• dennet :But hey, Wounds are ALSO an amalgam of the worst spirits.
  • So "normal" weeding techniques do contribute!
  • viridian-sun:... close wounds with a weedwhaker
  • *whacker even
  • dennet :Fetish 5 bro.
  • viridian-sun:Woundwhacker
  • dennet:I can imagine a pack talking about it.
  • dennet:"The Wound is slowly spreading, we need to stop it at the source, at once!"
  • "Do we have the strength to do so?"
  • "We shall. I'm afraid we will have to use _that artifact_."
  • Cue oos and aahs.
  • "...the woundwhacker..."
  • Cue groans and facepalms.
  • "Remind me, who named this fetish again?"
  • "Elder Moon Moon..."

“You were in the darkness too,                                                                            So I stayed in the darkness with you.”                                                     Cosmic Love-Florence and the Machine 

Fourth of July/Blue Nieghborhood/Colours

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