cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to

Stray Kids reaction to you being insecure about your chubbiness

Hwang Hyunjin

Hyunjin would be the kind of person to let you be. Don’t get me wrong, of course he wanted to say something - make you feel good about yourself - but he felt as if it would just be useless. No matter how many times he told you that you were beautiful, you somehow came up with an argument to “show” him how disgusting and insecure you felt in your own skin.

“(Y/N), you’re perfect! You may think you’re chubby, but I think you’re gorgeous!”

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Bang Byungchan

This actual piece of art would constantly try to lift you up by reminding you of how perfect you were to him. On his social media, over the phone, in conversation - everywhere and at anytime. He would even buy you certain clothes that showed off the best assets of your body to make sure you felt good about yourself. 

“I Will always love you, no matter what you look like, (y/n).”

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Lee Minho

(HolD uP - nInE oR nOnE jYp, NInE or NonE)

This boy - I swear. He is so head-over-heels for you. Every time you even begin to mention your insecurities, he’s there to cheer you up. No matter what the subject is, he’s always going to be the rock that holds you up in the darkest hours.

“Hey, don’t say that about yourself. You’re so beautiful, you just haven’t seemed to figure that out yet.”

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Kim Woojin

Woojin would be the kind of person to end up not noticing it. He already thought you were perfect, so it didn’t bother him. His fun and kind spirit would block out anything negative you said. Although he would try to contradict your statements every now and then, he would mostly let the situation resolve on its own.

“(Y/N), come on. I can’t wait any longer to see my beautiful girlfriend!”

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Seo Changbin

This dark boy’s heart would absolutely melt whenever he saw you. He thought you were the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen - regardless of your weight. So, whenever you began to feel down about your shape, he would always be the one there for you.

“Oh, (y/n). Why do you have to say these things? You’re the most flawless person I’ve ever met.”

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Han Jisung

Jisung - the literal living ball of sunshine - would most likely put it off. Its not that he didn’t care about you - he loved you. He wanted you to overcome your insecurities on your own because he knew you were strong enough to, you just had to try.

“I believe in you (y/n)! Fighting!”

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Kim Seungmin

Seungmin is still young and hasn’t really had much experience with girlfriends yet. So, the first time you ever mentioned that you were insecure, he had no idea what to do. He wanted to make you feel better about your self, so he gently placed a small peck on your lips.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, I love you (y/n).”

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Lee Felix

Felix would be the most understanding of the nine. You two were living in Korea, which had ridiculously high beauty standards. When it came to a person’s weight, the pressure was twice as much. So, being the supportive person he is, he would act like a therapist to you - constantly checking in on how you felt and if you were doing any better. He was your rock, and no matter how insecure you were, he was there to tell you just how much he loved you.

“Calm down, (y/n). Your perfect, and you don’t need to change anything about yourself, okay?”

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Yang Jeongin

This actual ball of fluff would have no idea what to do. The fact that you were sad about the way you looked made him sad too. He wanted you to love yourself just as much as he loved you. Since you were constantly complaining over how much you wanted to lose weight so you could look “beautiful”, Jeongin would always take you places that involved some type of exercise to make you happy. Although he already thought you were perfect, he wanted you to believe that you were perfect as well.

“(Y/N), please stop saying these silly things about yourself. You’re flawless in my eyes!”

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Wow guys, I actually did a request. WOW. Okay, so I’m really sorry to those who requested scenarios, I know they’re taking forever. Cj does most of the scenarios, and as of right now, she’s on another blog. so, they may take a while to release. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

- Bri <3

Not really a Race Report: Colonial Beach

Remember how on Friday I was all like, oh I don’t care about triathlons, they’re just for fun, it’s not about me being competitive?

I lied.

Because it turns out, I am pretty competitive when everyone and their mother is passing me

The swim, once I got over my initial (and unexpected) panic attack, was totally fine and I actually did okay. Result: 18:11 for 750 meters, 39/98. 

But the damn bike! My bike is a hybrid commuter which is just fine for everything I need it to do most of the time. However, it was not equipped to hang with other people on the road. I was being passed constantly. At first, I was like, that’s okay Mallory, you don’t have the lightweight bike with the clip-in pedals or road tires. Just do you. 

Except…then I started getting “on-your-lefted” by random people in Nike’s and gym shorts! I realized at that point, I was merely cruising on the roads instead of racing them. So I decided to start pushing a little more. My quads and lungs did not love this. Finally, after about 10 miles, I got passed a little less and actually passed other people! Result: 52:52, 72/98. Sigh.

By the time I got to the run, I was officially annoyed and over the whole thing. I also got mad because my legs obviously felt weird and come on, running is my THING. I think that irritation fueled me further. So I banged out that 5k in a respectable time and then ate about seven slices of pizza and a billion cookies at the finish. Result: 24:24 10/98. 

Overall: 1:38:54, 45/98. Just so you can see how sad my bike time is compared to the people with the same overall time around me:

It should be noted, 1. the course was lovely and flat. 2. the volunteers were super duper nice. The weather was gorgeous and I loved everything other than being slow. Interestingly, I came out of it with a 2nd place finish in the novice category! Mind you, I was TEN MINUTES behind the first place novice. 

So I did a few things: when I got home I rode to my local bike co-op and got new road tires. Of course, while I was there, they showed me a used road bike that they just got in and would be maybe perfect but at $660 it might be cash money I can’t afford to spend right now. 

