One time I touched Lindsey Buckingham’s foot during a moment of weakness and he was looking at me and smiling like ‘Omg she’s crazy obsessed but I’m kinda flattered so it’s cool’ but then my friend tapped me to get my attention and the look on Stevie Nicks’ face was more like one of ‘what the actual fuck? is she tapping his foot? am I seeing this correctly? what is the world coming to tut tut’

Quick life update:

1.) Spent ALL day walking around Brooklyn looking at apartments. Saw 7 from Greenpoint to Bushwick. Put an app down on one. Fingers crossed we get approved!

2.) I freaking love my new haircut. I’m obsessed with the length and slight asymmetry. Glad I finally tried something new!

3.) Miss home and my fam like crazy. This is just the in between vacation time before I actually move so it doesn’t feel real yet.

4.) Ireland tomorrow! Then back to Austin to sign some stuff for my mom’s estate, grab my dog and stuff, and then I officially move! Should be in my new apartment by July 16.

5.) Eating is cray, my stomach hurts all the time, traveling is not conducive to healthiness, I am trying to be body positive and okay and stuff but I’m feeling uncomfortable and out of shape and like a cookie monster and it’s just this vague annoyance I can’t seem to shape. Positive thoughts, positive words, don’t worry about how gaining all this weight will affect you when you start dating again because you love yourself and fuck people who have problems with that.

Okay, Madison out! Time to wake up my friend so we can drive two towns over to the only Starbucks in the area. Seriously, why is Dunkin Donuts so popular in New England? It’s yucky. I just want a soy latte.

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I am very excited and very confused and want this hidekane poster real bad! Any idea how one would acquire it?

I want this HideKane poster so much as well!!

I screamed when I saw it! I know that makes me sound like an obsessive fangirl… but seeing a happy Hide and Kaneki warms my heart.

I actually do not know how to require sorry.
but if anyone does know, please tell me?

12 Quotes said by Jesus from Jesus Christ Superstar that prove he is secretly an emo preteen.
  1. Why should you want to know?!
  2. There is not a man among you [who] knows or cares that I come or go.
  3. You’ll be lost, and you’ll be so sorry when I’m gone!
  4. To conquer death, you only have to die.
  5. For all you care, this wine could be my blood.
  6. I must be mad thinking I’d be remembered!
  7. My name will mean nothing 10 minutes after I’m dead.
  8. Then, I was inspired. Now, I’m sad and tired.
  9. Alright! I’ll die! Just watch me die! See how I die!
  10. And break me, bleed me, beat me, kill me!
  11. In this world, I’m through.
  12. Everything is fixed, and you can’t change it.


Olicity Meme: favorite thing about them
*slow burn*

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So, I got caught up on s5 of TW and actually am quite enjoying it! 

Spoilers Ahead for Season 5, Episode 1 and 2.

Primarily, I feel like everyone is really, really IN CHARACTER. I realize that this is canon and obviously they are sort of in character by definition but, you know what i mean. For example:

