I love making out

But I love everything that comes with it more. Like when you’re taking each other’s clothes off or just pulling them out of the way, not even because you’re in such a hurry to fuck but because you want to feel her skin against your palms while you move your hands around her waist, or because you want to feel the way her ribs get bigger and smaller when she takes deep breathes between kisses or when you run your hands up her back and feel the way her muscles tighten when she pulls herself up to you with her arms around your neck

The Signs and What They Want Most From Life

Check sun and rising

Aries - I want to live a life full of adventure and freedom. I want to prove people wrong and fight for what is right. I want to meet all kinds of people and travel the world.

Taurus - I want to live in peace and I want to prosper. I want to raise successful and moral children, and I want to understand people.

Gemini - I want to live as happily as possible and experience the unimaginable. I want to create and give.

Cancer - I want to live safely and feel all kinds of emotions. I want to help others find their way in life and be the best person I possibly can.

Leo - I want to live successfully and I want to be remembered. I want my children and my children’s children to tell stories about me. I want to be a legend.

Virgo - I want to live with love and compassion and feel warmth from another person. I want to experience all kinds of adoration.

Libra - I want to live without worries and give back to others who have treated me with kindness. I want to see my children evolve into compassionate and lovely people.

Scorpio - I want to evolve and live with pride in myself. I want to change and correct myself and become a wonderful person.

Sagittarius - I want to live without fear and I want to make a difference. I want to see the world grow into a beautiful place once again.

Capricorn - I want to become a person that is loved by all and I want to be a role model. I want to be a good parent to my children and teach them the values of life.

Aquarius - I want to be unique and I want to be different from everyone else. I want to live happily and I want to live with confidence in myself. I want to teach others the importance of individuality.

Pisces - I want to make my dreams come true. I want to be happy with everything I do and live life to the fullest.

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What's the very specific fic?

Lena is a 19 year old pop star raised in a very famous family. The Luthors adopted her after seeing her on some viral video as a little five year old orphan singing and since her adoption its been nothing but gigs and concerts and shows and Lena’s basically got no authenticity in her life whatsoever outside of this one friend she made in the strangest place. She was looking up videos of something she had watched when she was a kid and she saw some girl had left a long-winded rant on it that just captivated her for some reason. She clicked on the girl’s comment and saw she made videos a lot, actually, and she’s actually a really cute college student who has a lot of ridiculous thoughts and opinions and Lena can’t help herself - she sends her a message letting her know how ridiculous she is.

This turns into a back and forth yelling exchange that turns into camaraderie and friendship until she realizes she’s texting her hourly and calling her every night and when did this Kara Danvers become her best and only friend? 

Kara hints that she’d really like to meet Lena or see a picture of her or something (she doesn’t know who Lena is. Lena is terrified to tell her) and then one day Lena sees they have a concert booked in National City which is where Kara’s university is, and she decides to say screw it and meet her.

Cue her sneaking away from her security after the show and running around having a crazy weekend of shenanigans with Kara running from the paparazzi, trying to escape Maggie (her personal bodyguard) and Kara’s disapproving sister (and oh hey, Sanvers team up in their hunt for the girls), and trying to figure out how to tell Kara that ‘hey I’m actually a world famous superstar and that’s why I keep dragging you all over the place and wearing giant oversized hats and sunglasses in hopes that no one recognizes me’. Kara is very dense and knows nothing of celebrities, so she doesn’t catch on. She just knows Lena has slipped her tightly controlling mother and they get one weekend of fun. Bonus points for them having their first kiss outside and then making out in her dorm, only for her to come out later to a swarm of paparazzi and pictures of them kissing trending online. 

I’ve written exactly one genuine sentence of this fic, which is the first one:

“Their love began, as so many great love stories do, with an angry Youtube comment.”

As much as love serpent!betty, the edits and fics! i honestly love the whole aesthetic of pastel wearing, bouncy ponytail Hitchcock blonde, perfect girl next door betty cooper with loner outsider, leather jacket wearing, wrong side of the tracks serpent jughead! give. it. to. me

Where’s this games night James and Kara were talking about in 2x12? I want to see Winn bring Lyra, and Alex bring Maggie, and Kara invites Lena because Mon Ew is working and can’t be there, and James, and Lucy is back in town and they all gather at Kara’s and hang out together and laugh and tease and play games and relax and enjoy each other’s company…

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