I’m grateful for Flight Rising and the Secret Santa program because I can channel my obsessive gifting into things purchased with virtual money and leave my actual bank account alone for the most part.

In other news, I am more dragon poor than I’ve been in a very long while.

It’s 1952 in Oxford University, and Susan Pevensie is leaving the Lady Margaret Hall library for the last time.

Her classmates will be sorry to see her go - ask any of them “Who’s the young woman with dark hair and a blue coat?” and they’ll say “what, you don’t know Susan Pevensie? You must be new.”

But most of her friends don’t actually know that much about her. They’ll agree that she’s compassionate and charismatic, “and brighter than you’d think she’d have a right to be, with looks like hers - how come she gets beauty and brains?” but nobody knows anything about her childhood. Or her family.

“She’s lost someone,” says a first-year student with a permanent air of exam-induced panic, “she came here on an inheritance from somebody, and I’ll bet anything it’s her parents because she never talks about them, but we’ve all lost someone, you know? From the war or not, it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to make her talk.” 

She’s graduating head of her class with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics; she wants to change the world, but really who expects her to do that? There’s a Queen on the throne and a dozen-odd women in Parliament, and many think that’s enough. She’ll make the perfect wife for some politician or businessman, at least while she’s young and pretty enough to be seen and not heard.

The shadows are chilly and long this time of year, so she almost misses the older woman leaving the Principal’s office, but the other woman steps directly into her path.

“Hello, Miss Pevensie,” she says. “I’m Agent Peggy Carter. How would you feel about a job in America?”


“You’re awfully persistent Pinetree!”

In which I decided the Bill I drew earlier needed more Dipper. Also made a bunch of transparent thingies idk

Still not my fandom, still don’t know what I’m doing here. Stop me.


The signs as people I know
  • Aries: Super outgoing. Hipster look, probably dyes their hair, has a very distinctive style they stick to. Knows how to make their opinion heard, super sweet and nice, but doesn't take shit from anyone. Loves weird/old-fashioned things. Can be incredibly stubborn when they think they're right.
  • Taurus: Literally always talking about food i am not kidding, weird obsession with cheese. Has an artistic side, very visual/sensual type of intelligence. Loves to travel and won't hesitate to engage in completely new things and leave for countries miles away. Brutally honest, to the point of lacking tact sometimes.
  • Gemini: The most incredible style, the kind of person that makes you think "this outfit could fit no one but them". Amazing fashion sense, probably has a fashion blog. Seems cute but distant when you don't know them, but is actually a HUGE DORK with their friends. Likes cooking and baking. Has strong opinions and is very defensive about them.
  • Cancer: The cutest cinnamon roll. In their group of friends, is either the tiny baby to protect at all costs, or the tiny mom who protects everyone. Quite shy and appears reserved, but when you get to know them, literally DOES NOT SHUT UP. Driven person who goes to great lengths to reach their ideal life.
  • Leo: That very cool friend you love to hang out with because they are SO FUN. Tries very hard to be great at what they do, wants to reach excellence. Has loads of interesting stories to tell, never boring. Usually has a job in a visual, artistic field, like photography or cinema.
  • Virgo: Lethal sarcasm. Can be very patronizing, with a "better than you" attitude, but is also very attached and loyal to their friends. Has a lot of knowledge on many subjects, truly smart person, but doesn't like being proven wrong. So beautiful and perfect in everything they almost seem otherworldly.
  • Libra: Very, very fun person. Quite eccentric, to the point where it can be overwhelming to some people. Super chill, never mad at anyone, cannot hold a grudge. Dislikes conflict, but still has strong opinions they like to voice. Spent at least a year abroad for their studies, feels like they are "people of the world".
  • Scorpio: Reverse-Cancers: seems very nice and affable at first, but is in fact quite distant and hides their emotions. That friend that you feel you never truly know. Incredibly romantic, thinks a lot about love, almost in love with love. Literal kings and queens of sarcasm and passive-aggression.
  • Sagittarius: Makes friends easily, but has their true friends who followed them through life they'll never give up. Incredibly funny, the best sense of humour. Doesn't hesitate to tell people what they think about them. Takes their time to open up, but once they do, are the best of friends. Has long relationships or nothing.
  • Capricorn: SO. MANY. PUNS. Stop them. Very ambitious person, who likes to rise high, but prone to give up if they don't get what they want fast. Opportunist. Fell in love once and never truly grew out of it. Lies even to their best friends if they think it's in their own best interest, but ends up in huge misunderstandings because of it.
  • Aquarius: Very, very smart, despite seeming somewhat ditzy/air-headed. Loves to argue for the sake of arguing. Super magnetic, the kind of person you instantly notice. Both very outgoing and very controlling of their emotions, even with their closest friends. Laughs at almost every joke. Has the weirdest relationships, but they always work out.
  • Pisces: So incredibly cute, but also super kinky, i swear they're the kinkiest, sexiest mofos. Incredibly artistic, probably draws or dances or does music for a living. Seems very shy and awkward, but is in fact a big dorky nerd. Falls in and out of love every single second.