  • Suspicious Stiles. I have always been a HUGE proponent of suspicious, overly organized, obsessive Stiles. A Stiles who keeps maps of where everyone should be and lists of people he doesn’t trust and does whatever necessary to back up his claims and get proof.
  • Trusting Scott. I mean, Scott believing the best of everyone is just wonderful. But the fact that he also doesn’t really get mad at Stiles for being suspicious. Like he thinks Stiles is wrong and encourages him to stop but so far we haven’t had an angry “god you are just WRONG” mean moment Scott. I hope the show continues like this. I don’t want Scott to choose Theo OVER Stiles at any point. 
  • Insecure Scott. I think I just really identify with this- but Scott not telling anyone he wants to go to UC Davis because he’s afraid he’s not good enough… I do the same thing with important goals! So i think that’s awesome.
  • Badass Scott. Scott owning that werewolf dude in Ep1 is like… just ugh. Flashback to Scott owning that assassin chic from last season. I hope villains never stop underestimating Scott McCall because seeing them just get pwned like effing n00bs is my jam. like… umad bro?
  • Paintaking Scott. Obviously there are not enough words in the universe to tell you exactly how I felt about this scene. 
  • Parent Scott and Stiles. The Scott/Stiles/Liam relationship is just really well done I think. Like I just got gooey feelings of joy whenever the three were on the screen together. But both of them giving him advice in seperate scenes ALSO made me squee aloud. Like you two are such good co-parents. And now its not even because ive written fic of that. It is canon. open a werewolf orphange, you two.
  • Lil Baby Liam. So Liam has never been my favorite character but I think he MIGHT BE this season. Just Liam following orders and being a teenager (oh one earbud. the youth) but also like… Stiles needs me to check out Theo with him. Okay! Stiles needs me to turn the ignition of his car? Okay! Stiles needs me to get out of this hole? Okay! Oh, the girl is bullying me but i deserve it but also I DON’T DESERVE THIS, head-on-locker Liam is too cute.
  • Oh No the parents are Fighting Liam. So the car scene mentioned about with Perfect Scott and Losing His Temper Stiles? It was HONESTLY MADE EVEN MORE PERFECT by The cuts to Uncomfortable Liam. Like… I swear, that is honestly what kids look like when their parents fight. Just: please stop, oh my god, this is so awkward, oh god, please work, Jeep, please work, pls, pls pls….
  • Protective Puppy Liam. I just LOVED when Theo found Stiles and Liam and Liam stood protectively in front of Stiles. LIKE AH. Stiles being the pack’s most valuable human and Liam will NOT let anything happen to his Alpha’s Second. Or his Alpha’s Co-Alpha. And then Liam shifting to save Mason.
  • Liam and Mason. Mason who has researched all summer. Liam who is afriad to tell him. Liam who encourages Mason to check out the soccer players as a supportive bro. Pimp out that soccer team, Liam. Pimp it on out. And, of course, Mason who goes and checks out soccer players and then works out nonstop and texts nonstop waiting for his friend. Like I am here for this friendship. 
  • Blunt Wonderful Malia. A Malia who talks openly about how hot Theo is and then offers to torture him? Yes. This is the Malia I know and love. A Malia who challenges Stiles but still loves him but also seems much more secure in herself, even if her parents are CRAZY people. She knows that. She also knows she is still a badass. LET ME JUST LIFT THIS TREE FOR YOU KIND CITIZENS. 
  • Gonna go get what she wants Lydia. Yup, Lydia is on the Marrish train. I am on the Marrish train. Lydia is driving that train you better be all aboard. I also like that her flirting seems much more geniune and sweet than it did in previous seasons. Mature Lydia is my jam. 
  • Benevolent Goddess Lydia. A girl is having trouble? Lydia will take care of her. Lydia will see to it that a cop is watching the house all night. CARING LYDIA IS SO WONDErFUL She’s that totally popular girl at school who seems too cool for you, but is not. I bet Lydia is just the nicest if you are brave enough to talk to her. But If you’re not brave enough and you’re having trouble, she will come fix it. Oh and dear god, if you are mean at this school, she will destroy you. Bullies watch out. Lydia Martin runs this school and she does not like your kind.
  • The Lydia and Kira Dream Team. Give me all the silent communication between the two smartest girls in class. Give me even more of the Kira slinging one arm over Lydia as they walk away. I am very happy with this. VERY HAPPY. 
  • Wearing a Belt that Turns into  A Sword Kira. Not sure about the logistics of that belt but I loved it. Kira is actually just WONDERFULLY funny this season. IMMA GO WALK- wait. no it’s raining. Nevermind. OOPS, I just got too excited and blew up a lamp. Let’s continue making out anyway. Kira is a wonderful ray of sunshine and I love her and Scott togehter very much.
  • The Yukimura Family. Especially Ken. Adorable dorky father who is just too nice to everyone. I declare cinnamon roll. Re: Driving Scene with Malia. Badass Ghost Story Telling Noshiko is also a plus. Didn’t really follow the story or why she felt the urge to share but I appreciated that she did. You tell those cryptic myths, ma’am.
  • Ready to Mingle Sheriff Stilinski. The wedding ring is off, secret conferences about protecting Parrish are ON and I see a Melissa/Sheriff takeoff in the near future.
  • Supportive Sheriff Stilinski. He doesn’t really believe his son but… wait his son is a genius. Alright. HAVE SOME COP ADVICE AS YOU STALK THIS OTHER TEENAGER, SON. ENJOY POLICE WORK. (meanwhile, let me keep my lil parrish bb safe from the world…)
  • Slightly Scatter Brained Melissa McCall. i swear this is EXACTLY how i picture her. Is there food in the fridge? Nope. Does she have cash? rarely. Is she really aware of where her son is? Not always. Is she still the best mom in the entire unvierse? HELL YES. Give me all the realistic single, working Moms, please. ALL OF THEM. That reminds me…
  • Note-Leaving Scott McCall. Incredibly Powerful True Alpha Werewolf that Runs his Own Pack and protects Beacon Hills against Alpha Packs, Hunters, Assassins, and Giantic people wearing skulls on their head who ALSO LEAVES HIS MOTHER A NOTE TELLING HER WHERE HE IS AND WHEN HE’LL BE HOME. Like honestly. Just drown me in the fluff already.
  • Evil Theo. Okay, I really love that Theo is evil. I love it because Stiles is right and he’s so wonderfully slimey and i LOVED the last scene of episode 2. A bad guy who (at least rn) seems to be fully aware of his evilness and who has kidnapped people into playing his parents? Yes. This is a bad guy I can get behind. Smart, age-appropriate, a very good liar. My slytherin self respects the hell out of him. USE THAT DEAD SISTER ANGLE, THEO. REALIZE THAT STILES IS THE IMPORTANT ONE YOU HAVE TO WIN OVER AND TRY TO MANIPULATE HIM TOO. Like, honestly, this season is looking to be a head-to-head between Stiles and Theo and I think it’s going to be glorious. Two Slytherins going head to head is always awesome. So much trickery! So much backstabbing! YES!

