be somewhere between flesh tone and gray, a rather ashen pale look but still, any of it works for me.

Oooh I can see that!

Maybe like sometimes, he kind of changes from ashen grey, to his normal flesh tone depending on how he’s feeling. Like a chameleon XD.

But yeah, ashen pale looks kind of cool…kind of like he’s been frozen to death. And then by default, he turns to his normal flesh tone.