I also switched out of the novice category for the Luray Tri in August and moved into the Age Group category. Because I think when you win a novice prize it may be sandbagging to stay in that category. 

I don’t know how you tumblr triathletes do this all the time. I did the sprint distance and basically was DONE for the rest of the weekend. Nothing but respect for you guys. 


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  • this is my first time doing this au so pls don’t fight me if it’s not that good
  • i’m doing my best for all y’all yuta stans out there cause i know ur man deserves better
  • alright here we go i guess!
  • so since you were little you’ve had a big passion for japanese culture
  • you loved how everything was so special and nothing left you without being more interested
  • the art , the fashion , the nature , the anime , the food , the fascinating characters
  • you were so in love every single thing!
  • but it’s not like you were a weaboo or something nah we ain’t bout that lifestyle
  • you simply appreciated the culture but never fetished it which made you never forget about your own culture
  • the only thing that you were sad about is that you barely knew anyone with similar interests as you
  • you sometimes mentioned it but you got ignored or no one took it seriously
  • and that really sucks to you cause you’re so passionate about what you love
  • and the fact that people don’t really want to hear about it is quite frustrating
  • but no worries! there’s someone very special that’s making his way to you
  • someone who you’ll meet at a time you least expected it
  • that someone that will turn your life into a whole new color , a brand new chapter
  • and it would all happen without any clarification that makes sense
  • it would simple be there , as it was simply meant to be
  • you and him .. you and nakamoto yuta!
  • let me tell you how y’all met and how this moment would exactly happen
  • so you were at the library just chilling after a long day of class , trying to release some stress
  • the place was a little empty since no one liked visiting libraries these days
  • you didn’t mind it because you in fact enjoyed reading a lot!
  • your mindset was like “ if no one goes to the library then i will still go? more fun for me!! “
  • well today you were at the manga section looking for a new series to read ..
  • “hello (Y/N), did you come back from school?”
  • “yes miss, i actually did”
  • “oh okay, i hope your day went fine sweetheart”
  • “thank you miss, i hope yours is going fine too”
  • “you’re welcome (Y/N) and my day just got better by seeing you”
  • “aah stop it! you’re being a little too kind now”
  • “it’s okay (Y/N), go find yourself something quickly”
  • “yes i will for sure”
  • without hesitating you made your way to the spot where they kept the mangas
  • you noticed a figure that kept coming closer but it wasn’t clear enough to identify
  • “excuse me?”
  • before the mysterious person could answer they already stood in front of you
  • as if they had a superpower to change locations or something
  • “hello (Y/N), i am yuta. nakamoto yuta to be exact”
  • “ .. nakamoto yuta? .. h-h how .. do you even know my name?”
  • “don’t ask me too much baby, i’m your soulmate”
  • “b-b .. baby? .. s-s-s soulmate? ..”
  • “yes my darling i am your soulmate, do you know what that is?”
  • “uhh .. i’m sorry but i don’t think so”
  • “don’t worry! it’s alright cause i’ll explain it to you right now”
  • “go ahead i guess?”
  • “okay so as a soulmate i am meant to be in your life and i was made to make my way to you, we’re divinely supposed to be together”
  • “that sounds like something i read about yesterday?”
  • “see! that proves that the universe has been showing you hints of my existence”
  • “wow really? does that like mean that you’re spiritually sent to me to come into my life?”
  • “you’re smart (Y/N)! that’s exactly what it is!”
  • “wow yuta oh my god, can i please hug you? it feels as if i’m going to love you forever already”
  • “of course you can hug me, i’d love to (Y/N)!”
  • you’d run to his arms and wrap yourself around him like you needed it so much
  • and to be honest .. you did needed it cause like umm?? yuta! this boy is your soulmate and you finally met him!
  • “(Y/N) i’m so happy this day happened, you know me right don’t you?”
  • “i don’t know you but i do think i know you, something tells me we’re a perfect pair”
  • “you know me (Y/N) and you love me baby~”
  • “it’s true that i love you yuta but .. do you love me too?”
  • “of course i do darling and in fact, i love you so much”
  • you hugged him once again and he now sweetly held onto your arms
  • he felt so warm and comforting around you like it was the softest feeling ever
  • when you both let go of each other he started to take a good look at you
  • “i can see it in your eyes baby, you’re the one and only for me~”
  • “i love you so much yuta”
  • “and i love you so much more (Y/N)~”

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Eren will kick it in 101 #rip

For a moment I actually did have this thought, okay. I thought, what if the plan was for Eren to bounce out there and later get eaten by someone else: for example, Zeke or Armin.

I think my biggest question about Eren is, what’s he going to do after he transforms, here? Swipe at a bunch of people and make a run for it? I hope he’s better at peeling himself out of his own titan than he used to be!!

Sacrifice for love.
Steven Universe. [ Comic Dub. ]
Sacrifice for love.

Given the amount of notes on my previous dub for these two, I decided to do another that was much longer. Apparently my voice for Ruby is what everyone liked the most, so I hope I did okay actually giving dialogue this time.

- Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar   
- Original comic was made by @jen-iii

I own nothing except my voice!

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Holy you're here! I asked you earlier to send me positive thoughts while I powered through finals and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just knowing someone as positive as you had confidence in me helped me so much and I actually did okay! I've been struggling this term, and reading this blog and just you being you has really helped me tremendously. Thank you, Chris!