Okay, I should stop there. But basically, I am VERY pleasantly surprised by this season. Obviously, it’s not perfect and I reserve the right to change my mind but so far… good stuff, TW. 

I shall now tag this OUTRAGEOUSLY so that every possible combination of blacklisted works comes up and people are not spoiled if they have not watched it…

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Who is this fabled "Alex" (I'm new here)

Well this. This is Alexander Kirk

Alex is the sweetest, cutest, and most adorable person around! Also have you seen his abs/v-line…? HOLY SH*T 0.0

Anyways Alex’s best friend is this cutie right here! That would be Jake Updegraff! ^-^

You might see these two basically ALWAYS together! They are always in each others snapchat stories being so funny and not to mention adorable! ^-^
( Jake’s snapchat: onairjake // Alex’s snapchat wizoz89 )

Now lets talk Taylor Swift. Alex may just be a little in love/obsessed with Taylor Swift. Okay who am I kidding? Look at this picture of him trampling 12 year olds to hold her hand… xD Basically Alex with Taylor, is us with PTX… XD Fangirls! ;D

His dream of meeting Taylor actually just came true! He met her at her after party along with PTX (except Kirstie), Jake, and some other friends! <3 :D


Now… they never have publicly said they are together but omg they are always together, live in the same house, Alex’s rug is under Scott’s bed, there are soooo many pictures of them together omg, and there as been multiple tweets just proving they are together! There is a post on here about Scolex somewhere if you want to look for it! :3 

Look at how cute they are I can’t stand it !!! And also there is a adorable Kevin ^ xD

They are all friends and super close too! So no need to worry about Scott & Mitch’s friendship! Nothing can ever get in the way of that! 