im here for the james who stopped asking lily out in fifth year because he realized how creepy and obsessive it was

im here for the james who realized that he didn’t actually know anything about lily and decided that more than anything he wanted to be civil and be her friend

im here for the james that slowly built up a friendship with lily based on respect and their mutual desire to create equality in the wizarding world

im here for the james that nearly passed out when lily told him that she loved him before he did, because now that he knew the real lily and not some idolized version of her, he stopped thinking of her in that way (or at least he tried)

im here for the james who constantly apologized for how much of a git he was in the past and even though lily always laughed it off, it always bothered him deep down

im here for the james that always stayed cocky and self-assured, but realized that his past behavior was disgusting and worked hard for the rest of his life to make up for it.

Am I the only one obsessed with how the ML Staff took time to animate Chat Noir’s breathing? I mean, they could’ve thought, “Oyeah, everyone’s focusing on Marinette in this scene, even Chat Noir himself, so let’s just have HER move, and maybe throw in a few blinks for Chat Noir and call it a day.“


Okay, so they actually do make people breathe all the time, but I think I especially noticed it in this scene because you can see his whole torso for more than one second, and the breathing looks so natural and UGH I just love the attention to detail.


                                                                       “You okay?”

i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad
the dreams in which i’m dying
are the best i’ve ever had.


“The reason I was so terrified about taking her on was that when I first got the part I had women coming over to me saying ‘you’re not Elizabeth Bennet, I am.’ I think that’s why the character is so loved, because everybody who loves the book is Elizabeth Bennet. Or she’s what you aspire to be, she’s funny, she’s witty and intelligent. She’s a fully rounded and very much loved character. So it’s terrifying to actually take her on. But equally because I’d been obsessed I also believed that I was Elizabeth Bennet so I was the right person for it.” - Keira Knightley

The signs during Finals Week

Aries: study guru. They’re very good at being organized and know their own study methods like the back of their hand

Taurus: naps instead of studying, then regrets this and crams obsessively for their exams

Gemini: Up until 4 am every night. Coffee is their best friend.

Cancer: is tired constantly. Hands in a paper that they finished two hours before it was due.

Leo: is probably actually dead

Virgo: Sobs in the library, surrounded by stacks of books and coffee cups

Libra: counts down the minutes until break. Fills this time with video games and sporadic studying


Sagittarius: actually somehow stays sane and gets enough sleep and good grades hOW THE FUCK

Capricorn: doesn’t study because they think they know the material, then gets to the test and bullshits the entire thing

Aquarius: studies because they know they don’t know any of the material, then gets to the test and bullshits the entire thing

Pisces: haha studying? nah. a two hour nap actually sounds more productive


I have tried out many alternatives (because for some reasons I have an obsession with apps) and here are the ones that I actually recommend / I am using right now: