Hey! So, for some reason I hit a hundred followers (honestly did all of you take a wrong turn or mistake me for a quality blog or something?) and I decided to do this little list to thank some specific people. Excuse my bad photo editing skills, I really did try. 

People I Will Love Forever: 

@youllhavetocatchmefirst / @flowercrownedmeta / @resetprogrampfl / all the blogs I’ve forgotten: Where do I even start? The daily skype sessions screaming about AUs probably. Even if I respond sporadically I swear on my soul that talking to you makes my day a lot better, especially if I’m suffering through a class or rehearsal I know you’re there to talk to. Plus you have so many blogs I don’t understand how you function?! 

@sokols-gun-shop: You had to know you were gonna be on this. Sokol and Tex are so fucking adorable I can’t deal with it, but you know that from our skype sessions too. And I had no idea what would happen when they started talking, but look at the beautiful thing that happened. Thank you so so so much, for everything. 

@speedyandnoisy / @lightersandlockpicks / all your other blogs: You were the first oc I interacted with and I was literally scared out of my mind that you would think I was weird and all that, but you’ve only been a sweetheart to me. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for that, and Illy deserves ALL the love stop hurting her goddammit! 

@littlepurplebrotherai: Welp, I know where to start here. “But MOM he lets me fight whoever who I want.” No honestly I love love love rping with you even if I respond sporadically… it’s what I do and it’s all me and I’m sorry. And honestly Tex is such an unintentional mother figure to the Greek agents and it’s hilarious to me. 

Amazing people who deserve nothing but love: 

@fragmentedorigin / @agentsassachusetts: I’ve never seen someone play Alpha almost exclusively in Project Freelancer and I love the idea! But it makes me sad because he’s so tired and precious and just needs a hug. And Massie gives me LIFE the sass is so incredible. 

@thestupidmeanone: Yes I put one Church right after the other. Honestly, I love the way you play Church so much, he’s such an asshole and it’s great. Plus you’re so funny in your writing it’s great, really. 

@outofmxnd / @indxlent: I know we haven’t talked all that much, but every time I see one of your characters I absolutely scream. And you’re on hiatus but I hope you come back soon because I miss seeing you on my dash, but take your time! 

@fasterthxnyou: You’re actually the first Carolina I found all the way back on my personal, the one that got me into rping. And I really thank you for that because it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve met some great people I wouldn’t have otherwise. 

And this isn’t near everyone I want to thank, but this is everyone off the top of my head. I want to thank everyone who dug this blog out of the trash and followed me, who like my Tex and made me really happy. Thanks, guys!

Had to take down Michelle’s photo and story due to a request from someone in the background. So I’m reposting her story — #TBT remix edition.

(Photo Credit: Miquelle West, @miquellewest on Instagram)

“I’ve got a daughter out there. I’ve been gone for 23 years now. It’s really hurt her. My sister told me that after graduation, when everyone else was taking photos with their family, my daughter just broke down and cried. When she visits, she tells me that she feels too guilty to start a family because I won’t be there to see it. But she’s been very successful despite me. She’s a stylist. She’s doing so well. I can’t do much in here to support her, but I try my best. I’ve ordered all the fashion magazines: Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Bazaar. She’s too busy to read them all, so I look through them and try to find something that might help her. I set aside anything that she might be able to use for an Instagram post. She posts pictures of me on there, but only on ‘Throwback Thursday.’ She’s not ashamed of me, but she just doesn’t want anyone to see this khaki uniform. She hates it.”


It’s extremely cold here so I just drove out to the country side to take a few shots to try out my new wide angle. I was disappointed with how they turned out. It’s not easy taking photos from the car and the sky and scenery wasn’t that pretty. But after some editing in LR, I liked this one. My windshield was dirty so I added some grain to dirty it up some more. ; ) Oh, and I had my ISO on auto so they turned out dark. oops. : )