And finally Alex and Scott are perfect together and they’re just too damn cute! So if you don’t like the fact that they are together just keep your mouth shut cause your opinion doesn’t matter! It’s Scott’s life not yours! And they’re so damn cute so I really don’t understand how people can’t love them together?!?!
Anyways thats my long ass post about Alex Kirk

okay but can we just appreciate that derrick would HANDS DOWN be pre-jury with a cast like this. they’re all actually playing big brother and i am obsessed. 

Whenever i make a post like “i wanna kiss someone” or “i wanna cuddle with someone"i actually mean you, every fucking time. i just didnt want to seem like i was obsessed with you but god i am

I am officially obsessed with the septum look 😎 Since I am too scared to actually pierce my nose I wear a fake one I can just throw on 😂👌🏾 another piece from @ankarakouture 🌻 SnapChat PHYLICIABENN💋

I don’t know what metalbendersofzaofu or hypobrrmia or conjure-at-your-own-risk or whatacatchzoe or kintsu-kuroi or coolcomicgeek are up to but I hope they’re all having very snazzy days

New Tom Photos Today - Deleted

Just to let you know i’ve deleted the post i did where it was reblogging some shots of Tom taken in Mallorca where he’s next to a car - i’ve heard whisperings that they were actually taken by someone that is a little too obsessive and bordering on stalker… if you look at them you can see in the 2nd one he’s clearly not happy and putting his hand up in a ‘stop please’ gesture. As an act of respect i’ve taken them down.

This is my opinion and choice to do so, i am in no way dictating what others should do.


 The only person we have seen A stalk is Aria. Well, Sara too but who actually gives a shit about Sara apart from Emily.

Well said Hanna.

A has left a note for Aria, Tormented her by locking her in the dark room and in the latest episode was also caught on camera stalking her. Oh and lets not forget the freaky tiny tennis ball wig…

I think I am starting to believe that CeCe Drake is A. I’ve read some great theories about CeCe being A ( Here’s one http://illuminatedswift.tumblr.com/post/121725996515/i-think-i-know-who-a-is-warning-this-post-is )  And let’s be honest, there is some bad blood between CeCe and Aria

In 4x12, Now you see me, now you don’t, CeCe falls because Aria could hold onto her. Or did Aria let her fall? There were no other witnesses; if Aria was helping CeCe as A maybe she saw it as her chance to be free.

you know what bugs me so much


where they have you fight a fucking



of creatures.

Why would you do this KI???? You make us fight two against one battles, and then give us quests where one of the creatures in one of the battles is pointless. WHY? Why wouldn’t you just bump it down one so I have to fight one less battle, or up one so the last battle doesn’t feel pointless? You want me to fight 7 of these things?????? wHY? It’s so annoying to see that I’ve fought 6 of 7, and that I have to fight two more to complete the one more for my quest.
In addition, why am I so annoyed by this?? I actually love fighting?? Why would I complain?? Why am I so obsessed with a kids’ game?? Why am I still awake?? Why does no one stop me???

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Am I the only annoyed by the messi fanatics on twitter? Like he was pretty average in his previous Copa América matches (silence from the fan'boys') and literally the one time this entire tournament that he actually played well to some extent they are suddenly (re)convinced that he's the best and inevitably they've started to take digs at cr7.

Well, this is nothing new, is it? They were all butt-hurt when I made a post saying that they’re obsessed with Cristiano. Turns out they only keep proving my point over and over again. It’s sad really. But I know that Cristiano doesn’t give a shit about the haters, therefore neither do I. The hate and envy they show towards him, as well as their constant need to compare him to Messi, are actually the best validation he could get. It has even reached the point of bringing him up during a competition his country can’t even take part in, cause they’re on another continent. If that’s not obsession, then I don’t know. If you’re really good at what you do, you’ll be hated. Simple as that.
Have a nice day, love! ;)

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