i want that really cliché friend group who takes long drives together and takes pictures of each other when they’re not looking and goes on random picnics and visits museum together fuck i want it so bad where y’all at

I talk about wanting a “boyfriend”
but I don’t even know what I’d do with one
like what do you kiss him and then leave him alone in a corner How often does it eat

Imagine Dean just being completely enamored by the fact that Cas is his boyfriend. All the time he feels like a giddy kid in a candy store. At every possible organic way he openly states that his boyfriend is an awesome cook or his boyfriend used to be an Angel of the Lord or his boyfriend is a cuddler. And Sam just rolling his eyes but going along with it because the way Dean smiles around the word boyfriend is brighter than any smile Sam can remember on his brother’s face. And Cas getting flustered that Dean will practically scream boyfriend at anyone, especially waitresses or bartenders, wherever they go. Every time Dean says the word boyfriend Castiel will look at him with the most adoration that a pair of eyes can hold and Dean wants to hold onto that look until his dying breath.