i want that really cliché friend group who takes long drives together and takes pictures of each other when they’re not looking and goes on random picnics and visits museum together fuck i want it so bad where y’all at

You are so lucky if you have someone with a broken heart, untouched for years, loving you.

Keep them safe.

—  excerpt from a book I will never write #81

“Some Like it Hoth” ~rebelcaptain

I needed to cheer myself up about some stressfullness in my life. Took a day off commissions to draw myself a rebelcaptain pic. Thought I’d share the fluff. Didn’t think anyone would mind.

Jyn: the hell is this???
Cassian: you looked cold…
Jyn: ???
Cassian: … ;)

Let’s all hope and pray I don’t give up on this thing within a week.

Rest in peace, Viktor’s Eyelash.

I had an idea recently for a pretty big project I’d like to undertake. Unsurprisingly enough, my first thought was “I can’t do this idea justice right now, I should wait a few years until I’m a better artist”. 

It took me a couple of days to realize how pathetic that was.

Life is too short to be putting ideas off, on the off-chance you could make something better out of them later. Not only that, but that idea is not going to wait for me. It will either leave and find someone else to nurture it, or I’m just going to forget about it.

I’ve always told myself that whatever I produce today is going to be technically worse than I what I produce tomorrow… But there’s always going to be a tomorrow. So do I just not create, until there are no tomorrows left? 


I do the thing. I do the ugly thing. I do the overly ambitious thing. Maybe I do the failure thing. Because all of that is better than doing nothing.